The Joy and Triumph of Singing Scripture

Discover the joy and triumph of singing Scripture. In this session you will learn about the ancient practice of singing Scripture and the affect it can have on your life as you enter into a lifestyle of singing God’s Word. Like Moses, the children of Israel, Deborah, David, Paul and Silas, experience remarkable breakthrough and blessing as you sing God’s Word in response to Him singing over you.


Video Transcript

00:00 we are Wes and Lynn Gorospe we are Songs of
00:03 Scripture and I just wanted to start out
00:08 with a little testimony but I wanted to
00:15 let you know how I got started singing
00:17 songs of Scripture it was kind of by
00:19 accident I had written this song out of
00:24 John chapter 14 verses 26 and 27 and it
00:30 says the counselor the Holy Spirit whom
00:33 the father will send in my name he will
00:35 teach you all things and bring all
00:38 things to remembrance and it says peace
00:41 I leave with you my peace I give to you
00:43 not as the world gives do I give to you
00:46 don't let your hearts be troubled
00:47 neither let it be afraid so it was about
00:54 2000 something in 1999 somewhere in
00:57 there that I shared that song on a
01:01 Wednesday night at the church where we
01:03 used to go to at a Bible study and you
01:06 know it's no big deal I just shared the
01:08 song and I had no idea the power of the
01:14 word at that time but a year later you
01:18 know women's meeting this this woman
01:21 came up to Lynn and say you're West's
01:23 wife aren't you she says yeah and this
01:27 lady said that for an entire year she's
01:32 been holding on to this this scripture
01:35 you know peace I leave with you and it's
01:38 been it had been ministering to her for
01:40 an entire year through all the trials
01:43 that she was going through and she was
01:44 going through some really heavy stuff so
01:47 she came home the Lynn came home and
01:49 told me that she says you need to you
01:53 need to record that but my thought about
01:56 my my music was well it's just not
02:01 record worthy it's it's not worth
02:04 recording you know but but she convinced
02:07 me that I should go so I made a made a
02:12 an appointment with Tim record producer
02:15 and so he helped me to enhance the song
02:20 and then we recorded it and that became
02:23 number one of so far we've recorded 31
02:28 songs we just finished CD number 3 which
02:32 should be coming out shortly which is
02:35 life-changing words the first one was
02:37 words of life second one was words of
02:41 faith and hope and this one is
02:43 life-changing words so that just tells
02:46 you you know even though we have a poor
02:49 opinion of how we sound it doesn't you
02:53 know God isn't looking at what we sound
02:56 like he just wants to hear our voice so
02:59 what I wanted to talk about tonight is
03:01 the joy and triumph of singing the word
03:05 this is part one next week will be part
03:07 two Jesus was probably as joyous and
03:12 triumphant and overcomer as we know of I
03:16 think you would all agree to that and we
03:19 all want to live a life of joy and
03:22 triumph but you know the frustrating and
03:25 discouraging part is that you know
03:28 sometimes joy never comes you know or
03:33 sometimes it's delayed you know and and
03:37 so why is it well usually the the main
03:41 culprit is ourselves and the main
03:45 culprit within ourselves is our tongue
03:48 we haven't tamed our tongue and so in in
03:53 James it says the tongue is a fire a
03:56 world of iniquity and the time is so set
04:00 among our members that it defiles our
04:03 whole body the tongue sets on fire the
04:07 course of nature and out of the same
04:11 mouth proceeded both blessings and
04:13 cursings so he says you know it
04:16 shouldn't be this way it really
04:18 shouldn't be this way now here's a
04:20 perspective for you
04:22 when Jesus sacrificed himself for us he
04:28 triumphed over everything right he
04:30 triumphed over evil triumphed over the
04:32 devil he tried over everything and he
04:35 took the devil's authority away from him
04:39 and so now you know the word says in
04:42 Matthew 28:18 us is all Authority has
04:45 been given to me in heaven and on earth
04:49 so the interesting thing is that Jesus
04:55 did a very remarkable thing he said and
04:58 it says in Luke 10:19 that behold I give
05:03 you that's me and you all of us all of
05:07 us that believe he says I give you
05:10 authority to tread on serpents and
05:12 scorpions over all the power of the
05:14 enemy and nothing shall by any means
05:17 hurt you so when you when you look at
05:22 that in John it says you know I tell you
05:26 the truth anyone who believes in Me will
05:30 do the same things that I've done even
05:33 greater words because I'm going to the
05:36 Father in other words Jesus gave us two
05:39 permission to do what he does you know
05:44 we can do what he does so how do we do
05:47 that well you know one of the problems
05:51 you will start with the problems one of
05:54 the problems that we have is that we
05:57 don't believe that we have this
05:59 authority you know we you know we just
06:03 like myself and my songs I don't believe
06:06 that they're good enough now some of us
06:08 don't believe that that we have this
06:10 authority that they God has actually
06:12 given us this authority but the word
06:14 says that he he has it says right there
06:17 you know I give you power to tread over
06:20 serpents and scorpions another thing
06:22 that that is a problem is that we
06:26 haven't taken the time to learn about
06:28 our authority in 1st Corinthians chapter
06:32 12
06:33 it talks about spiritual gifts gifts of
06:36 healing and miracles and words of wisdom
06:40 words of knowledge you know discerning
06:42 of spirits how many how many of us have
06:47 given ourselves to the really study
06:49 about how that works you know and and
06:52 and the authority that we have in Jesus
06:54 you know these are things that that out
06:58 of ignorance we are out of maybe a lack
07:04 of feeling worthy that we don't look
07:06 into it and and I think that also holds
07:09 us back
07:10 you know and and a lot of it has to do
07:12 with our tongue you know all too often
07:16 what happens more than more than
07:20 anything is that we the authority that
07:23 God gave us we abdicate by giving it
07:28 back to the devil now how do we do that
07:31 well the only tool that the devil really
07:34 has because Jesus took all his authority
07:39 away right so he doesn't have an
07:40 authority what authority does he have
07:43 well the only thing that he can do it
07:45 really is trick you and lie to you he's
07:48 he's a father of lies and so what he
07:51 does is he lies to you so that you
07:56 abdicate your own power and this is how
07:59 he does it through your tongue you know
08:04 the Bible says in Proverbs death and
08:07 life are in the power of the tongue and
08:09 they that love it shall eat the fruit of
08:11 it so when we when we give up our
08:17 authority like like well how would we do
08:22 that the devil comes to us and says yeah
08:28 you're not good enough you know you're
08:32 never gonna amount to anything you're
08:37 always gonna be sick you know your your
08:41 voice is just not good enough don't sing
08:44 out loud
08:45 people learn you know that's not good
08:47 he's lying to you you know so when we
08:52 live in triumph when you're happy you
08:58 want to sing all right
08:59 usually you know most people are happy
09:02 when they're taking a shower so they're
09:04 seen you know but but the reason why we
09:08 sing is because there are so many
09:10 benefits their enormous benefits to
09:12 singing especially singing the scripture
09:15 and Lynn is gonna go over a lot of those
09:17 benefits in a minute but but psalm
09:20 107:20 says that he sent his word and
09:25 healed them and delivered them from all
09:28 their destructions you know and Romans
09:32 10:17 says so faith comes by hearing and
09:35 hearing by the Word of God so we get
09:38 faith through the word we get healed
09:43 through the word and the thing that we
09:47 need to know is Jesus himself is the
09:50 word in in John chapter 1 verse 1 it
09:54 says in the beginning was the word and
09:56 the word was with god and the word was
09:59 god in in verse 14 assists and the word
10:03 became flesh and dwelt among us and we
10:07 beheld his glory as of the only begotten
10:10 of the Father now who's that talking
10:12 about obviously is Jesus okay so he is
10:16 the word and God sends Jesus the word
10:20 and he's given us his word you know it's
10:23 all tied together you know and that's
10:25 where our authority comes from when we
10:28 when we ingest the word you know that's
10:32 where authority comes from and that's
10:34 where freedom comes from wherever Jesus
10:36 is Holy Spirit is and it says that where
10:41 the Spirit of the Lord is there's
10:42 Liberty so if you're feeling free and
10:45 you're feeling happy chances are you
10:48 might want to sink or maybe not so the
10:55 tongue again you know with the tongue we
10:58 can bless our
11:00 you know I'm I am free I'm healthy you
11:06 know I'm happy I'm prospering you know
11:09 I'm hanging on to the Word of God I'm
11:11 learning I'm learning more about God I'm
11:14 getting closer to God
11:15 you can bless yourself with your tongue
11:17 just as well as you can curse yourself
11:20 with your tongue you know like I said
11:22 before you know I'm always getting sick
11:24 I'm never gonna get promoted you know
11:27 people always think I'm doing dumb
11:29 things you know basically your tongue is
11:34 your tongue is the thing that gets us in
11:36 trouble and we need to we need to to
11:41 harness our tongue you know Jesus said
11:44 out of the abundance of the heart the
11:46 mouth speaks
11:47 and with your words
11:50 you're either justified or you condemned
11:54 that's what he's saying he's saying you
11:56 can bless yourself or curse yourself now
12:00 the word is so powerful and this is why
12:05 we sing it the you know the word god is
12:08 the most powerful thing in the world and
12:11 and you get the best results you get the
12:17 greatest triumphs you get the most joy
12:20 from the word all of all of these
12:23 benefits come from knowing the word
12:26 because Jesus is the word so you can't
12:32 the thing is you can't just read the
12:35 word you can't just give give
12:41 intellectual knowledge you know I have
12:44 intellectual knowledge of the word you
12:46 have to be a doer of the word you have
12:49 to ingest the word yeah it needs to
12:52 become a part of you that's why Jesus
12:55 said if you abide in me and my words
12:58 abide in you then you can ask for stuff
13:01 because because when the word abides in
13:04 you it builds your faith and when you
13:06 have faith the things that you say will
13:08 come to pass it's
13:11 it says in in Joshua 1:8 study this book
13:15 of instruction continually you know I
13:19 don't know how many times in the
13:20 scripture says that again in some Psalm
13:23 1 it says you know think about the word
13:26 night and day you know and you will
13:29 prosper in in mark chapter 9 it says
13:34 anything is possible for the one who
13:37 believes and in in in Mark 11 it says
13:43 this is really important it says for
13:46 truly I say to you this is Jesus
13:48 speaking says for truly I say to you
13:50 whoever shall say to this mountain be
13:54 removed cast into the sea and shall not
13:58 doubt in his heart but shall believe
13:59 those things which he says shall it
14:03 shall come to pass he shall have
14:06 whatever he says now this is Jesus
14:09 telling us that our words count you know
14:13 so you know it's it's not again you know
14:17 James talks about it's not enough to be
14:19 a hear of the word but we have to be
14:22 doers of the word we have to be living
14:26 the scriptures you know and I found that
14:29 the best way to do that to get the
14:32 scripture inside of you is to sing it I
14:34 mean you don't have to be you know
14:37 creating you know professional songs or
14:41 anything like that but just to sing you
14:45 know even if you sing one note so with
14:49 that I'm gonna turn it over to Lynn
14:50 she's going to talk about the benefits
14:52 of singing Scripture and then after that
14:55 we're going to activate the word
15:05 hello so this is the first month of the
15:09 Jewish calendar Nisan the season of the
15:13 barley harvest and our celebrations this
15:15 month are focused on the Feast of the
15:17 Passover and the resurrection of Jesus
15:19 we remember how God delivered his people
15:22 from captivity and we remember when
15:24 Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice so
15:27 that we have new life on earth and an
15:29 eternal life in heaven with our God
15:31 Jesus did everything necessary and he
15:34 did it perfectly with his live in 1st
15:38 Peter this morning when I was spending
15:40 time with the Lord he brought me to
15:41 first Peter 2:9 and it says you are a
15:45 chosen generation a royal priesthood a
15:48 holy nation his own special people that
15:51 you may proclaim the praises of him who
15:54 called you out of darkness and into his
15:56 marvelous light who once were not a
15:59 people but now are the people of God who
16:03 had not obtained mercy but now have
16:05 obtained mercy
16:06 this was God's call to ancient Israel
16:09 and it is his call for the redeemed
16:11 Church of today we are a royal
16:15 priesthood our authority comes from
16:18 Jesus part of our priestly service is to
16:21 worship God just as ancient Israel took
16:26 the promised land in righteous worship
16:28 so it will be for us as we humbly praise
16:32 the Living God we will witness his
16:34 mighty works of healings miracles
16:37 salvations deliverance breakthroughs
16:39 with great joy this is a crucial time in
16:43 history I bless each of you with a
16:47 melody and a new song I bless you with
16:50 the faith to partner with God in this
16:52 era I bless you with faith and hope to
16:55 believe that we will be in awe of God's
16:57 mercy and love for us we have so much to
17:01 be thankful for
17:02 let's sing in the harvest fields I'm so
17:05 excited about this new season so in
17:09 studying
17:11 you know one thing I want to say is the
17:14 Lord has been giving wess melodies he
17:17 hears in songs he hears in melody and
17:22 the Lord has been giving him the
17:23 scripture songs for over 30 years and
17:25 that's why I convinced him that he
17:27 should make a CD because he had all
17:31 these gifts in the guitar case and he
17:34 said to me you know I spent time with
17:36 the Lord and the Lord said what are you
17:37 doing with the gift I've given you so no
17:41 I don't hear in music I hear in words so
17:44 it's always been hard for me to sing out
17:47 and so I'm really speaking to those who
17:49 think oh when I come to church I sing
17:51 quietly or when I'm out and about I just
17:55 don't think of singing the scriptures I
17:57 think of reading the scriptures and I
17:58 might read them out loud but I feel like
18:02 we need to start singing we've lost that
18:05 gift of singing the ancient Israelites
18:07 knew that they they sang their
18:09 scriptures and it's powerful so some of
18:12 the things that I discovered are on page
18:14 1 of your notes session 1 they help
18:19 singing the scripture helps us connect
18:21 with God God created each of us with a
18:24 unique voice and God loves the sound of
18:27 your voice and Zephaniah 3:17 it says he
18:31 will rejoice over you with singing so my
18:34 question is if God is singing over us
18:36 shouldn't we respond to him we believe
18:40 that God loves to hear our voices and
18:42 spend time with us he wants to know how
18:45 he wants us to know how deeply he loves
18:47 us so I exhort you tonight to sing the
18:51 Scriptures singing the Word of God frees
18:54 our mind to worship God with our heart
18:56 and our spirit when we choose to focus
18:59 our attention on Jesus his love for us
19:01 removes fear and doubt worship including
19:04 screep singing the scriptures allows us
19:07 to experience God's presence hear God's
19:09 voice experience God's presence I'm
19:13 sorry
19:14 feel God's love and have revelation of
19:17 the Word of God
19:19 experiencing God's presence strengthens
19:21 our spirit and our
19:22 and increases our faith singing
19:27 scripture overpowers negative thoughts
19:29 and distractions this prevents us from
19:32 going down that path of fear and doubt
19:34 and discouragement negativity cannot be
19:37 in the same atmosphere as God's love and
19:40 truth the word keeps us connected to the
19:42 Lord especially during the storms of
19:44 life in Romans 10:17 it says so then
19:48 faith comes by hearing and hearing by
19:50 the Word of God hearing is knowing the
19:55 Word of God Romans 12:1 and 2 says
20:00 present your bodies a living sacrifice
20:01 holy acceptable to God which is your
20:05 reasonable service and do not be
20:08 conformed to this world but be
20:09 transformed by the renewing of your mind
20:11 that you may prove what is that good and
20:14 acceptable and perfect will of God and
20:16 my emphasis tonight is on the renewing
20:19 of our mind I feel like we are
20:21 transformed when we sing the Scriptures
20:23 we are in his presence when we sing his
20:26 scriptures his word and Ephesians 5:18
20:31 says be filled with the spirit speaking
20:33 to one another in Psalms and hymns and
20:35 spiritual songs singing and making
20:37 melody in your heart to the Lord
20:41 worship is our response to God's
20:43 magnificence and wonder but it is also a
20:46 weapon of warfare singing the word is a
20:49 powerful tool the Word of God is active
20:52 alive and powerful the Bible describes
20:56 singing as part of the military strategy
20:58 remember the adversary is still tempting
21:01 us to worship Him or not at all pray and
21:07 sing God's promises when you have a need
21:09 I I do this I search the scripture
21:13 scriptures what what is the answer to my
21:16 prayer and then I sing that and I pray
21:20 that and I wait on the Lord
21:23 Zechariah 4:6 says not by might nor by
21:27 power but by my spirit says the Lord of
21:29 Hosts psalm 28:7 i love this you are my
21:33 strength in my shield
21:34 every danger when I fully trust in you
21:37 help is on the way I jump for joy and I
21:40 burst forth with ecstatic passionate
21:42 praise I will sing songs of what you
21:45 mean to me God would love to hear that
21:47 if we I wish I could do this every day
21:50 but if we would wake up to the Lord like
21:53 that singing to him really feeling his
21:57 presence and thanking him so number two
22:02 of course singing helps us to memorize
22:05 neuro scientists agree that singing
22:08 information with a simple tune makes
22:10 memorization easy teachers have been
22:13 teaching children to sing their lessons
22:15 to remember math facts science facts
22:17 history facts music and languages the
22:20 Book of Psalms is a natural way to begin
22:22 - singing the scriptures because it is a
22:24 book of poetry in the Psalms we find
22:27 relatable circumstances images and
22:29 language to give voice to our feelings
22:32 our sorrows our needs our thankfulness
22:34 our joy our trust in our victory psalm
22:38 59 16 says but I will sing of your
22:41 mighty strength and power yes I will
22:44 sing aloud of your mercy and
22:45 loving-kindness in the morning for you
22:47 have been to me a fortress and a refuge
22:49 in the day of my distress singing helps
22:52 to internalize the world the word
22:54 singing the word helps us to remember
22:56 the promises of God we fill our heart
22:59 and our mind with the truth and
23:01 life-giving Word of God and then we
23:04 worship and pray with faith when our
23:06 mind and our heart agree with God's
23:07 truth so number three are the physical
23:14 benefits of singing and I thought this
23:16 was really interesting mute our singing
23:19 and music calms us it lowers our stress
23:23 level it strengthens our immune system
23:26 it increases oxygenated blood which
23:30 increases our alertness and our stamina
23:33 better circulation
23:35 proves and establishes neural pathways
23:38 and increases neuroplasticity it's
23:41 amazing that it creates neuro pathways
23:45 we can heal them and and create new ones
23:49 by singing it enhances learning and it
23:55 releases all of these neurotransmitters
23:57 that lift your mood
23:59 endorphins serotonin oxytocin and
24:02 dopamine all of them singing improves
24:05 our brain activity our memory our
24:07 well-being and our mood doctors now
24:10 recommend music therapy to help stroke
24:12 patients recover to help patients with
24:14 migraine headaches depression and
24:16 chronic pain and there's these theory or
24:18 therapies that I listed here that people
24:21 are using now doctors are suggesting and
24:23 finding good results with these
24:25 therapies so imagine how powerful it is
24:28 to sing the Word of God
24:29 singing scripture connects the front the
24:32 back and both sides of our brain they're
24:36 all communicating we're using all
24:39 aspects of our brain just like a helmet
24:45 protecting our minds from the fiery
24:47 darts of the enemy so any negativity
24:49 like fear pride comparison depression it
24:52 cannot interfere with those words that
24:55 you're singing just like Moses the
24:58 children of Israel Deborah David
25:00 Zephaniah and many more let's sing the
25:03 scriptures and experience remarkable
25:05 breakthroughs and blessings at the
25:08 bottom of page 4 I listed songs of
25:15 Scripture has a website so I have that
25:18 there you can listen to songs of
25:20 scripture on that website and read Wes's
25:23 blog some of what I've talked about
25:26 tonight is in this book singing the
25:31 scriptures by Julie Mayer she is in the
25:34 Healing Rooms in Santa Maria and I just
25:37 found this fascinating I encourage you
25:39 to get it she has testimonies in there
25:41 of people singing scriptures and the
25:43 remarkable breakthroughs that they
25:44 sieved and she also has a website with
25:51 videos for each of the chapters in the
25:52 book and she sings with you or gets you
25:54 encouraged to sing so I really recommend
25:56 those something else we use in the
25:58 healing rooms we have this in the
26:00 bookstore here is God's creative power
26:03 by Charles Capps
26:05 and this is just scriptures that you can
26:08 recite or sing all in one little book
26:12 healing scriptures and so with that
26:17 we're gonna have you sing
26:24 okay this is the interactive part so
26:31 this part where a lot of people think
26:34 say I can't do that you know I want to
26:38 do that you know so you're gonna sit
26:40 there like this but I want everybody to
26:45 stand up and I think you guys all have
26:50 this sheet that says a couple of
26:53 scriptures on it one of them that the
26:55 one of the top says he sent His Word and
26:59 healed them and rescued them from their
27:02 destruction you see that okay I'm gonna
27:08 do an exercise we're gonna sing this
27:13 together now we're just gonna sing one
27:16 note okay
27:17 just one no so so you know you don't
27:21 have to to be too creative we're gonna
27:25 sing he sent His Word and healed them
27:30 and rescued them from the destruction
27:33 okay sing with me he sent His Word and
27:37 healed them and rescued them from their
27:40 destruction one more time he sent his
27:44 word and he
27:45 them and rescued them from their
27:48 destruction when the more using that the
27:55 more you can get more creative with it
27:57 and and what happens what I have found
28:00 is that it's it starts to change
28:07 something in you you know for oh I give
28:11 you a little testimony well when I
28:13 recorded my my first CD I couldn't
28:17 listen to it because every time I
28:19 listened to it I just criticize myself
28:22 saying you know we should have done that
28:24 couldn't have done that why didn't we do
28:26 that you know and and I just couldn't
28:30 listen to it
28:31 and so I didn't for a couple of years
28:35 and then it was I recorded it in 2004
28:42 and then the second one I recorded in
28:45 2007 and I did the same thing I couldn't
28:47 listen to it I was just too critical you
28:50 know I was criticizing myself you know I
28:52 was cursing myself and then in 2010 our
29:00 daughter gets sick and I have to say
29:05 that that CD it was we were thankful for
29:09 it but we mostly didn't listen to it and
29:13 till our daughter became very ill and
29:16 she was in the hospital a lot and that
29:19 became our life source and all that we
29:21 could do was sing the scripture songs
29:24 and they sustained us and I thought how
29:28 gracious the Lord is that we have this
29:30 tool already done already recorded that
29:33 we could just put in the car and as
29:35 we're singing just or as we're driving
29:37 just sing these scriptures it was so
29:39 powerful it was ministering to us and so
29:43 in another time also my mother was in
29:48 the hospital she was in intensive care
29:50 and she was not responsive and the
29:53 doctor said she would not live through
29:55 evening she had chronic obstructive
30:01 pulmonary disease but now she had lung
30:03 or pneumonia in both lungs and so she
30:07 was not responsive and so I had my Bible
30:09 and I was reading the scriptures and
30:10 pretty soon my heart was heavy and I
30:14 just couldn't read anymore and I just
30:15 started singing the scriptures and it's
30:19 just all that I could do was to sing
30:21 them and the next morning a nurse came
30:25 in and she said Wow
30:27 her first response was the atmosphere
30:29 has changed in here oh hey I just I just
30:35 did what I that's just what my heart
30:37 could do and my mom lived my mom woke up
30:40 a couple of days later and you know the
30:44 doctors were amazed and I just give
30:46 glory to the Lord that that his
30:48 scripture is tangible that my mom woke
30:52 up in a whole different mental place and
30:56 her healing begin so I just encourage
31:00 yes so singing the scriptures has a
31:03 couple of real benefits to me it just
31:10 helps you to remember the promises you
31:13 know you know now now I have these these
31:18 these 30 promises in particular that
31:22 then I have edged in my heart and in my
31:25 brain you know like like they that wait
31:28 upon the Lord shall renew their strength
31:29 or you know that God is not given us a
31:34 spirit of fear but a power and love and
31:36 a sound mind you know and and those you
31:39 know some of those just started in the
31:40 shower you know I mean gut God has not
31:44 given us a spirit of fear that started
31:47 in the shower you know I just I don't
31:49 know it just just did and so so let's
31:53 try singing this again he sent His Word
31:57 he sent His Word and healed them and
32:00 rescued them from their destruction
32:03 he sent his word and healed them and
32:07 delivered them from the destruction so
32:10 now what I want you to do and you may
32:13 want to peel off and go to a different
32:15 part of the room so the no one else can
32:17 hear you but I want you to for the next
32:20 couple of minutes
32:21 take that one scripture and make your
32:25 own melody to just sing it sing it to
32:29 the Lord you see the reality is that God
32:32 wants a relationship with you and he
32:36 wants to hear your voice
32:39 he doesn't think you had a bad voice you
32:44 know he loves your voice and he wants to
32:47 hear it and I would add put your name in
32:50 there he sent His Word and healed me or
32:52 healed someone that you're praying for
32:54 he sent His Word and healed me and
32:57 rescued me from my destruction okay so
33:00 we're gonna take a couple of minutes
33:02 maybe two or three minutes and do this
33:06 so just you can stand right where you
33:09 are but I encourage you to go ahead and
33:12 and start singing this he sent his word
33:16 and he healed them and rescue them from
33:20 their destruction he sent his word and
33:24 he healed them rescue them from the
33:27 destruction he sent his word and he
33:31 healed them and rescue them from their
33:34 destruction he sent His Word and healed
33:38 me and rescued me from my destruction
33:42 he sent his word and He healed me and
33:47 rescued me from my destruction he sent
33:51 his word and He healed me and rescued me
33:55 from my district for me because I don't
33:58 feel like I have a trained voice and so
34:01 even in church I don't want to disturb
34:04 anybody so next week we're gonna talk
34:06 about corporate worship this week
34:08 practice singing out loud wherever you
34:11 are
34:11 and my what we're talking about next
34:15 week is this light that you carry keep
34:18 it burning by singing and then when we
34:21 get together at church on Sunday how
34:24 powerful it is when all those flames go
34:26 together what how powerful corporate
34:29 worship is because you continue to sing
34:32 the scriptures you don't know you know
34:38 what God will do with with his word
34:42 inside of you I didn't know what God was
34:45 gonna do with his word inside of me
34:47 in fact she kept giving me these songs
34:50 and they kept piling up in my guitar
34:53 keys you know and then one day I came
34:59 across that scripture says okay you know
35:05 he gave this guy five talents he gave
35:08 that guy two talents to give that guy
35:10 one talent and and then the Lord said
35:14 well what are you gonna do with the
35:15 talent I gave you you know what are you
35:18 gonna do with it well I had my guitar
35:20 case this is equal to burying it in the
35:22 ground right so I had you know I didn't
35:26 have a choice I I had to respond somehow
35:29 so I just started recording him you know
35:31 and then
35:33 so now you know got it
35:37 they're all over the place they're all
35:39 over the world and we're taking them to
35:42 Thailand next month
35:45 it's amazing it amazes me what God has
35:48 done but so we're gonna sing a song that
35:52 we sang last week that we didn't get
35:54 recorded because we had it wrong but
35:59 we're gonna sing Psalm one together okay
36:03 do you guys have that no it's not on
36:08 these notes I'll sing it and you guys
36:10 won't remember so happy happy happy is a
36:41 man who never follows what the godless
36:45 say
36:45 [Music]
36:48 but he believed that it's best not to
36:51 stand in cinders ways nor sit with those
36:55 who walk and lie all perky finds joy joy
37:02 joy as he studies all the promises you
37:06 find in God's Word
37:10 he thinks about them that if they and he
37:14 becomes like a great big tree enjoying
37:22 streams of life always fruitful living
37:27 healthy never tried everything that he
37:32 does
37:33 Susu prosper he finds god's face
37:38 [Music]
37:41 oh so happy happy happy is the man who
37:46 never follows what the godless say but
37:52 he believes that it's best that the
37:55 standing cinders way nor sit with those
37:58 whom I live but he finds joy joy joy as
38:07 he studies all the promises he finds in
38:12 God's Word he thinks about them
38:16 I don't think he becomes like a great
38:24 big tree joy streams of life always
38:29 fruitful will be healthy never tried
38:34 everything that does
38:37 sir Prospero finds God's face
38:41 [Music]
38:45 he who turns from God like dust gets
38:49 blown away and won't find mercy it has
38:54 no place with the Saints but the Lord
38:57 wants to protect all those who seek Him
39:01 those who don't never be like a great
39:11 big tree joint streams of life always
39:16 fruitful living healthy never tried
39:21 everything that he does Susu prosper he
39:27 finds god's face
39:29 [Music]
39:32 five Scott's fever but it's got
39:43 [Music]
39:59 Jesus pray before we finish Heavenly
40:32 Father I pray that we will find strength
40:34 when we are weary direction and peace
40:36 and Conflict that our voices carry the
40:39 sound of victory as we sing your word I
40:41 pray that we sing scriptures and prayers
40:44 that agree with the resurrection power
40:45 of Jesus Lord teach us train us to sing
40:49 your word is our first response in a
40:51 trial declaring victory and every
40:54 circumstance Jesus we thank you for your
40:56 suffering and we rejoice in your
40:58 resurrection thank you for this evening
41:00 more let me give it all to you amen


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