Hearing God for Guidance, Prophecy and Ministry Prayer

Practical pillars are given for hearing God’s voice guide you in major decision making, as well as in ministering prophetic words or praying for others. Throughout this session, you will be encouraged that you can hear God’s voice, just as Jesus said, “…the sheep hear His voice…they know His voice…they do not know the voice of strangers.” John 10:2-5 If you apply these principles, you will begin recognizing His voice more and more, enabling you to reach the highest calling He has for your life and encouraging others to reach their highest destiny in God.


Video Transcript

00:00 this is how to hear God's voice session
00:02 number six and we're going to be talking
00:05 about hearing God's voice I hope you all
00:07 have the handout so you should be
00:09 following along with those as we go it's
00:12 on hearing God's voice for guidance for
00:15 prophecy and ministry prayer so we are
00:17 jamming a lot of information into one
00:20 short little session here so it is going
00:23 to be a bit of an overview I'm Norma
00:25 this is Michael in case you hadn't
00:26 figured that out yeah okay you might sit
00:29 down there okay for those of you that
00:33 have been here you should hopefully
00:34 remember what the four keys are do it
00:37 with me the first one is stillness
00:40 vision spontaneity and journaling one
00:44 more time still this vision spontaneity
00:48 and journaling okay so our key scripture
00:52 and this is in your notes here is from
00:54 John 10 verses 2 through 5 but he who
00:57 enters by the door is the Shepherd of
00:59 the sheep to him the doorkeeper opens
01:01 and the sheep hear his voice and he
01:04 calls his own sheep by name and leads
01:06 them out and when he brings out his own
01:08 sheep he goes before him for they know
01:11 his voice yet they will by no means
01:13 follow a stranger but will flee from him
01:16 for they do not know the voice of
01:18 strangers and so I don't know how it is
01:22 with with everybody here but do me a
01:24 favor just close your eyes okay and how
01:28 many of you feel like you've had a real
01:30 breakthrough in your ability to be able
01:33 to recognize God's voice if you've been
01:35 coming to the last sessions just raise
01:37 your hand okay all right now for any of
01:41 you that are perhaps struggling with
01:43 that and you're thinking that you're not
01:44 hearing and you're not receiving you
01:47 know mental pictures or visions or
01:49 anything like that it's because you're
01:51 believing a lie and the enemy of course
01:54 wants to keep you from being able to
01:57 hear from God clearly and so what I want
01:59 you all to do is just close your eyes
02:01 and for those of you that this applies
02:04 to I want to add you ask God what lie am
02:08 i believing what lie are you believing
02:12 that's keeping you from hearing God's
02:14 voice because if you're a born again
02:17 child of God you have his assurance that
02:19 you can and you will hear his voice okay
02:24 it's possible that he's telling that the
02:26 enemy has told you you're not spiritual
02:28 enough you're not worthy enough that
02:30 other people can hear him but you can't
02:32 because there's something deficient or
02:34 lacking in you it may be if you've been
02:39 told by the enemy that it's just not one
02:41 of your gifts okay those are all lies
02:43 and so whatever the lie or lies is are I
02:47 should say that you have been listening
02:50 to that have been blocking you from
02:52 hearing the voice of God we're going to
02:53 renounce them right now all right so
02:56 everybody I'm gonna just close your eyes
02:57 and we're gonna I want you to dis repeat
03:00 after me I renounce that why and I
03:05 declare that is one of God's beloved
03:09 children I can and do here is voice okay
03:16 and so that should open things up for
03:19 you unblock you and also just you need
03:23 to practice okay any skill that you want
03:26 to develop you need to practice so don't
03:29 just put this all on the Shelf when we
03:31 leave and the sixth seventh sixth
03:32 session is over I want you to take
03:35 everything that you that we've been able
03:36 to share with you and keep using it keep
03:39 using it okay
03:41 now we're going to start with Roman
03:43 numeral two in your notes hearing God's
03:44 voice for guidance and making important
03:46 decisions well God gave us free will so
03:50 we don't have to seek Him diligently for
03:55 every little decision okay you can make
03:58 your own decisions when it comes to what
04:00 movie to go to see and what ice-cream
04:02 flavor to choose you know all that kind
04:04 of stuff but you should always consult
04:06 God for major decisions so you don't go
04:09 off track and then have to come back and
04:11 circle the mountain again alright you
04:13 want to always want to consult him for
04:14 major decisions and you can expect we
04:17 can expect God to guide us he is a
04:20 loving father a loving
04:21 father does that helps his children to
04:24 know what what to do and what not to do
04:26 and many scriptures assure us of this
04:28 fact and there in your notes some 32:8 I
04:31 will instruct you and teach you in the
04:33 way you should go I will counsel you
04:35 with my eye upon you
04:37 Isaiah 30:21 your ears shall hear a word
04:40 behind you saying this is the way walk
04:42 in it whenever you turn to the right or
04:44 the left proverbs 3 verses 5 & 6
04:48 favorite of mine trust in the Lord with
04:50 all your heart and lean not on your own
04:52 understanding in all your ways
04:54 acknowledge him and he will direct your
04:56 paths Romans 8:14 for all who are being
05:00 led by the Spirit of God these are sons
05:02 of God so God wants to guide us but he
05:06 doesn't give us a detailed map I wish he
05:09 would but he doesn't do that he kind of
05:12 just shows us the next step in the
05:14 journey and may give you a kind of a
05:16 general sense of where you're heading
05:18 but in terms of guidance it tends to be
05:21 more of an my our experience anyway more
05:23 of a step-by-step thing and you might
05:25 ask yourself why does he do that and I
05:27 think it's I know it's because he wants
05:29 to be a very he wants to be a close
05:33 partner with you on the journey he wants
05:36 to he wants us to learn his ways and he
05:40 wants to refine us refine our character
05:42 so we will become more and more like
05:44 Jesus and that's what happens as you
05:47 walk out your life with God so he will
05:50 teach us his ways and there are six
05:53 pillars of guidance that we learned from
05:55 Mark burglers book and most of all of
05:59 our all of these should line up before
06:01 you make a major decision major
06:02 decisions like moving to a different
06:05 state or moving you know selling your
06:07 house and moving somewhere else
06:08 changing churches changing jobs all
06:11 those kinds of things getting married
06:13 those are all pretty major decisions so
06:15 all of these are most of them should
06:17 lighten up before you make a decision
06:18 okay and the first one the first pillar
06:21 is God's voice through illumination and
06:24 the revelation of Scripture it's a I'm
06:26 sure you've all had this experience
06:27 where a scripture just leaps out at you
06:30 kind of gets highlighted you know and it
06:33 may be that maybe
06:34 the way that God will speak to you and
06:36 that's always really good if you if you
06:38 get something from Scripture I'll give
06:40 you an example of when the Lord spoke
06:42 very very clearly to us from the word
06:44 for a decision in the early 80s we had
06:48 an uh wonderful opportunity to live in
06:50 Jerusalem for a year Mike was doing a
06:52 sabbatical year of research and and and
06:56 that went really well and they wanted
06:57 him to come back and but we couldn't
06:59 spend a whole year there again so but we
07:00 could spend about six to eight weeks and
07:02 so we needed to know exactly what was
07:05 the timeframe and we really weren't sure
07:07 about it and Mike was just reading in
07:08 the in the word that one morning and
07:10 what popped out to him was the time
07:12 between Passover and and Pentecost and
07:15 that's exactly when we ended up going
07:17 and it was perfect it was absolutely
07:20 perfect more details than I have time to
07:22 give you but all kinds of great things
07:23 happened during that that little time
07:25 period so that was an example of
07:27 illumination and revelation of Scripture
07:29 second pillar is God's voice through
07:31 illumination of your thoughts where you
07:34 just know what you're supposed to do you
07:38 know that you're supposed to go to a
07:39 particular place or maybe pray for a
07:41 particular person or call somebody on
07:43 the phone that day and that's just an
07:46 aluminium god I'll give you an example
07:48 of again when we were the first time
07:50 that we were moving to Israel we did not
07:52 know a soul really in Jerusalem we've
07:55 never been there we didn't know the
07:56 layout of the city and we just we got a
07:58 map and we just laid it out and we both
08:00 of us just kind of zeroed in on this one
08:02 area we just kind of felt drawn to it
08:05 and that's where we ended up living we
08:08 got up we had a wonderful apartment we
08:10 rented and for many reasons that was
08:12 like the perfect location for us God
08:16 just showed us he just sort of
08:17 illuminated on that map so that would be
08:19 example of pillar number two pillar
08:22 number three is having discernment in
08:24 your heart either peace or unrest and we
08:27 like to call it knowing in your knower
08:30 okay very technical term I'll give you a
08:33 bad example of that that we did and in
08:37 terms of guidance many years ago we were
08:39 really young in the Lord and a friend of
08:42 Barr's asked us if we would cosign on a
08:45 loan for her I think it was for a car or
08:47 a truck and we thought well we prayed
08:50 about it and we had peace in our heart
08:51 and we thought oh this just seems right
08:53 and so we cosign and guess what happened
08:57 she defaulted on the loan and we had to
08:59 pay it off and then we found out later
09:01 on that in the scriptures there are many
09:05 warnings that you should never cosign
09:07 but we didn't know that yet and so that
09:09 was an example of a false peace okay you
09:12 always want to go to the scripture and
09:14 see if what your what your you think
09:17 your decision is is going to line up
09:18 with the word of God
09:20 and then what we what we call knowing in
09:22 your lone knower that's like that this
09:24 would be a good example when our
09:26 youngest our younger son was he had
09:30 finished high school and we had to
09:31 decide what college he was going to go
09:33 to and he wanted to go to a Christian
09:35 school and so we had narrowed it down to
09:37 a few and he'd been accepted I think it
09:39 was at Azusa Pacific and he practically
09:42 had signed and signed on the dotted line
09:43 to go there and we thought well there
09:46 was one other school that he had been
09:47 interested in it was vana Costa Mesa
09:49 Vanguard College which is an Assemblies
09:52 of God school and we thought well there
09:55 was a Preview Day maybe we'll go there
09:56 he'd been there once and wasn't all that
09:58 impressed but we thought well let's go
09:59 check it out again and so we went and we
10:02 had we went they did a chapel service
10:04 first and like the Lord just just did
10:06 something to all of us we all just knew
10:08 we knew it our nowhere you know that was
10:11 where he was supposed to go and you know
10:13 and so our son's mind was totally
10:15 changed and we all just came into
10:17 agreement because we just kind of found
10:19 that we just knew it and so we had that
10:21 we had that confirmation was all three
10:23 of us had that same sense of just
10:27 knowing from the Lord that that was his
10:29 God's choice and it was and then a
10:32 pillar number four is the discerning
10:33 Council of others and in proverbs 11:14
10:37 it says in the multitude of counselors
10:38 there is safety so you want to always
10:42 get input and confirmation before you
10:44 make a major decision and it should be
10:48 from people who are mature in the Lord
10:49 and can hear his voice and I'll give you
10:52 two example
10:52 there another one a good within a bad
10:54 one a good example a friend of ours who
10:57 actually had lived with us for a while
10:58 and he felt like the Lord was calling
11:00 him to move to Montana or was it Wyoming
11:03 I can't remember some cold place and we
11:06 all prayed about it and we really did
11:08 not want to say goodbye to him he was a
11:10 real sweetheart and we were very good
11:12 friends but we the more you know as we
11:14 prayed and as the church leadership
11:15 prayed we all felt like Bob's supposed
11:17 to move to Montana so and he did and it
11:20 worked out okay because we were all in
11:23 agreement and then there was another
11:24 couple in the in the church that we were
11:26 part of at the time and they just got it
11:28 in their head that they wanted to live
11:29 in Oregon and so they did everything
11:32 they could to make it happen and they
11:34 brought it before the church leadership
11:36 and you know we none of us had peace
11:38 about it we all felt like this was not
11:40 the right thing to do and we did share
11:43 that with them and they went ahead they
11:44 plowed ahead they went a lot of
11:46 obstacles they finally got there and
11:48 they ended up getting a divorce it was a
11:50 complete disaster because they wouldn't
11:53 listen to counsel so council is really
11:54 important pillar number five is life
11:57 circumstances are there open or closed
12:00 doors or other indications you know
12:03 sometimes you can try to bash the door
12:05 in and that and if it doesn't open
12:07 easily it's probably not from God you
12:10 know that look at the circumstances of
12:12 your life or things movie you in that
12:14 that direction or is there provision for
12:16 you in that direction there's lots of
12:18 different things to think about I'll
12:21 give you an example and then there's the
12:23 Bible talks about laying a fleece that's
12:25 what Gideon did because he really needed
12:27 to know that God was really calling him
12:29 to do this very difficult thing and and
12:32 so I'm not going to tell you what it is
12:34 you probably all know the scripture
12:35 anyway but for the sake of time when
12:37 when we were trying to decide whether or
12:39 not to move from the East Valley out to
12:42 thousand oaks because some friends of
12:45 ours had planted a church and Thousand
12:47 Oaks we were very good friends with them
12:48 and we we were really feeling drawn out
12:50 there but we wanted to know that we knew
12:52 that we knew you know and so one day we
12:54 weren't getting we didn't think a very
12:56 clear signal about it and so Mike one
12:59 morning he just says to the Lord and his
13:01 quiet time he says Lord just just give
13:02 us a sign
13:03 give us a sign and that day we get a
13:06 phone call a totally cold call from a
13:08 real estate agent who says I've got a
13:10 buyer for your house are you are you
13:12 interested in selling I thought it was a
13:15 pretty good sign and so then he comes
13:16 over and it turns out that he is dating
13:20 a gal who's a born-again Christian and
13:23 she's Jewish just like us and so she's
13:26 been sharing with him and then we start
13:28 sharing with him that we're born-again
13:29 believers too and weird tuition it like
13:32 totally blows his mind and he ends up
13:33 being the guy that sells our house and
13:35 so in - you know just as a confirmation
13:38 we sold our house and bought our house
13:41 and Thousand Oaks within 48 hours so
13:44 that's a pretty good place you know that
13:46 was that was a pretty clear sign so that
13:48 would be killer number five life
13:50 circumstances and what they are saying
13:51 back to you and the last one pillar
13:53 number six is hearing God's voice
13:55 through dreams visions prophecy and
13:57 journaling and too much detail to go
14:00 into and with a lot of specificity but
14:03 when Mike was a professor at UCLA had a
14:06 really nice cushy job and as a professor
14:10 of Neurobiology and felt like God was
14:12 leading him out of that and to become go
14:16 into full-time ministry and we needed a
14:19 lot of confirmation before we made that
14:21 decision so there was all kinds of stuff
14:23 there was dreams and there were
14:25 scriptures and there were all kinds of
14:26 stuff that went into making that final
14:28 decision and another example just from
14:33 our own life was when our younger son
14:35 the one that ended up going to Vanguard
14:37 when he finished he didn't know what to
14:40 do he didn't have any direction and he
14:42 we he knows how to do
14:43 two-way journaling and he knows to use
14:46 the four keys and so he came home after
14:49 after graduating and every time he
14:51 journal the Lord would say I'll tell you
14:53 when it's time I'll tell you when it's
14:55 time and so he did that summer I don't
14:59 want to get into all the details but he
15:00 very very clearly through all kinds of
15:03 wild and crazy confirmations and using
15:06 practically all of these six pillars and
15:09 he ended up being led to go to a school
15:12 of ministry up in north
15:14 California and he's still there and so
15:17 okay so those are the six pillars and
15:19 they should line up another analogy that
15:23 might help you remember them is that in
15:26 in navigation apparently when you're
15:28 bringing your your your ship into port
15:30 there are lights on buoys and if they
15:34 line up if they all line up you've got a
15:36 straight shot to go in to dock but if
15:39 they're not then then you should better
15:42 be careful so you want all the lights to
15:44 line up ok so here's some things do not
15:47 do and we have seen people do all of
15:49 these things what I would have called
15:51 immature guidance what not to do when
15:53 you're seeking the Lord's will for it
15:55 making a decision ok first one I've
15:57 already mentioned failing to get
15:59 adequate confirmation I'll give you an
16:01 example of that the year that we lived
16:03 in in Israel there all kinds of
16:05 interesting and strange people end up
16:08 congregating in Jerusalem and there was
16:11 one guy that we met and he is his
16:14 decision was based on he said God if I
16:17 sell my stereo that's the sign but at a
16:22 garage sale if I sell my stereo at a
16:24 garage sale that is going to be my sign
16:26 that I moved to Jerusalem and so guess
16:28 what he sold the stereo and he moved to
16:30 Jerusalem and he didn't have a penny in
16:31 his pocket and so he ended up mooching
16:34 off of all the believers in the truce
16:37 alone until we finally figured out that
16:39 he wasn't supposed to be there ok
16:40 another thing you should not do is play
16:42 Bible roulette which is where you just
16:45 open your Bible at random and hope that
16:46 you get the answer that you that you're
16:48 looking for I would not recommend that
16:51 following the advice of other Christians
16:53 from without hearing from God yourself
16:56 you really should not take make a major
16:59 decision based on somebody else's input
17:01 only and I was just talking to a friend
17:04 the other day about a gal who ended up
17:06 marrying this is like her third marriage
17:08 I think her third wedding and she
17:11 married a guy not because she felt like
17:13 she was supposed to but because from
17:15 good good friends of hers encouraged her
17:18 to do this so guess how well that's
17:20 turning out not not good at all ok and
17:25 the last thing is ignoring godly counsel
17:27 and just follow
17:28 your feelings don't do that people your
17:31 feelings are too volatile they're too
17:33 changeable and so you don't want to make
17:35 any major decision just based on your
17:37 feelings
17:39 okay Michaels gonna talk about prophecy
17:44 Thanks yeah we're going to give you a
17:46 whirlwind tour of prophecy
17:48 I've taught whole courses on prophecy so
17:50 you're gonna get it in ten minutes
17:52 so buckle up first thing is we all can
17:57 learn to give prophecy not all of us may
18:00 be prophets you know in the office of
18:03 Prophet that all of us can prophesy it
18:06 scripture is very clear in acts 2:17
18:08 your sons and your daughters shall
18:10 prophesy 1st Corinthians 14 31 for you
18:14 can all prophesy one by one that all may
18:18 learn and all may be encouraged so it's
18:20 something for everyone now we've talked
18:22 a little bit about this earlier prophecy
18:24 will just bubble up it'll be something
18:27 that comes spontaneously so you tune
18:29 into the spontaneous flow of the Holy
18:32 Spirit and you get thoughts you get
18:35 pictures in your mind and then you share
18:38 but you don't want to force it this is
18:41 the thing this is what if you try to
18:42 make it a prophecy trying to boil up
18:44 that prophecy you want it just to bubble
18:47 up and I'll tell you a story this is
18:49 from Mark the burglar and he's the
18:52 journaling guy we've been using as a
18:53 base for this but he was in a big
18:57 conference he was one of the speakers
18:59 teaching on journaling and hearing with
19:02 God through your journaling and bill
19:04 Hammond who's a very famous prophetic
19:06 guy was the guy was running the
19:08 conference and he grabbed mark 4 and
19:10 pulled him up to the front and said
19:11 we're gonna prophesy and Mark Berkley
19:13 says no no I don't prophesy I just do
19:15 journaling he says no no you're gonna
19:17 prophesy and Mark Berkeley to that time
19:19 had never given a public prophecy so guy
19:22 comes up and there's bill Hammond and
19:24 mark fuller and a couple other people
19:25 and they're going around and they're all
19:27 giving these really beautiful prophecies
19:29 for this person who came up and now it's
19:32 mark burglars time and he says what do i
19:35 do God and then he remembered do the
19:37 same thing that we've been teaching you
19:39 you quiet your mind
19:41 stillness you focus your eyes on Jesus
19:44 and attuned to spontaneity so he did
19:48 that and he got a picture of a tree it
19:51 was a beautiful tree completely filled
19:53 out leafed out and everything was a
19:55 gorgeous tree and yes Lord to give him
19:57 more information than Lord didn't give
19:59 him anything and so he finally shared
20:02 well I saw a tree and he felt like he
20:05 was a complete failure and then he went
20:07 back to his seat but later on in the
20:09 meeting the guy came up to him and told
20:11 him that that was the most meaningful of
20:14 the prophecies that had been given to
20:15 him because the last time he was
20:17 prophesied over he was told that he was
20:20 like a dead tree with no leaves and this
20:24 was so encouraging to him so Oliver
20:27 Clure did was turn to God tune to
20:31 spontaneity quieten himself down and
20:33 share what he got that's it and that's
20:36 how you do it you just let it kind of
20:38 bubble up so you want to wait for the
20:40 Holy Spirit to give you something to
20:42 share if you don't get something don't
20:44 share it could be a word it could be a
20:46 thought it could be a picture a vision a
20:50 generally from me and I think for many
20:53 people that I've talked to I often get
20:55 the start I'll get a word I'll get a
20:58 thought I'll get a scripture and as I
21:00 step out to share that with someone the
21:03 Lord has told me to share he then fills
21:05 it in and it continues and so it begins
21:08 to unfold
21:09 so I usually get the what idea to start
21:11 and then I continue on in faith now what
21:16 you want to do if you want to learn how
21:17 to prophesy is you do what happened to
21:19 my further you put yourself in a demand
21:22 situation
21:23 oh I've got to share and then you trust
21:27 that God will give you something to
21:28 share in belief then you share what you
21:31 get when you hear spontaneously and you
21:35 believe that the Lord is sharing now
21:37 when you share that and this is
21:40 important you don't say
21:41 the Lord said or God is saying to you
21:45 but rather you couch it in terms like I
21:47 think the Lord might be saying this and
21:50 you share or I believe this scriptures
21:53 for is for you
21:54 so you share it in a way so that you're
21:56 not coming across as if this is the word
21:58 of the Lord because the person will know
22:01 if you're sharing something that's from
22:04 God they will know immediately it's from
22:06 God you don't have to tell them that's
22:08 from God so there's this way it's easier
22:11 for you to share and not feel so worried
22:13 about it being from the Lord now
22:17 sometimes you may have a physical
22:19 sensation that is kind of highlighting
22:21 to you like you made tingle or you may
22:23 tremble you may get feeling hot and this
22:28 is maybe a sign to you you kind of learn
22:30 this it may be a sign to you that what
22:32 you're thinking maybe something God
22:34 wants you to share so you pay attention
22:37 to those thoughts and sometimes you get
22:39 a scripture that pops into your mind and
22:41 I'll tell you a story that happened not
22:44 too long ago I enjoy when the Lord gives
22:47 me the unction to interpret tattoos and
22:50 prophesy over them and we were eating at
22:54 one of these fast takeout places and the
22:56 woman is taking our order she had these
22:58 names tattooed on her men's names so I
23:02 asked her what what what are those what
23:04 does that mean she says oh well they're
23:07 names of old boyfriends and I'm thinking
23:10 can't believe she would tattoo that but
23:13 I Lord said to me he gave me Isaiah 43
23:17 verse 1 which is I have redeemed you I
23:21 have called you by name and you are mine
23:23 and so I just shared that scripture to
23:27 her and then ministered how much God
23:29 will not leave her
23:31 my kurivolt boyfriends that he is there
23:33 always and she just really received it
23:36 so that was a scripture that came to me
23:39 that I just shared because there's such
23:41 power in sharing the Word of God
23:47 now words of knowledge this is another
23:50 time flies words of knowledge is another
23:54 one of the word gifts and this is
23:56 revelation knowledge you get that you
23:58 couldn't possibly know except
24:00 supernaturally and it's just a gift from
24:05 God you can't make this up and I've done
24:07 I've gotten lots of these whenever I do
24:09 teachings especially teaching on healing
24:12 I'd like to get words of knowledge and
24:14 let the Lord minister through that and
24:16 one time I was teaching at a church in
24:18 Simi Valley and I got this word of
24:20 knowledge I was teaching on healing got
24:22 this word of knowledge about someone who
24:23 had vision problems so I asked anybody
24:25 to stand up they had vision problems
24:27 young man stands up so I asked the
24:30 person next to him to pray for his eyes
24:32 and this person prayed and then the the
24:36 young man who stood up at us and he's
24:37 bouncing around and pointing around the
24:39 room and he's really excited I figured
24:41 how this a good one this worked and I
24:44 found out later that he had been healed
24:46 of color blindness and it's the first
24:49 time in his life he was able to see
24:51 color and he told me an interesting
24:53 story the next day about how that
24:56 morning he was at home and he was
24:58 sorting his socks according to color and
25:00 his mother came and asked him what are
25:02 you doing and he said well I'm sorting
25:04 him according to color he'd never been
25:06 able to do that so God touched him and
25:10 you know sometimes a word and knowledge
25:13 will come to you in strange ways I was
25:16 at a meeting I wasn't teaching I was
25:18 just in the back but I was actually
25:20 running the meeting and as I was walking
25:22 down the aisle to go to the front I saw
25:25 a woman that I knew and as I walked by
25:28 her the Lord told me to tell her
25:29 everything is going to be alright and
25:32 she just kind of shook a little bit and
25:35 then I went on I didn't think much about
25:37 that and that was something I got and I
25:40 just didn't face Santa sure did I had no
25:42 idea what that meant what I found out
25:45 later that evening is I saw her go up
25:49 for prayer and she had seemed to be
25:50 getting a really good prayer time and I
25:53 talked to her the next day
25:54 it turned out that that morning she had
25:57 been to the doctor because she was
25:59 pregnant
25:59 and hadn't felt the baby move for days
26:02 and she was terrified and the doctor
26:06 told her that the baby probably died and
26:09 come in tomorrow morning and we'll do
26:12 the tests and we'll take care of it so
26:14 she got prayer that night then went in
26:17 the next morning and everything was fine
26:20 and the word that I gave her which was a
26:23 simple thing everything is going to be
26:25 all right
26:26 gave her hope and faith to make it
26:30 through that night so words of knowledge
26:33 can be incredibly powerful now I'm gonna
26:37 read I want to read just a couple things
26:39 from a magazine article by a woman named
26:41 Kim Maus some of you may know her she's
26:44 a prophetess from Simi Valley
26:46 she Moorpark Moorpark and she ministers
26:51 with Randy Clark and she's very very
26:53 gifted and she wrote this article in the
26:55 most recent charisma magazine and in the
26:58 article this is a quote your prophetic
27:01 gift will not grow unless you use it
27:04 there are four practices believers can
27:06 use to initiate and grow in the
27:08 prophetic gift that God has freely given
27:10 them they are you have to read the Bible
27:13 do you want to get the Bible into you
27:15 one of the best ways to test a word
27:17 knowledge always is by scripture they
27:20 need words need to line up with the
27:21 scriptures the second one every chance
27:24 you get practice giving prophecy and
27:28 there's there's so many ways you can
27:30 practice but one you can do and as it
27:32 goes along what we've been teaching is
27:34 you can simply journal in the mornings
27:36 and ask the Lord what's going to happen
27:40 today
27:40 or who's gonna call me today or is there
27:43 someone you want me to minister to today
27:45 and he just pay attention to what he
27:47 says and then that opportunity will come
27:49 up during the day he'll speak to you
27:52 another thing is she suggests and we've
27:55 done this is give prophetic gifts and
27:58 cards to people in your life simply ask
28:00 the Lord to give you something to
28:04 encourage someone to share with them in
28:06 a card or if you're in a store and you
28:08 see a little gift you use in you get
28:11 this impression that's perfect for so
28:12 so and it fits in perfectly with what's
28:16 going on in their life that's prophecy
28:18 so you want to do that oh the other
28:21 thing and this is something you just
28:23 have to do is when you're out during the
28:26 day just ask the Lord to help you hear
28:30 what he's doing and see what he's doing
28:32 everywhere you go so wherever you're
28:35 going during the day ask the Lord to
28:36 make you sensitive to the voice of the
28:40 Holy Spirit and to be then that way you
28:43 can be aware of what's going on around
28:45 you and then he might give you an
28:48 impression you need to talk to this
28:49 person and you might have a word for
28:52 this person a word of encouragement it
28:55 might be a teller at me it could be
28:56 anything but the idea is to take a
29:00 positive approach to it by looking for
29:03 it looking for opportunity and Norma's
29:06 going to finish up with one more topic
29:08 okay we're on Roman numeral four hearing
29:11 from God when you pray for others let me
29:13 just throw in a little thought here to
29:15 when Michael's talking about number
29:16 three they're from Kim's suggestions get
29:19 prophetic gifts and cards I don't know
29:21 if you do this here at Jubilee but in
29:22 our church in in Moorpark we every year
29:27 we have a woman's Christmas party and we
29:29 buy an ornament and when we ask the Lord
29:32 to give us a prophetic word to go along
29:36 with it and we wrap it up and then we
29:38 you know people just choose them at
29:39 random and it's the coolest thing
29:41 because the Holy Spirit sorts them out
29:43 and you end up getting an ornament with
29:45 a prophetic word that is just right for
29:47 you I don't know how God does that but
29:49 he does so it's a fun have you ever done
29:50 that here yeah you did that uh-huh cool
29:54 we did it with like 35 women and so it
29:57 was pretty wild it was fun alright we're
29:59 going to talk very briefly about hearing
30:00 from God when you pray for others and
30:02 really this is more I was saying more
30:04 appropriate for people that are on the
30:06 prayer team here on the ministry team
30:08 the way we learned to pray for healing
30:10 was that John Wimber is what he called
30:12 the five-step model and and then Randy
30:15 Clark teaches this too because he was
30:17 that he was discipled by John Wimber
30:19 back in the days of the vineyard
30:21 movement and God was really moving and
30:23 all kinds of people were getting healed
30:24 and we learned
30:25 we could actually pray for healing and
30:27 see it happen it's a pretty exciting
30:29 time and so the five steps are you start
30:31 with an interview you ask the person
30:33 questions but you don't want to let them
30:35 ramble on and tell you their whole life
30:37 story and a lot of times if you let them
30:39 talk too much it'll really drag you down
30:41 and so you don't want to do that you
30:43 want to just like get the basics and
30:45 then move on and get going with the
30:47 prayer time then the next step is what
30:50 they call the diagnosis where you ask
30:52 the Holy Spirit for insight on how to
30:54 pray and this is where you ask the
30:56 Father what are you doing Lord what is
30:59 it that you want me what are you
31:00 highlighting with this this person this
31:03 person's needs and then you figure out
31:05 well how am I gonna pray that does it
31:07 seem like they need physical healing
31:09 emotional healing maybe deliverance they
31:11 need encouragement you know and what
31:13 kind and then what kind of prayer do you
31:15 think is appropriate is a petition is a
31:18 declaration you know we're just gonna
31:20 pray for healing it just really depends
31:22 but the Holy Spirit will lead you and
31:24 that's why it being able to hear from
31:25 God and get those spontaneous thoughts
31:28 and revelations is so important in a
31:30 ministry time and then you just start
31:33 praying you follow the Holy Spirit's
31:34 direction and we always like to pray as
31:37 a team we I think it's just it's just a
31:39 great safeguard Mike and I love to pray
31:41 together because we prayed together a
31:43 lot and so we're comfortable with each
31:45 other's style and so you know he'll
31:48 he'll start out and I'll add and we kind
31:50 of go back and forth and back and forth
31:51 and and it seems to work out well
31:53 teamwork is really important
31:55 Jesus send out his disciples in Paris
31:57 didn't he so if he knew what he was
31:59 doing I guess we should do likewise and
32:02 then after you're finished with praying
32:05 you you want to get feedback from the
32:08 person it's always nice to know if you
32:10 were on target you know did that
32:12 minister to you did that speak to you
32:14 too did you bear witness to that was
32:16 that confirming you know give them
32:18 encouragement and then because we pray
32:20 in the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms and
32:23 sometimes we'll give them homework you
32:24 know we'll give them something to do to
32:26 follow up so they don't just lose what
32:28 it was that the Holy Spirit gave to them
32:30 that that night and and and then we like
32:33 to actually debrief to afterwards if
32:35 Mike and I praying for somebody when
32:37 after we're finished with them we'll
32:39 just kind of you know run it by each
32:40 other how do you think that went
32:42 you know what did you think of that word
32:43 that I gave and did that seem like it
32:45 was right on you know right on target or
32:47 whatever because that's how you learn
32:48 you know you have to be able to get that
32:50 feedback and and just humbly receive it
32:53 you know if somebody totally off-base
32:55 and I'll get to that in a second all
32:57 right before it's really important they
32:59 think that before you dive in and start
33:01 praying that you wait and you don't feel
33:04 pressured and that you because you want
33:06 to be able to just dial down and instill
33:09 yourself and then you'll be able to
33:11 receive from the Holy Spirit more easily
33:13 and then you tune to spontaneity what
33:15 are you seeing what are you sensing are
33:17 you getting spontaneous thoughts or
33:19 pictures coming to your mind and getting
33:20 a word of knowledge and getting a
33:22 scripture any of those things can happen
33:24 and we always try to pray with our eyes
33:26 open that's how we were trained to do
33:29 because that way you see what the Holy
33:30 Spirit's doing you might see the eyelids
33:33 fluttering you might see them being
33:35 flushed you might see the person tearing
33:39 up and weeping all kinds of things can
33:41 happen they can be trembling you know
33:43 it's good to see that but what the Holy
33:45 Spirit is doing and as Mike mentioned
33:47 you want to be kind of I don't want to
33:50 say hedge your bets but be kind of
33:52 gentle when you share what you think the
33:56 Lord is saying you say I believe I have
33:58 a word for you I'm seeing a picture of
34:01 whatever it may be does that have
34:03 meaning for you and get that feedback
34:05 it's it's important and the Holy Spirit
34:08 may when you're praying for somebody may
34:09 lead you to do a prophetic act one time
34:13 I think might mention this in one of our
34:14 previous sessions he saw a dagger in the
34:17 person's shoulder and they were having
34:18 shoulder pain and so in the spirit he
34:20 just pulled it out and another example
34:23 let's see oh yeah we were praying for
34:25 somebody at one time and he just sensed
34:27 that there was like a heavy weight on
34:29 their shoulders and so he just went and
34:31 in the spirit pulled it off and they
34:34 felt a whole lot better
34:37 and I think they probably even had their
34:38 eyes closed I can't remember because we
34:40 were praying for them and I think that
34:43 the important thing to remember is that
34:45 even if you didn't you weren't like a
34:47 hundred percent accurate the Holy Spirit
34:50 has an amazing way of filtering out the
34:53 stuff that really wasn't that important
34:55 and he will highlight and save for that
34:58 person that which is most important and
35:01 remember that love never fails if the
35:04 person that you were praying for felt
35:06 loved and accepted and valued then you
35:10 did a good job all right
35:12 that's important love never fails and I
35:15 think that the thing that I want to
35:16 leave you with is the knowledge and the
35:19 memory that you can hear God's voice
35:22 that is his promise to you he will
35:25 communicate with us in a multitude of
35:27 different ways if we just become
35:30 sensitive and we practice just put
35:33 yourself in those situations where you
35:35 need to hear from God
35:36 keep up the journaling do all the things
35:38 that we have been sharing in I guarantee
35:41 you or as Mark Berkley would say I
35:43 guarantee you that you will be able to
35:46 not only hear God's voice but you'll
35:49 hear it better and better and more
35:50 clearly and more clearly


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