The Joy and Triumph of Singing Scripture

Singing God’s Word is one of the most powerful weapons of warfare, especially to jump start your quest for being a joyful triumphant overcomer. Singing God’s Word will help you to remember, retain, and recall it easier. Anointed music will help deliver you from tormenting spirits, and all sorts of anxiety disorders, just as it did for Saul, when David played His harp. (1 Samuel 16:23) And, when the Word of God is uses as lyrics, the Holy Spirit will watch over those Word to renew and transform your mind, change your heart, and put you on a path to becoming a “Joyous and Triumphant Overcomer.”


Video Transcript

00:00 hi I'm Wes Gorospe and we are Songs of
00:04 Scripture is our ministry this is part
00:08 two of this of the summary of singing
00:13 the scriptures and the actual subject of
00:16 this particular part is the joy and
00:20 triumph of singing songs of Scripture
00:23 now let me just give you a little bit of
00:26 a summary of last week but before I do
00:31 let's pray Heavenly Father thank you
00:33 thank you thank you that you have given
00:36 us your word Lord God and your word is
00:39 true
00:40 lord thank you that we can rely on your
00:43 word and thank you Lord God that when we
00:47 sing your word Lord God you attend your
00:49 word with such power so Lord as as we
00:54 look into singing your scriptures
00:57 tonight I pray father God that you'd
00:59 bless each one of us here tonight in
01:01 Jesus name Amen
01:05 so in summary from last week we talked
01:09 about Jesus was joyful and triumphant
01:14 like we all want to be and ourselves
01:19 it's our tongue that gets us in trouble
01:23 and that's what kind of throws us off
01:28 our game Jesus gave us the authority
01:31 over the devil and the devil tries to
01:36 lie and steal that authority from us
01:39 here's the problem we let him do it by
01:43 cursing ourselves with our tongues and
01:47 but but the Word of God is powerful to
01:51 build faith and to heal and to deliver
01:54 and when we know and we use the word and
01:59 when we when we say the word and keep
02:05 the word in our hearts it allows us to
02:10 the strength to keep our authority
02:12 being stolen by the devil and singing
02:15 the word helps us keep our hearts and
02:19 our minds
02:20 in alignment with God's Word last week
02:24 we sang the scripture he sent His Word
02:26 and healed us and delivered us from our
02:29 destructions from Psalm 107 and maybe we
02:34 can try it again remember we just we
02:41 just did it in a monotone and and I'll
02:44 sing and you guys can sing too okay
02:47 it's he sent his word and he healed us
02:51 and deliver us from our destruction he
02:55 sent His Word and healed us and
02:58 delivered us from our destruction he
03:01 sent His Word and healed me and
03:04 delivered me from my destruction he sent
03:09 His Word and healed me and delivered me
03:12 from my destruction
03:14 [Music]
03:15 singing the word is as simple as that
03:18 it's just taking the scripture and
03:20 singing it back to him and you know you
03:24 can just do it with one note like that
03:26 or you can do it when you can make up
03:30 your own melodies like so many of us do
03:32 I've I've done that with a lot of
03:34 Scripture and created songs from it so
03:38 this week what I want to talk about is
03:41 is in singing the word I want I want to
03:45 give you a little bit of a testimony of
03:46 of what my singing coach told me years
03:51 ago he said sing from your diaphragm and
03:56 so if you don't know what you thought
03:58 your diaphragm is this in here he said
04:01 sing from your diaphragm because it
04:03 makes a fuller and more powerful sound
04:07 so this week I was praying and the Lord
04:13 spoke to me about that he said the Lord
04:16 told me when we sing the word from our
04:20 diaphragm it's even more powerful
04:24 because out of your belly is flowing
04:28 rivers of living water so the Spirit is
04:33 attending his word from our diaphragm
04:38 this is where out of your belly shall
04:41 flow and the second thing that the Lord
04:44 showed me is that when when we're
04:48 singing the scriptures that is it's the
04:52 washing of the water of the word so so
04:56 we can wash ourselves we can we can be
04:59 more powerful but we can also wash
05:01 others with the word say he's such a
05:06 powerful weapon in the Old Testament
05:12 there was a king named Jehoshaphat back
05:16 in second chronicles it talks about how
05:19 Jehoshaphat was facing three different
05:24 armies the Moabites and
05:26 different i'ts and in facing those
05:29 armies that the people went to prayer
05:32 and then the Lord told Josh bet I will
05:38 fight this battle for you but I want the
05:40 singers to go first into the battle and
05:45 what the Lord was showing in that
05:47 scripture as well is in in some
05:50 sixty-eight where they put the singers
05:53 in front of the army and by the way the
05:57 Lord won the battle for them they didn't
05:59 even have to fight the the battle was
06:02 worn by the time they got to the
06:03 battlefield what the Lord was saying in
06:06 that is that there's power in worship
06:12 and and not only do we recognize that
06:15 power but he recognizes the power and he
06:18 and he he gives us that tool which we
06:24 can use to to fight the enemy even
06:28 though he is the one that's really
06:29 fighting our battle for us so when we
06:35 look at this you know of being being in
06:39 an army fighting the battle through
06:41 songs of Scripture one thing we need to
06:46 do is we need to have the mindset of a
06:51 soldier of being in the army of God and
06:56 this is so important because if an army
07:04 is united and all of the members of the
07:08 army are united everybody has each
07:12 other's back everybody knows what
07:14 they're doing everybody is engaged in
07:17 what they're supposed to be doing the
07:20 results can be devastating to their
07:22 enemy but on the contrary if if the Army
07:29 is undisciplined and if the army let's
07:34 say that certain parts of the army
07:37 decide that well I don't want to engage
07:40 I don't want to be part of the army
07:42 today then what can happen then is just
07:47 the opposite is that you can be the
07:52 result would be terribly disappointing
07:54 and can be terribly devastating to to
07:59 the army and to yourself
08:01 and so what God wants us to do is God
08:04 wants us to be engaged think about a
08:07 sports team we just finished the final
08:10 four at the basketball tournament and
08:13 you look at those guys and everybody has
08:16 a role but these are the championship
08:20 players and everybody is engaged in the
08:25 battle so if you're not engaged in the
08:28 battle then chances are or let's say
08:33 that you disengage let's say that you
08:35 decide ok I'm on the team but I'm gonna
08:39 take a couple of plays off I'm not gonna
08:42 I'm not gonna engage during the second
08:45 quarter or whatever chances are you're
08:50 not gonna be on a winning team chances
08:53 are that that that by you not engaging
08:57 in the warfare in the battle in the game
09:01 that the whole team is gonna suffer
09:05 because of it you know and and
09:08 unfortunately this happens too often
09:13 sometimes we asked a question why why
09:21 are the results from foreign nations
09:25 you know the spiritual results from from
09:29 missions and foreign nations why are the
09:32 results so much greater than they are
09:34 here at home in the u.s. why is that and
09:38 I would venture to say that has to do
09:45 with engagement has to do with
09:51 non-participation because if you know in
09:56 any sport in any battle everybody has to
10:01 have each other's back you know when you
10:05 talk to a soldier that has just come
10:07 back from from the battle that they will
10:12 always tell you you know that the most
10:15 important thing is is I know that I have
10:19 her back and I know that she has my back
10:21 you know and so that I can do what I'm
10:25 supposed to do and don't have to worry
10:27 about what's going on behind me you know
10:30 and unfortunately in in many cases that
10:35 is not the case
10:37 there's too much non-participation going
10:40 on where as Jesus said if if we can
10:47 agree if two or three or four or five or
10:49 ten or twelve can agree as touching
10:52 anything you know and be engaged in it
10:56 you know great things can happen great
11:00 things can happen and and I think you
11:03 know in many of these other countries I
11:06 think the hunger for the move of God is
11:09 so much more desperate than here because
11:14 we're a things are good here you know
11:18 and and but you know we can go doctors
11:22 and this can but some of those places
11:24 don't have doctors and so they're
11:26 desperate for God and God shows up God
11:31 shows up so that the idea is in in
11:40 engaging with the word and engaging in
11:43 song you know we have to ask ourselves
11:50 am I going to be a spectator or am I
11:53 going to be a participant am I going to
11:56 engage you know in in whatever it is God
12:01 is calling us to are we engage
12:04 you know as Psalm 1 says we delight in
12:08 in the word he delights in the law day
12:13 and night day and night you know it says
12:17 we can make melody in our heart another
12:20 price in scripture says rejoice in the
12:23 Lord always another place in the
12:25 scripture says pray without ceasing
12:28 now all of these activities praying
12:32 without ceasing or rejoicing in the Lord
12:35 always these are things that help us to
12:43 overcome mediocrity you know and and if
12:47 we want to be as as the the title of
12:51 this this this teaching is if we want to
12:57 be joyful triumphant overcoming
13:01 Christians you know it have joyful
13:04 overcoming lives then we need to not be
13:08 mediocre in our approach to God we need
13:13 to be like the guy in Psalm one that
13:16 says I'm diving I'm all-in you know day
13:19 and night I'm going to be engaging with
13:22 the Lord with the word you know and and
13:26 this is a thing that that we need to do
13:28 on a regular basis now we can always
13:32 choose not to do that but I wouldn't
13:36 suggest it I would suggest you go all-in
13:39 you know singing the word is just one
13:42 tool in our tool belt you know there are
13:45 a lot of tools in the tool belt but
13:47 singing the scripture especially is just
13:51 one tool in the tool belt and the thing
13:55 about singing the scripture is that it
13:56 can jump-start everything else that you
13:59 do if you engage in singing scripture
14:03 putting the scripture on your mouth
14:05 engaging with it
14:07 it will help everything else you know
14:10 your reading of the scripture your
14:12 you're moving in the power of the Spirit
14:15 all of these things
14:16 we'll be easier if you sing Scripture I
14:20 found that to be true the best way I
14:23 know of really to be a joyful triumphant
14:28 overcoming Saint is to sing Scripture
14:35 that's that's just my own testimony
14:38 about that and that's why that's why we
14:42 we we record and and write and and sing
14:46 Scripture because we're hoping that
14:51 everyone that that hears these things
14:54 will say oh yeah yeah you know I want to
14:58 do that I want to sing scripture too
15:00 it's so encouraging that Psalm 89 says I
15:07 will sing of the Lord's great love
15:10 forever with my mouth I will take your
15:14 faithfulness known to all generations
15:17 and in psalm 32 it says you surround me
15:22 with songs of deliverance you surround
15:26 me with songs of deliverance you know
15:29 the cool thing about about songs of
15:33 Scripture is that it helps you remember
15:38 the scripture itself
15:41 singing singing music scientifically
15:47 it's been proven that singing music
15:50 simulates more parts of your brain than
15:53 any other human activity you know not
15:58 all music does that it's also been
16:02 proven that if you subject yourself to a
16:06 heavy metal music it'll actually destroy
16:09 parts of your brain serious you know
16:12 it's it's been proven you know and so
16:18 the opposite of e ously you want to
16:21 subject yourself to - to the right music
16:25 and the word think about David
16:30 back in first samuel when when king saul
16:36 was just just being tormented by an evil
16:43 spirit what did they do they called
16:46 David and David came and played his
16:49 heart you know and and it says that then
16:54 relief would come to Saul he would feel
16:57 refreshed and the tormenting spirit
16:59 would leave him my guess is that he was
17:03 probably singing Psalms - as well as
17:07 playing the heart you know
17:09 so what science tells us is that on the
17:16 left side of the brain is where words
17:19 flow from so that's the logic on the
17:23 right side of the brain is where music
17:26 happens so that's the creative part in
17:30 the back of the brain is where the the
17:35 melodies and the rhythm the rhythm comes
17:38 from - to put it all together that's the
17:40 organization and in the front of the
17:43 brain is the emotion that's where you
17:47 feel the music so every single part of
17:51 your brain is functioning together and
17:53 the Lord was showing me that when we put
17:57 music to the word it is you know all
18:03 parts of your brain are functioning and
18:06 is so powerful it'll just transform you
18:11 the the scripture says that that in
18:16 Romans 12 it says be transformed by the
18:20 renewing of your mind well this is one
18:22 way that you can renew your mind by
18:25 singing scripture you know in Hebrews it
18:28 says says that the word is living and
18:32 powerful sharper than any two-edged
18:34 sword piercing penetrating even to the
18:38 dividing of soul and spirit joints and
18:42 marrow is
18:43 and is the discerner of the thoughts and
18:44 intents of the heart
18:46 now if you'd you think about that
18:48 scripture it's talking about the spirit
18:50 the soul and the body what he's saying
18:54 is that my word will penetrate every
18:58 part of your being and change you so
19:06 when we think about saying the word
19:10 think about Jesus being the word okay
19:15 John John chapter 1 says that in the
19:20 beginning was the word then the Word was
19:22 with God and the Word was God and then
19:25 the word became flesh and dwelt among us
19:28 and we beheld his glory as of the only
19:30 begotten of the Father
19:32 well if Jesus is the word and we're
19:38 seeing the word and the word is living
19:42 and dividing dividing stuff and
19:47 organizing stuff in our lives and
19:48 penetrating every part of us spirit soul
19:52 and body then you you couple that with
19:57 Holy Spirit because you know the Father
20:00 Son and Holy Spirit are one and so
20:02 wherever the word is wherever Jesus is
20:05 is a spirit and wherever the Spirit of
20:08 the Lord is there is Liberty there's all
20:12 these benefits you know and when you're
20:15 when you're seeing the word it's it
20:17 becomes a part of you it's it's the
20:20 easiest way that I know of to to
20:25 apprehend all the benefits I mean he
20:30 sent His Word to heal them deliver them
20:32 from all their destructions you know
20:34 faith comes by hearing hearing by the
20:37 Word of God and you seeing the
20:39 scriptures you know you get faith you
20:42 know you know and and and the spirit
20:44 attends the word and so you're getting
20:46 liberty freedom at the same time
20:50 spiritual growth you name it the
20:52 benefits are beyond compare
20:56 and it's all they're just singing
20:59 Scripture so kind of running out of time
21:03 here taking up your time but I think
21:10 what one testimony I wanted to leave
21:12 with you was I had a friend of mine that
21:16 was severely tormented in her mind and
21:22 she like she would go off the rails and
21:30 I would tell her think of a scripture as
21:35 soon as you feel yourself losing control
21:38 think of the scripture God has not given
21:41 me a spirit of fear greater is He that
21:43 is in me think of a scripture and
21:45 immediately start saying that start
21:47 saying that and and she said you know
21:52 when she started doing that what she's
21:55 doing is she's the the devil is giving
21:58 her these thoughts these awful thoughts
22:00 and she's replacing those thoughts with
22:04 the Word of God and she said you know
22:07 when I did that I would gain back
22:10 control and I found that to be true my
22:16 own life you know when things start
22:18 going off the rails that that I can go
22:23 back and think about a lot of times I'll
22:28 remember one of my nice scripture songs
22:31 and start singing it to myself sometimes
22:35 in the middle of the night sometimes you
22:37 know I'm anxious and I can't sleep and
22:38 like I'm I'm thinking about my mind's
22:41 going crazy and I'll just start thinking
22:44 about you know peace I leave with you my
22:46 peace I give to you not as the world
22:50 gives you know and and sing my songs to
22:54 myself I couldn't do that for a long
22:56 time but I learned how to do it
22:58 especially driving back and forth to
23:01 UCLA you know when we need you know the
23:05 trial was so great we need
23:09 the greatness of God and His Word to
23:11 overcome that so all in all you know
23:16 what I want to leave you with is the
23:20 importance of you discovering the power
23:26 of singing the word you know and you
23:29 don't have to have a great voice you
23:31 know if you need help just just put on
23:34 one of my CDs and listen and sing that
23:37 song you know greater is He that is in
23:40 me or you know tonight at the end we're
23:44 going to sing God has not given us a
23:47 spirit of fear but of power and love and
23:50 a sound mind okay Lynn's gonna
24:05 hello you know what just came to mind is
24:09 many years ago we always played the
24:15 scripture songs in the house and our
24:17 daughter was about six years old at the
24:19 time and we had just moved into a town
24:20 home and there was a little
24:22 five-year-old that was always walking
24:24 around the streets and it's it's gated
24:26 but I still thought she's too young to
24:28 be just walking around by herself and so
24:31 she attached herself to my daughter
24:34 Nikki and so I went and I told her mom
24:37 you know is it alright if we have her
24:38 come in the house and she said oh yeah
24:40 sure and so when she came in the first
24:44 time the CD was playing we always had it
24:47 playing and she said do you have God
24:50 music and I thought that was I just kind
24:53 of like yeah yeah I guess we do yeah and
24:57 so the two of them I can always remember
24:59 the two of them dancing and singing the
25:02 scripture songs and this little girl had
25:05 a very tough upbringing and she had a
25:09 tough household and and she was coming
25:12 oh she just wanted to come over all the
25:14 time and sing and dance the scriptures
25:16 and she said my mommy won't let me have
25:19 a Bible and won't let me have any God
25:21 music but I really want to I really want
25:23 God music and so we bought her CDs and
25:26 bought her a Bible and my daughter was
25:28 doing a Bible study with her all the
25:30 time and I just saw this little girl she
25:34 accepted the Lord and and she became
25:36 free you prayed for her you prayed for
25:39 this little girl and and I just saw just
25:45 the heart of a young one wanting the
25:48 Lord and wanting to know more she wanted
25:51 to know Scripture and that and so she
25:52 began memorizing scriptures that just
25:55 came to mind when you're saying that so
25:59 tonight I was or as I was preparing for
26:03 this I was asking the Lord we really
26:05 want to talk about corporate worship
26:07 tonight last week we talked about our
26:09 individual time with the Lord and and
26:12 singing scriptures to strengthen our
26:14 spirit
26:15 and the intimacy with the Lord and but
26:20 events so I want to get to what we bring
26:23 when we come to church on Sunday or when
26:24 we gather together and we worship the
26:26 Lord as a group but first the Lord was
26:30 talking to me about repentance and I
26:32 said well you know everybody here knows
26:34 that but the Lord said I mean it's
26:38 you've heard it pastor teaches it really
26:40 well I don't know what to say and the
26:43 Lord said to just all of us to just
26:47 receive a fresh revelation so Holy
26:52 Spirit I just ask you to flow through me
26:54 I am yield it to your to you tonight
26:58 Lord and I ask you to give us fresh
27:01 revelation of repentance it's a singing
27:10 scripture and singing in tongues
27:12 sustains our prayer time instead of vain
27:16 repetitions we connect to the Lord in a
27:18 deeper way
27:19 so I find as we humble ourselves
27:23 repentance is just a natural response to
27:25 being in the presence of the Lord when
27:29 Wes was talking about going to UCLA one
27:32 of the experiences I had in the very
27:34 beginning of our daughter's diagnosis I
27:36 was driving on the 101 and of course
27:39 singing Scripture praying Scripture and
27:41 asking the Lord for this miraculous
27:43 healing and the Lord said I want to talk
27:46 about what's in your heart and I was
27:49 thinking what what now we're just asking
27:54 for this miracle for our daughter and
27:56 I'm just focused on that miracle what I
27:58 want from the Lord and God said can we
28:02 talk about what's going on in your heart
28:04 and I you know I thought Lord I I'm so
28:07 traumatized by this I don't think I
28:09 could do that right now I don't think I
28:10 want to dig up all that all the sin and
28:13 and past traumas I don't think I want I
28:17 could do that and he said will you trust
28:20 me and I said yes and so it began this
28:24 talk and this dialogue with the Lord
28:27 this
28:27 deep presence of the Lord where I began
28:32 very to be repentant anything the Lord
28:34 showed me I was trying to deal with it
28:37 and of course in the beginning I thought
28:38 I don't know that I could carry this
28:41 burden if I start digging down deep into
28:44 the you know all the muck but what of
28:49 course I found is that Jesus wanted to
28:51 he wanted it out of there he wanted to
28:53 heal it and he wanted to bring his light
28:55 to it Holy Spirit was revealing things
28:58 to me so that I could repent and I could
29:02 be stronger so that I could carry what
29:06 he had to give me so I could hear his
29:09 voice more clearly so that I could go on
29:12 and not be weary in this it seems like
29:18 such a simple practice to sing but yet
29:21 when our hearts are heavy when they're
29:22 burdened I find it's really challenging
29:25 to to make my body sing I and I don't
29:31 know that I have the answer to all of
29:33 for all of us to how do we get from that
29:36 place of being discouraged or weighted
29:38 down and just do it just do it
29:44 and I sometimes start very feebly but I
29:48 began to get you know more wholeness
29:51 more free and of course then I can sing
29:55 out so Heavenly Father we pray for
30:00 tonight I pray for a fresh baptism of
30:02 your love we want to surrender every
30:06 part of our heart to you and enable you
30:08 to illuminate those things Holy Spirit
30:14 come and illuminate those things in our
30:15 heart that we should put on the cross
30:19 thank you for filling us with your words
30:21 so we become worshipers and spirit and
30:24 truth and thank you for the washing of
30:26 the water of the word
30:32 so we had the trial we still are
30:36 believing for our daughters full
30:37 restoration full healing full recovery
30:40 we still stand on that but in the trial
30:43 there were many difficulties in not just
30:47 her being hospitalized and having a
30:50 diagnosis of a life-threatening disease
30:52 but all the other things that happened
30:55 with it the enemy wanted to come in and
30:57 interfere in our marriage the enemy
31:00 wanted to interfere in our finances the
31:02 enemy with car accidents totaled our car
31:06 they're just several things of life that
31:09 were happening at the same time was his
31:11 father was battling cancer
31:13 you know just there was a lot of things
31:16 happening all at the same time so what
31:17 do we do when there's a lot of things
31:20 coming against us at the same time and I
31:23 found that I had to surrender I had to
31:27 find God in that trial and I had to let
31:31 him lead me through it I had to ask him
31:35 what are you trying to show me what do I
31:37 need to know about who you are how do I
31:40 become like you how do I allow you to be
31:45 my strength when I am when I'm this week
31:48 and I found that that's our we're here
31:55 to be trained or here our training is to
31:58 reign with Jesus and the suffering is
32:02 part of that and so it was difficult
32:05 watching our twelve-year-old suffering
32:08 and not understanding and being young in
32:11 the Lord no knowing I mean she was on
32:13 fire for the Lord and this was confusing
32:16 to her but we we found that worship was
32:23 the Keywest brought his guitar to the
32:25 hospital we would sing scripture songs
32:27 she would sing scripture songs we'd read
32:31 the word and at the first hospital was
32:33 Children's Hospital and every other day
32:38 it was a you shared a room with another
32:41 and every other day we had a new we had
32:43 a new roommate so we were we were
32:46 praying for people we were they were
32:48 joining in to sing the scriptures with
32:50 us and the very the next day after she
32:54 was hospitalized for the first time a
32:57 whole family accepted the Lord and so we
33:00 just kind of went on this journey with
33:02 the Lord it was painful it was difficult
33:05 but we saw God in it and we allowed him
33:13 to work through us we it became a
33:17 ministry I think that's kind of where
33:20 this started so we'd walk the halls and
33:23 we'd sing and the nurses would say why
33:26 is it so calm why are no babies are
33:28 crying why you know and then eventually
33:33 the nurses would say I'm gonna be a
33:36 Niki's nurse today I'm gonna be in that
33:38 room they could feel and sense the
33:41 Spirit of the Lord and we still had a
33:45 lot of challenges we had a lot of
33:46 questions we had a lot of decisions to
33:48 make that were uncomfortable we didn't
33:50 want to make but they were there and the
33:54 Lord was leading us through every day he
33:57 just had to be fully dependent on him
33:58 each day so we have challenges and
34:03 adversity while we're here on earth and
34:06 as we face our cross my question to you
34:10 is will we continue will we surrender to
34:13 God and walk through the cross to the
34:16 resurrection side where we find
34:18 everything we need what do we need to
34:22 let go of so that we can hold the
34:25 triumph the victory and the blessing
34:27 because that's what God wants to give us
34:30 but if we're encumbered with so much we
34:36 can't hold the victory and the blessing
34:42 our hearts and our spirits need to meet
34:44 God's heart and his spirit and worship
34:47 before we do the work that we're called
34:49 to do so as we're reigning with Christ I
34:51 believe we have to be trained to spend
34:56 that time with the Lord we need to fill
35:01 our hearts and our minds with the word
35:03 and spend time in the secret place so
35:05 that we know God so well that whatever
35:09 we ask in his name it will be done that
35:11 we have the faith to believe that it
35:13 will be done as we represent Jesus by
35:17 loving the father and abiding in his
35:19 love power comes from the Holy Spirit
35:22 and our Father is glorified I can
35:28 remember you know before the Lord asked
35:30 me what's what's in my heart and to give
35:33 it to him I was quoting scriptures I was
35:37 singing scriptures but I wonder if that
35:39 was just a religious thing if I just
35:41 knew to do that if I if my heart was
35:44 really in the place of connecting with
35:47 the Lord and truly worshiping the Lord
35:50 and His Word or if I was just doing
35:52 anything I could think in my power to
35:55 get my result and so I really had to
35:58 take a look at that look at my heart and
36:05 you know it's you have to connect with
36:08 the Lord and then I could sing the
36:11 scripture only after I repented could I
36:15 sing with authority could I sing with
36:18 faith could I sing with love Lord no
36:21 matter what the outcome I still love you
36:23 I still trust you I still my hope is in
36:29 you
36:36 so Lord we pray Ephesians 3:20 now to
36:40 him who is able to do exceedingly
36:42 abundantly above all that we ask or
36:44 think according to the power that works
36:46 in us to him be glory in the church by
36:49 Christ Jesus to all generations forever
36:52 and ever amen
36:54 and Lord as we are learning to behold
37:01 you and you're training us to reign with
37:04 you here on earth I think of second
37:08 Corinthians with our unveiled face
37:12 we're beholding you as in a mirror your
37:16 glory and that we are being transformed
37:18 into that same image from glory to glory
37:22 I thank you I thank you for your word so
37:30 as as we spend this time with the Lord
37:34 individually I don't know if this has
37:38 happened to you but I would imagine it
37:40 has you come to church on Sunday and
37:44 you've been praying all week you've been
37:46 connecting with the Lord
37:48 you've been worshiping on your own your
37:50 heart is full and as soon as you walk
37:52 through the door that's one of the
37:54 reasons we came to Jubilee we saw that
37:56 people came through the door ready to
38:00 worship it did the worship team didn't
38:03 have to like get us through a lot of
38:06 stuff if we were engaged as soon as we
38:08 walked through the door and I love that
38:10 about Jubilee and I think that if we can
38:15 keep our flame if we can keep our our
38:20 light bright during the week that when
38:25 we come together in corporate worship
38:27 there is there's transformation more
38:30 transformation the light becomes so
38:32 brilliant
38:33 there's healings just in worship just in
38:37 our time of singing scripture together
38:39 I feel again like God's army that we
38:44 there's so much power and God is asking
38:48 us to be worshipers
38:49 and we become like the one that we
38:52 worship I think of the unity that comes
38:58 and I think of our children when they're
39:01 all getting along when they're all like
39:03 playing a game and they get along or
39:05 they're all singing and they're all
39:06 singing the same song and and they get
39:09 along I think God looks at his children
39:11 and when we're in corporate worship and
39:14 he just loves that we are now coming
39:18 into his presence we're seeing things
39:20 from his perspective he's revealing
39:24 things to us we're receiving it and
39:26 we're we're joined together in unity I
39:30 believe as worship is restored on the
39:33 earth it will restore the fellowship
39:35 with the father that was taken away in
39:37 the Garden of Eden and I believe that
39:39 that is very very important right now
39:42 for us to reconnect with the Lord I
39:45 remember I I
39:50 when I became born again I can relate to
39:52 Jesus I could relate to Holy Spirit
39:54 I had a harder time relating to father
39:57 God and my father had died when I was 10
40:00 years old and there had been some trauma
40:02 after that his hospital stay that was
40:06 traumatizing to me then I can remember
40:11 one Sunday morning we were here in
40:14 church corporate worship and father just
40:17 completely healed my heart of that and I
40:19 just in worship and I didn't come here
40:22 asking for that or seeking that just the
40:25 grace of God healed my heart and I could
40:28 now relate to father God so much deeper
40:32 now Father Son and Holy Spirit where I
40:37 guess equal is the best way to describe
40:40 it so I I didn't have that fear I have
40:43 still in fear of God but not this this
40:47 keeping God father got at a distance I
40:51 could now relate and I think things like
40:56 that happen in worship corporate worship
40:58 releases a sound that wholly expresses
41:01 God's heart
41:02 we're in harmony we experienced a
41:05 maturity a strength and a unity as we
41:08 join our hearts to worship the Lord
41:10 we're in agreement with God's attributes
41:20 Romans 5:5 says now hope does not
41:23 disappoint because the love of God has
41:26 been poured out in our hearts by the
41:27 Holy Spirit who was given to us I've
41:30 never been disappointed after I leave
41:32 worship never never I've come in
41:35 disappointed but I've never left
41:37 disappointed I've never left worship the
41:42 same way that I came in
41:43 I've always been transformed so Lord we
41:47 thank you we thank you for your word we
41:50 thank you that we have a voice we thank
41:52 you that you're singing you're teaching
41:54 us to sing and sing a new song we thank
41:59 you for praise rising on the earth we
42:02 ask you to resurrect our personal and
42:03 corporate worship increase and expand
42:06 our time with you teach us more about
42:09 Kingdom life overwhelm us with your love
42:13 we choose to rest in you and I pray that
42:16 we would experience your righteousness
42:18 peace and joy I thank you Father that
42:21 you would wash away all past traumas as
42:24 we repent as you Holy Spirit reveal
42:26 thanks to us that we could easily bring
42:30 them up now it's so easy to just sense
42:36 that something's in my heart that
42:37 shouldn't be there and repent and you
42:39 heal and we and we go on I pray that
42:44 your love and joy and hope and faith
42:46 would replace all the residual effects
42:49 of our past trials and that we go
42:53 forward in this springtime season in the
42:57 resurrection power and your love and
43:00 Jesus
43:10 so as we conclude here let me let me
43:17 explain something about what when we do
43:21 this it's like the agreement this is an
43:27 agreement of our body and it makes a
43:31 sound when we agree together when we
43:37 worship corporately singing scripture or
43:41 whatever we're doing it also makes a
43:44 sound in the spirit and it's a loud
43:48 sound in the spirit and you know early I
43:54 was talking about being the army of God
43:57 and how we need to be participants and
44:02 engage and not be non participants
44:05 because if we are non participants then
44:09 it puts at risk the other members of the
44:13 army especially when in we're in warfare
44:15 and we know that we're in warfare
44:17 spiritual warfare so we need to engage
44:20 now same scripture singing in general is
44:26 is kind of unnatural for a lot of people
44:31 it's a little bit scary for us that's
44:33 why so many people just like this or
44:38 maybe they're like this you know this
44:42 you know could mean a lot of things it
44:46 doesn't have to mean you're worshiping
44:48 it mean good be you're surrendering it
44:51 it could be that you're you know
44:54 whatever but but but to to engage in in
45:01 in singing it takes faith you have to
45:06 step out of your comfort zone you know
45:10 and God loves that God loves when you
45:13 step out of your comfort zone
45:15 you know the best thing I can tell you
45:20 when you do that is proverbs 3:5 trust
45:25 in the Lord with all your heart and
45:27 don't lean on your own understanding you
45:31 know in all your ways acknowledge him
45:33 and he will direct your path you know
45:36 so let's stand and I want to I want us
45:45 to engage the Lord 2nd Timothy 1:7 says
45:50 God has not given me a spirit of fear
45:53 but of power and love and a sound mind
45:56 so I'm gonna pick a note we're just
46:08 gonna sing one note okay but I want you
46:11 to open your mouth by faith and sing to
46:16 the Lord okay it's God has not given me
46:19 a spirit of fear God has not given me a
46:23 spirit of fear but of power and love and
46:26 a sound mind God has not given me a
46:30 spirit of fear but of power and love and
46:33 a sound mind is everybody doing it
46:36 anybody not doing it raise your hand
46:39 just kidding okay God has not given us a
46:43 spirit of fear but of power and love and
46:46 a sound mind now take those words and
46:49 really close your eyes and think about
46:52 it God has not given me a spirit of fear
46:55 but of power and love and a sound mind
46:58 God has not given me a spirit of fear
47:01 but of power and love and a sound mind
47:05 God has not given me a spirit of fear
47:08 but of power and love and a sound
47:13 yeah yeah you know then you can go off I
47:16 mean I wrote a whole song about that you
47:20 know and we just sing that over and over
47:22 Oh God has not given me a spirit of fear
47:26 you know and and when that's song that's
47:31 a scripture that that you can take and
47:34 just just just meditate on it and and
47:40 just let it become part of your soul and
47:42 that's a scripture that you can grab on
47:45 to in a time of need because usually you
47:49 need the scriptures when you're sinking
47:51 you know when things are getting out of
47:54 hand and then you kind of you know you
48:00 know and you can appropriate that for
48:04 yourself okay god bless you guys oh by
48:08 the way we are songs of Scripture
48:11 ministry Wes and Lynn gross B and I have
48:14 a new CD coming out in a couple weeks
48:16 called life-changing words you love it


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