Who Heals All Your Diseases – Really? Really!

It is time to put an exclamation mark behind God’s Name, the One “Who heals all your diseases.”  A question mark represents doubt, while and exclamation mark represents faith. Through this session you will be enabled to change your previous question marks regarding God’s willingness to heal you of all your diseases to the exclamation mark that heaven has put behind Jesus’ Name as Jehovah Rapha, the great physician.


Video Transcript

00:02 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I'm the
00:05 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:07 welcome to our fourth session on Psalm
00:11 103 tonight's teaching is in tile God
00:15 heals all your diseases really question
00:20 mark yes really
00:23 exclamation mark too many times people
00:26 are putting a question mark behind God's
00:30 Word his truth rather than an
00:34 exclamation mark you know a question
00:38 mark it represents doubt while an
00:41 exclamation mark represents faith join
00:46 me in discovering why you can unite your
00:49 voice with King David in his exultation
00:52 his Thanksgiving and praise in Psalm 103
00:57 the God who heals all of your diseases
01:02 God is the only one who has ever been
01:06 able and willing to heal all diseases as
01:10 perfectly represented by the life of
01:13 Jesus Christ when he walked here on the
01:16 planet Earth
01:17 no doctor has ever done what Jesus has
01:21 done curing every one of every sickness
01:25 and disease for whoever came to him God
01:30 is the greatest physician ever known to
01:35 mankind
01:36 let us pray father we enter your courts
01:40 tonight with great Thanksgiving and
01:43 praise for this message that you are
01:45 opening our hearts and open your ears to
01:48 hear about you the one who is Jehovah
01:52 Rapha the one who heals all of our
01:55 diseases and father as we look to you
01:58 tonight our expectation is from you and
02:02 from you alone for you alone are a rock
02:05 for you alone are our salvation you
02:08 alone our Redeemer you alone are our
02:11 healer and we praise you
02:13 author for the healings and the miracles
02:16 father that will happen here in our
02:19 myths tonight and online as people are
02:21 listening we praise you for your
02:23 wonderful name we thank you you are the
02:28 God who heals amen
02:31 so let's go to Roman numeral 1 entitled
02:35 love heals all your diseases the title
02:38 of this entire series on Psalm 103 is
02:41 living in the power of the gospel in
02:44 order to be able to live in an ongoing
02:48 way in the power of the gospel for your
02:52 salvation you need to stay vitally
02:56 connected to who God is
03:00 you need to stay connected to the very
03:03 essence of his nature his character his
03:08 personality his attitude his way of life
03:12 his way of dealing with you and I and
03:15 the one word that best describes God is
03:20 love we know that from first John 4:8
03:23 that God is love and love is God it's
03:27 love that heals all of your diseases
03:31 it's love that forgives all of your sin
03:36 God passionately desires that you
03:41 receive all of his benefits because he
03:46 truly does love you and part of his
03:49 benefits that he are listed there in
03:52 Psalm 103 verses 3 through 5 it begins
03:56 with what we studied last week who
03:59 forgives all your iniquities and then
04:02 the second one which we're going to
04:04 cover tonight God who heals all your
04:08 diseases God's love like we've been
04:12 describing them for the last several
04:14 weeks the Hebrew word is hasson and that
04:18 word has it actually it appears four
04:20 times within Psalm 103 so you can say
04:25 that Psalm 100
04:27 three the overarching theme or what it's
04:30 all about is God's love and we know that
04:35 God so loved you that He gave His only
04:38 Son Jesus Christ to die your death on
04:41 the cross as your substitute not only
04:46 for your sin but as your substitute for
04:50 every sickness and disease you would
04:52 ever confront and he says to you tonight
04:57 don't forget my benefits don't neglect
05:01 them and please don't put a question
05:05 mark after them yes he knows that these
05:09 benefits seem way too idealistic above
05:14 and beyond what you will usually allow
05:18 yourself to think and imagine let alone
05:21 believe yeah tonight the Holy Spirit is
05:25 beckoning you and I to his word that
05:29 says God is the one who heals all your
05:33 diseases so let's put an exclamation
05:36 mark behind God's word behind who he
05:41 says he is who he has revealed himself
05:45 in his first redemptive name which is
05:48 Jehovah Rapha and all of God's
05:51 redemptive names there 7m7 of them they
05:55 all point to what Jesus Christ would one
05:58 day do for us on the cross
06:02 God's great love is so far above and
06:08 beyond the limitations of this earth
06:10 that it reaches into the heavens and it
06:16 goes way beyond the universe that man
06:20 has discovered so far and guess what it
06:24 abounds towards you and I forever and
06:29 ever and ever
06:32 that's Psalm 103 verses 8 11 and 17 God
06:38 exhort you therefore to follow his lead
06:43 about what he wants you to dwell on he
06:47 says this in Colossians 3 verses 1
06:49 through 3
06:50 if then you are raised with Christ seek
06:54 those things which are where Bob where
07:01 Christ is sitting at the right hand of
07:04 God set your mind on the things above
07:09 not on the things of Earth for you died
07:15 and your life is hidden with Christ and
07:18 in Christ you're seated in Christ far
07:22 above every principality and power
07:25 you're seated in the heavenly places in
07:28 Christ and that's where we're to set our
07:30 minds that's where we're to focus on
07:35 God's love doesn't flow like a little
07:38 trickling stream barely making it
07:41 through but rather like a mighty rushing
07:45 river and it flows from his throne of
07:49 grace from the ocean of his love into
07:53 the hearts and lives of billions of
07:56 people on planet Earth throughout all
07:59 the ages for those that come to him his
08:03 love it will fill up every dry and
08:08 cracked crevice it will redeem you
08:12 restore you renew you and refresh you
08:16 over and over again how many remember
08:20 the abundant rains we had this past year
08:23 2019 in California yay
08:27 and this is a beautiful picture of how
08:30 God's love is poured out into our lives
08:33 in the dry and thirsty land where there
08:37 is no water
08:39 that's Psalm 63 no water yes there's
08:45 water but we're talking about in this
08:47 Psalm 63 about the living water that
08:50 comes from the throne of God and the
08:54 life-giving water contains the very life
08:57 of God himself
08:59 and we need to allow his life to soak
09:03 the dry and barren ground of our hearts
09:08 numb Roman numeral to God's healing word
09:12 I put it equals God's love seed as a
09:19 result of the steady rain soaked in the
09:21 dry desert floor in California this past
09:24 winter the dormant wildflower seeds were
09:28 able to become all that they were
09:31 created to be and they changed the very
09:34 barren landscape of the desert into
09:37 something oh wow it was extraordinary
09:40 beautiful it was known as a wildflower
09:43 super bloom the seed of God's Word when
09:50 you allowed the rain of the Holy Spirit
09:54 to fall upon it as you let it pour for
09:58 from your mouth it will produce all that
10:01 it was created to be because it has a
10:05 very DNA of God Himself in the seed
10:12 Isaiah 35 1 through 2 says and the
10:15 desert shall rejoice and blossom as the
10:18 rose
10:19 it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice
10:22 even with joy and singing so if you are
10:27 experiencing drought like conditions in
10:30 your life if you're experiencing
10:32 sickness or disease allow the reign of
10:36 God to go ahead and come forth and to
10:40 bud and blossom in your life taking over
10:45 what it used to look like amen
10:49 you know every time that I have spoken
10:53 on the healing word of God
10:55 I don't recall one time
10:58 where somebody hasn't come up to me and
11:00 says while you were speaking I got
11:03 healed of whatever it is so I want the
11:07 expectation as a seed of the word of God
11:11 as it goes forth to for you to receive
11:15 it so dramatically that what you walked
11:18 in with tonight you will walk out with
11:23 it because it's the power of God's Word
11:26 his ability his love that will perform
11:30 that in your life sometimes I think of
11:33 Jack and the Beanstalk when I see that
11:35 like you know it just boom it instantly
11:38 automatically and we know that whenever
11:40 people came to Jesus Christ that's how
11:43 it occurred in his life's time he didn't
11:47 say go home and wait 10 20 30 days so
11:52 point number C continue to water the
11:56 seed of God's healing word by putting an
11:59 exclamation mark after every truth in
12:03 God's Word that concerns healing and
12:06 begin putting an exclamation mark behind
12:09 Psalm 103 where it says God is the one
12:14 who heals all of your diseases let's get
12:18 rid of the question mark in our heart
12:20 and saying yes god I thank you that you
12:24 have already healed my disease my
12:29 sickness so you do this with your mouth
12:32 and tell you see the fulfillment of
12:35 God's healing benefit manifest in your
12:38 life that's what Romans 10:9 through 10
12:41 talks about about confessing the Word of
12:44 God for our salvation so two handouts
12:49 that I have and there's the address for
12:51 our Healing Room website you can go to
12:55 the resources on cameo Healing Rooms and
12:57 go to resources go to prayer and I have
13:00 two things that I have developed over
13:04 the years and one is called healing
13:06 prescriptions you take God's medicine
13:10 like you the Word of God like you would
13:12 medicine and that's the and then it will
13:16 produce the healing and the other one is
13:20 who I am in Christ and that's all based
13:22 around healing scriptures and after this
13:25 session in room number four at 7:00 p.m.
13:29 anyone who would like to come in we are
13:31 going to declare the healing Word of God
13:33 from one of those handouts tonight as
13:36 well as from what you received Psalm 103
13:41 5 says this he's going to satisfy your
13:45 mouth with good things put his food into
13:50 your mouth and let it satisfies you and
13:52 then it says so that your youth is
13:54 renewed like the Eagles people think oh
13:59 that's just spiritual he's talking about
14:01 but get this
14:03 Deuteronomy 34 7 Moses was 120 years old
14:09 when he died his eyes were not dim nor
14:14 his natural vigor diminished so that
14:18 could hoping happened to Moses under the
14:20 Old Covenant how about you and I those
14:23 who dwell in the heavenly places in
14:26 Jesus Christ people think Moses that
14:28 that mountaintop experience and I didn't
14:30 have that well you have something even
14:32 higher you are dwelling at the highest
14:37 Mount Everest there ever is your
14:39 dwelling on the throne of God and your
14:44 dwelling in Christ Jesus in Christ Jesus
14:47 is dwelling inside of you it's
14:53 impossible to water the imperishable
14:57 seed of God's Word welling within you
15:01 and not see it produce the promise in
15:05 contrast to our lives that will perish
15:08 the Word of God says that the Word of
15:11 God lives and abides forever
15:16 1st Peter 2:23 through 25 is very
15:20 similar to what you will see
15:23 Psalm 103 verses 15 to 16 first Peter it
15:31 says this in verse 23
15:34 chapter 2 having been born again not of
15:37 corruptible but incorruptible seed
15:40 through the Word of God which lives and
15:43 abides forever and then it says the same
15:46 thing as Psalm 103 verses 15 and 16 all
15:49 flesh is like grass but then it says but
15:52 the word of the Lord endures forever and
15:58 ever
15:58 now when you look at Psalm 103 15
16:03 through 16 instead of seen the word of
16:06 the Lord endures forever
16:08 it says the love of Allah is from
16:14 everlasting to everlasting in other
16:16 words the love of war endures forever
16:19 and ever the word of the Lord endures
16:22 forever and ever in other words the word
16:24 of the Lord is the love of the Lord
16:27 they're one and the same the Word of God
16:31 is God's love letter to you it is his
16:35 love and he wants to embrace you all
16:39 with it tonight by faith it's your right
16:43 and privilege as a child of God to abide
16:48 in this eternal place of his word and
16:52 his love and this is how you live as one
16:58 who fears him three times in Psalm 103
17:02 it says like this blessing is connected
17:06 to those who fear him fearing the Lord
17:10 is taking your rightful place in the
17:13 Word of God and staying there abiding
17:17 there you are called to abide in God's
17:20 love that is your duty and your
17:23 privilege as a born-again believer so
17:27 open your heart to hear Psalm 103 of
17:32 God's scene
17:33 this song it is a song and hear him
17:37 singing his love over you allow God's
17:42 redeeming love along with all of his
17:45 love benefits to penetrate your soul and
17:49 to become the focal point of all your
17:52 praise just like King David sang over
17:55 his own soul and as you praise God the
17:59 one who heals all of your diseases it
18:03 will be like the rain or a i-n and it
18:08 will be like the rain or a IGN over your
18:13 life healing all your sicknesses and all
18:18 your diseases the healing seed of the
18:22 word of God like I mentioned before it
18:23 contains the very DNA of God himself in
18:28 Leviticus 17:11 we talked about this
18:31 last week in regards to the forgiveness
18:33 of our sins that the life of the flesh
18:37 is in the blood you have as a born-again
18:44 believer the very blood that flowed
18:48 through Jesus's veins he's in you and
18:53 his blood has the power to redeem you
18:57 from every sickness and every disease
19:00 and everything that would confront you
19:04 remember that Psalm 103 is inspired by
19:09 the Holy Spirit
19:10 it is God's prophetic word about what
19:13 Jesus Christ would one day do on the
19:16 cross for you and I the limit is love of
19:21 God it flows from heaven through the
19:27 cross reaching every need of yours
19:31 including your need for healing and
19:35 health as you come to him Luke 911 I
19:40 just absolutely fell in love with it
19:44 when I saw these words at the very
19:47 now God Jesus isn't a great big
19:50 multitude of people and Jesus spoke to
19:54 them about the kingdom of God and then
19:57 it says this it says he healed those who
20:03 had need of healing Wow
20:08 that means all of us when we're
20:10 confronted with sickness or disease
20:12 qualified don't we we have a need and we
20:16 come to God with our need for healing
20:21 you're called to receive the kingdom of
20:24 God all his benefits like a little child
20:28 a little child but is the little child
20:33 due in relationship to their earthly
20:35 father little child believes daddy is
20:39 gonna meet every need of theirs right my
20:44 son right now he has a little fifteen
20:47 year old daughter
20:49 month old daughter and this last week
20:55 and while we were doing FaceTime it was
20:57 so precious because here we are doing
21:01 FaceTime with her and she's reading a
21:05 little picture kind of book or looking
21:07 at it and my son's looking at it and
21:10 we're looking at it through the phone
21:11 and we're both talking about what's on
21:13 these pages and then she comes and sees
21:17 this picture of a cat drinking some milk
21:21 and my son says where's the milk and she
21:27 points to some milk on the page 15
21:29 months old down very successful yay and
21:33 then she starts to cry and my son says
21:41 do you want some milk and she gets up
21:46 and starts walking into the kitchen with
21:49 my son following her now the milk wasn't
21:53 ready quite yet so he hands her a glass
21:56 of water and she continues to cry
22:01 gets the milk prepared in the bottle
22:03 handed to her all the crying ceases an
22:10 earthly father meeting the need of a
22:13 child your Heavenly Father sees your
22:20 need and wants to meet it now my 15
22:23 month old daughter she didn't even have
22:25 the words to describe it but her father
22:28 knew her need and Luke 15 we see the
22:31 same thing happening when the prodigal
22:34 son was a great way off the father ran
22:38 to him yeah he a lot of things that
22:41 needed to be straightened out a lot of
22:43 issues but his father it's better than
22:47 any earthly father he totally forgave
22:50 him he gave him the best room the robe
22:54 of righteousness and he's given you and
22:57 I that robe of righteousness which
23:00 symbolizes the forgiveness of all of our
23:04 sins the Holy Spirit is beckoning you to
23:10 come to God's throne of grace with great
23:13 expectation and confidence that your
23:16 need will be mad that your healing will
23:19 manifest here on this earth as you come
23:23 to him he was 4:16 it says this let us
23:29 come boldly to his throne of grace to
23:32 receive what to receive mercy and help
23:36 when a month from now a year from hell
23:41 no in the time you need it now it seems
23:47 way too simple but if my son would have
23:50 went ahead knowing his daughter had deed
23:53 of milk and says you know what why don't
23:56 we wait till this evening before I give
23:58 it to you I mean it's just we won't
24:00 think of earthly father's like that but
24:03 for some reason in our minds when it
24:05 comes to our Heavenly Father we think he
24:08 always has a stop sign out there oh wait
24:10 sign when it comes to healing he says
24:14 and Corinthians 6:2 now is acceptable
24:17 time now is the day of your salvation
24:22 when God proclaimed his name the first
24:25 time to mankind God revealed how he'll
24:28 always respond to his children to you
24:31 and I to those who fear his name Psalm
24:34 103 8 says this the Lord is merciful and
24:38 gracious slow to anger and abounding in
24:42 mercy the Passa Paul this is in the New
24:49 Testament he describes our Lord and he
24:54 says God is the father of mercies that
24:59 ii corinthians 1:3 and god wants to know
25:03 that he's a father who's very merciful
25:08 to us we think that he's out there with
25:10 a big stick ready to swap when he really
25:14 has his arms open wide to love on us and
25:17 to give us what a normal human can't
25:20 give us the forgiveness of all of our
25:22 sins last week we talked about the
25:25 healing of all of our diseases mere
25:28 human an ear doctor can't even do that
25:31 and then God Paul the Apostle Paul he
25:35 illustrates how God's mercy and love are
25:39 interrelated to one another and I like
25:42 this it says in Ephesians 2:4 but God is
25:44 rich in mercy because of his great love
25:49 for us because He loves us so much he
25:54 has like channels of love coming from
25:57 his throne was mercy and one is grace
26:03 mercy is basically you get what you
26:09 really don't deserve through your sin
26:11 you deserve the ultimate death and
26:16 sickness is insipient or slow onset of
26:20 death so that is what we deserve sin
26:25 sickness the curse
26:28 but through God's mercy sis now you come
26:32 and you allow that best robe the robe of
26:35 righteousness to be on you and I want
26:38 you to know I have forgiven you of all
26:40 your sins and then he says and then my
26:45 grace is there grace is something
26:50 different than mercy grace is like this
26:56 okay so like a policeman my husband was
26:59 sharing this a speaker had shared this
27:01 and you guys can all relate so you're on
27:05 the freeway and you the cop pulls you
27:08 over you're doing 80 miles per hour on
27:10 the freeway yeah and so you you don't
27:13 get the ticket I mean he just you know
27:17 stops you I mean you don't get the
27:18 ticket that's mercy right when you done
27:22 something wrong and you don't get the
27:24 punishment you deserve
27:25 that's mercy but what happens if the cop
27:31 the policeman then hands you a five
27:34 thousand dollar bill that's grace that's
27:42 what God does he heals all of our
27:45 diseases he removes the sickness and
27:48 disease but then he goes he says I want
27:52 your youth be nude like an eagle he
27:55 wants to restore you to the better than
27:58 condition
28:04 so Luke 15 grace is basically getting
28:08 what Christ deserved through a sinless
28:10 life and sacrificial deeds on the cross
28:12 it's getting everything that belongs to
28:15 Jesus Luke 15 31 the good father says to
28:21 the elder son who wasn't experiencing
28:24 God's grace he says all I have is yours
28:28 he saw the prodigal son get a lot of
28:31 benefits and he's looking at the
28:33 prodigal son and going wait a minute I
28:35 didn't get those and the Lord system all
28:40 I have is yours
28:42 he just wasn't living in the benefits
28:48 that the Lord had given to him it was
28:51 like he put the robe in the closet the
28:53 benefits in the closet never opening the
28:56 presence of the Lord had given him
28:58 Galatians 4 7 says you're an heir of God
29:01 through Christ Romans 8:17 and of
29:04 children joint heirs with Christ you and
29:08 I have an inheritance package that is so
29:12 huge Christ has already died and he's
29:17 already given us our inheritance so we
29:21 don't have to live like a beggar under
29:24 the bridge when he's given us a mansion
29:27 to live in we don't have to live in
29:32 sickness and disease when He has given
29:35 us divine health in the New Testament
29:39 mercy and grace are synonymous with
29:42 Redemption the salvation of Jesus Christ
29:46 let's go to Roman numeral for Jesus
29:49 removed your sin debt qualifying you for
29:52 your healing when it comes to receiving
29:55 God's word of Psalm 103 that states who
29:58 heals all your diseases it's essential
30:01 that you understand that God has removed
30:04 your sin debt has already paid for it in
30:07 full by the blood of Jesus Christ and I
30:11 have to emphasize this because this is
30:13 what I went through when I was trying to
30:15 get healed so I put there you know why
30:17 do we know
30:18 that need to know that you removed our
30:20 sin dad because the enemy will always
30:24 try to make you qualify yourself by
30:26 living a perfect sinless life in order
30:30 to receive the gift of healing when God
30:33 has already qualified you to be a
30:36 partaker of the inheritance of the
30:38 Saints in life and you can read that in
30:41 Colossians 1 verses 12 to 14 what is
30:46 your inheritance
30:47 we have the basic core inheritance in
30:53 Psalm 103 verses 3 to 5 who forgives all
30:56 your sins who heals all your diseases
30:58 redeems your life from destruction who
31:01 crowns your life with loving-kindness
31:03 and compassion who satisfies your mouth
31:05 with good things so that your youth is
31:08 renewed like the Eagle now we talked
31:14 about God's gift box that this is like
31:20 your inheritance that you have been
31:22 given your inheritance is Christ himself
31:26 and in Christ you have every one of
31:31 these benefits that I have mentioned to
31:34 you it's God's gift to you
31:36 unlike the elder son you don't want to
31:39 keep it in your claws that you don't
31:41 want to neglect what he's given to you
31:43 but you want to go ahead accept it don't
31:47 put a question mark behind his word who
31:49 says who heals all your diseases put an
31:51 exclamation mark behind his healing word
31:53 start confessing it out of your mouth
31:56 and so you can see the seed of the word
31:58 of God grow up into what it's called to
32:01 be in your life God knew you could not
32:05 qualify yourself for such an inheritance
32:08 for such a great salvation by your own
32:11 good deeds your own righteousness your
32:14 own growth or strength in the Christian
32:16 life the Old Testament revealed how no
32:20 one was able to qualify themselves
32:23 according to the law and their own
32:25 ability to keep it therefore God gave
32:29 you Jesus Christ the one who
32:32 perfectly qualified you threw his
32:34 sinless life and through the shedding of
32:37 his own blood for the remission of your
32:39 sins so when you come up tonight to
32:42 receive Communion and you put the cup of
32:45 the New Covenant to your mouth you're
32:49 basically coming in agreement with God
32:52 about your identity in Jesus Christ the
32:56 one who has forgiven all of your sins
32:59 and the one who has healed you of all
33:01 your diseases isaiah 61:10 is a very
33:06 visual picture of what the lord has
33:09 given to us the inheritance I will
33:13 greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul
33:15 shall be joyful in my god for he has
33:20 clothed me with the garments of
33:23 salvation notice how that's plural
33:26 that's more than one salvation benefit
33:29 he has covered me with the robe of
33:32 righteousness so you are covered with
33:35 the robe of righteousness and then you
33:38 receive garments of salvation that's
33:42 more than one thing that the Lord has
33:45 saved you from the number one thing that
33:48 he wants you to know that he has saved
33:50 you from his whole sickness and all
33:52 disease and its really interesting we'll
33:57 go to real man numeral 5 when I started
34:00 to see how forgiveness and healing were
34:06 always in the same passages together so
34:10 here it is in Psalm 103 in verse 3 you
34:13 see God is the one who forgives all your
34:18 sin God is the one who heals all your
34:22 diseases they were always brought
34:25 together and in jesus's life we see the
34:30 same thing him forgiving sins and
34:33 healing all of our diseases forgiveness
34:37 is God's redemption for your spirits and
34:41 healing is God's redemption for your
34:44 body
34:45 in Isaiah 53 it's actually in the very
34:48 center of your Bible it's a foundational
34:51 passage for your salvation the healing
34:54 of a whole man and isaiah 53:5 it says
34:59 this here you watch for the word sin and
35:02 healing in there they're coming together
35:04 but he was wounded for our
35:06 transgressions he was bruised for our
35:09 iniquities the chastisement for our
35:12 peace was upon him and by His stripes
35:15 you were healed so we see he was wounded
35:19 for our sins
35:20 that's the healing for your spirit man
35:23 the next one the chastisement for our
35:27 peace was upon him
35:29 that's the healing of our soul and we're
35:31 gonna cover the healing of the soul next
35:33 week and then and by His stripes you
35:36 were healed
35:37 that's the redemption for your body the
35:41 redemption of your whole man Jesus bore
35:44 the curse in his spirit soul and body so
35:48 that you would not need to bear the
35:49 curse in your spirit soul her body he
35:54 did that as your substitute as you not
35:57 just for you Peter reflects on the core
36:00 truths of Jesus's finished work on the
36:03 cross putting into past tense what
36:08 isaiah 53:5 and what Psalm 103 3 state
36:14 and once again you see these two core
36:17 realities about the forgiveness of sin
36:20 and healing of diseases in 1st Peter
36:22 2:24 who himself bore our own sins in
36:26 his body on the tree that we having died
36:29 to sin might live for righteousness by
36:33 whose stripes you were healed
36:38 so Jesus put your healing into the past
36:44 tense and he expects you to believe and
36:47 act upon first Peter 2:24 in like
36:52 fashion God has authorized you to put
36:57 your healing into the past
36:59 hence this is not mind over matter but
37:03 putting the Word of God just as it is
37:07 stated in the New Testament so if you
37:10 look in the Old Testament in Exodus 23
37:13 25 and look forward to what the Lord
37:16 would one day do for us on the cross and
37:18 he says I will future tenth take
37:21 sickness from you and then we just saw
37:24 in isaiah 53:5 isaiah prophetically was
37:29 declaring what Jesus was doing on the
37:32 cross by His stripes we are healed and
37:37 then in the New Testament it's looking
37:39 back to what Jesus has already done for
37:42 us on the cross by his stripes you were
37:45 healed you and I we live in the New
37:49 Covenant and John 19:30 it says it is
37:54 finished all of your sins were forgiven
37:59 it is finished they were paid for all of
38:02 your sicknesses and diseases are
38:05 finished they were paid for by Jesus my
38:10 husband he got me a personalized license
38:12 plate years ago and it actually has
38:15 first Peter 2:24 on it so it's a great
38:18 reminder for me to forget not this
38:21 benefit that by His stripes I have been
38:24 forgiven of all my sins and I've been
38:27 healed of all of my diseases so you're
38:31 called to live in this eternal reality
38:33 of God's love for you forever and ever
38:36 as an inhabited you can boldly declare
38:41 this this is your identity as a
38:45 born-again believer I see a 33:24 says
38:49 this and then happen it will not say I
38:52 am sick
38:53 the people who dwell in it will be
38:55 forgiven you see there once again
38:59 healing and forgiveness I was like oh
39:03 wow you mean if the condition in your
39:07 body if you're fighting something now
39:11 you're not to start
39:13 you aren't to say like I'm sick what the
39:17 Lord is saying is you can recognize that
39:20 sicknesses come upon you but what your
39:23 identification needs to be is I am NOT
39:26 sick I was healed by Jesus's stripe and
39:30 this is what you focus on set your mind
39:32 on the things above well the Lord has
39:35 already done for you that's who you are
39:37 in Christ Jesus and when you declare
39:41 what he says then it becomes manifest
39:44 here on this earth Jesus during his
39:50 earthly ministry forgave sin and
39:52 sickness we see this when He healed the
39:55 paralytic man he actually healed the man
39:57 first and then he says if you want to
40:01 really know that I'm God I'll forgive a
40:03 sins also there are many people that are
40:08 not born again believers that do receive
40:10 healing but I believe that if you really
40:13 want to walk in divine health it is
40:17 through Jesus Christ and it is receiving
40:21 His divine life in our life during
40:25 Jesus's earthly ministry he taught us
40:27 the Lord's Prayer give us this day our
40:30 daily bread did you know healing as the
40:33 children's bread says that in the
40:36 scripture so we got healing there and
40:38 forgive us our debts as we forgive our
40:41 debtors and we talked about how
40:42 important it is to forgive the sins of
40:45 others last week and then James he gives
40:48 detailed instructions of how the elders
40:51 of the church are called to minister the
40:53 healing of sicknesses and diseases
40:56 through the prayer of faith and the
40:58 anointing oil and the prayer of faith
41:00 will save the sick and the Lord will
41:03 raise him up and if he has committed
41:06 sins he will be forgiven
41:09 confess your trespasses to one another
41:11 and pray for one another that you may be
41:14 healed
41:15 James 5:15 through 16
41:22 you'll be invited up in a moment to take
41:25 communion it's a sign of your belief in
41:29 the power of God for your salvation
41:32 partaking of communion helps you not to
41:35 forget that you have been delivered from
41:37 all the power of Satan especially all
41:40 sin and all sickness in communion you
41:44 have two elements you have the bread and
41:54 they use matzah bread and in matzah
41:57 Brea's there's actually stripes Jesus
42:01 for 39 stripes for your healing
42:03 there's also piercings he's his hands
42:07 and his feet were pierced it's a
42:09 reminder of that so healing of your
42:14 physical body the blood for the
42:19 cleansing of all of your sin so we see
42:23 these two elements of communion and so
42:25 you can help that'll help you as you
42:28 think about Psalm 103 he forgives all
42:32 your sins he heals all your diseases
42:37 when we received these you were
42:39 receiving the very life of Jesus Christ
42:41 in our life and as I start to finish up
42:48 here we'll take a look at isaiah 53:4 it
42:53 says it surely he has borne our griefs
42:56 and carried our sorrows very few Bible
43:00 translations will actually say
43:01 sicknesses and diseases but the Hebrew
43:04 word is sicknesses and diseases surely
43:08 he is born our sickness and disease so
43:11 if you look at the chart that I've made
43:12 for you you can see that in the Old
43:16 Testament and the New Testament Jesus
43:21 has bore your sin and your sickness in
43:27 the Old Testament you know Old Testament
43:29 says isaiah 53:11 he shall bear their
43:33 iniquities eyes
43:35 53:12 and he bore the sin of many and
43:39 then we see in the New Testament he bore
43:42 your sins
43:44 first Peter 22 24 he bore our sins then
43:50 it uses the same word bore for
43:52 sicknesses isaiah 53:4 surely he has
43:57 borne our griefs that's make up that
44:00 sickness Matthew 8 17 is actually
44:03 quoting isaiah 53:4 so we really do know
44:08 that isaiah 53:4 is referring to bodily
44:12 sickness and disease because it's
44:14 talking about jesus' and jesus and it
44:16 says he himself took our infirmities and
44:19 bore our sicknesses remember the
44:22 scapegoat last week when in the
44:24 scapegoat when the sins were laid on the
44:26 scapegoat the scape work was taken way
44:28 into the wilderness and then he was
44:30 actually moved pushed off over a cliff
44:33 he bore him and it says that he took our
44:36 sins as far as the East is from the West
44:38 remembering them no more so he doesn't
44:44 want you to remember your sin or your
44:47 sickness
44:47 he wants you to remember that he is he
44:50 is forgiven and healed forgiving you of
44:53 all your sins
44:54 healed you of all your diseases Roman
44:57 numeral six is a mercy and compassion of
44:59 God heals all sicknesses and diseases
45:01 and you can take a look at that on your
45:03 own I have so many Bible verses where
45:06 people came to Jesus Christ earned or
45:08 his earthly ministry and they said cried
45:11 out lord have mercy on me that's what
45:15 we're reading about and Psalm 103 the
45:18 Lord's mercy his name the father of
45:23 mercies and when we cry out to the
45:25 father of mercy what did he do to every
45:28 person that cried out to him have mercy
45:31 on me he healed every one of them
45:36 in the Old Testament God introduced
45:39 himself with the redemptive name Jehovah
45:43 Rapha doctor God as one of my friends
45:45 affectionately called him God's
45:48 redemptive names I told you point to
45:50 Calvary where he redeemed us from every
45:53 curse through the work of the cross
45:54 Exodus 15:26 is his name Jehovah Rapha I
45:58 am the Lord who heals you Malachi 3:6 he
46:03 says I am the Lord I do not change Jesus
46:08 perfectly demonstrated who God was that
46:11 he was Jehovah Rapha the greatest
46:13 physician who healed every sickness and
46:16 every disease Colossians 1:15 says Jesus
46:22 is the image of the invisible God what
46:25 Jesus did during his earthly ministry he
46:29 will do for you Jesus is the one who
46:33 heals all your diseases you don't need
46:36 to put a question mark behind the power
46:39 of Jesus's name his name is the word of
46:44 God his name is first Peter 2:24 by His
46:48 stripes you were healed so let us pray
46:51 so father I thank you and I praise You
46:54 Father for your word and I thank you
46:57 Father for your word now penetrating
47:00 people's spirit soul and body
47:04 and bringing health and wholeness to
47:07 every part of our being we praise you
47:11 and we bless you for you are a healer
47:14 our restore our Redeemer you are the one
47:18 who loves us and we return our love to
47:22 you by declaring the truth over our
47:26 lives over other lives and back to you
47:29 we love you Lord bless the Lord O my
47:33 soul all that is within me we bless your
47:37 name amen
47:39 thank


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