The Cross is Your True North

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2

The North Star is in the very center of this time-lapsed photo. What is so unique about the North Star is that it maintains a nearly fixed position above the North Pole, which means that no matter where you are at in the Northern Hemisphere the North Star will consistently direct you to “True North.” Before GPS – travel apps and Google Maps – the North Star is what pointed people in the right direction towards “True North.” 

No matter where you find yourself at in this life, the cross is your “True North.” The cross encompasses everything that Jesus Christ accomplished for you through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension. For many years the cross has helped me make the necessary course directions in my life, helping me to realign my thoughts, emotions, and actions to “True North.” In essence, the Cross is my “True North”! And, my desire is that the cross becomes your “True North.”

Louie Giglio preached a sermon entitled “True North” that both Ken and I have watched several times this past year. Recently, Ken shared with me the this photo accompanying this post. Along with the photo he had printed the statements below, which were taken from Louie Giglio’s slides in this sermon.

The Cross is My True North!

  • When my circumstances are obscuring my confidence that God is in control, the Cross is my True North.
  • When my loss is undermining my trust in God’s goodness, the Cross is my True North.
  • When my opinion of me is drowning out God’s opinion of me, the Cross is my True North.
  • When my current status is over shadowing my faith in God’s Plan, the Cross is my True North.
  • When the enemy’s accusations are corrupting my belief in God’s grace, the Cross is my True North.
  • When the allure of temporary pleasures is calling louder than the invitation to eternal riches, the Cross is my True North
  • When _________, the Cross is my True North.  (Fill in the blank with any obstacle which is trying to prevent you from seeing that the Cross iss your True North.)

Look at the photo again. Do you see the swirl? Of course you do!  Because the earth is rotating on its axis, all the other stars in this time-lapsed photo appear to be swirling counterclockwise around the North Star. Amidst the swirling of the trials and events of life, what are you keeping your focus on?

  • Is your focus on the obstacles and the problems swirling all around you, trying to move you away from the Cross, your True North?
  • Or, are you keeping your focus on Jesus Christ, your True North, determined not to let anything obscure your vision of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you through the cross?

In Christ’s love,
Sue Burdullis

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