Alex Haiek’s Miraculous Healing Testimony

Alex Haiek shares his personal testimony how he was healed from first a hemorrhagic stroke and then an ischemic stroke that struck him when he was 55 years old.  He not only battled the strokes, but high blood pressure, fear, and trauma.  During this time, he sought prayer from many individuals in the Camarillo Healing Rooms and in our church.  Along with his wife, Catherine, they learned the importance of standing on God’s Word day and night.  Alex shares, his love for God’s Word: “I spent 100’s of thousands of hours in God’s Word.  The Word becomes priority. It becomes your life.  You esteem it higher than anything else.  It is your passion….”  When asked if it is true, he listens to God’s Word day and night, he said, “Yes that he still plays it even at night.”  He stated,  “I believe God can heal anyone at any time.”


Video Transcript

00:00 I'm Alex Haiek, Camerillo Healing Room
00:04 Minister and glad to be here with you
00:07 tonight welcome welcome everyone and I
00:14 wanted to start with just just a little
00:17 bit about my past where I came from and
00:21 also what happened you know that was at
00:25 the time it was deadly but God was using
00:28 it for His purposes and plans which
00:31 sometimes you know we're not too excited
00:35 about when we're going through but so
00:40 I'm gonna so let's start I'm originally
00:44 from Israel was born by Jerusalem and
00:48 then my dad my father put in a visa to
00:55 come to the United States and ten years
00:58 later it was granted the year was
01:01 granted was June of 1967 so guess what
01:05 happened during that time the six-day
01:07 war started and so as a eight year old
01:11 boy I was in the bunker or basement you
01:15 know with bombs flying over and so two
01:18 months later if you didn't believe this
01:19 and I used to live like three four
01:22 blocks from basically like the Temple
01:27 Mount area that's where I lived and so
01:31 too two months later we're from moving
01:36 from Jerusalem to Hollywood God's got a
01:41 sense of humor right and so anyways
01:46 that's kind of started like just an
01:52 amazing journey you know so you know
01:55 just so and I grew up Catholic okay so
02:00 so immediately like as I was in school
02:06 for as a in four years old knew four
02:10 languages when I came here and
02:14 went from one Catholic school to another
02:16 Catholic school and and went to high
02:20 school here in parochial school as well
02:24 and during that time between fourth and
02:27 sixth grade I was serving God in the
02:30 best way I knew how's an altar boy so I
02:34 was doing that for about two three years
02:35 and then going through high school
02:40 I had all kinds of questions about
02:46 really as far as the direction I wanted
02:49 to go and I was really questioning all
02:53 kinds of things that I was I believed in
02:55 so and those were obviously more
03:00 rebellious years you know that I was
03:02 going through and so at one point in my
03:07 life I would I would show up to the
03:11 service and Mass you know and I used to
03:14 have a Bible on me and I'd start I'd be
03:16 reading Scripture not really
03:19 understanding any of it you know at that
03:21 time because I wasn't in the Bible I
03:23 wasn't reading it and so what happened
03:27 was something that was that God has a
03:31 sense of humor as far as how he uses
03:33 different things like we're all very
03:36 unique very special and so he used a
03:42 movie in my life it was a movie in the
03:46 it was yeah in the 80s it was a trilogy
03:50 about Jesus Christ it was called the
03:56 first one was called The Omen the second
03:58 one was called Damien the third one was
04:01 called the final trilogy did anyone
04:04 remember that any of that movie so is a
04:08 story about the Antichrist that it's
04:11 prophesied in the Bible about him as a
04:15 baby - about three years old and then
04:19 the second movie which was the the main
04:21 one that I saw the first one that I saw
04:23 was him being a teenager and there was a
04:26 specific part in the
04:27 we're in the book of Revelation he's
04:31 reading chapter 13 and and it talks
04:34 about like how he's got a wound in his
04:38 head you know and it just kind of struck
04:40 me because the Bible is very prophetic
04:42 and it was like wow
04:44 this stuff's in the Bible you know the
04:47 stuff about the future and so it got a
04:49 hold of me and I started asking all
04:51 kinds of questions to priests you know
04:55 that I used to know the and and
04:58 basically I was on a whirlwind of
05:02 finding inquiring and so what happened
05:07 after that was I accept the Lord I don't
05:15 I was 20 21 years old I think oh yeah I
05:18 think it was 21 and and it was it was
05:24 really solid in other words I didn't I
05:29 just wanted to go full out you know so I
05:33 ended up at that time I was living in
05:37 sin and a the guy that I was going to
05:42 parties with said asked me hey do you
05:45 want to come to this church tomorrow
05:46 it's like God has a sense of humor and
05:49 we ended up going to this church and it
05:54 happened to be in the valley it's one of
05:55 the largest churches around and you know
05:59 I raised my hand you know anyone wanna
06:01 receive God in your life I raised my
06:03 hand the following day I went to to the
06:08 same church and I go water baptized so I
06:11 was 21 and as I was water baptized I
06:14 just felt like wow something's different
06:16 all of a sudden so I had miracles happen
06:25 so from that time I like started
06:29 studying reading the Bible like at least
06:32 an hour a day you know I was very
06:34 passionate within two years we started
06:37 doing like a street ministry we started
06:39 going evangelizing
06:41 on a weekly basis and it was like I
06:45 didn't ask permission for anyone I just
06:47 felt like I was supposed to do it and
06:49 boom I was there I was living in
06:51 Hollywood at that time we saw a lot of
06:53 people get saved on the streets
06:55 lots of people a a miracle happened
07:01 during that time I was working with my
07:06 father
07:07 and I had like a I'll back up I studied
07:13 to be computer programming and I went to
07:16 I don't know numerous classes half a
07:20 dozen classes I started doing as an
07:22 intern at about 19 years old and after
07:26 about a year I decided I couldn't stand
07:29 the thing you know I hated programming
07:31 so I went because I felt in some ways
07:37 like I needed to help my father out I
07:39 went and helped him in his business he
07:41 was an entrepreneur and one days you
07:46 know I wasn't getting paid or anything
07:48 and when I was getting when I was a
07:51 programmer I was getting paid really
07:52 well for that time and so for about two
07:55 years I was living at home not making
07:59 any money and all of a sudden I had he
08:04 used to do translation from like Arabic
08:07 to English or English to Arabic for
08:09 aerospace companies and they'd be huge
08:11 jobs and I was in a printing shop just
08:18 helping him out you know do one of his
08:21 jobs and all of a sudden I had a vision
08:23 like three four seconds and I just saw
08:26 myself running a commercial printing
08:30 shop just like that so the only
08:34 challenge was that had 15 dollars in my
08:36 bank account and and so I just wrote on
08:42 like three by five cards you know all
08:45 the things that I needed and I kid you
08:47 not within about three months these
08:52 machines started coming to me I had like
08:54 again
08:55 I start with $15 and it ended up
08:57 becoming a printing business that lasted
09:01 11 years I had like 8 employees and it
09:04 just lit started out of nothing
09:06 so I started tasting how miraculous got
09:09 is you know and how he can do something
09:11 out of nothing
09:12 so you got us out there excited that's
09:21 good I'm gonna just go on this thing
09:28 here so my my what I do as a profession
09:35 is I am a mortgage broker I've been one
09:37 for about 23 years and so real estate
09:40 passion to me I've I've had seasons
09:44 where we've done incredible I've had
09:46 seasons where we Bend like really low to
09:49 the ground
09:50 it's like feast or famine especially as
09:53 you probably know people in sales and
09:55 let alone people in construction and all
09:58 that especially 10 11 years ago so there
10:02 was a season we did incredible I mean we
10:05 just just one year in one year back in
10:11 around o3 within like six months we
10:17 purchased three humps it was like
10:19 incredible you know so we we were four
10:23 years before that I couldn't even put
10:28 money in our in our checking account
10:30 because I was wondering if the IRS was
10:35 gonna levy the account and all that so
10:37 we went through that for seven years and
10:38 then all of a sudden we had this this
10:42 profit guy he said put on new shoes you
10:46 know you're gonna be running you know
10:47 you haven't missed the boat and sure
10:49 enough at that time there was 9/11 and
10:55 the the the market just took off so
11:00 there were years like within the first
11:03 three months we were making like
11:07 six-figure
11:08 by March time and so I tasted what is
11:12 for you know to have a lot of money come
11:14 through my my hands and then what
11:19 happened was during that time also in
11:26 1991 I met my precious wife here raise
11:31 your hand huh and so long story short
11:36 God gave me we started like just hanging
11:40 out and within the first week I saw the
11:42 number 21 and so I ended up from that
11:49 time about two three months later I
11:51 didn't plan this out but we were engaged
11:53 on June 21st and we got married on
11:57 September 21st three months later so
12:00 that was so both of them by the way
12:03 we're on that one was on the the summer
12:07 solstice and the other one was on the
12:09 the spring solstice fall thank you it
12:14 was an awesome night and I'm glad I made
12:18 the right choice so so part of the
12:29 testimony the the part that there's so
12:33 many things we don't understand where
12:34 when we're going through them especially
12:36 when it's hard times especially when
12:38 it's like sickness or there's adversity
12:42 or just a lot of things going wrong so
12:50 we tasted you know some years where
12:53 we're doing really well and all of a
12:55 sudden the market the financial market
12:59 fell as you remember about eleven years
13:00 ago and a lot of people lost their homes
13:03 and it affected us as well so we
13:08 literally just had a change of direction
13:11 very quickly we went from constantly
13:15 making six figures to making next
13:17 nothing and so that was a real stretch
13:21 and
13:22 was I I'm thankful we had money saved up
13:25 for a few years but we ended up going
13:28 through it and so come December 2 2013 5
13:34 and a half years ago I was at work and I
13:37 had been like to four or five different
13:39 places to work just because the market
13:42 was shifting so fast trying to find the
13:45 right place and so this is where it gets
13:50 good and all of a sudden I just felt
13:53 like lightheaded you know and this is
13:57 December 2013 and I was sitting in my
14:01 desk and Katherine had just called me
14:03 and I said Katherine I'm I'm not feeling
14:06 too good you know I don't know if it's
14:07 my blood sugar or what and next thing I
14:11 know it I was feeling very uncomfortable
14:14 just sitting in my chair so I just kind
14:19 of went down on the ground as I was
14:20 going on the ground like my vision just
14:25 went from like you see horizontally
14:32 he went vertical you know it was like I
14:35 was having a stroke
14:36 so I didn't even know it about a month
14:41 before that I had the same kind of
14:43 episode it lasted for about 3 to 4
14:45 minutes but I just I came out of it so
14:48 this was full-blown I'm on the ground
14:51 and all of a sudden and I had my eyes
14:54 closed and all of a sudden I had all
14:55 these people surrounding me I'm going
14:58 wow this is really a humbling day for me
15:01 it was a day of demarcation and so God
15:05 was using what seemed like really evil
15:08 for good and paramedics came I had my
15:13 eyes shut and they took me to the
15:17 hospital I was an ER and the next two
15:20 days I was in surgical ICU you know so
15:23 it was a pretty low point in my life and
15:26 my wife was there the whole way through
15:29 my my kids got to visit me in
15:34 in in the hospital you know so it was it
15:37 was traumatic experience for all of us
15:39 and so I went in when I went in I was
15:46 two days later a physical therapist you
15:50 know came and asked me you know can I
15:52 walk and I got up and I was like leaning
15:56 you know as I was walking you know I was
15:58 like I just I was wondering what I was
16:01 gonna be like when I came out of the
16:03 hospital but I kid you not I was out in
16:06 four days so I came in there on a gurney
16:09 with my eyes closed I couldn't walk and
16:14 I left there and within about a week of
16:17 that time because we lived up in the
16:20 hills I was walking fine we went to
16:24 therapists and I could do everything
16:27 they wanted me to do it was really a
16:30 miracle and so and but I was traumatized
16:34 by it obviously so I start getting
16:37 prayer like wherever I could at this
16:41 church at my home and so what happened
16:49 was that was the first episode then the
16:54 second time about a month and a half
16:58 later I woke up one morning in my whole
17:01 left side
17:02 my whole arm and lake they were all numb
17:05 I just had a second stroke but it wasn't
17:09 as severe as the first one yeah the
17:12 first one was hemorrhagic it's like a
17:15 brain bleed and the second one was what
17:17 they call an ischemic stroke so this is
17:21 all brand-new you know it was at 55
17:23 years old never experienced anything
17:24 like this and all of a sudden I'm on
17:30 disability felt very vulnerable you know
17:33 and I can remember a day when I was
17:38 sitting in our balcony and all of a
17:41 sudden I just felt like this hellish
17:43 stuff coming like a whirlwind around my
17:47 and I just felt like I was losing it and
17:51 so I asked Catherine hey can you just
17:56 take me to church I just I feel like I
17:58 need prayer and it's a good thing I came
18:00 here so I just decided that point I
18:03 wasn't gonna lean on going to the
18:05 hospitals but I was going to lean on
18:09 spiritual atmosphere people that knew
18:12 how to pray
18:12 so I started meeting people like Peter
18:16 there Peter Molina who's a prayer
18:18 warrior and he he prayed for me quite a
18:22 few times sue brazilís I started you
18:28 know so I started actually coming to the
18:30 healing rooms at that time and so
18:33 because of the influx of prayer that I
18:36 was getting yeah I felt like the Lord
18:38 said just receive and so for a whole
18:41 year never been in my life I'm on
18:44 disability and you're you're having to
18:49 trust on money coming from the
18:52 government and it was you know we've got
18:55 three kind of like young adult children
18:59 at that time and I'm going god this this
19:04 just does not make sense you know having
19:08 to go this route and so there were
19:12 nights that I felt like the enemy was
19:17 just wanted to take me out completely I
19:21 remember one night and there's like a
19:26 knowing inside you know we're spear
19:29 beings so there's a knowing times
19:32 something's gonna happen be ready and I
19:35 just felt like the Holy Spirit in me
19:37 just said just be ready tonight
19:39 and I've never experienced this I
19:43 haven't experienced this afterwards but
19:45 I was lying in bed and at that time I
19:49 was having a hard time going to sleep
19:50 you know there was a period of about two
19:53 weeks that I barely could sleep and so I
19:57 was all you know how you don't have to
20:00 sleep
20:00 you're just kind of like jittery it's
20:03 not a good place to go and so it was
20:13 about three three four hours I'm just
20:16 laying awake just going you know god
20:18 help me go to sleep
20:19 and at the same time just expecting
20:22 something a demonic attack coming on me
20:28 and sure enough it did so I was just you
20:31 know how you you're just barely starting
20:34 to fall asleep and you're you're just
20:36 going into that mode and I just caught
20:38 myself going into that and I felt like
20:42 this black black end was just coming
20:45 right over me
20:45 it was like uh it was like a demonic
20:49 presence and it was I just felt fear
20:54 coming in you know out of me like inside
20:56 my heart I couldn't even say a word
21:00 except that you know I've known the Lord
21:03 for like thirty years at that time and
21:06 I've sowed into the Lord a lot in in
21:10 time as well as people and this thing
21:14 came on me I couldn't say anything I was
21:16 like what is going on here and it just
21:19 broke within to like a second it was
21:22 like I felt like angels just rushing you
21:26 know ministering and just broke this
21:30 demonic attack and that's the only time
21:33 I've ever experienced that so I went
21:36 through trauma a couple of brain stroke
21:41 was in the hospital three times and so
21:45 here I am today so yeah you know all
21:51 glory be to God you know and really I
21:54 give a lot of I just thank God for my
21:58 wife Gaynor
22:00 I won't also need to gain or prayed for
22:03 me quite a few times during that time
22:04 Richard did a few times here after
22:08 service and there was a lot of a lot of
22:11 you that were involved and I was just
22:13 like I was
22:14 gravitating to the body I needed healing
22:16 and the Lord said my body's there for
22:21 you so you don't have to give out during
22:24 this time just receive and so I was
22:27 receiving it was a good year of it and
22:30 then before the end of the year even
22:34 though I had I still had some time left
22:39 on my disability I just decided to just
22:41 start working again so I went through
22:44 all kinds of fears all kinds and so I
22:49 was constantly like I was afraid to
22:53 check my blood pressure you know and
22:56 there were times I went to the doctor
22:58 and it just just the pressure of it he
23:04 just went through the riff captain was
23:07 there at one time
23:08 and the doctors going take him to the
23:10 hospital and we went to the hospital and
23:13 sure enough I spent the night there
23:14 again going what am I doing here you
23:17 know and it was just like fear you know
23:19 so I battled fear I battled trauma I
23:23 battled strokes and so I'm at a place
23:31 where I believe God can heal anybody at
23:34 any time I believe that Jesus Christ is
23:39 the same yesterday today and forever and
23:43 what he did 2000 years ago is available
23:46 here tonight for you so in as a matter
23:49 of fact I believe and I'm challenged
23:53 with that we're supposed to believe for
23:56 a long life and we can have long life do
24:00 you know that God's there's promises in
24:04 the word that if you choose to be
24:07 obedient to the Lord and not get caught
24:10 up with all the hearsay of this world
24:13 like retired 60 you know you're washed
24:16 up and you're 65 70 you're out that's
24:19 not God's program for us
24:22 so so I'm just gonna go through this
24:32 buck real quick for you see if I'm
24:38 missing anything so God has redemptive
24:45 plan for every single one of us
24:48 there's no accidents here there's no
24:51 accidents on what's it whatever happened
24:54 to you
24:54 he knows everything every detail about
24:57 you he's got a plan and he doesn't make
25:01 any junk we're all his creation were
25:03 spirit beings we have souls and we were
25:07 packaged in the body okay we're creating
25:10 in His image and so because of that
25:13 we're born for greatness so the question
25:17 is do you believe that for yourself and
25:20 you you know this goes beyond it goes
25:27 beyond what we're seeing on social media
25:33 on TV God says you're great do you
25:38 believe that you're the apple of God's
25:40 eye well scripture says you are what
25:44 does that mean that means you're God's
25:46 favorite and so I believe that for
25:48 myself so the questions do you believe
25:52 that for yourself so so he has there's
25:59 no accidents no mistakes in God's plan
26:01 every day's been pre-planned already
26:05 designed for you
26:06 psalm 139:16 the end game though is to
26:13 live a life of purpose right and so in
26:19 my desire is when I'm standing before
26:22 God one day which is going to happen to
26:25 all of us okay the clock's ticking on
26:27 everyone guys everybody that he goes
26:32 well done good and faithful servant
26:35 what does it mean to Santa on God's
26:37 words so su asked me if I could just
26:42 talk about that so the source of my
26:45 strength is I've spent hundreds if not
26:49 thousands of hours in reading and
26:55 studying God's Word and so because of
26:58 that I've been able to give out and as
27:01 speak that's my strength there's a peace
27:04 that comes over me because I know
27:06 Scripture and I've experienced it plus
27:09 I've experienced miracles and so so what
27:15 does it mean the word becomes priority
27:17 key it becomes priority this is what it
27:22 means to sanik on god's word it becomes
27:24 your life your Creed you esteem higher
27:28 the word than anything else it becomes
27:31 your passion and so the question is is
27:34 it your passion is it important to you
27:36 or is it just a book that a lot of
27:40 people just have collecting dust in
27:42 their their shelves Ephesians 6:13 says
27:47 therefore put on the full armor of God
27:49 so that when the day of evil comes you
27:52 may be able to stand your ground and
27:54 after you've done everything to stand
27:57 okay so as long as you've done
28:00 everything just stand
28:03 God's gonna come through for you and
28:06 really if you want in life's
28:09 circumstances in tests the Word of God
28:14 is always going to shine it's going to
28:16 come through you might not come through
28:18 in a day or two or a week or month but
28:22 eventually it's going to come through so
28:28 why and how do we need to stand on God's
28:33 Word so I wrote a blurb here it will
28:36 allow you to experience God's rest in
28:39 Hebrews chapter three and four
28:41 it talks about entering into God's rest
28:45 and if you don't know much about that
28:46 God tried to move his
28:48 people from Egypt that were that we're
28:53 living in bondage for hundreds of years
28:56 400 years into the Promised Land you
28:59 guys all know that story the the issue
29:02 and the problem was getting the mindset
29:05 of Egypt outside out outside their
29:09 thinking so that they can moved into the
29:13 Promised Land and it took them 40 years
29:15 and guess what happened during those
29:17 four years complaining one and go back
29:20 and that's a lot that that story is a
29:23 lot like many people in the body of
29:27 Christ wanting to live in the past
29:29 not wanting to really experience God's
29:33 rest we experience God's rest by having
29:38 the Word of God become real in our lives
29:42 that's what God's rest means so God's
29:50 God does not want us adjutant worrying
29:53 and complaining through life he wants us
29:55 to bask in the sunlight of his peace and
29:57 love and his power but it will require
30:00 us to also suffer with him you know so
30:03 Jesus was rejected he he wasn't
30:06 recognized or he was misunderstood for
30:10 some of the things he said but if you're
30:15 sold out for Jesus Christ you're gonna
30:19 experience supernatural life but at the
30:23 same time not everyone's gonna like you
30:26 which is okay
30:29 Jesus is the foundation of our faith as
30:32 well as the author and finisher and this
30:34 is what he has said regarding the Word
30:37 of God so much so that listen these
30:41 words I mean they're just incredible
30:43 heaven and earth will pass away but my
30:46 words will never pass away his word is
30:49 eternal we are judged righteous or
30:52 condemned by our words powerful stuff
30:59 again red-letter words for some of you
31:02 that have never read the Bible if you
31:04 just read the red letter where it's in
31:06 the Gospels you're gonna you're gonna do
31:09 fine if you want less than that just
31:12 read Matthew five six and seven the
31:14 parables I mean God wants you to read
31:18 the whole Bible but if you just start
31:19 there the red letter words there's
31:21 actually a hundred and sixty
31:23 commandments that Jesus said and so
31:29 again Jesus says John six the Spirit is
31:33 the one who gives life human nature's of
31:36 no help the words that I've spoken to
31:38 you our spirit and our life so even as I
31:42 speak the Word of God its life going
31:44 forth because it hits everyone
31:46 differently they're not just mere words
31:48 their spirit words and so we live in a
31:58 kingdom of words and his kingdom is
32:03 voice-activated the last thing and I
32:08 remember this because my mom passed away
32:11 was it in 2012 I believe the last sense
32:16 that we lose is our hearing before we
32:18 pass away isn't that incredible it's all
32:21 about words Jesus is the word right
32:26 Jesus is the word John 12:46 I've come
32:33 into the world as light as they light so
32:35 that no one who believes in me should
32:36 remain in darkness as for anyone who
32:39 hears my words and does not keep them i
32:42 do not judge him I'm going to as I would
32:46 talk me about like we're judged by our
32:49 words there's gonna be day of what's the
32:54 word accountability by every word that
32:57 we spoken that's heavy stuff
33:02 so he says us for anyone who hears my
33:05 words and does not keep them i do not
33:06 judge him before i do not come to just
33:09 the world but to save the world there is
33:11 a judge there is a judge for the one who
33:14 rejects me and does not receive my words
33:17 the word that i've spoken will judge him
33:20 on that last day that's heavy stuff so
33:26 what is the word what are some things
33:28 it's good for it
33:30 it is God's armor Ephesians 6:10 218 in
33:34 other words it is a weapon described as
33:36 a sword now a sword serves two purposes
33:39 right one is offensive and the others
33:42 defensive so the question is or actually
33:46 that's why you want have the word in
33:48 your life because you can use it as
33:51 defense or offense so Ephesians 6:17
33:57 says take the helmet of salvation and
34:00 the sword of the Spirit which is the
34:02 word of God Jesus rebuked Satan during
34:07 his forty day fast by quoting it is
34:09 written one of those quotes were Matthew
34:12 4:4 and Luke 4 for jesus answered it is
34:15 written man shall not live by bread
34:17 alone but by every word that comes from
34:22 the mouth of God so wow that's that's
34:25 Jesus the King of glory saying that so
34:28 we better take heed to what he's saying
34:30 if we really believe the universe and
34:35 everything living was created by his
34:38 spoken word Genesis chapter 1 into
34:44 Hebrews 11 by faith we understand that
34:48 the worlds were prepared by the Word of
34:50 God so that what is seen here
34:54 temporarily was not made out of things
34:56 which are visible and I'm going to say
34:59 it again we're eternal spirits
35:01 we're eternal spirit beings that were
35:04 pre-planned and created in the same
35:07 image as God he has given us souls and
35:10 we are packaged in a temporary body
35:14 that's the eternal perspective versus
35:17 like wow I am just so cool you know or
35:21 I've got it so together it's all it's
35:24 all a moving target like a picture in
35:28 time it's moving like we're here tonight
35:32 I guarantee you a year from now this
35:36 place the picture in this place will be
35:38 different they'll probably other people
35:40 you know you might be in another part of
35:43 the world so the thing is what's
35:46 important is how is your life counting
35:50 right now you know are you thinking
35:53 about eternity because God wants us to
35:55 think about attorney he created us for
35:59 them so it is the main thing I
36:05 capitalized main thing the highest form
36:07 of praise you're gonna like this is
36:10 repeating what God said in his word back
36:13 to him especially in adverse situations
36:17 so give me a scripture on that I will
36:21 Psalm 149 this is this is awesome it's
36:26 called the passion translation his godly
36:29 lovers triumph in the glory of God and
36:32 their joyful praises will rise even
36:35 while others sleep God's high and holy
36:38 praises fill their mouths for their
36:41 shouted praises are their weapons of war
36:43 these warring weapons will bring
36:46 vengeance on every posing force and
36:49 every resistant power to bind Kings with
36:54 chains and rulers with iron shackles you
36:59 know who those guys are right
37:01 that's your enemy that's demonic beings
37:05 that's not people that's demonic beings
37:07 God's giving us power through his word -
37:11 to actually do damage to those beings
37:15 and so and it's it's not because we're
37:19 so great it's because what Jesus has
37:21 already done his so what did Jesus do
37:26 he came here asked God took on the form
37:32 of a man lived a sinless life died on
37:37 the cross as a substitution for our sins
37:41 but not just our sins a lot of people
37:43 start finished with our sins but our
37:45 sins our pains our trauma our defeat our
37:49 failures our sickness he took our place
37:53 he bore it all when he was it took 39
37:59 stripes on his back it's really
38:01 interesting - you've heard this many
38:02 times but there's there's supposed to be
38:08 about 39 diseases out there right so
38:11 it's it's interesting he took 39 whips
38:13 on his back so Jesus is our substitution
38:17 he made the way so to bind Kings with
38:23 chains and rulers with iron shackles
38:25 praise fill warriors will enforce the
38:29 judgment doom decreed against their
38:31 enemies this is the glorious honor he
38:34 gives to all his godly lovers that's
38:39 good that's good stuff psalm 138:2 I
38:44 will bow towards your holy temple I will
38:47 give thanks to your name because of your
38:49 mercy and truth you've made your name
38:52 and your promise greater than everything
38:55 and another translation is he's actually
39:01 I've got it right here
39:04 psalm 138:2 says
39:15 you have magnified your word above all
39:18 your name gods name is pretty powerful
39:21 and great it says that God magnifies his
39:25 word above his name Wow
39:29 that means we need to be in it we need
39:32 to be doing it we need to be memorizing
39:35 it we need to be living in it it's so
39:38 important you guys it's so important to
39:41 know and you know what
39:44 don't rely on other people's knowledge
39:46 of God's Word you know we go round and
39:50 and I did you know I just talked about
39:53 it
39:53 needing prayer from other people but God
39:57 doesn't want us to live that way he
39:59 wants he wants us to be so confident in
40:03 the power that's inside of us what is
40:07 that power God is inside of us earth and
40:12 treasures filled with his glory so who's
40:16 inside of you
40:17 well it's interesting well a lot of
40:20 people say I've got the Holy Spirit but
40:22 actually in the book of John chapter 14
40:26 to 16 says the father's inside you Jesus
40:29 inside of you the Holy Spirit inside of
40:32 you and what else so you're a walking
40:38 like a vehicle of God's kingdom in his
40:44 presence so maybe when you see yourself
40:48 in the mirror you're seeing yourself but
40:51 really what's inside is a lion that
40:55 wants to come out and the lion comes out
40:58 not by how cool we are or how aggressive
41:03 we are because God knows how to Humble
41:06 us pretty quick and fast right but
41:10 because he delegated his power to his
41:14 church to any believing once it's like
41:18 Jesus on earth right now we are Christ
41:22 on earth
41:24 to do what to do the same worse he did
41:27 in other words he's he's yeah he's
41:29 inside but he's at the right hand the
41:32 father he delegated all his power to you
41:36 and I and the greatest way that you can
41:38 receive that power is by knowing his
41:40 word walking his word talking his word
41:46 so Deuteronomy 30 to 47 these
41:51 instructions are not empty words they
41:55 are your life by obeying them by obeying
41:59 them you will enjoy a long life there it
42:01 is by obeying them you will enjoy a long
42:04 life in the land you will occupy when
42:07 you cross the Jordan River or when you
42:10 cross when you come into the place God
42:13 wants you to be he's got a promise place
42:16 for you that's the Jordan River Jesus
42:23 and his word are inseparable so when you
42:27 go to read this book you're visiting
42:29 Jesus John 1:1 in the beginning the word
42:33 already existed the Word was with God
42:35 and the Word was God John one month
42:39 revelation 19:13 Jesus is the word and
42:42 he's commissioned and given us delegated
42:45 power to talk walk and do what Jesus did
42:48 on earth 2,000 years ago we are called
42:53 to fellowship with him in intimacy
42:55 believe on him trust with everything we
42:59 have in him we can only do it if we are
43:02 living in his word John 15:7 but if you
43:07 remain in me and my words remain in you
43:09 you will ask anything or you may ask for
43:13 anything you want and it will be granted
43:15 that's powerful stuff and so you need to
43:21 be grounded in his word
43:27 his word is the grounding so people talk
43:31 about like grounding right where you
43:34 take your shoes off and you you like put
43:37 your feet in the soil and it's like it's
43:41 got a something real healing to do like
43:46 when you're walking on sand well his
43:48 word is the grounding we need more so
43:51 than anything it will keep us from being
43:53 deceived with false false religions and
43:56 lies whom Satan is still the father
43:58 relies he will encourage us and build us
44:01 up so that we can be useful and fruitful
44:04 and God's service
44:05 his will is his word and Jesus said it
44:09 in our Father your kingdom come your
44:12 will be done so I want to just I guess
44:22 stop there but I also what I did was in
44:27 here like in your if you have like if
44:31 you received any of this paperwork the
44:34 last two three pages is I pulled it
44:41 online it's just called how to stand on
44:42 God's Word and if you need healing this
44:47 will encourage you it's like three pages
44:48 so let's say you guys and I know that
44:54 was a lot of Scripture but you know God
44:56 does healing and there's power when the
45:00 word is spoken so I'm gonna I guess I'll
45:05 just say prayer and we'll just end it so
45:08 father we just give you praise and
45:10 thanks I thank you that you're so good
45:12 and I thank you for bringing everyone
45:15 here Lord God and that you have a
45:17 special purpose and plan for each person
45:19 so first of all I just pray healing
45:24 right now on you anyone that's come here
45:28 on your emotions healing on your bodies
45:34 healing of minds right now healing your
45:39 minds I just declared that any and all
45:45 fear would just be expunged out of your
45:49 life and that God would you would know
45:53 that God for you and then he's inside of
45:57 you and then you'd have a revelation and
46:01 a desire and a passion to have more of
46:05 God's Word inside of you and that it
46:07 would just be soothing to you it would
46:10 be something that you're just crazy
46:11 about and that God would use you with
46:15 other people to expand his kingdom to
46:19 extend his kingdom all over the earth
46:21 and so I just declare healing
46:24 deliverance anybody traumatized in here
46:30 and Jesus name I just to speak that
46:35 trauma off of your life in the name of
46:37 Jesus salvation that you'd know God you
46:41 know intimately and that you'd have a
46:44 desire to to walk that fine narrow walk
46:52 that he wants you to walk so bless these
46:56 people I pray this day I pray also also
47:00 for financial miracles in your lives
47:04 anyone here lacking or in need or just
47:10 having a hard time sleeping at night
47:13 worrying stressed out I just pray
47:16 financial miracles upon your life Jesus
47:21 mighty name Amen


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