Crowned with God’s Love and Mercy

God has redeemed your life from the pit of destruction, from hell itself, and has lifted you up to live with Him forevermore in His Kingdom of Love. He has crowned you with His lovingkindness and tender mercies. As a child of the most High King, get up every morning and put God’s royal crown upon your head, which has been purchased for you by Jesus’ precious blood. Allow your soul and all that is within you to be shaped by His great love for you, as you abide in the realities presented in this session.


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and i'm the
00:04 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:06 welcome to our fifth session in our
00:08 Psalm 103 series tonight's teaching is
00:13 entitled crowned with God's love and
00:17 mercy this title reflects God's heart
00:21 towards each one of us as revealed in
00:24 Psalm 103 and specifically in verse 4
00:28 God has literally redeemed your life
00:33 from the pit of destruction from the pit
00:37 of hell and then he is taking you up and
00:41 place you in his kingdom of love and
00:45 then he has placed a crown on your head
00:49 he has crowned you with his
00:50 loving-kindness and his tender mercies
00:54 and as a child of the Most High God we
00:58 can proudly wear God's royal crown upon
01:03 our head which was purchased for each
01:06 one of us by the blood of his son his
01:10 son Jesus Christ allow your soul your
01:15 mind your will and your emotions and all
01:17 that is within you to be shaped by his
01:21 great love for you let us pray
01:25 father I pray that you speak to us from
01:28 Psalm 103 in a fresh new way tonight
01:32 open the eyes of our understanding to
01:35 see you and your son Jesus Christ to see
01:39 your great love and mercy toward us
01:42 grant each one of us wisdom and
01:45 revelation and who Jesus Christ is and
01:48 all the benefits he has given to us as
01:51 revealed in this song release from Psalm
01:55 103 the very spirit and life of Jesus
01:59 Christ into our hearts and souls help
02:02 each one of us to live courageously for
02:05 you not forgetting who we are in Christ
02:08 as we look into the mirror of your grace
02:12 as revealed by
02:13 103 allow us to clearly see the crown of
02:18 glory and honor you have placed on our
02:21 heads and on our lives so that we can go
02:25 out into this world ruling and reigning
02:27 over sin sickness and all forms of
02:30 destruction just as King Jesus did well
02:34 he walked here on this earth amen
02:38 Roman numeral one is the power of the
02:42 cross for your spirit soul and body the
02:46 title of this series is living in the
02:49 power of the gospel the gospel of Jesus
02:52 Christ is the salvation for your entire
02:55 being your spirit your soul and your
02:59 body as I presented last week in session
03:02 4 of the psalm 103 series Isaiah 53 is
03:07 the main prophetic word of what Jesus
03:09 would one day accomplish for mankind on
03:13 the cross Jesus is finished work on the
03:17 cross is to be the anchor of your soul
03:20 and your heart God desires that each one
03:25 of us be rooted and grounded in these
03:28 foundational truths of his great love
03:32 for you so that your entire being can be
03:35 transformed into his likeness and image
03:39 isaiah 53:5 says this but he was wounded
03:44 for our transgression
03:47 that's our sin he was bruised for our
03:50 iniquities that is the forgiveness of
03:53 your spirit making your spirit man 100%
03:58 righteous and holy as God is himself
04:02 then it says that the chastisement for
04:05 our peace was upon him that is a renewal
04:09 of your spirit of your soul your mind
04:12 your will your emotions and then lastly
04:16 in isaiah 53:5 it says and by His
04:19 stripes we are healed and that is the
04:22 healing for your body
04:24 a similar prophetic power
04:27 see - or message concerning the
04:29 salvation for your entire being was
04:32 declared by King David in Psalm 103 and
04:37 that was done approximately 1,000 years
04:41 before Jesus Christ went to the cross
04:45 died was crucified was buried and then
04:50 rose and seated at the right hand one
04:55 thousand years he had said that before
04:57 it even happened the Holy Spirit now is
05:00 inviting you to come into agreement with
05:03 these realities in your heart and your
05:05 soul so that you can live in the
05:08 strength and the power of God's grace
05:11 that he has provided for you through
05:14 these very words he has spoken and
05:16 through what he has done Psalm 103
05:20 verses 2 through 3 bless the Lord O my
05:24 soul and all that is within me bless His
05:27 Holy Name bless the Lord O my soul and
05:31 forget not all his benefits who forgives
05:34 all your iniquities
05:37 that's the healing of your spirit who
05:40 heals all your diseases
05:43 that's the healing or of your body and
05:47 then finally what we're going to study
05:49 tonight is the healing of the soul or
05:51 your Redemption or renewal of your soul
05:54 who crowns your life with
05:56 loving-kindness and tender mercies in
06:00 the last two sessions of Psalm 103
06:02 series we have studied two of these
06:07 parts of our redemption or salvation in
06:10 Jesus Christ the forgiveness of all of
06:12 our sins that's for a spirit man and
06:15 then last week we studied that he is the
06:19 one who goes ahead and heals all of our
06:23 diseases and that's the redemption or
06:25 the healing of our body so this week
06:27 we're going to take a look at the
06:30 renewal or redemption of our soul
06:35 the soul made up of the mind will and
06:39 emotions plays a crucial role for being
06:43 able to live in the power of the gospel
06:46 in an ongoing way in our everyday lives
06:50 Roman numeral two King David set an
06:53 example for us taking command over his
06:57 soul what to me was amazing is to
07:01 consider that David under the old
07:04 cabinet had experienced God's grace all
07:08 these benefits through his relationship
07:11 with the Lord and the prophetic insight
07:14 the wisdom and revelation that was given
07:17 to him by God our Father because he knew
07:21 God and he did not want to miss out on
07:24 all that God had for him the grace that
07:26 was available to him at that time during
07:29 his life here on this earth he commanded
07:33 his soul to bless the Lord from all the
07:38 other Psalms he wrote anywhere from 80
07:42 to 100 of the Psalms are written by him
07:46 we see this principle worked out in
07:49 David's life repeatedly where he did not
07:53 allow his soul to gain ascendancy but
07:57 rather David chose to look upward to God
08:00 in the midst of his circumstances and
08:03 the turmoil of his soul to bless God
08:07 with his soul and all that was within
08:11 him as he did this his soul became
08:14 transformed more and more into the
08:17 likeness and into the image of the very
08:20 one that's God whom he was beholding
08:25 although Jesus is our supreme standard
08:28 or a good shepherd he gave us other
08:30 people like David by which we are able
08:33 to understand how to live by faith in
08:37 the fear of the Lord like Psalm 103
08:39 talks about in verses 11 13 and 17 and
08:43 in the keeping of his covenant and His
08:46 commandments as revealed
08:48 verse 18 of Psalm 103 in the midst of an
08:52 imperfect world where our souls have
08:56 have to have constant interaction and
09:00 therefore can be influenced by the world
09:04 your mind your will and emotions has to
09:07 interact with this world that's
09:09 imperfect and God saying I don't want
09:12 you to be influenced by the world but
09:14 rather I want this very spirit my holy
09:18 spirit living in your spirit to
09:20 influence your soul your mind your will
09:24 and your emotions
09:27 David's entire life of faith and
09:31 obedience is a pitcher or a standard for
09:34 us to fall as he took command over his
09:38 own soul through God's grace given to
09:40 him even after his sin he sinned against
09:45 God and even after his failures to
09:48 follow God as he had desired acts 13:22
09:53 says this he raised up for them David
09:57 his King to whom also he gave testimony
10:00 and said I have found David the son of
10:04 Jesse a man after my own heart who will
10:10 do all my will when David was only in
10:15 his teens God saw David's heart in
10:19 little bitsy seed form and spoke through
10:23 Samuel that David was a man after his
10:27 own heart First Samuel 1314 God knew the
10:33 best journey for the development of
10:35 David's heart just like he does for you
10:39 and I notice that a person after God's
10:42 heart will actually endeavour to do all
10:46 of God's will now we know David stumbled
10:50 badly but he never quit in his
10:53 passionate pursuit of God unlike Sol
10:56 when David sinned he recognized his sin
11:00 he didn't hide
11:02 from his sin but rather he chose to
11:05 repent turning towards God as revealed
11:09 in Psalm 103 a the God whom he had come
11:13 to know the one who is merciful and
11:16 compassionate slow to anger and
11:19 abounding in mercy abounding in hasit
11:23 abounding in loving kindness God is
11:28 raising up leaders worldwide who like
11:31 David are not only after God's heart but
11:36 who will feed people on the
11:37 understanding of God his beauty his
11:41 loving-kindness and tender mercies as
11:44 seen throughout Psalm 103 and as
11:48 revealed by God's acts especially God's
11:51 actions towards us by allowing his son
11:54 Jesus Christ to die
11:55 our death on the cross as our substitute
11:59 taking our punishment for us David
12:04 understood God's heart he understood
12:07 God's emotional makeup towards us
12:11 jeremiah 3:15 says this and I will give
12:15 you Shepherds according to my heart who
12:18 will feed you with knowledge and
12:21 understanding you are called not only to
12:25 encourage your own soul in recalling who
12:31 God is and what he has given to you his
12:34 benefits but you're called to encourage
12:37 others to feed them with knowledge and
12:41 understanding of who God is although
12:45 David is the only man got ever called a
12:48 shepherd after his heart see yourself in
12:52 this promise for you and I as Christians
12:56 are called to be a leader in the sense
12:58 that we are called to disciple and
13:01 Shepherd those around us first Samuel 13
13:05 14 the Lord has sought for himself a man
13:10 after his own heart God is
13:15 after you the one who is after his heart
13:20 you wouldn't be here tonight unless you
13:23 were after God's heart let us declare
13:26 this out loud together by God's grace
13:30 I'll be a shepherd after God's own heart
13:33 I will bless the Lord in his holy name
13:37 and all that is within me not forgetting
13:41 any of the benefits given to me through
13:44 Jesus substitutionary work of the cross
13:48 and I will encourage others to join me
13:51 in blessing His Holy Name our Heavenly
13:54 Father who abounds in loving-kindness
13:58 and tender mercies you might want to
14:00 review that this week and declare that
14:03 over yourself reminding that God has
14:07 created you to be a person after his own
14:09 heart and to encourage and strengthen
14:12 and feed others on who he is Roman
14:16 numeral three God's excerpt ations in
14:18 Psalm 103 spoken by David the words
14:23 David spoke to his own soul three times
14:26 in Psalm 103 are God's excerpt ations
14:30 for you and i you are called to speak
14:33 over your own soul your mind your will
14:36 and emotions to bless the Lord and not
14:39 forget any of his benefits now this is
14:46 not vain repetition bless the Lord O my
14:49 soul this is the Holy Spirit speaking to
14:55 King David to encourage his own heart to
14:58 strengthen himself in the Lord and who
15:02 God is David did not want to keep
15:05 anything anything from God from blessing
15:11 his name therefore he commanded his own
15:15 soul to bless the Lord but then he says
15:17 Oh what is inside of you that has
15:23 difficulty in blessing the Lord at all
15:26 times in the difficult
15:29 times as well as the good times is it
15:34 your past memories your failures your
15:37 shortcomings and mistakes
15:40 is it the wrongs that have been done
15:42 against you are you allowing the past to
15:47 define who you are are you allowing your
15:51 unrenewed thoughts and feelings that are
15:54 not in agreement with God's Word to rule
15:57 over your life if so choose to declare
16:02 Psalm 103 out loud this week over
16:05 yourself renewing your mind about God's
16:09 loving-kindness and his tender mercies
16:12 that are new for you every morning
16:16 Jeremiah writes in a very difficult time
16:20 the following lamentations 3:23 23 my
16:26 soul still remembers and thinks within
16:29 me when your soul remembers your mind
16:33 your will and your emotions remember
16:35 those past events or those difficult
16:39 circumstances what will happen just like
16:42 Jeremiah said here
16:45 your heart will just sink within you but
16:50 Jeremiah verse 21 says this this I
16:54 recall to mine therefore I have hope
16:58 what did he call to his mind he says
17:03 through the Lord's mercies we are not
17:06 consumed because his Compassion's fail
17:10 not they are new every morning great is
17:15 your faithfulness and then in verse 24
17:19 he says therefore I hope in him notice
17:27 that when he remembered his
17:29 circumstances his soul sunk within him
17:31 but when he recalled God's
17:34 loving-kindness his hesitant tender
17:37 mercies his hope was restored
17:41 don't allow your past or anything else
17:45 to separate you from God's love Romans 8
17:48 37 through 39 make the quality decision
17:53 to bless the Lord at all times and I
17:57 really mean that I have decided to make
18:00 that quality decision in my own life
18:02 that I would be a person that would
18:05 bless the Lord at all times - thankfully
18:08 come in agreement with him I endeavor to
18:12 do that I endeavor to follow him to do
18:16 God's will
18:17 but am i perfect in it my pursuit no
18:21 just like David he stumbled but when I
18:24 stumble then I get back up and then I
18:27 continue my pursuit I ask forgiveness I
18:31 repent and I turn my heart and my face
18:34 towards God the one who is merciful and
18:36 gracious slow to anger towards me and
18:39 filled with love psalm 34:1 says this I
18:48 will bless the Lord at all times his
18:50 praise shall continually be in my mouth
18:55 whatever you are facing one of the
18:58 wisest decisions you can ever make in
19:02 life is to follow David's example
19:05 blessing the Lord with your soul and all
19:08 that is within you at all times the Holy
19:14 Spirit inspired King David's speech
19:16 throughout his life
19:17 and in the writing of the Psalms which
19:22 are prophetic in nature in King David's
19:25 last words for his life he directly
19:27 stated that the Spirit of God had
19:30 inspired his words second samuel 23:2
19:34 King David said this the Spirit of the
19:38 Lord spoke by me and His Word was on my
19:44 time did you know that the Spirit of the
19:47 Lord can be on your tongue his words in
19:51 your mouth
19:54 as I read Psalm 103 verses 19 through 20
19:59 to the very end verses I saw 103 and
20:03 then I'm going to read to you
20:05 revelations 5 11 through 13 I want you
20:09 to look at the similarities between
20:11 David's call upon all of God's creation
20:15 to bless the Lord and what John
20:18 witnessed himself as he peered into the
20:21 heavenly realm allow yourself as I read
20:24 this to actually picture what is
20:27 happening around God's throne right now
20:30 and then realize that you have been
20:33 called to set your mind on this because
20:37 you're called to set your mind on the
20:39 things above so look at the similarities
20:42 between what David said in Psalm 103 and
20:46 what Jim John said in revelations 5 the
20:50 Lord has established his throne in
20:54 heaven and his kingdom rules over all
21:00 bless the Lord you his angels who excel
21:03 in strength who do his word heeding the
21:06 voice of his word bless the Lord you his
21:11 angels bless the Lord all you his hosts
21:17 you ministers of his who do his pleasure
21:19 bless the Lord all his works in all
21:23 places of his Dominion bless the Lord O
21:27 my soul now John revelations 5 11
21:32 through 13 I'm not going to read the
21:34 whole thing but you can read it in your
21:37 own time he saw many angels around the
21:40 throne the living creatures and the
21:43 elders and every creature which is in
21:46 heaven and on earth and under the earth
21:48 and as such as are in the sea and and
21:51 all that are in them I heard saying
21:55 blessing and honor and glory and power
21:59 be to him who sits on the throne and to
22:03 the lamb for ever and ever
22:07 as you look at those two passages
22:10 perhaps you see that King David was
22:13 perhaps like John taken into the
22:17 heavenly realm to actually see what was
22:20 occurring there or perhaps King David
22:24 was given such great clarity from God of
22:28 the heavenly realm such a prophetic word
22:32 that he wrote that we don't know how
22:36 David received such knowledge to write
22:39 the ending of Psalm 103 or its entirety
22:43 but we can see the accuracy not only
22:46 what he wrote in these verses through
22:49 throughout Psalm 103 the angels the
22:53 heavenly hosts and all of God's works
22:54 are blessing the Lord honoring him and
22:57 attributing to him glory and honor and
23:01 the power as you begin studying praying
23:04 and singing Psalm 103 and the other
23:08 Psalms written by David here these words
23:12 coming from the heart of God himself not
23:17 just from David's heart both of the
23:20 Apostles Peter and Paul recognized David
23:23 as a prophet one who spoke God's Word of
23:26 the things that would come in acts 2:29
23:32 through 30 Peter declared man and
23:35 brethren let me speak freely to you of
23:38 the patriarch David then he says about
23:42 David being a prophet and knowing and
23:46 then he goes on and then he says and
23:49 David for seeing this spoke concerning
23:52 the resurrection of Christ so here we
23:58 have Peter talking to lots of people
24:01 about David being known as a prophet
24:06 then in the great chapter on the Hall of
24:11 faith the great you know where they list
24:14 the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 we see
24:17 Paul talking about Dave
24:20 in the grouping of the profits for the
24:23 time would feel me feel me to tell also
24:27 of David and Samuel and the profits so
24:29 David was right there in that group when
24:34 you study his Psalms you understand he
24:39 really knew the heart of God he knew
24:41 things about what Christ would one day
24:44 do for us in such great accuracy that it
24:48 just I mean just amazes me and it's like
24:52 God wants that for each one of you in a
24:55 lie to have that read such a close
24:57 relationship that we understand what God
24:59 will be doing in the earth especially in
25:03 the second coming of His Son Jesus
25:04 Christ Roman numeral for the
25:08 significance of our souls blessing the
25:10 Lord bless in Psalm 103 comes from the
25:15 Hebrew word Barak when you think a bless
25:19 the Lord consider that this Hebrew word
25:23 has been translated as blast praise and
25:26 thank and if you look at Psalm 104 there
25:31 although they gave different there were
25:35 different Hebrew words that expressed
25:37 praised and thanked they're all kind of
25:41 grouped together in the same passage
25:43 about what we're to do as we approach
25:47 God his courts psalm 104 entering enter
25:52 into his gates with thanksgiving in his
25:54 courts with praise be thankful to him
25:59 and bless his name when you bless the
26:03 Lord you're essentially speaking or
26:05 singing about God's beauty his
26:09 loving-kindness his mercy his goodness
26:13 his greatness his glory his power David
26:17 was so fascinated with God's beauty that
26:21 he desired for it to be the very primary
26:24 focus of his life for all the days of
26:29 his life in Psalm 27 verse 4 David
26:34 it's this one thing I have desired of
26:37 the Lord that will I seek that I may
26:39 dwell in the house of the Lord all the
26:41 days of my life to behold the beauty of
26:44 the Lord and to enquire in his temple
26:48 David had made a decision to behold
26:51 God's beauty and to inquire in his
26:55 temple all the days of his life
26:59 now David wrote this Psalm 27 when he
27:02 was about in his 40s but we know that he
27:05 had made that decision to focus on the
27:09 Lord's Beauty way back in his teens when
27:12 the Lord chose him and then Psalm 103 is
27:17 believed to be written towards the
27:19 endcard
27:20 a babe it's live he died around 70 years
27:24 of age and so in Psalm 103 we see that
27:28 this focus on looking and gazing at the
27:32 Lord's Beauty hadn't changed for David
27:35 but we see this this thing the Holy
27:39 Spirit is prompting him like the Holy
27:41 Spirit prompts us where he says bless
27:45 the Lord and all that is in within me
27:49 he's prompting King David to tell his
27:52 own soul his own mind his own will and
27:56 his own emotions to thankfully come in
28:00 agreement with who God is and what God
28:03 has done
28:06 David zeal for the Lord his pursuit of
28:10 the Lord is so passionate that he is
28:13 going like yes I'm gonna do this and I
28:17 am could block out these other things
28:20 about my past yes I sin but God forgave
28:24 me and I'm gonna now move forward in the
28:27 calling that God has upon my life I'm
28:31 not gonna let my failures my mistakes or
28:34 the things that other people did to me
28:36 like Saul pursuing him for so many years
28:38 where he had to hide in the case I'm not
28:41 gonna let that affect my future
28:47 David understood what Paul wrote about
28:51 years later in Ephesians about the
28:53 spiritual blessings the benefits given
28:57 to us through Jesus Christ Ephesians 1:3
29:00 says this blessed be God and father of
29:04 our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us
29:07 with every spiritual blessing in the
29:09 heavenly places in Christ Psalm 103 1
29:14 through 2 we've repeated that throughout
29:15 the evening but we need to get it deep
29:18 down within us so I'll say it again
29:20 bless the Lord O my soul and all that it
29:22 was that is within me bless His Holy
29:25 Name and what forget not all his
29:29 benefits
29:30 those are all the spiritual blessings
29:32 that Paul is mentioning in Ephesians
29:35 David understood God's heart and didn't
29:38 want anything to interrupt his focus on
29:42 the Lord he didn't want to respond to
29:44 God half-heartedly because he knew that
29:47 is not how God responded to him no
29:50 matter what season David found himself
29:53 in throughout David's life you always
29:56 see these reflections on his life about
29:59 him responding wholeheartedly well
30:02 others might have been jeering or
30:04 despising his wholeheartedness don't let
30:07 that draw a Buick when others say you
30:10 don't have to go after God that hard you
30:13 don't have to do what you're doing and
30:15 praying and reading God's Word and
30:17 pursuing him like you are you don't have
30:19 to be here tonight
30:21 now a good example of David's pursuit
30:25 for the Lord which we're all familiar
30:27 with is in 2nd Samuel 6:14 it says then
30:31 David danced before the Lord now listen
30:34 to this with all his mind doesn't that
30:38 sound like with all that is within me
30:41 praise the Lord
30:43 now when you think that all that is
30:45 within you do you think of dancing
30:48 verse 16 David's was found leaping and
30:52 whirling before the Lord why he was
30:58 packed
30:59 about the one he loved he didn't care
31:03 that his wife was looking now on
31:05 despising what he was doing his very
31:08 wife one that was to be closest to him
31:12 so in your passionate pursuit if you're
31:15 here in church and you found whirling
31:18 around blessing the Lord allow your
31:23 heart to be consumed by God and allow
31:26 God's heart to consume you God's
31:31 admonition to you in Psalm 103 is to
31:34 bless him thankfully come in agreement
31:36 with his name with all that is within
31:41 you God's name is revealed in his word
31:47 revelation 19:13 the name that God wants
31:52 on the forefront of all of your minds is
31:57 this in verse 8 of Psalm 103 this is his
32:02 name that he revealed to Moses this is
32:05 God's self description of himself when
32:10 Moses says like who are you God and God
32:13 says this is who I am
32:14 I'm merciful and gracious slow to anger
32:18 and abounding in mercy the by question
32:23 is what happens when you bless the Lord
32:27 this is my response that I got when I
32:30 was talking to the Lord this week he
32:32 says you become blessed number one your
32:38 mouth your life becomes satisfied with
32:40 good things and you experience renewal
32:43 in your spirit your soul and your body
32:47 Psalm 103 5 says who satisfies your life
32:52 with good things so that your youth is
32:55 renewed like the Eagles and that's what
32:58 we're going to be talking about next
32:59 week that's the verse we're going to
33:00 primarily be focusing on number 2 your
33:05 eyes are taken off the temporal things
33:07 of this life the problems which often
33:09 cause a person to be self-centered
33:12 placed upon God the one who loves you
33:16 the one who loves you with an
33:18 everlasting love it allows you to see
33:22 things from God's perspective and
33:25 allowing you then to pray from heaven to
33:30 earth rather from then inside of your
33:34 problems to heaven God inhabits your
33:38 praises so you not only become like the
33:41 one you are beholding being transformed
33:44 into his likeness and into His image but
33:48 you have the pleasure of experiencing
33:51 God as he inhabits your praise as you
33:55 put the high praises of God in your
33:57 mouth and the word of God in your hand
34:00 the promise is seen in Psalm 149 7
34:05 through 9 occur Psalm 103 puts it like
34:09 this is kind of like a summary of Psalm
34:12 149 of what happens when you put the
34:15 blessing the praise of the Lord in your
34:18 mouth it says in verse 6 of Psalm 103
34:21 the Lord executes righteousness and
34:24 justice for all who are oppressed what
34:30 does that mean that God is gonna fight
34:33 your battles he's going to take on your
34:35 problems and your concerns some examples
34:39 of this of people praising the Lord is
34:42 like Paul and Silas when they were
34:45 delivered from prison as they praise the
34:47 Lord or the Israelites when they were
34:50 delivered from three powerful armies as
34:53 Jehoshaphat commanded the worshippers to
34:56 get on the front lines and worship the
34:58 Lord and as people praise the Lord the
35:04 walls of Jericho fell down so if there's
35:07 walls in your life that are preventing
35:09 you from praising Lord start praising
35:12 him and the walls will come tumbling
35:15 down Roman numeral five who redeems your
35:18 life from destruction who redeems your
35:21 life from destruction is from verse four
35:23 it says right after that
35:26 God not only redeems your life from
35:28 destruction
35:29 and it actually some translations will
35:31 say pit I put them together from the pit
35:34 of destruction but he crowns you with
35:37 his loving-kindness and tender mercies
35:42 God is the one who is your kinsman
35:47 redeemer the closest one that has the
35:50 power and the ability to redeem you from
35:52 any destruction that would ever come
35:55 against your life the one who has
35:57 delivered you through your faith in
35:59 Jesus Christ from eternal destruction
36:02 from the sin which brought eternal death
36:05 into the world and from the curse of the
36:07 law with which executed punishment due
36:11 to the entire to the entire human race
36:13 because of Adam's sin you can see that
36:17 in Colossians 1:13 and then I like how
36:20 Psalm 40 verse 2 kind of says the same
36:22 thing as this verse for he has brought
36:28 me out of a horrible pit out of the miry
36:32 clay miry clay you kind of think about a
36:35 place where you're stuck in life how
36:37 many been in horrible pits all of us
36:41 have and the Lord says I will deliver
36:45 you I will redeem you God God's
36:50 Redemption from all forms of destruction
36:53 whether it is from your own sin or sin
36:55 in this world is a past present and
36:58 future reality we see this in Colossians
37:01 2 1 9 to 10 yes we had the sentence of
37:06 death in ourselves that we should not
37:08 trust in ourselves but in God who raises
37:11 a dad who delivered us past tense from
37:16 such great a death and does deliver us
37:19 present tense in whom we trust that he
37:23 will still deliver us future tense
37:27 there are many ways in which destruction
37:30 comes to your life I don't have to go
37:31 into that you guys see it you're
37:34 familiar with it you hear the news it's
37:37 all around you
37:38 one of the things that I learned to pray
37:41 was Psalm 91 we spent in 2017 probably
37:47 three months on Psalm 91 learning about
37:51 how God delivers us from every form of
37:54 destruction it's a very powerful Psalm
37:57 I'll never forget because of my son was
37:59 in some of the most dangerous places of
38:01 the world on an assignment he was
38:05 informed of that that's when I started
38:09 praying Psalm 91 that's even before I
38:11 taught it I got books on it started just
38:14 declaring it just like we declared Psalm
38:17 103 before we started just saying it as
38:19 it was two times he could have lost his
38:26 life the second time when he called me
38:30 right after it happened he said mom I do
38:33 not know how I got out of it he had a
38:38 machete to his neck and three guys
38:40 surrounding him and God delivered him
38:47 sickness and disease is also in the
38:50 Bible listed under one of the forms of
38:53 destruction that you can come against I
38:56 thought that was very interesting in
38:59 Psalm 107 verse 20 it says this he sent
39:02 His Word and healed them and delivered
39:04 them from their destruction now Jesus
39:09 when he was confronted by the fear
39:11 seized about a man who he was healing on
39:14 the Sabbath who had a withered hand the
39:18 Lord says to the Pharisees now if your
39:22 sheep or your animal was in the pit the
39:25 pit of destruction wouldn't you deliver
39:27 them so he is weak waiting that with her
39:30 hand with being in a pit of destruction
39:32 and what did God do he went ahead and
39:35 strengthened said to the man stretch out
39:38 your hand and it was immediately healed
39:41 he was delivered from a pit of
39:44 destruction rule Roman numeral six the
39:48 role of your redeemed soul to prevent
39:50 yourself and others from partnering with
39:52 the destroyer in all forms of
39:55 destruction internally and externally it
39:58 is vital for you to understand how your
40:00 spirit soul and body are to function or
40:03 to interact as a born-again believer for
40:06 me this is a game changer Hosea 4:6 says
40:09 this my people are destroyed for lack of
40:12 knowledge until I learned what I'm about
40:15 to tell you about the spirit soul and
40:17 body I was being destroyed in a one
40:19 particular area of my life in one season
40:21 of my life and something that was very
40:23 very difficult I felt very very hopeless
40:27 I felt like I was gonna die I was living
40:30 like one who absolutely had no hope but
40:35 then when I realize that there were
40:37 three parts of my being spirit soul and
40:40 body and that Jesus Christ was living in
40:44 my spirit I had the power of the Holy
40:46 Spirit in my body that I did not have to
40:49 come and agreement with what my soul my
40:51 mind was telling me my emotions were
40:54 telling me about what was happening or
40:56 what my body the symptoms in my body
40:58 were telling me but rather
41:00 I could allow the Holy Spirit in the
41:04 Word of God to be spoken out of my mouth
41:07 and execute his justice which is the
41:12 blood of Jesus Christ into my situation
41:16 to deliver me from the pit of
41:18 destruction that I was in you are made
41:22 up of three distinct parts spirit soul
41:24 and body as a Christian God desires that
41:27 your whole being come under the
41:29 influence and Dominion of His Holy
41:31 Spirit His Holy Name
41:33 so that you can live in the fullness of
41:36 all he's provided 1st Thessalonians 5:23
41:40 says this now may the God of peace
41:42 himself sanctify you completely and may
41:47 your whole spirit soul and body
41:51 preserved be preserved at the coming of
41:54 our Lord Jesus Christ Adam and Eve's
41:58 ability to walk by the spirit was lost
42:01 before Adam sinned and I want to show
42:04 you this so I'm gonna go over here for a
42:08 moment out of sight okay so this vase
42:15 here doesn't represent the fullness of
42:19 somebody's spirit but before Adam sinned
42:21 he actually possessed the supernatural
42:26 life of God himself which I put as a
42:30 candle Jesus is the light of the world
42:33 God is the one that brings light in our
42:35 life his spirit governed or had dominion
42:40 over what you see on the black cloth
42:42 over there over his soul and his body
42:49 this is representing Adam and Eve spirit
42:52 his spirit had ascendancy over his soul
42:57 his mind his will his emotions and over
43:01 his body his spirit was dominant in his
43:07 decision-making his thought processes
43:10 and his emotions when Adam sinned
43:13 though it was the likes of light went
43:18 out so I have this blackface to
43:20 represent this when Adam sinned his
43:23 spirit became dark and devoid of the
43:27 supernatural life of God his spirit man
43:30 was dead therefore his spirit could not
43:35 have dominion over his soul and his body
43:39 any longer rather his mind his
43:45 unredeemed - unrenewed mine his own will
43:49 his own emotions his own body started to
43:54 tell them what to do and where to go and
43:56 how to live I'm doing a real like
44:01 exaggeration of that so you can get the
44:04 picture of what happened through your
44:07 natural birth you were born into Adam's
44:10 family your spirit man when you were
44:14 born was devoid of the life of God so
44:18 you're raised under the leadership of
44:20 your soul and your body unredeemed mind
44:25 will and emotions and your unredeemed
44:28 body Roman numeral D Christ restored
44:33 mankind's ability to walk by the spirit
44:35 when you are born again your spirit man
44:39 we theme Jesus Christ into your heart it
44:43 says the fullness of the God had dwelt
44:45 in Jesus in bodily form and you now are
44:48 complete so this now is representing
44:50 your spirit man is a born-again believer
44:53 you have the Holy Spirit inside of your
44:57 spirit you have all the power you have
45:01 the power source living within you but
45:04 you got to stay connected to it and
45:07 that's true faith when you get
45:10 disconnected by disappointments and
45:13 failures and things like that then you
45:17 become disconnected to the one who loves
45:20 you to his loving-kindness and tender
45:22 mercies okay
45:26 you're reborn spirit now is to have
45:28 dominion over your flesh over your soul
45:33 and over your body you're reborn spirit
45:37 is to be dominant in your
45:39 decision-making and your thought
45:42 prescient processes in order for this to
45:45 happen you need to retrain yourself to
45:49 walk by the spirit and not by the flesh
45:53 this is representing your unredeemed
45:56 soul mind will and emotions okay now
46:02 your emotions and your will will usually
46:04 follow whatever you are thinking that's
46:08 why God tells us in Romans 12:2 not
46:11 while he says in 1 don't be conformed to
46:14 this world but be transformed by the
46:17 renewing of your mind so you can prove
46:19 what is the good and perfect will of God
46:25 so right here this represents if I
46:32 actually sat in this chair like this
46:35 this rep the cross represents Jesus
46:39 Christ the veil represents that you are
46:41 covered with the blood of Jesus Christ
46:44 under his protection and you can draw
46:47 power from this for your spirit soul and
46:51 body
46:52 this white cloth represents the purity
46:56 in the holiness that is for your spirit
47:00 man this is where you want to like have
47:06 your life emanate from now your soul and
47:11 your body are still being sanctified so
47:16 there's some of the areas of your soul
47:19 and body that need to be brought into
47:21 perfect union and fellowship with God
47:25 and you do that through the renewal of
47:28 your mind and through allowing the Holy
47:30 Spirit who is living in your spirit to
47:33 rule over you and the more you follow
47:35 God's leadership follow the Holy Spirit
47:40 the more your soul will experience the
47:44 fullness of the redemption and the
47:47 habits that you had will start you know
47:50 falling away you won't have the taste
47:52 for the things that you used to have the
47:54 taste for is that good okay Roman
48:04 numeral seven crowned with
48:06 loving-kindness and tender mercies one
48:09 of the best ways to walk in God's
48:11 Redemption for your front in your life
48:13 from the pit of destruction is by
48:16 remembering to but to wear the crown of
48:21 his loving-kindness and tender mercies
48:24 that Jesus Christ purchased for you by
48:27 his own precious blood
48:29 now I shared this in my blog last night
48:32 I don't know if how many read that when
48:35 I was very young was probably like five
48:37 years of age I remember sitting on a
48:39 throne like I was showing there as a
48:42 queen and it was in King Arthur's castle
48:45 and it took place in a place called
48:48 fairytale town that's actually there
48:51 still there in Sacramento so my parents
48:54 paid the price and I was granted the
48:56 privilege of experiencing how it was
49:00 like to be a queen for the day sitting
49:03 on the royal throne and wearing the
49:05 royal crown now that was a fairy tale
49:08 but now I wear a real crown you can't
49:13 see it it's invisible to the naked eye
49:17 you wear that crown as a born-again
49:19 believer it's the crown of God's
49:24 loving-kindness and tender mercies your
49:29 heavenly father paid for this beautiful
49:33 crown you wear through the precious
49:37 blood of His Son Jesus Christ at the
49:40 cross King Jesus took off his invisible
49:46 crown
49:47 of glory and honor and he did it for a
49:52 purpose he did it so that you could one
49:57 day which is today where this crown of
50:02 glory and honor what did he allow to
50:07 happen to him
50:08 he allowed a crown of thorns to be
50:13 weaved a despicable crown a horrible
50:16 crown to be placed on his head as the
50:21 Roman soldiers then mocked him and said
50:24 they bowed their knees and they mocked
50:27 him it says and they said hail King of
50:29 the Jews they were mocking him Jesus
50:34 bore this excruciatingly painful crown
50:39 for you and I the crown of thorns it
50:48 belong to you and I now you have seen
50:51 the crown of thorns placed on Jesus's
50:53 head do you realize that's what you wore
50:57 before he became a Christian your mind
51:01 was pierced with negative terrible
51:04 thoughts it was a crown that was passed
51:08 from generation to generation all the
51:12 way back to Adam and Eve when the earth
51:15 was cursed for their sin bringing forth
51:19 thorns and thistles Genesis 3:17 through
51:24 18 unknowingly the Roman soldiers took
51:29 the thorns symbolizing the curse and
51:33 made it into a crown for King Jesus on
51:37 the cross King Jesus willingly bore the
51:41 crown of thorns the curse pronounced by
51:45 the law for our sin so that we could be
51:49 redeemed from the curse and be crowned
51:53 with his loving-kindness and tender
51:56 mercies the key that unlocks
52:00 I wanted to say this magical but it's
52:02 not magical this great exchange is
52:06 believing in this great truth of what
52:08 King Jesus has done for the world for
52:12 you and I through the cross as you wear
52:16 this royal crown filled with heavenly
52:19 gems allow your soul and all that is
52:23 within you every thought imagination
52:25 every emotion past present and future to
52:30 be shaped by God's great love for you
52:33 the great price Jesus Christ paid for
52:38 you to be able to wear this crown every
52:41 morning as she wake up recall who Jesus
52:45 Christ is who God is what Christ has
52:48 done for you living in the hope that is
52:52 beyond all natural hope when you look
52:55 into the mirror see the crown upon your
52:58 head and then go out into the world
53:01 ruling and reigning over sin sickness
53:05 and all forms of destruction justice
53:09 King Jesus did while he walked on this
53:13 earth and as he now rules and as in
53:18 heaven as the king of kings and the Lord
53:22 of lords and one day he will return to
53:26 earth and rule over all let's pray
53:32 father I thank you for this message
53:34 tonight we thank you Lord God that you
53:38 have delivered us from the pit of
53:40 destruction and you have crowned our
53:43 lives with your loving-kindness and
53:45 tender mercies strengthen each person
53:49 here Lord to walk with a conscious
53:52 awareness of the crown of glory that you
53:54 have placed on their head and remember
53:57 the great price you paid and father I
54:00 pray that you would strengthen us to
54:02 walk by your spirit and not by the flesh
54:07 to walk by the holy spirit and not by
54:12 our unredeemed soul
54:14 our unredeemed mine will and emotions we
54:18 praise you Lord we bless you we thank
54:21 you in Jesus's name Amen


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