Alex Haiek’s Miraculous Healing Testimony

Alex Haiek shares his personal testimony how he was healed from first a hemorrhagic stroke and then an ischemic stroke that struck him when he was 55 years old.  He not only battled the strokes, but high blood pressure, fear, and trauma.  During this time, he sought prayer from many individuals in the Camarillo Healing Rooms and in our church.  Along with his wife, Catherine, they learned the importance of standing on God’s Word day and night.  Alex shares, his love for God’s Word: “I spent 100’s of thousands of hours in God’s Word.  The Word becomes priority. It becomes your life.  You esteem it higher than anything else.  It is your passion….”  When asked if it is true, he listens to God’s Word day and night, he said, “Yes that he still plays it even at night.”  He stated,  “I believe God can heal anyone at any time.”



Teaching Notes

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