Hearing God with Your Spiritual Eyes

Because a “picture can speak a thousand words”, God often gives revelation to His people through dreams, visions, and seeing into the spiritual realm.  In session #5 of this series you will gain insight of how you can learn to see with your spiritual eyes. The activations in this lesson will enable you to begin or enhance your ability to see into the spirit realm while reading scripture or listening to a worship song.


Video Transcript

00:00 it's good to see you again so this is
00:02 hearing God's voice again at Jubilee
00:04 this is session number five and it's
00:07 hearing God with your spiritual eyes and
00:09 I'm Michael and this is normal attend
00:11 ski and our ministries kingdom partners
00:13 and we are really happy to be here
00:16 partnering with you to learn how to hear
00:18 God's voice better just use your use
00:21 your hand out notes okay follow along
00:23 with those don't just stare at us we
00:25 want you to look at your notes - okay
00:27 but they're pretty they're pretty
00:29 complete so you want to do a lot of
00:30 writing but you can write to edit them
00:33 now I want to quickly review member of
00:37 the four keys stillness vision
00:42 spontaneity and writing so stillness is
00:45 quieting your mind and we talked about
00:47 that okay vision is focusing on Jesus on
00:52 put of things aside all those tractions
00:54 spontaneous paying attention to those
00:58 spontaneous thoughts words images that
01:01 light in your mind and then journaling
01:03 is writing it out now let's practice
01:07 remember that do you remember the hand
01:10 motions and the words we'll do it
01:12 together stillness vision spontaneity
01:18 and writing yes I do it backwards
01:21 it's Hebrew again still this vision
01:28 spontaneity and writing all right now I
01:32 hope everybody's been practicing I hope
01:34 you've had opportunities during the week
01:37 to take some time out to journal and
01:39 hear from God and let him speak speak
01:42 into your heart and we're gonna talk a
01:45 little bit tonight first I want to start
01:46 out as you can see here note was some
01:48 talking a little bit about things that
01:50 can actually hinder your ability to hear
01:53 from God because there are some things
01:55 that get in the way
01:55 like if you're living in unconfessed sin
01:58 that separates us from God makes it hard
02:01 to hear his voice if you have
02:03 unforgiveness and you've been hanging on
02:05 to that unforgiveness that's going to
02:08 hinder your ability to hear from God so
02:10 you want to deal with those two things
02:13 confess your sin do it quickly do it all
02:15 the time get rid of any unconfessed sin
02:18 if you're angry with someone or you're
02:21 angry at God
02:23 both of these can get in the way of you
02:25 being able to hear from him I think I
02:28 mentioned last time how when I'm angry
02:30 with someone or I'm really upset with
02:32 someone I really don't trust what I get
02:35 from in journaling about that person
02:37 because I know it's filtered through my
02:39 anger now because Healing Room is also
02:42 some interesting things that have to do
02:43 with people in your life and also the
02:46 people you minister to one is trauma if
02:49 you've had trauma in your life I mean
02:51 you can think of a whole host of those
02:53 things you want to deal with that get
02:55 prayer for it if you've been wounded
02:58 sinned against you don't want to do you
03:01 don't want to hold on to that you want
03:03 to forgive of course and you want to get
03:05 ministry for that both of those can get
03:08 in the way now another thing getting the
03:10 way is simply unbelief if you don't
03:12 believe God's can speak to you and you
03:14 can hear it's hard to hear so unbelief
03:17 gets in the way but then the other side
03:20 of that is believing in lies believing
03:24 in lies about yourself or lies about God
03:27 and for example there was a lie that I
03:31 believed for a while until the guard
03:33 helped me and that was that only
03:36 prophets to get a prophetic word from
03:40 God a prophetic word for someone and God
03:44 told me no that's not true that's a lie
03:46 everybody can get prophetic words and
03:48 I've learned to do that now we talked a
03:52 little bit about this last week you
03:54 don't want to force it the Bible says
03:58 what does it say it's it says be still
04:02 and know that I am God it doesn't say
04:05 strive and know that I'm God so you
04:09 don't want to strive to be hearing from
04:11 him you just want to let it bubble up be
04:13 very gentle it's often happened and you
04:16 don't want to work it up you don't want
04:17 to try to create it yourself just let it
04:20 kind of float to the top but if you're
04:22 striving to hear that gets in the way so
04:26 that's
04:27 see too hard and the last one well one I
04:30 want to talk about is praying from an
04:32 idol that's a term that doctor that Mark
04:34 Berkley uses about praying through an
04:36 idol but the whole idea is when you're
04:38 so emotionally involved in the topic or
04:41 where the issue is you know highly
04:44 emotional to you or it's so big that the
04:48 issue becomes bigger than God and for
04:53 example here in the healing room I've
04:55 had this experience when I've been
04:57 praying for people in the sick
04:58 a person will come in and they'll start
05:02 listing this cavalcade of issues in
05:05 their life between physical healing and
05:08 several different issues and physical
05:10 healing their families breaking up they
05:12 just lost their job and they're worried
05:14 about the other relatives you know and
05:16 it's so big where do you even start well
05:20 when you start thinking about it being
05:21 so big that makes it hard for you to
05:23 hear from God because God knows all that
05:25 and so you want to realize that he's in
05:28 control and if you just dial it down and
05:31 turn to him it'll show you what of that
05:34 whole host of need he'll show you where
05:37 to start and he'll show you what to
05:40 cover on so you don't want to pray of a
05:43 idol in your heart with something that's
05:44 so big they do you think it's bigger
05:47 than Jesus and the last one of course is
05:49 distractions and we've talked about that
05:51 so now what we want to do is we want to
05:55 move on to another key which is vision
05:57 enormous going to talk about that okay I
06:02 want y'all to close your eyes I don't
06:06 want to see any open eyeballs okay now I
06:10 want you to picture a sandy beach with
06:13 the waves lapping at the shore and the
06:15 Sun setting on the horizon okay now keep
06:19 your eyes closed
06:20 raise your hand if you were able to
06:22 picture that in your mind okay
06:27 everybody all right wonderful okay so
06:30 you can all see in the spirit every
06:32 single one of you all right because
06:34 there actually is a small percentage of
06:36 the population have a have a condition
06:40 called it's one like what I've read is
06:42 one two three percent of the population
06:44 has a condition called a Fantasia and if
06:47 na Fantasia or a fantasy or something
06:50 like that which means they absolutely
06:51 can't do that they can't picture
06:53 anything in their mind would that be sad
06:55 anyway can you picture your bedroom can
06:59 you picture a nice shiny Apple sitting
07:01 on a plate in your kitchen can you
07:03 picture your car okay good know that you
07:07 are not part of the one two three
07:08 percent that's good so tonight we're
07:11 going to be talking about the second key
07:13 which is vision now the Bible mentions
07:16 the eyes of our heart Paul wrote to the
07:19 Ephesians that church and Ephesus and in
07:22 Ephesians 1:18 he said I pray that the
07:25 eyes of your heart may be enlightened in
07:27 order that you may know the hope to
07:29 which he has called you and I mean
07:32 literally our our heart does not have
07:34 eyes right but what he's talking to is
07:36 revelation he's speaking about
07:38 revelation and one of the ways that we
07:40 can receive revelation from God is by
07:42 learning to see in the spirit and in
07:45 acts 2:17 on the day of Pentecost you're
07:49 probably quite familiar with this or
07:51 Peter gets up and addresses the crowd
07:52 and he quotes from the Prophet Joel and
07:56 he says it shall come to pass in the
07:58 last days says God that I will pour out
08:00 my spirit on all flesh your sons and
08:04 your daughters shall prophesy your young
08:06 men shall see visions your old men shall
08:08 dream dreams and he's really speaking to
08:11 us I believe were in the last the last
08:13 days and so he's speaking to every age
08:17 group we can all learn to do this we can
08:19 all learn to see we can all learn to
08:21 dream we can all learn to prophesy it
08:24 just takes training just takes practice
08:26 now it must be pretty important to God
08:29 because there are hundreds of references
08:32 in the Bible to dreams and visions and
08:35 being in the spirit so it's obviously
08:38 something that God wants us to know
08:40 about and to be able to do and if you're
08:43 anything like us nobody ever taught us
08:45 until we stumbled onto mark burglar we
08:48 just thought you were either born with
08:49 it or you weren't and we actually know a
08:52 couple of people that are what you call
08:53 seers who have that ability to see this
08:56 into the supernatural realm that can see
08:58 angels and demons and all kinds of wild
09:01 stuff that's going on and neither one of
09:03 us is like that but we have learned how
09:06 to see and so we can all learn how to do
09:08 it and you know that that's saying a
09:10 picture is worth a thousand words it's
09:13 really true I can communicate so much in
09:15 one little picture that you don't you
09:18 don't really need anything to amplify it
09:21 because you just get it you just get it
09:23 and these pictures will usually appear
09:25 and for me at least very briefly on what
09:28 we call the screen of your mind you know
09:31 and it can be with your eyes open it can
09:33 be with your eyes closed for me it's
09:34 usually it can be either one if I'm
09:36 praying I'll usually be praying with my
09:38 eyes closed but if it's something that
09:40 God just wants to show me like in an
09:41 instant it can be with my eyes open and
09:43 you just see it know what I'm talking
09:46 about I'm sure you've all experienced
09:47 just getting little little pictures in
09:49 your mind and and so it could be
09:52 anything it could be like a very hazy
09:54 image it could be very clear it could be
09:58 kind of one lingers in your mind and is
10:01 like or is like a video or it could be
10:03 something that is very very vivid you
10:08 know it just depends there's all kinds
10:10 of different ways that people can see
10:11 and in the in the beginning the images
10:15 will be fairly fleeting I think at least
10:17 my own experience and Mike's experience
10:19 has been that way that they're very
10:20 quick they just kind of all kind of real
10:22 hazy and then they're there and you kind
10:25 of perceive what they are and then they
10:26 disappear and with practice it can come
10:30 more readily and more clearly do you
10:32 have that book like the pragmatic book
10:34 and you get that out okay I want to
10:37 recommend I recommend a book to you that
10:39 was really helpful to us I've read a
10:42 quite a few books about seeing in the
10:44 spirit and to be honest with you none of
10:46 them helped me because they were
10:48 by people who are true seers that have
10:51 all these wild visual experiences and
10:54 they can't really explain very well how
10:58 to do that because you're either born
11:00 with it or you're not but bottom line is
11:02 again that kind of level of visual
11:04 acuity and the Spirit is fairly rare
11:07 it's a powerful gift it's a wonderful
11:09 gift but if you don't have it you can't
11:12 you're not gonna just wake up one night
11:13 overnight and maybe find it that you
11:15 have it so I'm gonna recommend the book
11:17 to you that it was really helpful to us
11:19 it's called singing in the spirit made
11:20 simple by praying medic and you can buy
11:23 this on Amazon and what I really like
11:25 about this book is he went from being an
11:28 atheist to being becoming a born-again
11:31 believer who did not see in the spirit
11:34 at all and then he just decided he
11:36 wanted to learn so he asked the Holy
11:38 Spirit just to teach him and he just
11:41 gradually learned how to receive visual
11:44 input from the Lord and what's good
11:47 about this book is not only is this he
11:48 really make it simple because it is
11:50 seeing in the spirit made simple it
11:52 makes it really simple and easy to do
11:54 and at the end of each chapter is a
11:56 little exercise that you can practice
11:57 and so I have been practicing some of
12:00 these activities and it's really helped
12:02 it really does so ok moving on oh Jesus
12:07 okay see point-eight you're gonna cross
12:09 off point H because I don't think I
12:11 believe that
12:11 that pictures are the language of the
12:13 heart but ideas are the language of the
12:15 mind now I think we can get plenty of
12:17 ideas from God in our minds too so just
12:19 write that out okay Roman numeral to
12:23 Jesus is our example remember how he
12:25 said in John 5:19 that he only did what
12:29 he saw the father doing
12:31 he had such clear spiritual vision that
12:35 if he was in a crowd of people that were
12:38 all pushing and pressing into him he
12:42 could see the specific people that God
12:44 wanted him to minister to he would only
12:47 do and he saw the father doing and
12:49 that's why he was so incredibly
12:50 successful he could see what God was
12:54 doing and then carry it out so there's
12:56 various kinds of visions there could be
12:59 a spontaneous picture that just lights
13:00 upon your mind
13:02 and had a very good example of that this
13:04 week okay we were here last Tuesday
13:06 night went home Wednesday morning I go
13:10 out to the garage to get on the car and
13:12 go and run an errand and I look at my
13:14 purse and my keys are totally missing I
13:17 dump everything out they're gone I run
13:20 through the house frantically because I
13:22 know how expensive it is to replace a
13:24 whole set of keys the electronic keys
13:26 are really pricey and I desperately need
13:28 my keys anyway just a function and so
13:31 I'm looking everywhere I can possibly
13:33 look and I and I'm coming up coming up
13:36 empty and so I in desperation I'm
13:39 thinking well maybe they pull out of my
13:41 purse last Tuesday night at Jubilee that
13:44 was really a long shot but I called sue
13:46 and I told her and I'm getting more and
13:48 more frantic now you need to know that
13:50 and she says well there's a lost and
13:53 found and I'll call and see if they're
13:55 there and if not Canara I will drive
13:57 over and actually look for them which I
13:59 thought was incredibly nice but she says
14:00 but let me pray for you so she just
14:03 prayed this really nice little prayer I
14:04 don't remember all the details but it
14:05 was something about you know God calling
14:08 calling back
14:09 to me what was what was rightfully mine
14:11 and so that actually calmed me down a
14:14 lot and then within a minute or less I
14:17 get this quick mental picture I saw my
14:20 keys and I knew where they were I had
14:22 left them stupidly enough in the outside
14:25 pantry where I have extra groceries
14:28 because I come out of the car the night
14:30 before and/or the day that whatever it
14:32 was and I had a bunch of stuff I was
14:34 carrying and I wanted to get something
14:35 out of the pantry and I just laid them
14:37 down there and then ended up closing the
14:38 door totally forgot about it and so I
14:41 just thought in a flash I saw them and I
14:43 knew where they were so it was you know
14:46 it was but I think the important thing
14:48 is that I was calm I was able to receive
14:51 that input and obviously Sue's prayer
14:53 made all the difference so that would be
14:55 an example of how a picture can just
14:57 light up on your mind and communicate a
14:59 wealth of information sometimes you'll
15:01 get a spontaneous picture in your mind
15:03 while you're praying and you can ask God
15:06 what he wants you to see or know about
15:09 it and that way you'll be praying on
15:11 target we're going to give you some
15:12 examples about that later
15:15 sometimes God will give people a vision
15:17 outside of themselves this has never
15:19 happened to me but I do know people it
15:21 has happened to where God shows you what
15:23 is going on from his perspective some
15:26 biblical examples of that you know the
15:28 story it's in second Kings 6:17 where
15:32 Elijah and his Elijah and his servant
15:35 are in big trouble because the Syrians
15:38 have surrounded their town and they're
15:41 mortal enemies and the the servant is
15:44 totally freaking out and so Elijah who's
15:47 very calm he just prays that God would
15:49 open the servants eyes and he does and
15:52 he sees in the spirit he sees that
15:53 there's angels warrior angels and fiery
15:57 chariots around them rather than the
16:00 seeing the enemy and so he is at peace
16:04 because of what God has revealed to him
16:06 and you can see there's many many
16:07 prophetic visions Daniel Ezekiel John
16:10 and revelation they're very biblically
16:12 speaking they're fairly commonplace okay
16:14 some people have a vision while in a
16:16 trance in acts 10 verses 10 to 23 you
16:20 probably know the story where Peters up
16:22 on the rooftop waiting for lunch and he
16:25 has this vision in a trance where his
16:27 like he's just not there he sees
16:30 something but very real in front of him
16:32 and it's a sheep being lowered down with
16:35 all these different animals in it and
16:36 the voice that says arise Peter go and
16:40 he kill and eat and the God is showing
16:42 him that he's actually including the
16:44 Gentiles in in the salvation plan you
16:47 can also have a visionary encounter
16:49 through a dream there's lots of examples
16:51 of that Joseph's dreams and Genesis
16:53 Mary's husband Joseph had several dreams
16:56 that were very significant where an
16:58 angel would actually give him
16:59 instruction about what he was to do and
17:02 when take his family and that sort of
17:03 thing Paul had the dream of the
17:06 Macedonian man beckoning him over to him
17:08 in Acts chapter 16 and I don't know if
17:12 any of you have been hearing stories of
17:13 what's been going on in some of the
17:15 Muslim countries where people
17:17 particularly in Iran which is I guess
17:19 the fastest growing church anywhere
17:22 underground church people are getting
17:24 dreams of
17:25 Jesus coming to them and just revealing
17:27 himself to them it's pretty amazing so
17:30 your visions and and they don't have to
17:32 be like full color you know spectacular
17:35 things like I was saying my picture of
17:37 the keys was just like this very kind of
17:39 little hazy quickie sort of thing it can
17:42 be that way or it can be much more
17:43 detailed they can be full-color or they
17:45 can be black and white that can be clear
17:47 they can be hazy but they're all equally
17:50 valid that's the important thing okay so
17:52 don't get down on yourself if you're not
17:55 getting 3d Technicolor visions and and
17:57 and videos because you know I think that
18:00 may come with time okay here's an idea
18:02 for you to try this is letter B under
18:05 Roman numeral two let's say if you're
18:08 really concerned or worried about a
18:11 particular situation you can ask the
18:14 Lord to show you the situation from his
18:16 perspective ask him to show you how he
18:19 is reacting to it and you might be just
18:22 going nuts about it but I guarantee you
18:24 he's not stressed at all
18:26 he's probably just sitting back with a
18:28 big smile on his face cuz he knows
18:30 exactly how he's going to take care of
18:32 this situation and he might even show
18:33 you what it is when praying for another
18:36 person visualize that person and then
18:39 see Jesus there on the screen of your
18:41 mind
18:42 and watch and see what he is doing give
18:45 you an example from my own life there is
18:48 someone that is very dear to me who's
18:50 under a lot of I would say a lot of
18:52 demonic oppression not in a good place
18:54 and I was praying for him one day and I
18:56 saw him completely wrapped up in like a
18:59 mummy in grave clothes and then I saw
19:02 Jesus go up to him in in my mind's eye
19:05 and just begin to unwrap the wrappings
19:08 that were around his head and so I saw
19:11 that God was giving him his desire was
19:13 for him to have understanding and to him
19:16 to have freedom and so that's how I
19:18 prayed the way got the Lord was showing
19:20 me what he was doing and what's really
19:23 fun to do is when you imagine the
19:25 scripture when you're reading the
19:26 scriptures put yourself in the picture
19:29 and experience it it's really kind of
19:32 cool to do that maybe some of you do
19:34 that already I do that when I read a
19:37 book visualize what's going
19:39 if there's a lot of active action and
19:41 activity do that with a Bible to put
19:43 yourself in the story we're going to do
19:45 that in a little while in one of our
19:47 exercises and so what you want to do is
19:50 use the eyes of your heart
19:51 also during praise and worship if this
19:54 can this is a really fun
19:56 let the lyrics just sort of take you
19:58 away into whatever it is they're talking
20:00 about in the whatever the lyrics are are
20:03 expressing allow the Holy Spirit to let
20:06 you see what you're singing about or
20:08 maybe you could even see what's going on
20:11 in the room you might see I know people
20:13 that see ministering spirits worship
20:16 angels all that kind of thing going on
20:18 dancing happening musical instruments
20:21 all in the spirit not not in the natural
20:23 or you could even go into the throne
20:25 room and join with the with the heavenly
20:28 hosts there and be worshiping the Lord
20:31 okay Michael's going to read you you
20:33 have a excerpt well sign an excerpt is a
20:37 complete article that we included in
20:41 your notes here so Michaels going to
20:43 read part of that to you I could yell
20:50 this is an article by General Jennifer
20:52 Eva's she is a well-recognized teacher
20:56 and prophet her ministry actually is up
20:58 in Turlock California and some of some
21:02 of her words are just so spot-on it's
21:04 been it's really encouraging to read
21:06 them but what we're going to do you have
21:10 this in your handout and we're I don't
21:14 have time to read the whole thing I want
21:16 you you can do that the first part but
21:18 down go down to where it says your
21:20 spiritual gifts package because this is
21:26 a very practical part of this little
21:28 article that is pertain it pertains to
21:31 what we're talking about tonight so as
21:33 I'm reading it I want you to follow
21:35 along and pay attention and then we'll
21:38 take this a little further so it begins
21:42 visions and seeing into the spirit realm
21:45 are part of your spiritual gift package
21:47 in the Holy Spirit many people have
21:50 visions but don't know they are having
21:52 them
21:52 let's say for example you're driving
21:55 down the road and you see a homeless
21:56 person on the street for a moment you
21:59 feel sorry for that person but decide to
22:02 not help them for a lot of reasons in
22:05 your mind's eye you suddenly see
22:08 yourself picking up a sandwich in a
22:09 nearby sandwich shop and bringing it to
22:11 them the scene plays so quickly in your
22:15 imagination that you barely notice it
22:18 and then your rational side persuades
22:21 you to dismiss it I can relate to that
22:24 I've had this happen what happened to
22:27 you however is you just had an internal
22:30 vision from the Lord you were being
22:33 directed by the Holy Spirit to help feed
22:35 this man you fail to recognize it
22:38 because it happened so quickly and you
22:41 dismissed it as just being your
22:44 imagination the place in your mind where
22:47 the the the place in your mind where you
22:50 imagine things is also the place in your
22:53 mind that the Lord draws his mixtures on
22:56 to instruct you I've learned to pay
22:59 attention to those seemingly
23:00 insignificant internal movies and act on
23:04 them God is very much speaking to you
23:07 through it did you know that Jesus
23:10 received his directives this way this is
23:12 what is behind his statement to the
23:14 disciples in John 5:19 where he said he
23:17 only does what he sees the father doing
23:20 basically Jesus was receiving visions
23:24 from the Lord and it was how he planned
23:26 his day and his ministry activities
23:30 access visions by faith meditate on his
23:33 word like all the gifts of the Spirit
23:37 visions can be accessed by faith if you
23:41 don't have visions or struggle to see
23:43 into the spiritual realm you can
23:45 kick-start visions by going through the
23:48 doorway of the word let me explain how
23:51 one day I was reading Psalm 8 meditating
23:54 very deeply into it and my spiritual
23:57 eyes switched on I could see Jesus
24:00 standing right there in front of me I
24:02 knew that transition happened simply
24:05 because I was meditating on his word
24:06 over the years I've helped people step
24:10 in divisions through the same process in
24:13 the activation you find a scene from the
24:17 Bible and fix every detail of the scene
24:19 into your imagination I suggest to use
24:23 throne room scenes such as those found
24:25 in Revelation 4 and 5 here's a key once
24:30 you have fixed every detail of that
24:32 scene into your mind you ask the Holy
24:34 Spirit to breathe on it and then you
24:37 surrender your imagination to him in
24:40 your imagination you can walk right up
24:43 to Jesus on the throne and ask him your
24:47 questions this typically results in
24:50 having those short internal visions like
24:52 I described previously but some will
24:55 have even have external ones the way you
24:58 test that vision is by the way he
25:00 answers you if it's real he'll answer
25:03 you in ways you couldn't make up
25:06 yourself it does take some mental
25:08 discipline but this process works well
25:11 with peaceful people who are too logical
25:13 to have visions or with people who need
25:18 to feel very grounded before they
25:20 surrender their mind like that I believe
25:23 the Lord wants to train all of us to see
25:27 in the spiritual realm there are some
25:30 things that can't be explained outside
25:33 of a vision think about it think about
25:36 in natural terms how can I describe to a
25:39 blind person what the color red is it's
25:43 impossible you have to be able to see
25:46 the color in order to understand the
25:48 color visions are the same way they help
25:52 us to more fully understand the word of
25:55 the Lord because we can see what he's
25:58 saying
26:02 so our imagination is not bad it's good
26:06 it can be sanctified imagination where
26:09 God is breathing on your imagination and
26:12 you get pictures in your mind and we're
26:14 gonna do that right now
26:16 and here's how we're gonna do it we're
26:18 gonna start out we reading Psalm 23 and
26:21 I hope everybody has a Bible if you have
26:24 a phone it's in their notes too okay
26:28 what you what we're gonna have you do
26:30 what we want you to do is use the eyes
26:34 of your heart to picture yourself in the
26:39 scene to picture the scene to see what
26:42 and then as you read and you're
26:44 picturing the scene to see what though
26:48 happens from the Lord and what he'll
26:50 give you from this so you want to see
26:53 what happens as you read this familiar
26:55 Psalm as you're picturing the scene of
26:58 the song so let's take a couple minutes
27:00 now and you guys can do that how many of
27:05 you experience Psalm 23 which I'm sure
27:08 you've read many times in the past in a
27:10 new way
27:14 that's really good raise them high so
27:16 everybody can see ask you okay did you
27:21 see anything did you see yourself did
27:23 you picture anything how many saw
27:26 something that's wonderful
27:30 you're getting it and when you saw
27:33 yourself as a sheep that's how I do it
27:38 anyway okay now for the next one I'm
27:41 gonna read to you a familiar Bible
27:42 passage and I want you to enter in so
27:45 close your eyes and just imagine that
27:49 you are one of Jesus's disciples and
27:52 it's Passover time now on the first day
27:56 and you're in Jerusalem okay it's Bible
27:58 times you're wearing sandals and
28:00 whatever it is they were you know Bible
28:03 clothes and it is early springtime and
28:07 you're in Jerusalem you've gone there
28:10 for the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage
28:12 festival of Pesach and now on the first
28:15 day of the feast of unleavened bread the
28:17 disciples came to Jesus saying to him
28:19 where do you want us to prepare for you
28:22 to eat the Passover so you're one of the
28:24 disciples he's talking to you now and he
28:27 said go into the city to his
28:29 certain man and say to him the teacher
28:31 says my time is at hand I will keep the
28:35 Passover at your house with my disciples
28:37 so the disciples did as Jesus had
28:39 directed them and they prepared the
28:41 Passover when evening had come he sat
28:44 down with the twelve now as they were
28:46 eating he said assuredly I say to you
28:49 one of you will betray me and they were
28:52 exceedingly sorrowful and each of them
28:54 began to say to him Lord is it I
28:56 he answered and said he who dipped his
29:00 hand with me in the dish will betray me
29:02 the son of man indeed goes just as it is
29:05 written of him but woe to that man by
29:08 whom the Son of Man is betrayed it would
29:11 have been good for that man if he had
29:13 not been born then Judas who was
29:16 betraying him answered and said rabbi is
29:18 it I he said to him you have said it and
29:21 as they were eating Jesus took bread
29:24 blessed and broke it and gave it to the
29:27 disciples and said take eat this is my
29:31 body then he took the cup and gave
29:34 thanks and gave it to them saying drink
29:36 from it all of you
29:38 for this is my blood of the new covenant
29:41 which is shed for many for the remission
29:43 of sins but I say to you I will not
29:47 drink of this fruit of the vine from now
29:49 on until that day when I drink it new
29:52 with you in my father's Kingdom and when
29:55 they had sung a hymn they went out to
29:57 the Mount of Olives how many of you were
30:04 able to put yourself in the scene and
30:07 see it happening on the screen of your
30:10 mind did you experience communion did
30:14 you experience that Passover meal with
30:16 Jesus and the disciples could you see it
30:20 raise your hand if you could see it
30:22 happen okay so this is a really
30:26 interesting way to to study the word to
30:29 get yourself into it you know we are we
30:32 grew up in a very Greek mindset it's
30:35 very logical it's very rational but the
30:37 Bible is written from a Hebraic mindset
30:40 where it's much more visual and
30:42 experiential and it's not more fun that
30:45 way actually in my humble opinion okay
30:47 we're gonna play for you ken are you
30:50 there
30:51 we're gonna pray for you play for you if
30:54 it works a familiar song and we want you
30:58 to just visualize as you listen to it
31:04 [Music]
31:15 hopefully louder
31:18 [Music]
31:32 two years
31:35 [Music]
32:35 [Music]
32:44 [Music]
32:52 [Music]
33:12 [Music]
33:26 [Applause]
33:27 [Music]
33:35 [Music]
34:11 [Music]
35:00 [Music]
35:13 [Music]
35:33 [Music]
36:08 [Music]
36:18 [Music]
36:32 [Music]
36:44 okay how many of you had an experience a
36:48 visual experience were you in the throne
36:52 room would anybody like to share a
36:55 little bit briefly what you said what
36:57 you saw what happened while you were
37:00 listening to that song anybody come on
37:06 out yes you brought I volunteer I just
37:12 saw the the all the living creatures but
37:15 especially when the the choir started
37:18 singing that I saw all the people in the
37:21 white robes really us singing anybody
37:28 else therapy gaining so I start feeling
37:36 like a swing I feel like having a swing
37:39 worship the whole heaven just worshiping
37:42 the Lord liking one motion you know was
37:46 at least seen a singer seeing that the
37:48 choir the whole handle was seeing I just
37:52 kept going on and on and on and then I
37:56 feel that light just came right pouring
37:59 down onto us as we were worshipping God
38:02 and it was part of it so worship will
38:07 never be the same right
38:09 once you enter in visually and
38:11 experience it more now what I want to
38:17 talk briefly just to finish up tonight
38:19 with just how important and useful it is
38:22 to use vision when you're ministering
38:24 and praying for people I'm gonna give
38:27 you a couple examples from my life one
38:30 was I was praying this woman came up was
38:32 after a church service she came up and
38:35 asked for prayer because she was having
38:36 pain hair shoulder and she could barely
38:39 lift her arm like this without hurting
38:41 terribly and I said okay I'll pray for
38:43 you and I as soon as I started I saw
38:46 this really brief picture of a dagger
38:50 sitting right here sticking into her
38:53 shoulder and so in the spirit I grabbed
38:57 that dagger and pulled it out and de
39:00 said be healed and then I asked her how
39:02 does it feel and she says well something
39:05 happened and then she started to move it
39:07 and she could just have total mobility
39:09 which is completely healed so that was
39:13 very simple another time I was
39:15 ministering in a small group and I was
39:17 praying for this woman who was just
39:19 really discouraged and kind of feeling
39:21 hopeless and that she was missing things
39:24 and I it was this hard for even to
39:27 describe she just didn't feel well and
39:30 as I started to pray for her I saw a
39:32 little music box that had a ballerina on
39:37 it and I could hear this music being
39:39 played this is ballerina was just kind
39:41 of twirling around and I simply said
39:43 does that mean anything to you
39:46 and she says well that was a desire of
39:48 my heart as a little girl who was to be
39:50 a ballerina and it never happened and
39:53 then I started to minister that God
39:56 hasn't forgotten the desires of your
39:58 heart and the Holy Spirit is showed up
40:01 so that was like a key that opened up
40:04 the ministry time so that's some
40:08 examples one for myself personally for
40:11 example I and you remember that we we
40:13 haven't talked about it and we don't
40:15 have time to talk about dreams the
40:16 juniors are very important as a visual
40:18 experience of God talking to you and I
40:21 had this dream and in this dream I was
40:23 in a big plane and a little plane
40:25 crashed into the cockpit of the big
40:27 plane and the big plane started going
40:30 crashing but it was crashing backwards
40:33 like this twirling backwards going down
40:36 and and I could see out the windows it
40:39 was going to come in tail first and
40:40 crash and I thought I need to get out of
40:43 here
40:44 and as it hit the ground I kind of went
40:47 to the door and jumped out and I was
40:49 fine everything was fine and this was
40:52 the Lord talking to me about a situation
40:55 that I was in that was crashing and it
40:59 was time to leave and if I got out I
41:02 would be fine and that's exactly what I
41:05 did and I'm fine
41:07 so and now we've had people who prayed
41:10 for us and seen things about us like you
41:13 know commenting about pillars and you
41:16 know being strength in a church things
41:18 like that that opened up our ministry so
41:20 pay attention to those quick little
41:24 visions those quick things that come to
41:26 you and especially when you see Jesus
41:28 doing something if you're ever praying
41:31 for someone and you get an image of
41:33 Jesus laying his hand on someone's
41:35 shoulder or something
41:36 does that pay attention to that because
41:38 that's true to do that and when you do
41:42 you'll see results you want to add
41:45 anything okay so we're gonna wrap it up
41:49 Lord Jesus we thank you that you gave us
41:53 your Holy Spirit and with that came that
41:55 wonderful gift package and part of the
41:58 gift package is the ability to see in
42:01 the spirit and so Lord we ask that you
42:03 would open up the eyes of our hearts or
42:06 that we would be able to have that
42:07 sanctified imagination and we will be
42:10 able to receive visions from you Lord
42:13 that would be incredibly helpful
42:15 incredibly insightful incredibly
42:18 powerful in helping us Lord to know what
42:21 it is you're doing so we can be obedient
42:24 so we can be effective in ministry
42:27 effective in praying for people and just
42:30 hear what it is that you want us to hear
42:33 through vision in Jesus name Amen


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