God’s Recipe for Renewed Strength

How can you have you strength renewed like the eagle’s? God gives some practical ways you can partner with His strength renewal program, as revealed in Psalm 103. The five grace benefits, presented in the previous lessons of Psalm 103, are crucial elements for God restoring and renewing your strength spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Biblical Truths and declarations revealed throughout the past 5 session as well as this one will keep your heart united to God’s strength and not your own.



Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I'm the
00:02 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:04 welcome to our sixth and last session of
00:08 this Psalm 103 series tonight's teaching
00:12 is entitled God's recipe for renewed
00:16 strength based on Psalm 103 verse 5 so
00:20 let us pray
00:21 father we ask that you would strengthen
00:24 us by the very power of your holy spirit
00:27 in the inner man so that your son Jesus
00:30 Christ the word of god is revealed in
00:33 Psalm 103 would richly dwell in us
00:38 through faith quicken our spirit our
00:41 soul and our body with the resurrection
00:44 life of Jesus Christ we pray in Jesus's
00:48 name Amen
00:50 so the Roman numeral 1 tonight is called
00:53 living in Christ renews your youth
00:57 living in the power of the gospel is the
01:01 title for our entire Psalm 103 series in
01:06 the Book of Psalms Psalm 103 is one of
01:10 the strongest prophetic declarations we
01:13 have concerning the fullness of God's
01:17 grace provided for us through the gospel
01:20 of Christ which is the power of God for
01:24 our salvation to everyone who believes
01:27 in Psalm 103 God gives us two main
01:32 instructions of how you can daily live
01:35 in its reality so that you can
01:37 experience the renewal of Jesus Christ
01:41 for every aspect of your life or like
01:45 Psalm 103 5 States so that your youth is
01:48 renewed like the Eagles first we're
01:52 called to bless His Holy Name which
01:55 basically means coming in to thankful
01:57 agreement with who he is and all he has
02:01 done for us with our souls and all that
02:05 is within us second we are called not to
02:08 forget any of his benefits
02:12 that's Psalm 103 first one and to where
02:16 it gives us these two primary
02:18 instructions now count how many
02:21 blessings or benefits are listed in
02:24 verses 3 to 5 of Psalm 103 hint each one
02:30 begins with who so take a moment and
02:35 just count them you'll see that there
02:38 are 5 5 is a number that symbolizes
02:43 God's grace is undeserved an unmerited
02:47 favor and goodness towards you and I
02:51 let's all say this together bless the
02:55 Lord O my soul and forget not all his
02:58 benefits who forgives all your
03:01 iniquities who heals all your diseases
03:04 who redeems your life from destruction
03:07 who crowns you with loving-kindness and
03:11 tender mercies who satisfies your mouth
03:14 with good things so that your youth is
03:18 renewed like the Eagles now why do you
03:22 think each one of these benefits begins
03:26 with who I believe God desires that our
03:31 attention be focused on His Son Jesus
03:34 Christ the one who purchased every one
03:38 of these benefits for you and I through
03:41 his precious blood Jesus Christ is the
03:45 one who is full of grace and truth
03:49 just like John 1:14 tells us Jesus is
03:53 Grace and Jesus is truth in our soul 103
04:00 series in session 2 entitled Jesus the
04:03 song of all songs we learned that Yeshua
04:05 is the Hebrew name for Jesus that
04:09 appears throughout the Psalms Yeshua
04:12 literally means Yahweh the Lord is our
04:16 salvation in other words Jesus is
04:19 salvation and salvation is Jesus when
04:24 you think of who
04:26 Jesus is think of him as being described
04:30 in Psalm 103 verses three through five
04:35 each one of these benefits that you just
04:38 read describe who Jesus is for you right
04:43 now if you want to get to know Jesus
04:46 better get to know each one of these
04:51 benefits that describe his salvation His
04:55 grace and truth for you right now
04:58 allow these truths of his great love for
05:01 you to dwell in your heart through faith
05:05 now I don't know how many of you seen
05:07 that movie that just came out Aladdin
05:10 did anyone see that this weekend
05:12 well somebody tweeted me to go to it I
05:15 don't usually go to movies but they were
05:18 very excited about it and you find this
05:21 little boy Aladdin or you know teenager
05:24 and he finds this hidden treasure of a
05:29 bottle or what what is it called a lamp
05:32 and in the lamp is a genie and all he
05:37 had to do is rub the lamp and the genie
05:41 would do whatever he told them to do he
05:45 would grant him three wishes and
05:48 immediately now I'm watching my this
05:51 movie I'm thinking about Jesus Christ it
05:54 says in Ephesians 3:16 myths that he God
05:59 would grant you according to the riches
06:03 of his glory those are all the heavenly
06:05 riches that are in the heavenly places
06:07 far beyond anything we really have
06:10 thought or even could imagine it says
06:14 that he's granted them to us as far
06:16 beyond what any genie could ever do in
06:20 this movie they just make it out like oh
06:22 man this genie can like he did it over
06:24 the top you know and anyone in this
06:27 world would go yeah I pull out a genie
06:30 like that well we have a God who is
06:33 greater than any genie that any one
06:36 could conjure up
06:38 and if you read Ephesians three 16
06:41 through 20 he will grant you according
06:44 to the riches of his glory to be
06:46 strengthened with might that's his power
06:50 by his Holy Spirit in the inner man so
06:55 that Jesus Christ these benefits that we
06:58 just read in verses 3 to 5 with dwell in
07:03 your heart richly through faith and then
07:06 it goes on to tell us how we can be
07:08 rooted and grounded in this love but
07:11 then in verse 18 it goes on it says that
07:13 we would be filled with all the fullness
07:17 of God the fullness of God we have an
07:23 inkling of what that means by verses 3
07:26 through 5 in Psalm 103 and then it goes
07:31 on to tell us in verse 20 now to him who
07:33 is able to do exceedingly abundantly
07:37 above and beyond all that we can think
07:41 and all that we can ask according to
07:45 what the power that works within us we
07:49 have a power source within us just
07:52 recently my husband he went out for
07:55 breakfast with some guys and afterwards
07:57 he found out that his car would not
08:00 start he had just had his battery
08:02 recently checked as well as his entire
08:05 car so he knew that he had a great
08:07 battery in it as a very new car so what
08:10 was wrong the connector for the battery
08:14 was not tight on the battery itself and
08:18 listen this is what happens with our
08:21 life we have a power source within us
08:24 like the battery of a car we're like
08:27 that car but we have to connect to it
08:31 through our faith in Jesus Christ and
08:35 that's what Psalm 103 verses 3 to 5 is
08:38 calling us to do we are called to
08:41 connect to who Jesus Christ is
08:44 throughout this series I have used this
08:48 gift box to symbolically represent
08:52 that Jesus Christ is the gift of God to
08:55 us like John 4:10 or first John 4:10 and
08:59 Ephesians 2:8 tells us on the top of
09:02 this gift box it says with God all
09:06 things are possible Matthew 19:26 and it
09:10 says that all along the sides well I was
09:13 given this gift box when I thought
09:15 something was impossible in my life I
09:18 could see no way that it could ever come
09:21 to pass and as I prayed anothers prayed
09:25 for me it came to pass and I found out
09:28 that God is the one when it's impossible
09:31 with man I found out that God is the one
09:34 that can make and will make and wants to
09:38 make all these things that are very
09:40 difficult for us possible he wants all
09:44 of Psalm 103 three-to-five to be a
09:48 reality in our lives now inside of this
09:53 gift box I have five smaller gifts each
09:59 one of these smaller gifts actually
10:02 represent one of the benefits there's
10:06 five of them one of the benefits that
10:09 are in Psalm 103 3 through 5 in Jesus
10:15 Christ we have the fullness of the
10:20 Godhead dwelling and Jesus is in us and
10:25 inside of us we not only have Jesus but
10:29 every one of these benefits for us okay
10:35 okay so in the last session last several
10:41 weeks we have gone over the first four
10:44 benefits of Psalm 103 and tonight we're
10:49 going to go through the fifth benefit
10:52 that and that this the fifth benefit is
10:54 who satisfies your mouth with good
10:58 things so that your youth is renewed
11:02 like the Eagles
11:05 now if you looked on that first page I
11:07 listed all five benefits and then at the
11:12 bottom I listed so that your youth is
11:15 renewed like the Eagles and the reason
11:17 why I did that is because when I have
11:19 been prayerfully meditating on Psalm 103
11:22 for the last six weeks that's what God
11:27 showed me I didn't read that in any
11:28 commentary but I realized that each one
11:32 of these benefits as we step into the
11:37 reality and walk in the reality of them
11:39 our youth will be renewed like the
11:43 Eagles God forgives all of your sins he
11:50 heals all of your diseases he redeems
11:55 your life from the pit of destruction
11:58 and crowns your life with
12:00 loving-kindness and tender mercies and
12:03 he satisfies your mouth with good things
12:07 for a purpose so that your youth your
12:12 strength can be renewed so that you
12:16 become transformed into the very image
12:19 and likeness of Jesus Christ now I don't
12:23 believe that King David understood the
12:26 fullness of what would happen through
12:30 our Savior Jesus Christ so he is talking
12:33 about our strength being renewed like
12:35 the Eagles or strength is to be renewed
12:40 like Jesus Christ himself as he is
12:44 seated at the right hand of God if as as
12:48 he is in his resurrected state so are we
12:52 in this world he has all the strength he
12:56 has all the power that we could ever
12:59 possibly imagine and that power is not
13:04 only up there in heaven but it's
13:07 dwelling inside of us
13:10 I love what Webster's 8:28 dictionary
13:14 says in Webster's 1828 dictionary is an
13:18 actual dictionary by a man named Webster
13:21 who believed in our Lord and Savior and
13:25 he describes or defines Renu as this to
13:29 make like new restore to refresh to have
13:35 vigor or perfection to make new
13:40 spiritually and he actually uses this
13:43 word to regenerate and then he describes
13:46 what regenerate means to be spiritually
13:49 reborn revelation 21:5 says this behold
13:54 I that's God make all things new so if
14:02 you want newness in your life if you
14:06 want your strength renewed God is the
14:11 only one that can provide true and
14:14 everlasting strength for you and I a
14:18 strength that will not only be here for
14:20 this age but the age to come
14:23 Roman numeral to renewal for your spirit
14:27 soul and body now we have talked through
14:31 our Psalm 103 series about three tenses
14:36 of our salvation
14:37 past tense present tense and future
14:40 tense the present tense is our
14:43 justification the moment you receive
14:45 Jesus Christ into your heart to dwell
14:48 your spirit man underwent a radical
14:52 renewal or transformation where you
14:56 literally became a new creation in
14:59 Christ Jesus second Corinthians 5:17
15:02 says this therefore if anyone is in
15:06 Christ he is a new creation old things
15:11 have passed away behold all things have
15:15 become new
15:17 your old things is your old spiritual
15:21 DNA
15:22 it has passed away it's completely gone
15:26 it's done away with at that same moment
15:29 in time God's resurrection power was
15:33 released into your spirit man making all
15:36 things new for you you literally became
15:40 like second Corinthians 5:17 says a new
15:44 creation in Jesus Christ your spirit man
15:48 has a very DNA of Jesus Christ himself
15:52 now that's a really a WoW you have his
15:57 nature
15:58 you have his authority you have his
16:01 power dwelling in you through the Holy
16:05 Spirit let's make this declaration of
16:07 renewal that's on your handout my spirit
16:11 has the DNA of Jesus Christ and his DNA
16:16 will express itself in my life
16:20 my soul my body and circumstances as I
16:24 walk by faith in God's grace because
16:28 you've been justified by the blood of
16:31 Jesus Christ your spirit man has been
16:34 made 100% righteous and holy it's the
16:39 new you so you're no longer need to
16:41 accept the label of being a sinner
16:43 because now you are a saint he has made
16:47 you 100% righteous and holy and likewise
16:51 you don't need to accept the label that
16:54 you have such-and-such disease and
16:55 people who often often label themselves
16:57 by the disease that the doctor has given
17:01 them I have or I am a diabetic they will
17:06 say you don't need to accept that label
17:09 but rather accept the label - the Lord
17:11 has given you through the Word of God
17:13 that says by His stripes you were healed
17:14 therefore you can truly declare by God's
17:18 Word I am healed
17:22 that's your new identity in Jesus Christ
17:24 you can remember that you've been given
17:27 the robe of righteousness and you have
17:30 been crowned with his loving-kindness
17:33 and tender mercies you are fully clothed
17:36 in Jesus's garments in his wardrobe the
17:41 present tense for your salvation is
17:45 sanctification as you behold in the
17:50 mirror of God's Word the invisible
17:53 reality of who you are in your spirit
17:58 you become like what you behold if you
18:01 look there at that little girl looking
18:04 at the mirror and in the mirror she goes
18:06 oh wow
18:08 I'm like the Lion of the tribe of Judah
18:12 and you know I think about this you know
18:17 being renewed as the eagle
18:20 the eagle is known as the king of the
18:24 sky so maybe David was looking up and
18:29 going oh wow I am like the king the King
18:35 of Kings you know the king that rules
18:37 the heavens and rules the earth now 2nd
18:42 Corinthians 3:18 tells us beholding as
18:45 in a mirror the glory of the Lord we are
18:48 being transformed into that same image
18:51 from glory to glory just as by the
18:55 Spirit of the Lord we are being
18:58 transformed from grace to grace we are
19:01 being transformed from strength to
19:03 strength by the Spirit of Lord let's
19:07 make this declaration for renewal in our
19:09 lives as I may hold the grace of who
19:12 Jesus Christ is all his benefits I will
19:17 be transformed into the same image from
19:19 grace to grace from strength to strength
19:22 by the Spirit of God in every aspect of
19:26 my life I shall be satisfied when I
19:30 awake in his likeness Psalm 17 15
19:37 our entire series is called courageous
19:40 living our entire soul series and the
19:44 reason why I labeled that one was
19:46 because God gave me the label but takes
19:48 a lot of courage for you to look into
19:51 the mirror of God's Word and to actually
19:53 live by what the Word of God says rather
19:58 then what your circumstances and the
20:01 world around you says I believe pub and
20:06 he asks for prayers for courage and
20:09 boldness
20:10 he knew the pressures that were around
20:13 him you know the pressures of society
20:15 that around you that are trying to to
20:18 press your mouth to say things that are
20:21 untrue and unlike what God would have
20:24 you to say rather than your mouth being
20:27 satisfied with his words the enemy wants
20:30 your mouth to be filled with his lies
20:34 and his deceptions God pleads with you
20:38 in 2nd Corinthians 6:1 through - through
20:41 his Apostle Paul we plead with you not
20:45 to receive the grace of God in vain for
20:49 he says in the day of salvation I have
20:53 helped you behold now is the accepted
20:58 time behold now is the day of salvation
21:04 every one of those benefits in Psalm 103
21:09 verses 3 to 5 you are to behold and
21:13 declare now is the day for this to
21:16 transpire in my life and to me to be
21:19 were able to walk in this reality Lord
21:23 give me the courage to walk according to
21:26 your word in this new identity that I
21:29 have and new how can you take God's
21:32 grace in vain so it doesn't profit you
21:35 or doesn't benefit you like the Lord
21:39 would want it to benefit you by putting
21:42 a question mark behind God's grace
21:45 benefits rather than an exclamation mark
21:48 a question mark we
21:50 talked about before represents doubt
21:53 where exclamation mark represents your
21:57 faith in what the Word of God says and
22:01 in who God is
22:03 you take God's grace in vain by an
22:07 attitude that says what difference will
22:11 it really make what difference does it
22:14 make that I have read these benefits
22:16 that I have prayed them that I have
22:18 declared them you take the grace of God
22:23 in vain by not blessing the Lord with
22:25 your soul with your mind your will and
22:27 your emotions and all that is within you
22:30 by forgetting his benefits which is not
22:34 living with a conscious awareness of
22:37 them or not allowing them to have
22:39 dominion in your thoughts and in your
22:42 speech and in your actions you enter
22:47 into the now of your salvation for your
22:50 soul and your body as you live from this
22:54 reality of who you already are in Jesus
22:59 Christ as revealed by these verses 3
23:03 through 5 in Psalm 103 Andrew Murray and
23:07 his book abide in Christ says this it is
23:10 your privilege now no matter what
23:13 surrounding circumstances say to say
23:17 Jesus is to me at this moment all that
23:22 God gave him to be for my life I want to
23:26 share with you a testimony from Kenneth
23:28 Copeland based on Psalm 103 verse 5 my
23:34 husband and I will be going at the
23:36 beginning of June to hear him in
23:37 Sacramento or my hometown is and so I
23:43 was just like reflecting on some of the
23:47 things Kenneth Copeland had said before
23:49 we go to this conference there in
23:53 December of 2016
23:55 he shared how he had been declaring
23:58 Psalm 103 verse 5 he who satisfies my
24:03 mouth
24:04 with good things so that my youth is
24:07 renewed like the Eagle he had been
24:09 declaring it for over 20 years every day
24:14 Wow have you declared something that
24:18 long and then that fervent in it so
24:23 meant as I starting to calculate what
24:25 how old was he there because when we go
24:28 to the conference he's gonna be 80 he's
24:29 82 right now and so he was probably when
24:34 this article was written maybe between
24:36 his 50s and 60s when he began declaring
24:39 it so if you around that age okay start
24:41 declaring it okay at that time the Lord
24:45 told Kenneth that youth renewal is the
24:49 blessing of Abraham that belonged to him
24:52 in Jesus Christ Lord told him to declare
24:57 Psalm 103 verse 5 daily so he said I
25:01 receive the benefit of my youth being
25:05 renewed today so let's make that
25:08 declaration of renewal say it after me I
25:11 receive the benefit of my youth being
25:15 renewed today so he was so thankful that
25:21 he had done this because when he turned
25:23 70 he really wanted to quit the ministry
25:27 he wanted to go ahead and get out on his
25:30 boat and go fast fishing and just give
25:34 up on the ministry he didn't realize
25:37 these thoughts that were pressing on him
25:39 were really coming from some of the
25:41 signals within his body his thyroid was
25:44 shot his adrenal glands were shot and he
25:48 had degenerative joint disease
25:49 especially in his spine which caused a
25:52 bony fragment to actually press on some
25:55 of the nerves in his spinal column and
25:58 he was in extreme pain now listen to
26:02 what he did he said you know I think the
26:10 devil
26:12 wants me to quit basically and he goes
26:17 but I have dick been declaring Psalm 103
26:21 verse five now since 1988 and so he
26:28 started you know what had happened is
26:30 that his spirit man had really grown
26:33 strong with this verse about having his
26:36 youth to be renewed or restored so he
26:40 said I started like Abraham then giving
26:43 glory to God when you give glory to God
26:46 you're doing this bless the Lord O my
26:48 soul the Psalm 103 what I've been
26:50 teaching you when you give glory to God
26:52 your blessing his name you're thanking
26:56 him you're praising him you're
26:57 glorifying God okay so he began to do
27:01 that just like he saw for that Abraham
27:04 did he see it said I determined and I
27:08 want you to understand this for yourself
27:10 whatever situation you're facing I
27:11 determined to be grateful and give
27:14 thanks by faith it occurred to me for
27:17 instance that even though some of my
27:20 body parts were hurting others did not
27:22 so I thanked him for that so as we go on
27:29 okay he says I thanked him that I was
27:32 saved and going to heaven instead of
27:34 hell we can all say that I thanked him
27:37 for my children who are all serving him
27:39 I thanked for all kinds of other
27:41 blessings that he had given to me after
27:44 a while I know this is long I said I was
27:47 shouting my gratitude to God I wasn't
27:51 hurting so I just kept at it now when we
27:56 think about shouting your gratitude
27:59 I believe you was actually doing that
28:02 that's praising the Lord with all that
28:06 is within you
28:07 Psalm 103 tells us to do that somewhere
28:11 along the way he says my physical body
28:15 started changing I don't know exactly
28:17 when but I can tell you this 16 months
28:21 later all signs of degenerative joint
28:24 disease
28:25 had vanished I'll be 80 years old this
28:28 month instead of slowing down I'm
28:30 gearing up instead of getting weaker I'm
28:33 getting stronger my physical body has
28:35 been quickened by the resurrection power
28:38 of God what had he done he connected to
28:42 the power source by faith and faith
28:45 always says something and he was saying
28:49 what God said about him and he was
28:53 saying it out of this source of strength
28:56 from what he had been meditating and
28:58 saying for 20 years every day I mean
29:01 this is just like to me such a testimony
29:04 so at 80 years old he writes I have a
29:08 fresh spark I'm enjoying a whole new
29:10 fruit bearing season of life and I tend
29:13 to live to the fullest until Jesus and I
29:15 are both satisfied that's Psalm 91 now
29:19 82 years of age I'm reading this article
29:22 that's two years later after this
29:25 happened he said the Holy Spirit had
29:28 prompted him way back when he started
29:31 his ministry that he was to be walking
29:34 and never to quit walking but he never
29:38 took up the Holy Spirit on it and he was
29:40 emphasizing in this article that when
29:43 the Holy Spirit prompts us to do
29:45 something we need to do it
29:47 even though we aren't putting an
29:50 emphasis on it and we just think oh
29:52 that's just a lightweight command of God
29:55 he says I would have avoided years of
29:58 pain if I would have actually done what
30:02 the Lord had told me to do now at 82
30:04 he's doing what the Lord has told him to
30:07 do and his strength is just increasing
30:10 increasing so amen is that a great
30:15 testimony so for Psalm 103 verse 5 I was
30:19 going to who okay future tense
30:22 glorification this is referring to the
30:24 age to come where you live in the new
30:26 Judaism in your resurrected body all
30:29 God's benefits all his blessings
30:32 blessings promised to you and I will
30:35 last throughout all eternity so let's
30:39 take a look
30:39 look at Roman numeral three who
30:42 satisfies your mouth with good things
30:46 okay now in the next part of this
30:51 handout that you have I'm going to be
30:54 asking you to actually go home and read
30:58 some of this I put more in the handout
31:00 then I will actually cover in here a lot
31:03 of it if you've taken my psalm one
31:05 course is a review or the earlier part
31:08 of Psalm 103 so who satisfies your mouth
31:11 with good things ever since God created
31:14 mankind he has desired to satisfy your
31:17 mouth with himself and all the good
31:20 things he created for you we have two
31:23 biblical examples of that and you can
31:25 read this on your own it started in the
31:27 Garden of Eden where Jesus is
31:30 represented as a tree of life and
31:32 there's many fruit trees for Adam and
31:35 Eve to partake of and then later on we
31:38 see as they're going the Israelites are
31:41 going through
31:42 they've just been delivered or right
31:45 before they're delivered from Egypt the
31:47 Lord has some partake of what is known
31:51 and this is their first Passover lamb
31:54 and as they actually put it into their
31:56 mouths and ate the Passover lamb and put
31:59 the blood on the doorpost of their homes
32:02 they were completely delivered from the
32:06 death angel that killed all the Egyptian
32:10 boys and all forms of any kind of
32:15 destruction and by doing that it says
32:17 this in Psalm 105 37 he brought them out
32:22 of Egypt we're talking about Egypt with
32:24 silver and gold and not one feeble among
32:28 his tribes so when you actually partake
32:31 of things with your mouth from from God
32:36 it can bring physical healing to your
32:40 body as well as restoration to your soul
32:44 your mind will and emotions be God
32:48 desires to satisfy your mouth with good
32:52 things
32:53 there are two significant ways that you
32:56 partake with your mouth the good things
32:58 that God has for you I'm gonna have you
33:01 be these on your own but the two main
33:03 ways are through the Word of God and
33:06 through communion one of my favorite
33:10 verses are talking about eating God's
33:12 Word as Jeremiah 15:16 where it says
33:15 your words were found and I ate them and
33:20 they were the joy and the rejoicing of
33:23 my heart how can you eat words bite yeah
33:29 by meditation and actually taking them
33:31 within you and then will Jesus himself
33:35 says hey you're not gonna live by just
33:37 man-made bread but you're gonna live by
33:40 every word that my father has spoken
33:44 you're gonna live by the word of God so
33:47 if you want your youth renewed if you
33:50 want to be strengthened in your inner
33:52 man if you want strength in your
33:55 physical being you need to eat the Word
33:59 of God Dodi Osteen we have a book back
34:02 there healed of cancer and she says this
34:05 the Word of God saved my life every day
34:08 I would read many scriptures and there
34:12 are healing scriptures that we have in
34:13 what's known as healing prescriptions a
34:16 little handout or pamphlet we have in
34:17 our Healing Rooms
34:18 and she says that she continued to turn
34:21 to these healing scriptures and read
34:23 them out loud she says the thing I want
34:25 you to understand is what helped me the
34:28 most an unshakable confidence in God's
34:30 Word and we know that faith comes from
34:32 hearing and hearing from the Word of God
34:34 we had a lady named Marietta and she was
34:39 a professional singer from the crystal
34:41 thick Cathedral and she came to our
34:42 Healing Rooms
34:43 and she was diagnosed with glaucoma in
34:46 her eye and she was told to put certain
34:51 drops in her eye but she really didn't
34:54 want to put him in because they would
34:55 affect her vocal cords and her singing
34:58 career and voices what she you know was
35:00 using to glorify God was a gift that she
35:02 had been given so she came to our prayer
35:04 rooms and this is what happened
35:07 she says at the time my friend told me
35:09 about the Camry all Healing Rooms which
35:12 is about an hour away from my home I
35:14 went there and they laid hands on me
35:17 claiming God's word for my healing they
35:20 gave me a few brochures that had Bible
35:23 verses on them they stated that my
35:25 husband on I should claim God's Word for
35:28 my healing every morning and every
35:30 evening as we did this I began to
35:32 understand how important it was to claim
35:35 God's Word as a truth for my healing his
35:39 Word says by His stripes we were healed
35:42 so then she goes back to the second
35:44 ophthalmologist and he going wow I don't
35:47 really see this and then she comes back
35:50 six months later and she still was
35:52 totally healed of glaucoma and I heard
35:54 from her I don't know if it was a year
35:56 or two years after when she is still
35:58 healed of that diagnosis she says I
36:01 learned the power standing on God's Word
36:04 saying it out loud as a prayer to God
36:07 God's Word will never return void we are
36:11 to press in with faith in God's Word and
36:14 his answering our prayers I thank God
36:17 and all the people who prayed I thank my
36:20 husband for standing with me praying and
36:23 believing God's word for my healing I
36:25 thank the camera
36:26 Camarillo Healing Rooms for their
36:28 wonderful Ministry of standing on God's
36:32 Word for healing the second way that we
36:37 take or partake of of God through our
36:43 mouths is through communion and you can
36:46 read John 6 55 through 57 on your own on
36:49 your handout I was rereading and been
36:52 reading it for a few weeks now a book on
36:55 communion it's by Anna Mendes for Al
36:58 it's called eat my flesh drink my blood
37:00 and oh man she has some fantastic
37:03 testimonies of what it has done for her
37:05 in her life and I know even people on
37:08 our team like Lenny of what the taking
37:12 daily communion has done for their life
37:15 connecting to the very power source but
37:18 you need to connect to these two
37:19 eternal realities of what God has told
37:21 us to put in our mouth his word and then
37:24 he said it regarding his the body and
37:28 blood of Christ he says do this and
37:30 remembrance I mean in other words don't
37:32 forget the benefits that I have
37:35 purchased for you so as you partake of
37:36 communion remember all the benefits that
37:39 he has given to you your mouth is called
37:42 to serve the Spirit of God the one who
37:45 is living on the inside of your
37:47 born-again spirit your mouth is called
37:50 to bless the Lord to bless His Holy Name
37:53 and not to forget his benefits
37:56 it says in Romans 10:10 for with the
37:59 heart one believes unto righteousness
38:00 and with the mouth confession is made
38:04 unto salvation your mouth reflects what
38:07 is in your heart your mouth will either
38:10 help you to enter into the fullness of
38:13 all the benefits that God has provided
38:16 for you or your mouth will act like a
38:18 roadblock preventing you from receiving
38:22 God's benefits 2nd Corinthians 4:13
38:26 tells us I believed and therefore I
38:31 spoke whenever you start placing in your
38:36 heart through your I gate and your ear
38:39 gate and you hear yourself the most and
38:42 that's what goes into your ears the most
38:44 that will go down into your heart and
38:47 that's what you'll start to confess
38:51 Joshua 1:8 we are talking about this in
38:54 our psalm 1 series it says this book of
38:58 the law the word of the Lord shall not
39:01 depart from my mouth but I'm gonna
39:04 meditate it on it day and night
39:07 and I'm gonna do according to do a lot
39:12 of us think we're just going to look and
39:14 read it or say it but the Lord tells us
39:18 to do according to all that is written
39:20 in it for then you'll make your way
39:23 prosperous and then you'll have good
39:27 success now if we take a look at the
39:30 Israelites what prevented them from
39:33 into their promised land it was their
39:36 soul their mine their will their
39:38 emotions that was unrenewed that
39:42 prevented them from actually entering
39:44 into what God had already made access
39:48 for them to have the benefits that were
39:52 there in the promised land they were
39:55 found repeatedly grumbling and
39:58 complaining rather than filling their
40:01 mouths with thanks and praise they
40:04 forgot what God had done for them and
40:08 you can read this throughout many of the
40:10 Psalms Psalm 106 21 says they forgot God
40:14 their Savior who had done great things
40:16 in Egypt therefore rather than pressing
40:21 forward into the new things that God had
40:25 for them they desire to return to the
40:29 bondage in Egypt the Israelites response
40:35 of what they said
40:37 with their mouths especially the
40:38 grumbling and complaining showed that
40:41 their mouth was not satisfied with God
40:46 and what his provision was so when we
40:50 think about you wanting to grumble or
40:53 complain about something switch that
40:56 around don't let the enemy control your
40:58 mouth switch it around to praise and
41:00 thanksgiving and blessing the Lord Roman
41:04 numeral 5 for who satisfies your mouth
41:06 with good things to satisfy means to
41:10 carry out the terms of something such as
41:14 a contract so we can think of God's
41:18 covenant with us God's covenant is shown
41:20 in verses 3 through 5 it can also mean
41:25 to to satisfy to make happy or gratify
41:29 to the fold to convince to put an end to
41:32 doubt or uncertainty the word Sadek
41:37 satisfies comes from the hebrew word
41:39 sabah which means to drink their fill to
41:44 feed them to the full have
41:46 to saturate the Hebrew word Sabbath to
41:50 satify to satisfy appears throughout the
41:54 Bible in relationship to several things
41:56 and you can read these on their own the
41:58 Bible verses connected to them but it
42:00 comes in relationship to eating and
42:03 drinking to needs being met and to
42:07 length of days in Psalm 103 there are
42:12 different ways that God desires to
42:16 satisfy you God desires to satisfy you
42:20 as we have seen in Psalm 103 with his
42:24 love you can read that in verse 11 God
42:28 desires to satisfy you with His mercy
42:32 you can read that in verses 10 and 12
42:35 God desires to satisfy you with this
42:39 fatherhood he has adopted you and he has
42:43 accepted you as his own child showing
42:46 you compassion and goodness far beyond
42:49 what any earthly father would ever show
42:52 that's first thirteen and Psalm 103 God
42:57 desires to satisfy you with all his
43:00 benefits forgiveness healing Redemption
43:04 crowning satisfying your mouth with good
43:08 things God desires us to satisfy you
43:12 with himself
43:13 his lordship eleven times the word Lord
43:18 appears in Psalm 103 lordship refers to
43:23 God having supreme authority power and
43:27 Dominion in your life you can either
43:30 accept or reject his lordship you can
43:34 either accept or reject God himself you
43:38 can read about how he is in verse 8
43:42 note that the good things that the Lord
43:46 wants to satisfy your life with because
43:49 God is your heavenly Father you can
43:52 notice that in Matthew 7:11 where it
43:55 talks about giving good gifts to the
43:58 children his children much more
44:00 earthly father would these good things
44:03 are all related to his relationship to
44:07 you as his as you are his child and he
44:12 is your father you can read about that
44:14 in John James 1:17 every good and every
44:18 perfect gift is from above and it comes
44:22 down from the Father of lights Luke 15
44:26 31 son you're always with me and all I
44:32 have is yours Roman numeral five so that
44:39 your youth is renewed like the Eagle the
44:42 spirit in life of Jesus Christ is
44:45 dwelling in you through the power of the
44:48 Holy Spirit has the ability to renew
44:51 your life like the Eagles but like I
44:54 said before you need to connect to the
44:57 power source and you do this by
45:01 receiving God's grace the power of the
45:04 gospel through faith you can take a look
45:08 about your youth being restored in two
45:13 ways with God's beauty and God's
45:16 strength
45:17 there's inward beauty where God wants to
45:22 beautify your soul your mind your will
45:24 and your emotions talks about that in
45:28 2nd Corinthians 4:16 and one of the key
45:32 ways that we need to be beautified is in
45:36 our thinking and is is in our mind
45:39 that's romans 12:2 to be transformed by
45:43 god's word by the renewing of our mind
45:46 your unrenewed emotions usual want to
45:50 have dominion over your life and over
45:53 your thoughts and as we study more
45:56 psalms we'll see how King David
45:58 repeatedly went ahead and took dominion
46:02 over his unrenewed emotions by blessing
46:06 the Lord thanking him and praising them
46:09 and that's one of the best way to take
46:11 control over unrenewed
46:13 and then renewed emotions Sarah was a
46:20 you know Abraham and Sarah her beauty
46:23 was renewed physically on an outward
46:26 basis as well as on the inside of her
46:30 physical being she bore Isaac at 90
46:33 years of age when I see 11:11 on my
46:39 digital clock I always think about
46:42 Hebrews 11:11 by faith Sarah and you can
46:47 put your own name in there receive
46:49 strength to conceive seed when she was
46:53 past age because she judged him faithful
46:55 who had promised conceive seed you can
47:00 think of conceiving or giving birth to
47:03 the Word of God and you judge him
47:06 faithful
47:12 strength being renewed and strength when
47:16 you think of your youth being renewed
47:17 you think of having the energy and the
47:20 strength of when you're in your youth
47:23 and we often think of Isaiah 40 and
47:27 verse 28 through about 31 it starts out
47:34 in isaiah 40:28 - 29 have you not heard
47:38 the creator neither faint snores weary
47:42 he gives power to the weak and to those
47:44 who have no mind he increases strength
47:48 God through Jesus Christ can transmit
47:52 his resurrection power the same power
47:55 that raised Jesus Christ from the dead
47:58 it says the youth will faint you know so
48:02 when he wants when it talks about
48:03 renewing our youth like an eagle the
48:06 youth the young ones can actually faint
48:08 and become weary it's only God he is the
48:13 source of all strength and all renewal
48:16 Isaiah 40:31 but those who wait for the
48:20 Lord shall renew their strength they
48:22 shall mount up with wings like eagles
48:23 they shall run and not be weary they
48:26 shall walk and not faint
48:30 so I listed here some basic I call them
48:36 God's recipe for renewal and you can
48:39 take these home and you can actually
48:41 practice them okay so number one I says
48:44 how can you have your strength we knew
48:46 like an eagle well Isaiah 40:31 says
48:49 wait upon the Lord okay trust and hope
48:53 in him
48:54 hope is hold on to the promise eternally
49:00 or you can say with great expectation
49:04 realize that your waiting is an active
49:07 response to God's Word and command it's
49:10 not passive every word of God commands
49:13 you to believe it and obey it
49:15 number three command your soul to bless
49:19 the Lord and forget not all his
49:21 salvation benefits and actually say like
49:25 Heol 3:10 says let the weak say I am
49:27 strong
49:28 number four make a quality decision to
49:32 live by faith in the power of the gospel
49:34 the power of the cross for your
49:37 salvation has revealed in Psalm 103
49:40 number five make a quality decision to
49:43 live in and from God's love as revealed
49:46 in Psalm 103 number six cooperate with
49:50 God's grace for the renewal of your soul
49:53 your mind your will and emotions from
49:55 what God's Word says in what he has
49:59 personally spoken to your spirit number
50:01 seven find your supreme satisfaction in
50:06 God and give up complaining and
50:09 grumbling to yourself and to others and
50:12 then you can read on your own what
50:15 should you do as you grow older
50:17 Deuteronomy 34 seventh one of my verses
50:20 Moses was 120 years old when he died his
50:24 eyes were not dim and his natural vigor
50:27 was not diminished Abraham was a hundred
50:30 years old about when he conceived they
50:34 conceived Isaac let's do this
50:37 declaration of renewal my youth is being
50:40 renewed I will have great physical
50:43 strength and mental strength all the
50:45 days of my life my vision will be
50:48 restored
50:50 we're not diminished and then let's make
50:54 this final renewal and we'll close now
50:57 at this very moment in time I thankfully
50:59 receive the fullness of Jesus Christ as
51:02 God's gift to me I am forgiven of all my
51:06 sins healed of all my diseases redeemed
51:10 from the pit of destruction crowned with
51:13 God's love and mercy and satisfied with
51:16 good things every day I'm getting
51:18 stronger and healthier in my soul my
51:22 mind my will and emotions in in my body
51:25 let's pray father thank you for your
51:28 wisdom and revelation you have given it
51:30 to us in Psalm 103 strengthen us now to
51:34 walk in your love and all your benefits
51:36 that you have so generously
51:39 given to us in Jesus's name Amen thank
51:42 you


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