God’s Super-Natural Love

Viewing God, yourself, and others through the lens of God’s unconditional supernatural love is crucial for you to receive and to minister healing effectively and consistently.  In this session you will discover the Truth about what Jesus’ blood has done for you, allowing you to abide in the superior reality of His love and the fulness of its expressions – a love that not only forgives all your sins, but heals all your diseases. (Ps. 103:3-5)


Video Transcript

00:01 we're gonna be doing a series called the
00:04 love of God heals and tonight's the
00:08 first session is the supernatural love
00:11 of God my name is Sue Burdullis I'm the
00:14 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:15 and I'm really excited about this series
00:19 and as I went ahead and delved into it I
00:22 was just really filled with God's love
00:27 and also the faith that works through
00:31 his love so let us pray father release
00:35 the revelation of your love into our
00:37 hearts tonight
00:38 help us here and everyone who will be
00:43 listening online to experience the
00:46 reality of your supernatural love remove
00:50 all the hindrances all the lies that
00:52 have prevented your people from
00:55 experiencing your love for us in the way
00:57 of healings and miracles occuring in
01:01 Jesus's name Amen so the title God's
01:06 super natural love so what is
01:10 supernatural love it's a term that I'm
01:13 using to express the love that God has
01:16 for this world for you and I and for
01:19 everyone in this world super natural
01:24 love is just what the word implies it's
01:27 super natural it is love that goes far
01:31 above and beyond or natural way of
01:34 thinking and our natural way of
01:37 expressing love to one another it is an
01:41 immeasurable love with such great width
01:44 length height and depth that you'll be
01:46 discovering it for all eternity it is as
01:51 limitless as the galaxies in the sky do
01:55 you know that there are approximately
01:59 100 billion galaxies right now and it is
02:03 believed in a year's time that they will
02:07 have discovered 200 billion galaxies why
02:13 the difference the leap from 100 to 200
02:17 billion galaxies it's because they are
02:19 developing their technology with their
02:23 telescopes to see beyond their wildest
02:28 imaginations and this is what happens
02:33 when God imparts his love inside of us
02:38 and we begin to see through the lens of
02:42 his love who he is and how much he loves
02:48 us how much he loves us is like looking
02:53 into the skies and seen 100 billion ways
02:56 200 billion ways and the more we see the
02:58 more we see and the more he gives us the
03:01 ability to see we see that it's a
03:03 limitless endless immeasurable love that
03:06 he has for us it's a love that
03:08 supersedes all the other types of loves
03:11 that the world will offer to you for it
03:14 originates from the purest source of
03:16 love which is God himself
03:19 it is God's core identity the essence of
03:23 who he is and how he operates therefore
03:30 God's love is filled with mercy and
03:34 grace it is filled to overflowing with
03:40 his authority and power to forgive to
03:43 heal and to deliver people to the
03:47 uttermost from everything that they
03:50 would ever encounter in their lives
03:52 God's love is saturated with his wisdom
03:56 his understanding his counsel his
04:00 knowledge first John 4:8 and 16 says God
04:07 is love and guess what you and I were
04:14 designed by God's love and you and I
04:19 were created to give God's love away
04:26 we were created to return the love of
04:30 God to him and then to give it to those
04:34 around us and to even receive it in our
04:37 own lives let us declare this together I
04:41 am made in the image of God's super
04:44 natural love let's repeat that I am made
04:48 in the image of God super natural love
04:53 this is my destiny and my calling this
04:59 is my destiny and my calling let's see
05:02 it again like you guys believe it come
05:04 on I am made in the image of God super
05:07 natural love this is my destiny and my
05:12 calling how many of you would love to
05:17 have 20/20 vision of God's supernatural
05:20 love for you and to live within the
05:23 reality of it yeah I do to 2020 vision
05:27 in the natural realm is often equated
05:30 with perfect vision in order to have
05:33 20/20 spiritual vision you need to view
05:36 God your own life in the world around
05:39 you through the lens of God's
05:42 unconditional limit us love in 2020 as
05:47 well as every year of your life every
05:49 month of your life every week and every
05:52 day in every moment of your life God
05:54 desires for you to have 20/20 vision of
05:58 his supernatural love for you in order
06:02 for this to become a reality though you
06:06 need to take off your door colored
06:10 glasses that you've been used to wearing
06:13 you look up here there's two sets of
06:16 glasses you can wear in life you can
06:19 wear the old dark glasses or you can
06:21 wear the glasses that God has purchased
06:24 for you with the blood of his own son
06:27 Jesus Christ when I talk about the old
06:30 glasses and the new classes I am
06:32 referring to do different covenants the
06:34 Old Covenant with its darkened
06:37 understanding
06:39 who God is and the extent of his love
06:41 for us and the New Covenant represented
06:45 by the red lands here this is the
06:49 cabinet this lens the dark lens is the
06:52 Covenant of the law and this lens the
06:55 Redlands is the Covenant of God's grace
06:58 under the law it'll always tell you that
07:02 there's one more thing that you need to
07:06 do and in order to qualify yourself for
07:08 God's life with this lens God says you
07:14 wear this lens and you will see that the
07:17 blood of my son Jesus Christ has already
07:21 qualified you for receiving my love and
07:25 the manifestations of it in your life
07:28 amen
07:33 now the phrase rose-colored glasses how
07:37 many people have heard that phrase
07:39 before rose-colored glasses so
07:42 figuratively what does it mean it
07:44 describes a person who has an optimistic
07:47 way of viewing life well how many of you
07:51 would agree with me that there is no
07:55 greater optimistic way of viewing your
07:58 life then through what the blood of
08:00 Jesus Christ has already done for you
08:04 some people however use this phrase
08:08 rose-colored glasses they use it to
08:11 Roget were way too mean when me wait a
08:15 minute you guys what you're thinking
08:18 about what you're believing is way too
08:20 good to be true in other words it's not
08:23 true
08:25 but when it comes to the blood of Jesus
08:28 Christ and the good news of Jesus Christ
08:30 there is nothing that's too good to be
08:36 true it is the truth what the blood of
08:39 Jesus Christ has done for you the world
08:42 will tell you no this is not true you
08:47 can't be forgiven you can't be healed
08:50 you can't
08:51 delivered you can't have a miracle in
08:53 your life but God says I have the good
08:57 news for you Jesus Christ has died for
09:00 you and I so that you could have new
09:03 life in him when you look through God's
09:08 prescriptive lens the lens of what the
09:11 blood of Jesus Christ has done for you
09:14 your vision will be 20/20 so when you
09:19 write 20/20 on your checks this year and
09:23 you see 20/20 because it's a year 2020
09:26 I want you that to be help you remind
09:30 you of 20/20 vision that is established
09:35 by the blood of Jesus Christ that you
09:40 can look at your life look at God and
09:43 look at those around you through what
09:45 the finished work of the Cross has
09:47 already done for you now every one of
09:54 God's names reveal the truth of who he
09:58 is the truth of God's love for every one
10:00 he has created God is Jehovah Jireh for
10:05 every need you have the Lord is your
10:08 provider God is Jehovah Rapha for every
10:12 sickness or disease you would ever
10:13 confront he is there to heal you God is
10:18 Jehovah Nissi he's your banner and
10:20 victory for every battle God is God is
10:24 Jehovah Shalom your peace for every
10:27 fearful or anxiety producing situation
10:30 you are facing or that's waging war
10:33 against your soul there are many many
10:36 names of God in on our website wwm real
10:42 healing rooms if you go to resources and
10:44 then click on prayers you will see
10:48 something called the seven redemptive
10:50 names of God I encourage you to print
10:55 them out for yourself
10:56 and when you do that you'll see that
10:59 every name describes
11:04 a facet of God's love for you and not
11:09 only these seven redemptive names but
11:11 all the names in the Bible express God's
11:15 redemptive love for you the supreme act
11:19 of God's supernatural love for you is
11:23 the crucifixion and the resurrection of
11:26 Jesus Christ
11:27 and when Jesus describes this act to you
11:31 and I and John 3:16 and John 15:13 he
11:36 uses the word soul and greater to
11:39 describe the super natural love he has
11:45 for you we're also familiar with John
11:50 3:16 and there's a two letter word so
11:56 that describes the hundred billion two
12:01 hundred billion galaxies of how much he
12:05 loves you
12:07 let's say it for God so loved the world
12:11 that He gave His only begotten Son
12:16 John 15:13 Jesus says this later on in
12:21 the Gospel of John greater love has no
12:25 one than this than to lay down one's
12:28 life for his friends Jesus loved you so
12:34 much that he sacrificially laid down his
12:36 life as your substitute he gave up
12:39 everything to become a man and to die
12:43 your death to die as you so you could
12:46 receive all of him all of his love all
12:51 of who he is he gave up his all so you
12:56 could have all don't allow anything or
13:02 any one to blur your vision of God's
13:06 love for you wear the rose-colored
13:08 glasses have them remind you that Jesus
13:14 purchased them with his blood
13:17 and because of his blood he is washed
13:20 away every sin every disqualification
13:24 that has come against you so in the heat
13:28 of the battle just like you know there
13:31 was Daniel and the Lions Den and here he
13:36 is and a tremendous trial
13:39 how was he sustained how was he able to
13:44 hold on to the God who loved him it
13:48 doesn't tell us how but we know that he
13:52 was established in God's love way before
13:55 he entered the lion's den and same thing
13:58 with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they
14:03 had a relationship of love with father
14:06 God long before they got thrown in that
14:09 fiery furnace but in both cases God drew
14:14 them out because he's so loved Sam
14:24 Jesus in the upper room right before he
14:27 faced going to the cross spoke to his
14:29 disciples about his super natural love
14:32 and what Jesus spoke to his disciples
14:35 he's speaking to you and I and that's
14:37 found in John 15 9 if you want to have a
14:40 life verse this is it you guys John 15 9
14:46 as the father loved me I also have loved
14:52 you abide in my love there are three
14:58 dynamic aspects of God's love that are
15:01 mentioned in John 15 9 and we could
15:04 spend a whole evening on each one of
15:06 these phrases as the father loved me now
15:12 you can imagine here Jesus is in the
15:14 Upper Room sitting with his disciples
15:16 and he knows he's gonna go to the cross
15:19 and he knows how his disciples are going
15:22 to respond once they get really the
15:25 drift that he's going to be crucified
15:27 and how they're gonna scatter and not be
15:30 able to love him with the kind of love
15:32 that he loves them with and he's sitting
15:37 there with his disciples and he says
15:39 how's the father love me and he's caught
15:43 up in that moment
15:51 Jesus lived his life with full awareness
15:56 of his father's love for him he talked
16:01 about it in his earthly ministry he
16:04 lived a lie understanding and knowing of
16:09 his father's love and you can just you
16:12 know you know we need somebody that you
16:14 really love and someone mentions that
16:16 person to you it's like oh so you know
16:18 you don't hear God you don't hear Jesus
16:21 kind of going father love me or you hear
16:24 that you know in this line but you can
16:26 just imagine what was going on in Jesus
16:29 as hard as he said John 15 9 as a father
16:34 loved me from internat II pass the
16:38 father the son and the spirit enjoyed a
16:41 deep perfect loving relationship with
16:44 one another and as you understand the
16:49 love that the father had for the son and
16:51 the son had for the father and how the
16:53 Holy Spirit
16:55 just got into this love family of love
16:58 then if you understand the love dynamic
17:02 in the Trinity then you'll understand
17:04 the love that God has for you father God
17:11 affirmed his love for His Son Jesus
17:13 Christ before he did anything in his
17:16 earthly ministry when he was baptized he
17:20 said these words and these are the words
17:22 that his sons and daughters of Jesus
17:25 Christ he is speaking over you and you
17:28 can speak them over yourself this is my
17:32 beloved Son in whom I am well pleased
17:37 now we night you might know that
17:38 intellectually but to go from this your
17:42 head down into your heart you'll need to
17:45 speak that over yourself over and over
17:47 because everything in the world around
17:50 you will want to tell you otherwise that
17:52 the father doesn't love you that much
17:59 the next phrase so we got as the father
18:02 has loved me
18:04 in John 59 he says this remarkable
18:07 phrase I also have loved you so Jesus is
18:13 thinking about his father's love and the
18:15 the immensity of that and he says to the
18:20 degree the intensity that my father
18:24 loves me and in the same way that my
18:26 father loves me I love you and then the
18:36 third phrase in John 15 9 he says now
18:40 that you understand this I want you to
18:44 abide in my love I want you to live in
18:47 it I want you to dwell in it but what
18:50 does that mean it means he wants us to
18:53 meditate on it pray it seeing it talk
18:57 about it with one another so one of the
18:59 hottest topics that you'll want to be
19:02 talking to others about this year is how
19:07 Jesus loves you that Jesus loves you in
19:11 the same manner that father God loves
19:14 you John 17 26 Jesus says the same thing
19:19 in different language about abiding in
19:22 his lobby says and I have declared to
19:25 them your name and will declare it that
19:27 the love with which you love me may be
19:30 in them and I in them so
19:39 here it is Jesus is saying I love you
19:44 you know how I love you I love you as my
19:47 the same degree in the same intensity as
19:49 my father loves me and Jesus in his
19:54 earthly ministry this is the last thing
19:56 that he says in his public ministry
19:59 before he goes to the cross he says
20:01 Matthew 22:37 he gave the first and
20:07 greatest commandment it was mentioned
20:10 before way back and Deuteronomy but it
20:12 was never called the first and greatest
20:15 commandment and Jesus says hey you want
20:18 to know what's the first and greatest
20:20 commandment on my father's heart on his
20:24 mind it's this you shall love the Lord
20:28 your God with your what whole heart your
20:33 whole soul all your soul all your mind
20:37 and then we find out in mark 12 36 and
20:42 all your strength so God's saying I love
20:46 you with my whole heart and my whole
20:50 mind all my strength and he goes I love
20:53 you that way I love you that way and I
20:55 want you to return that same type of
20:58 love to me there's one thing that we
21:04 need to prioritize in our life and
21:06 that's loving God with our all he loved
21:10 us with his all and we are to love God
21:14 with our all even though it seems small
21:16 at times
21:21 what a supernatural love of God looked
21:24 like in this area of healing and
21:26 wholeness it looks like what Jesus said
21:30 and did throughout his life as Jesus
21:32 perfectly expressed the supernatural
21:35 love of his father
21:36 we know acts 10:38 how God anointed
21:40 Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit
21:43 and with power who went about doing good
21:47 and healing all who were oppressed by
21:51 the devil for God was with him
21:53 so what does supernatural love look like
21:57 in this area of healing and miracles we
22:00 look at the life of Jesus it looks like
22:02 what the blind see the Deaf hearing the
22:06 mute speaking it looks like people who
22:10 were bound to wheelchairs and beds
22:12 because they couldn't walk being able to
22:15 walk again it looks like people who are
22:18 bound in their minds or bound because of
22:24 some negative emotions being able to
22:26 walk in the freedom that the Lord has
22:29 given on to them it looks like limbs
22:31 growing out new body parts being given
22:34 to people and people being able to
22:37 function 100% how God created them God's
22:44 supernatural love as God's supernatural
22:47 love is expressed by Jesus is still
22:50 being manifested in his disciples in you
22:54 and I now when I first back in 2000 I
22:59 really didn't know that there were
23:01 healings and miracles occurring and
23:03 since I you know come with my own need
23:07 now I'm hearing of healing in miracles
23:10 all the time and I'm just really excited
23:14 about that there'll be a member of our
23:16 Healing Room team Michael and then his
23:18 mother they're gonna share their miracle
23:21 healing testimonies next week so I hope
23:23 you can come for that but right now I'd
23:26 like you still be if you are ready I'd
23:28 like to show healing testimony about a
23:31 lady named Dahlia Knox who
23:33 bound to a wheelchair for 22 years
23:35 because she was a paraplegic there's a
23:42 recall specifically but I know this and
23:46 the car vehicle was upside down and they
23:48 were trying to get me out and there was
23:50 music playing in my head on a snowy
23:53 Christmas Day in 1987 Dalia Knox was in
23:56 a car with her sister and brother-in-law
23:58 when they were hit by a drunk driver
24:00 I was semi-conscious then I went
24:02 unconscious
24:03 and so then I woke up in the hospital
24:05 although the others escaped with minor
24:07 injuries the crash love Dalia paralyzed
24:09 from the waist down doctors told her she
24:12 would likely be confined to a wheelchair
24:14 the rest of her life but from there on I
24:17 had to I mean I went through like what
24:20 do i do from here now where do I go from
24:22 here
24:23 Dalia was determined to live her life an
24:25 accomplished gospel singer she continued
24:28 her work in music ministry but her life
24:30 was hard I would continue to go and sing
24:33 and I would push myself you know into
24:36 the restroom or the shower whatever
24:38 everything then I would drag myself into
24:40 the car and I would push myself it was
24:43 one of those things where you had to
24:44 drag yourself you have to push yourself
24:46 Elia believe God would heal her as
24:49 people prayed constantly for her but
24:51 after a decade passed with no changes
24:53 she started to lose hope I didn't like
24:56 going to altar calls because every time
24:59 I would go somewhere the service would
25:02 change to a hailing service and somebody
25:04 would try to pull me out of the chair if
25:06 I've been plopped dropped flopped and
25:08 flipped and you know to the point where
25:11 I was like I just can't go through that
25:13 anymore while attending a Christian
25:15 conference she was captivated by one of
25:17 his speakers Bishop Levy Knox
25:19 it was so amazing because he didn't see
25:21 the wheelchair he saw beyond the
25:23 wheelchair he later became her husband
25:25 and a major source of inspiration for
25:27 daily I remember him taking me in front
25:31 of the mirror at home and holding me up
25:34 and and just saying I want you to see
25:37 yourself standing he would take me and
25:40 dance with me and just you know his my
25:42 legs would
25:43 angle he would take me around and he was
25:46 one that always continuously tried to
25:50 put hope and faith in me as to think
25:53 beyond that even though times I was
25:55 frustrated about it
25:57 by 2010 Dalia had been a wheelchair for
25:59 over 22 years in August she and her
26:02 husband attended a conference hosted by
26:04 evangelist Nathan Morris but Vangelis
26:07 went up and he started speaking on
26:09 healing and all that
26:11 had I known it was a healing service I
26:13 have to be honest I would have never
26:16 gone she was at the front of the church
26:18 with her husband when Pastor Morris
26:20 started praying for her Here I am
26:22 confined for twenty two and a half years
26:25 in this wheelchair and for the first
26:29 time in the longest time I fight myself
26:32 that something could possibly really be
26:36 happening I said I'm feeling something
26:39 in my legs the power of God is all over
26:42 this sister right now she known there's
26:45 no feelings but she she can feel her
26:47 hands on our hands on her legs
26:50 I had to get to the heart of it and the
26:56 heart of it was are you willing to risk
26:59 your pride and take a step of faith even
27:02 if you fall with the assistance of her
27:05 husband Elias slowly rose
27:09 she later stumbled and sat back down
27:11 fighting to block out the doubts but her
27:13 mind I remember the words that he prayed
27:16 or that faith arise in this woman of God
27:19 then Hebrews 11 faith is in the present
27:23 and the now it's standing between two
27:25 present terms now faith is and I sat
27:29 there in a righteous indignation came in
27:31 me a righteous anger came in me I just
27:35 said to them I just said just worship
27:37 just worship just worship because I
27:38 wanted to drown everything that was
27:40 going out out out
27:41 I just just worship just right worship
27:44 worship worship then her husband and
27:46 pastor Moroz helped her back on her feet
27:48 she took a few steps on her own
27:53 Ben is the congregation sang and prayed
27:55 day Leah started walking around the
27:58 church it was like The Awakening this is
28:16 really happening she began to take those
28:19 steps and begin to walk it was like the
28:22 word the word that has already been
28:26 spoken be holding the word hearing the
28:30 word and now the manifestation of the
28:33 promises of God was being fulfilled
28:35 right before our eyes it was phenomenal
28:39 it was it was life-changing for us over
28:42 the following weeks she says God began
28:44 to strengthen her legs three weeks later
28:46 she walked in front of her own
28:47 congregation for the first time today
28:50 Dalia leads worship and Living Word
28:52 Christian Church in Mobile where her
28:54 husband is the pastor she also dances
28:57 with him every chance she gets
29:00 the miracle is the journey is not the
29:04 moment it's the journey of recognizing
29:07 who goddess if you would have never
29:10 healed me I would still be pushing
29:14 through to get into his face because
29:18 it's not about the healings it's about
29:20 the journey of knowing that God is there
29:23 for us let's give God a clap offering I
29:33 was a physical therapist for years in
29:36 rehab and I worked with people who were
29:39 paraplegic quadriplegic hemiplegic
29:42 people that couldn't move on their own
29:43 and watching them struggle so when I saw
29:48 that this happened in America and I
29:50 followed many many of her stories on the
29:54 YouTube and it was it's real you guys
29:58 this is a reality of how much God loves
30:02 us and it's healing ministers we need to
30:08 move past things that tell us if this
30:11 will not happen and if you're receiving
30:14 healing you need to move past all the
30:16 blocks and the lies that you have come
30:18 to believe because this is real we're
30:21 gonna be hearing more and more I want to
30:22 share more and more testimonies as the
30:24 time goes on there's another testimony
30:26 there and hopefully we'll be able to
30:28 show it later on but you can watch it
30:31 this week it's there on your handout now
30:35 psalm 62:5 my expectation is from God
30:39 and from God alone that's my Bible verse
30:41 and I put it out there for you guys if
30:45 our expectation is from God we're going
30:47 to expect God to be God we're going to
30:51 expect healings and miracles now not
30:54 later we're going to expect to see the
30:58 things that we haven't seen yet we're
31:03 going to expect we're gonna have a hope
31:06 that's beyond everybody else's hope
31:09 that's in this world
31:12 you're called to release God's
31:15 supernatural love as believers in Christ
31:18 you serve a supernatural God who has
31:20 given you supernatural authority and
31:23 power to demonstrate his supernatural
31:26 love to mankind matthew 10:7 3:8 as you
31:31 go preach saying the kingdom of God is
31:34 at hand but don't stop what's a pretty
31:37 cheap heal the sick cleanse the lepers
31:40 raise the dead cast out demons why I
31:44 freely have received freely give he gave
31:46 you all his love he deposited it in your
31:49 heart Christ lives within you Christ is
31:52 love now I'll give it away John 14:12 he
31:56 who believes in me the works that I do
31:58 he will do and greater works than he
32:01 will do because I go to my father do we
32:04 believe this wherever you go you're
32:09 called to release God's supernatural
32:11 love not just in words but with your
32:14 actions it's just like Jesus did Jesus
32:17 tells us not to love just with our words
32:19 but also in actions first John 3:18 all
32:23 are qualified to receive God's love no
32:26 one is disqualified in 2009 I heard God
32:30 say no one is disqualified from
32:32 receiving my love when I heard this I
32:33 thought because no one's we see
32:37 disqualified from receiving Jesus Christ
32:40 if we're not disqualified from receiving
32:42 Jesus Christ and God's law then I'm not
32:46 disqualified from receiving my healing
32:48 neither are you Wow if you are wearing
32:54 the dark lens of the law we will see
32:56 that lots of people are disqualified
32:59 lots of people who don't measure up to
33:02 what God sees as standards of holiness
33:08 but God doesn't want us to wear the dark
33:12 lenses of the Old Covenant he wants us
33:15 to put on the
33:16 whose colored glasses the lens of God's
33:19 love his grace and it's true this lens
33:23 that we will realize that no one is
33:27 disqualified from receiving God's love
33:29 and no one is disqualified therefore
33:32 from receiving their healing because
33:35 healing is a manifestation of God's love
33:39 love always finds an expression love
33:44 without it and the expression is not
33:47 love Jesus expressed the love of the
33:51 Father over and over again when he was
33:53 on planet earth makes this declaration
33:58 over yourself you can read it on your
34:01 handout with me God has not disqualified
34:05 me from receiving his supernatural love
34:08 God has not disqualified me from
34:11 receiving forgiveness of all my sins nor
34:14 has he disqualified me from receiving my
34:17 healing and my deliverance from the pit
34:20 of destruction then you can put you and
34:23 yours in there you might hear what I'm
34:28 saying with your ears right now but you
34:32 need to get it from here down into here
34:35 so because it says faith comes from
34:37 hearing it's not hearing over and over
34:40 again that breaks the laws that lady
34:43 Dahlia knocks 22 years they her mom you
34:47 didn't see it in this video but there's
34:48 another one and she's walking up the
34:52 stairs to her mom's house and the mayor
34:55 of the town is there everybody knows her
34:57 it's a small town and her mom says this
35:00 I never quit praying and believing why
35:06 because she believed that God is a God
35:09 of love that God always manifest his
35:13 love in the way of healings and miracles
35:15 we can ask God let us see what you see
35:18 and feel what you feel towards me
35:23 towards this person or that person we
35:27 need to see how God wants
35:30 to see people through the reality of
35:32 what the blood of His Son Jesus Christ
35:34 has done for us
35:35 if you close your eyes and I walk you
35:38 through this exercise of saying closure
35:42 well just take a moment close your eyes
35:44 close your eyes right now and I want you
35:47 to hear God say to you I love you now I
35:52 want you to see him walking around the
35:55 room and going up to another person and
35:58 saying the same thing I love you now
36:02 keep your eyes closed for some of you
36:07 this is an easy picture for you to see
36:10 but now I want you to see Jesus coming
36:14 up to you and instead of saying I love
36:18 you I want you to see him say to you you
36:23 are healed and I want you to receive
36:29 your healing see these two things love
36:33 and healing are connected healing is an
36:38 expression of his love for you open your
36:41 eyes I want you to reject this week any
36:44 lie or picture that comes through the
36:47 darkened lens that would portray Jesus
36:50 and say I love you and you and you but
36:53 not you
36:55 you haven't measured up you need to do X
36:58 Y or Z you haven't done enough you know
37:02 you need to say these prayers and you
37:05 need to do this and that that's the Old
37:08 Covenant law all the do's and don'ts
37:12 when people come into the healing room
37:14 of healing me nursers need to put on the
37:18 rose-colored glasses and see that it is
37:20 all everything has already been done by
37:22 the blood of Jesus and we come an
37:24 agreement with the finished work of the
37:26 cross so people can receive their
37:29 healing when that minister prayed for
37:33 Dahlia Knox after 22 years I'm sure he
37:36 didn't go into the disqualifications
37:39 that he could have thought about of why
37:41 she was disqualified how could she
37:44 enough faith after 22 years it's been
37:46 way too long
37:47 you know what I mean the things that we
37:49 think about so reject the lies that make
37:53 you believe that Jesus is picking and
37:55 choosing who he will he'll deliver or
37:59 set free who he will love on don't
38:04 separate God's statements of I love you
38:07 from God's actions and demonstrations of
38:11 loving on people we're loving on you
38:15 when you have time there's an index card
38:18 that you have and you can write out like
38:20 what is it why do I think I can't
38:23 receive my healing right now right now
38:27 write that on the card any
38:29 disqualification that comes to your mind
38:31 and we'll be bringing that up here after
38:34 I shared Colossians 1 12 through 14 with
38:37 you
38:38 Colossians 1:12 through 14 tells us that
38:42 there is there all the qualifications
38:44 for you have been met by the blood of
38:46 Jesus it says giving thanks to the
38:49 Father who has qualified us to be
38:51 partakers of inheritance of the saints
38:53 in life he has delivered us from the
38:55 power of darkness and conveyed us into
38:57 the kingdom of his son of his love in
38:59 whom we have redemption through his
39:02 blood the forgiveness of sins so
39:05 according to Colossians 1:12 who has
39:08 qualified you the father has qualified
39:14 you now if you had to qualify it has
39:19 anyone qualified that how to qualify
39:20 themselves for a loan like to purchase a
39:23 house or school loan or anything anyone
39:25 had to qualify themselves ever for a
39:26 loan what would you do if someone
39:30 actually paid for what you wanted in
39:33 full and just handed you the pink slip
39:36 for it when we came back from Thailand
39:40 in 1990 we were wanting we were in need
39:44 of a car we were out in the mission
39:45 field for four years it sold our car
39:47 before we left we come home no car so we
39:50 prayed for a car we thought we would be
39:52 loaned
39:53 one there in the driveway was the car
39:56 plus this pink slip somebody else that
39:59 qualified to drive the car and have all
40:02 of its benefits they gave the car and
40:06 the pink slip the ownership papers to us
40:12 God has qualified you for this is in
40:17 Colossians 1:12 what does God qualified
40:22 you for what does it say you guys to be
40:25 partakers of the inheritance of the
40:28 Saints and life father God has qualified
40:31 you for your inheritance he's qualified
40:34 you not just for a car he's qualified to
40:36 you for everything that his son Jesus
40:41 possesses and he says you know he hands
40:49 you the pink slip he hands you and he
40:52 says my son Jesus he's paid for it in
40:56 full how did he pay for it with the
40:59 blood his own precious blood the blood
41:02 that He shed on your behalf
41:05 how did God qualify you through the
41:09 blood
41:10 Colossians 1:14 in whom we have
41:12 redemption through his blood the
41:14 forgiveness of sins Jesus met every
41:19 qualification for you through his
41:21 sinless life and through the shedding of
41:23 his own blood for the remission of your
41:26 sins to redeem means to liberate from
41:29 captivity or bondage or from any
41:32 obligation to suffer or pay an
41:36 equivalent penalty you have been
41:39 redeemed by Jesus's blood from every sin
41:42 that could disqualify you from receiving
41:46 your inheritance face it you guys you
41:49 can never be good enough or do enough to
41:53 receive your inheritance that Jesus
41:54 purchased for you that's what the Bible
41:57 says so what happened to the list of
42:00 qualifications Claussen's 2:14 says this
42:04 having wiped out the handwriting of
42:06 requirements that
42:07 against us which was contrary to us he
42:10 has taken it out of the way having
42:12 nailed it to the cross Jesus nailed to
42:19 the cross
42:21 the list of all of your
42:25 disqualifications and he's taken it away
42:28 by his blood I want you to spend a
42:31 moment now write out anything that you
42:34 feel is disqualifying yourself on that
42:36 three by five card and then you're going
42:40 to be coming forward and if you want to
42:44 ask God's forgiveness for believing the
42:47 lie or forgiveness forgiving someone
42:49 else go ahead and do that but once
42:52 you've forgiven yourself God and others
42:54 let us stamp you all your
42:58 disqualifications with paid-in-full
43:02 and then we're gonna do Colossians 2:14
43:06 we're gonna nail it to the cross and
43:10 then after that you could come and
43:12 receive Communion but before we do I'm
43:16 going to end with this and his
43:19 Colossians 1:13 you could say it out
43:22 loud with me and just personalize it he
43:25 has delivered me from the power of
43:28 darkness and conveyed me into the
43:31 kingdom of the son of his love and I
43:34 wanted to add where there is no sickness
43:36 and disease so thanks for coming I'm
43:40 going to end with a prayer and then
43:41 we'll do this transaction up here and
43:44 for those who listening online you can
43:46 just do that on your own
43:48 write out your disqualifications and
43:50 then go ahead and you can put paid in
43:55 full over it and then after you're done
43:57 you can tear it up or you can actually
44:01 make your own cross and nail it to to it
44:04 the Father we thank you for your love
44:06 that you have demonstrated to us and
44:08 giving your only Son Jesus Christ so
44:11 that we can have a 20/20 perspective
44:15 this year in 20/20 of the supernatural
44:19 love that you have for
44:21 father we thank you that we went that we
44:24 could never ever ever ever qualify
44:26 ourselves but we thank you that Jesus
44:31 has qualified us and because Jesus has
44:34 qualified us with his blood we know that
44:38 there is nothing that can separate us
44:41 from your life
44:44 we thank you for this evening we pray
44:47 that these words that have been spoken
44:48 tonight Lord that you would let them go
44:51 from our heart from our head to our
44:53 heart and that we could live and walk
44:55 them out in Jesus's name Amen
44:58 so thank you for coming tonight


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