CHR Thanks You!

In the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Camarillo Healing Rooms (CHR) wants to thank you! A big thank-you to our financial donors and partners and to everyone serving in CHR. Because you have given generously of your finances, time, energy or talent, we have been able to minister God’s love, compassion, and hope to many people locally and throughout the world who were in need of healing in their spirit, soul, body, or circumstances. Here is a glimpse of what your support has helped us accomplish.

2023 Year End Report

In 2023 CHR has held 652 Healing Room prayer sessions of approximately 30-40 minutes and 31 Sozo ministry sessions of up to 2 hours. Together our staff and team comprised entirely of trained volunteers has served over 1,700 hours during our ministry time to our guests with many more hours in preparation, training, and intercession occurring behind the scenes. 

Since our inception 17 years ago no fees have been charged for Healing Room Prayer sessions. This has allowed us to freely serve anyone in need.  Thank-you for inviting your family, friends, and acquaintances to come and receive prayer, knowing that God has answers to everything they are facing. Click here to schedule a prayer session.


See how God has touched people’s lives through this ministry by reading the written testimonies or watching the video testimonies of our prayer guests. Here are a couple of testimonies that depict some of the many ways God has set people free this past year.

  • Susie excitedly shared:  “I was in deep dark pit – depression and anxiety, feeling a heaviness and oppression over my life… CHR came with their faith and with that expectation that God is truly a God of healing, a God of deliverance, and a God of redemption…  God has fully restored me. He has gotten me out of that dark pit!”  Click here to view her full testimony.
  • One of our prayer guests writes: “I am grateful for the encouragement I received through the CHR prayer ministry, both in continuing to bolster my faith in the beautiful and mysterious ways of God’s Spirit, and in my healing journey towards greater freedom and wholeness in Him. CHR is a place and ministry where we individually and collectively experience and expect to receive from the Lord and where the Spirit is given freedom and honor and truly moves.”  Read More

Biblical Teaching

Watch or listen to our 2023 “Teachings” on our website or on our Camarillo Healing Room YouTube channel.  Because Camarillo Healing Rooms understands that one of the biggest challenges every person faces in life is believing that God truly loves us and living from this reality, we offered an in-depth study of the Song of Songs this past year, which highlights God’s profound love for each one of us. Understanding God’s unconditional limitless love allows for deep healing to occur in every aspect of our lives.

  • Song of Songs Online Teaching: Weekly verse-by- verse teaching for our prayer guests occurred weekly from Feb. 2023 to June 2023 with one of our online prayer ministers. One of the participants stated, “It was so beautifully organized and ministered to my heart the passion Jesus has for His bride (for us) … Felt the love of Christ radiating through our instructor each class.”
  • Song of Songs Team Teaching: Twice monthly from Feb. 2023 to Nov. 2023 our CHR team met to grow in this reality of God’s love for us and to minister more effectively from it by prayerfully studying and meditating on Song of Songs.
  • If you need healing, I would strongly encourage you to watch or listen to our “Love of God Heals” series and download the detailed PDF notes that accompany each teaching.


Worship has been a vital part of our ministry since our inception in 2006. The following occurred this past year.

  • Live Healing Worship from 7 PM to 9 PM on Tuesday nights for in-person ministry.
  • Evening of Worship and Healing (EWH) on the 5th Tuesdays in the year. Through worship and prayer at EWH many people receive a touch of God’s presence and power. Click here to watch our last EWH, which showed 163 views on our YouTube channel.

CHR Website and YouTube Channel

Our website along with our YouTube channel have become a vital part of our ministry.  Our resources – teachings, blog, and prayers – along with our testimonies have given hope and healing to so many people.


Once again, thank you for your kind and generous support which has allowed us to minister the fulness of God’s salvation – healing, wholeness, and deliverance – in such a personal way to so many people, allowing them to experience God’s love for themselves.

To our beloved guests we say “thank-you” for giving us the opportunity to pray with you and your loved ones! Our hearts are uplifted each time we see you – each time we are able to impart to you a measure of God’s healing grace and lovingkindness.


We value your ongoing partnership with us.  To donate on a recurring basis – “monthly, quarterly, or yearly”  go to our “GIVE” page on and for “Gift Frequency” click on “Recurring.” 


Ken and Sue Burdullis

Ken and Sue Burdullis, Directors of CHR


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