Ken & Sue Burdullis

Out of a burning passion to see God’s healing power and limitless love made known, Sue Burdullis began the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2006. Since then, she has imparted her love for Jesus and God’s Word through prayer and Biblical teaching. She served as California’s Central Coordinator for IAHR from 2011 to 2018, helping the directors of 30 plus healing rooms as well as helping to establish new healing rooms. Throughout the years, she has held numerous healing events, conferences, and prayer outreaches here in California as well as a couple of countries.

Sue Burdullis

Sue Burdullis is the Director of our Camarillo Healing Rooms ministry and ordained through the International Association of Healing Rooms. In 2003 Sue Burdullis, Director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms, discovered Jesus Christ as Jehovah Rapha, “I AM THE LORD Who heals you,” in her personal journey with God. (see Ex. 15:25) This revelation was such “Good News” that Sue knew she could not keep it to herself, but needed to share and impart it to others.

Ken Burdullis

Ken Burdullis is the Co-director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms ministry. In the late 1970s, Ken came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior through the Catholic Charismatic renewal. Upon graduation from college, he worked in sales. After marrying Sue, he attended Fuller Theological Seminary and graduated in 1986 with a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Cross-Cultural Studies. A few months later after graduation, Ken, Sue, and their 6-month daughter moved to Thailand where they served 4 years as missionaries. Returning in 1991, Ken worked for a local company in management and became the CEO from 2005-2017. He retired in 2018. In January 2019 he began working full-time with Sue in the Camarillo Healing Rooms.

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