Living in the Power of God’s Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful medicines you can ever receive for the healing and wholeness of your spirit, soul, and body. Instead of living with guilt, shame, and condemnation, you can live in God’s peace, love, joy, and freedom by receiving God’s forgiveness and choosing to forgive others. Practical insights will be shared of how you can do this, along with powerful testimonies of how forgiveness released people from years of torment – including nightmares and sickness. .



Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and i want to
00:04 thank you for joining us in our study
00:07 tonight entitled living in the power of
00:10 God's forgiveness session number three
00:12 of our Psalm 103 series forgiveness is
00:18 one of those powerful medicines that can
00:21 never be delivered to your spirit soul
00:23 and body allowing to you to live in
00:27 peace joy and freedom that God has
00:31 always intended for you God
00:34 understanding your need for the
00:36 supernatural power being imparted to
00:39 every aspect of your being has chosen to
00:44 forgive you of all of your sins and he
00:47 has commanded you that as he is
00:50 forgiving you you are to forgive others
00:54 let us pray father I thank you tonight I
00:58 pray that you would feel my mouth and
01:01 open up the ears and the hearts of those
01:04 who are hearing so we can understand
01:07 your heart towards us your great mercy
01:09 your great love and compassion and that
01:12 we can understand that you are the God
01:14 who forgives us of all of our sins in
01:18 Jesus's name Amen
01:22 so Roman numeral one is rich in mercy
01:25 because of God's great love
01:28 it describes Psalm 103 and a cow is
01:33 capsulized in Ephesians 2:4 last week we
01:37 discovered that in order to live in the
01:39 power of the gospel we need to
01:41 understand God's Hesed which is the
01:44 Hebrew word for God's loving-kindness in
01:48 action and this is what is proclaimed
01:51 throughout Psalm 103 and highlighted in
01:55 verse 8 of Psalm 103 which quotes exodus
02:00 34:6 where God declared his name to
02:04 Moses describing the very essence of his
02:07 nature and this happened directly after
02:11 the Israelite nation
02:12 previously sinned against God by
02:17 building and worshiping a golden calf
02:21 what does God want us to now when he
02:24 introduced his name he wants us to know
02:27 that in the midst of our sin he wants us
02:31 to know who he is that he is a God who
02:35 forgives all of our sins this all
02:39 declares Psalm 103 verse 8 together out
02:42 loud the Lord is merciful and gracious
02:46 slow to anger and abounding in mercy now
02:51 when we see that word mercy we think of
02:53 hasit which is God's loving-kindness his
02:57 faithful covenant love that is shown in
03:00 his actions towards us God's name
03:05 that's Psalm 103 verse 8 is the core
03:09 reality of who he is and it was
03:13 perfectly demonstrated in Jesus's
03:15 ministry and through the work of the
03:17 cross Paul describes the reality of
03:21 Psalm 103 verse 8 being fulfilled in
03:25 Christ he says this in Ephesians 2:4 but
03:30 God who is rich in mercy because of his
03:36 great love in which he loved us even
03:40 when we were dead in trespasses that's a
03:44 word for sin he made us alive together
03:48 in Christ and then in parenthesis it
03:51 says by grace you have been saved that
03:53 action of when we are dead in trespasses
03:57 and sin making us alive together in
04:00 Christ that is done by His grace that is
04:04 done by his hesed his love in action
04:07 toward us and then what did he do he
04:10 raised us up together and he made us sit
04:15 together in the heavenly places in
04:18 Christ Jesus that in the ages to come
04:21 the exceeding riches of His grace
04:25 his kindness towards us in Christ Jesus
04:29 so do we get back because of God's great
04:34 love he did he demonstrated the richness
04:37 of his mercy and that's what Psalm 103
04:42 verse 4 says who redeems your life from
04:46 the pit of destruction who crowns you
04:50 with loving-kindness and tender mercy so
04:54 Jesus has taken us from the pit of
04:57 destruction which was basically us being
05:01 dead in our trespasses and sins and then
05:04 what did he do he raised us up made us
05:08 sit together
05:09 he put a crown on our heads just like
05:13 the King Jesus is crowned we got to sit
05:16 together with him in the heavenly places
05:18 to rule and reign from that place as we
05:24 walk it out here on this earth so that's
05:26 just tremendous what he tells us in
05:28 Psalm 103 how can a person go from being
05:33 dead in trespasses and alive in Jesus
05:36 Christ one thing by God forgiving us of
05:40 all of our sins and that's what Psalm
05:42 103 verse 4 says God is a God who
05:47 forgives all your sins and God wants us
05:54 to remember all of his benefits like
05:57 mentioned in verses three through five
06:00 some people tell others think his face
06:03 but not his hand and that sounds really
06:08 good but when you're in a time of real
06:10 need like one of my uncles he was in a
06:13 time of real need and he needed healing
06:17 in his body from cancer and he says
06:19 wouldn't I just be kind of like conning
06:21 God to try to get him to do something
06:22 for me because I have a need because
06:25 this my uncle didn't know Jesus at the
06:27 time and I go no God always wants to go
06:30 ahead and meet our needs and to this day
06:33 he's still healed from cancer he
06:35 accepted Jesus into his heart but his
06:37 need of
06:38 healing was met so Jesus is truly the
06:43 gift of God to us so this right here
06:46 this box where it says all things are
06:48 possible this is a representation right
06:52 now of who Jesus Christ is and when we
06:55 take the lid off the box I have a number
06:59 of smaller boxes in here which is on
07:03 each box I list a benefit so box number
07:07 one that we're going to be opening up
07:09 tonight is in here is the verse he is
07:15 the one bless the Lord O my soul and
07:17 forget not all his benefits he's the one
07:19 who forgives all of our sins next week
07:22 we're going to go ahead and take a look
07:24 at another benefit which is the healing
07:28 of our body all of these gifts all of
07:32 these benefits are in Christ Jesus and
07:37 God is saying will you receive the gift
07:41 of my son Jesus Christ and if we refuse
07:44 one of the guests
07:45 we're refusing part of the essence of
07:48 who Jesus Christ is and so when you
07:51 receive a gift you're to take it thank
07:55 you and then start walking according to
07:59 what that gift has given you amen so I
08:02 hope that brings some light on the
08:05 benefits that we're studying in Psalm
08:07 103 Roman numeral two the first sin and
08:11 man's response so as we discovered in
08:15 our first series on Psalm one choice is
08:17 determine destiny from the fullness of
08:20 God's love Adam and Eve they were
08:23 created and then then we have that first
08:26 recorded conversation between God and
08:29 man and in those conversations we hear
08:32 God giving them a blessing and then we
08:36 hear God giving them a commandment now
08:39 it's like why didn't God just bless him
08:41 you know and why this thing about the
08:44 commandments well we reviewed that in
08:45 our psalm 1 series and we found out that
08:48 God wanted to give me unkind of choice
08:50 but all
08:52 so God he's a father and he's a good
08:54 father and he knew what was good for the
08:59 children that he created just like you
09:03 as a good parent you know what your
09:07 child might not know yeah so you tell
09:10 them things when they're young don't go
09:12 across the street just running across
09:14 the street you know wait for mom and dad
09:17 or you tell them don't touch that bird
09:18 you know you you might get burned and it
09:21 was for their safety so it is with Adam
09:25 and Eve in the Garden of Eden God wanted
09:28 Adam and Eve to trust him to build a
09:32 relationship of trust with him but what
09:36 did Adam and Eve do when God told them
09:40 don't eat that from the tree of the
09:42 knowledge of good and evil lest you die
09:45 you know you eat and say lest you die he
09:48 said surely you will die Adam and Eve
09:51 chose to disobey God's commandment his
09:55 protective instruction for them they
09:58 chose to eat from the tree of the
10:00 knowledge of good and evil
10:02 that God commanded them not to do when
10:06 they ate from the tree this forbidden
10:08 tree they came into experiential
10:12 knowledge of the way of the law the law
10:16 judged Adam for his sin and the judgment
10:19 was death the blond age that Adam and
10:23 Eve and therefore the whole human race
10:26 came under until the time of Jesus
10:29 Christ is known as the law of sin and
10:33 death Romans 8:2 and Romans 6:23 says
10:37 for the wages of sin is death
10:40 now did God want them to choose the tree
10:45 of the knowledge of good and evil the
10:47 way of the law no in the midst of the
10:52 garden there was another tree and that
10:54 was the tree of life the tree of the
10:57 knowledge of good and evil it was viewed
11:00 it in the law and the fruit of the law
11:03 is sin and sin produces
11:06 The Tree of Life is rooted in what we're
11:10 studying about now and Psalm 103 it's
11:12 rooted in the love of God it's the way
11:16 of God's grace God always wanted Adam
11:21 and Eve and mankind to walk with Him and
11:25 get to know him and to walk in what
11:28 we're called to do here on planet Earth
11:31 by eating from the tree of life and
11:33 going the way of His grace rather than
11:36 the way of the law now Adam and Eve
11:42 Satan comes to him and say them blinds
11:45 your eyes to this wonderful truth that
11:48 God wanted them you know not to eat from
11:51 this tree he deceives them he did it for
11:55 a purpose Satan deceived Adam II because
11:59 he knew that if they chose the way of
12:03 the law he could rule and reign over
12:07 them accusing them every time they
12:11 didn't meet up to the law and therefore
12:14 coming under the punishment of the law
12:18 and this is way before the Mosaic law
12:20 was even created so instantly after they
12:25 from the tree of the knowledge of good
12:26 and evil they knew they had done
12:28 something terribly wrong they had
12:31 violated God's sacred trust his hasit
12:36 love for them with an overwhelming
12:40 consciousness of their sin fear consumed
12:44 every inch of their body their spirit
12:49 men died it became dark and void of the
12:52 life of God the glory of God that
12:55 covered them was no longer there and
12:57 they saw the Faber naked so what did
13:01 they do they hid themselves among the
13:04 trees and then they clothed themselves
13:07 with fig leaves
13:12 when God confronted them they go now
13:17 this is what happened in Genesis three
13:20 twelve or thirteen the man said the
13:23 woman you gave to me to be with me she
13:26 gave me of the tree and I ate what the
13:29 women say the woman said the serpent
13:32 deceived me and I ate so what happened
13:36 Adam blamed God and he blamed Eve what
13:41 it Eve do Eve blame Adam neither one
13:47 took full responsibility for their sin
13:50 and it's interesting neither one of them
13:53 asks for forgiveness so what's the
13:56 application we can make from this what
13:59 can we learn from Adam and Eve's
14:01 response to their sin we can learn four
14:04 basic things three of these things are
14:08 connected to the things that sin causes
14:12 in our life and the fourth thing that I
14:15 want you to share with you is how God
14:18 wants us to respond to sin so the three
14:22 words that are connected to sin that I
14:24 want you to think about when you are
14:27 confronted with wrongdoing is that
14:29 there's guilt and there's shame and
14:32 there's blame what's guilt when you're
14:35 conscious of something you've done wrong
14:37 what do you need to do even if you think
14:40 it's only 5% it's not really really
14:43 wrong you know you didn't mean it that
14:45 you have done wrong blame instead of
14:48 blaming others even if you feel that
14:51 they played a huge role in provoking you
14:54 to sin you needed we accept the
14:58 responsibility that you chose to go
15:02 ahead and say yes to the sin shame
15:07 that's when shame comes the humiliation
15:12 and the distress from coming because you
15:16 have sinned
15:16 coupled with the desire to cover up your
15:20 sin not tell people the whole truth of
15:22 what happened it should be a signpost to
15:25 you and I
15:26 that we need to do what God wants us to
15:29 do when we have sinned and that's to
15:31 repent the last word is repent now the
15:36 Greek word for repent is Metta know iya
15:40 and it means to change the mind so how
15:45 are we to change our minds and we sin we
15:48 basically need to break agreement with
15:53 coming in agreement with the sin the
15:56 wrongdoing that we have done and coming
15:59 into agreement with the what the Word of
16:03 God or the commandments or the
16:04 instructions of God has told us to do
16:06 okay so we need a change our mind we
16:10 need to go from the sin to going ahead
16:15 and coming in agreement with a word what
16:17 the Word of God has told us to do who
16:20 God is and who we are in Christ and then
16:23 another way we can think of repent is
16:25 what I call engaging in the great
16:28 exchange of the Cross which we've been
16:29 doing every week since we started huh
16:31 Psalm 103 and you'll have a chance of
16:34 doing as you receive Communion at the
16:37 end tonight and the great exchange of
16:39 the Cross basically you give God your
16:43 sin so here's the cross you give God
16:46 your sin and then you take or receive
16:51 the gift of his son Jesus Christ the
16:54 gift of his forgiveness
16:58 another way that we can go ahead and
17:01 repent is what we talked about when it
17:05 says bless the Lord O my soul and all
17:07 that is within me how Psalm 103 verse 1
17:10 begins that word Blastoise - thankfully
17:13 come an agreement with we need a
17:15 thankfully come in agreement with who
17:17 God is he's the God who forgives all of
17:20 our sins and we need to come in
17:22 agreement with who we are in Christ that
17:25 we are the ones in whom we are forgiven
17:30 we are the forgiven ones in Christ Jesus
17:32 so we can thank him for that we can
17:35 thank him that we are justified
17:39 as Christians just as if we have never
17:41 sinned we can thank him that we are the
17:45 righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and
17:48 we can declare who we are in Christ
17:50 I am the righteousness of God in Christ
17:54 Jesus
17:55 we can thank Jesus for removing all that
17:59 shame and self condemnation that comes
18:02 with the sin Romans 8:2 says there is no
18:06 condemnation for those who are in Christ
18:08 Jesus
18:09 Roman numeral three and then after that
18:13 along with repenting is cooperating with
18:16 God's grace in its restoration process
18:19 of what has been lost or broken so Roman
18:22 numeral three God's response to man's
18:25 sin because the Lord is merciful and
18:28 gracious slow to anger and abounding in
18:32 mercy one of the first things that God
18:36 did for Adam and Eve his own beloved
18:39 children whom he loves so greatly was to
18:43 sacrifice an animal or animals that he
18:47 had just created ones that Adam had just
18:50 named so that Adam and Eve sin could be
18:55 covered by the substitutionary blood as
18:58 they were sent out of the Garden of Eden
19:01 and into the world and that was for
19:03 their protection so it's like when they
19:08 sinned this cloth represents black and
19:14 they were just covered with their shame
19:17 their guilt the condemnation from that
19:20 but Jesus when were God went ahead and
19:24 he took an animal and let me just take a
19:28 moment here I know it's not the greatest
19:29 for the video but he took any animal and
19:34 he slayed the animal and they were
19:36 covered with a tunic okay
19:40 blood but so we know that from the very
19:44 very beginning of time the way of
19:49 restoration or the way of remission for
19:51 sin was always to be covered by blood it
19:57 says in Leviticus 17:11 for the life the
20:00 flesh is in the blood and I have given
20:02 it to you to you upon the altar to make
20:05 atonement for your soul and so that he
20:11 did that from the very very very
20:13 beginning of time in Hebrews 9:22 it
20:19 says without the shedding of blood there
20:22 is no remission of sin so under the Old
20:25 Covenant requirements were given by God
20:28 for how the sacrificial blood of animals
20:30 should be offered to atone for men sin
20:32 throughout the year as God knew that
20:35 mankind could never keep the law and
20:40 what the was required under the laws
20:43 that if somebody sinned that they would
20:45 bring a lamb this is for the sin offer
20:49 and they bring a lamb and they would
20:52 have to go ahead and they would take the
20:55 lamb and they would put their hands on
20:58 the head of the lamb and they would
21:01 confess their sin and as they confess
21:04 their sin the sin then went on to the
21:08 lamb and the lamb that was without spot
21:12 or blemish they would then receive that
21:16 righteousness okay from the lamb which
21:20 is then a foreshadowing of what happened
21:23 with Jesus Christ and after they did
21:25 that they slayed the lamb they killed
21:27 the lamb and then they put it on an
21:29 altar the life of the flesh is in the
21:32 blood and I gave it to you upon the
21:34 altar to make atonement for your souls
21:36 and then one day a year a very similar
21:40 thing happened but there was two goats
21:42 and the high priest would take the blood
21:43 of one goat and bring it behind the holy
21:46 of holies he would actually confess all
21:49 the sins of the Israelite nation he
21:53 and take that lamb the goats lay it and
21:55 place that blood on the altar of the
21:59 Holy of Holies the other goat the same
22:03 process as the lamb all the sins were
22:07 confessed they would take the goat then
22:10 and they would put it to a faraway place
22:13 removing their sins as far like Psalm
22:16 her and three says basically as far as
22:18 the East is from the West they would let
22:20 this go go way out into the wilderness
22:22 never to return back to their camp
22:25 so the temporary solution under the old
22:28 cabinet was a foreshadowing of what God
22:31 would do through the new covenant to
22:33 Jesus the sinless spotless blood that
22:39 was in him how far were the sins to be
22:45 taken away because of Jesus's blood
22:48 Psalm 103 verse 12 says as far as the
22:54 East is from the West
22:55 can you measure that there's no end when
22:58 you start to do that so Romans 8:12 and
23:01 Romans 10:17 says this what is as far as
23:07 the East is from the West it says this
23:09 he remembers God remembers our sin no
23:14 more is that incredible so how long
23:19 would they be taken away for from
23:22 everlasting to everlasting because
23:24 that's how greatest mercy is Hebrews 10
23:27 12 says this after Jesus had offered one
23:30 sacrifice for sins forever he sat down
23:34 at the right hand of God the sacrificial
23:40 blood under the Old Covenant could not
23:43 take away sins only Jesus's blood could
23:46 take away the sin of the world that's
23:48 what it says in Hebrews 10:4 that's not
23:51 possible that the blood of bulls and
23:54 goats could take away sins and when
23:56 Jesus came and John the Baptist saw him
23:59 right away he declared the main purpose
24:02 of God's mission on planet Earth this is
24:04 the Lamb of God who would take away
24:06 sins of the world so let's go to Roman
24:09 numeral for forgiveness and remembering
24:12 their sin no more which is basically the
24:15 main clause of the New Covenant the Old
24:17 Testament prophesied that a new covenant
24:20 with that God would make with man it was
24:22 jeremiah 31:34 behold the days are
24:27 coming says the Lord when I will make a
24:30 new covenant with the house of Israel
24:32 and the house of Judah for I will
24:35 forgive their iniquity and their sin I
24:38 will remember no more that's as far as
24:42 the East is from the West like verse 12
24:44 says in Psalm 103 at the Last Supper the
24:49 Passover meal Jesus declares the
24:52 institution of God's new covenant with
24:54 man which was prophesied by Jeremiah he
24:57 says this in first Corinthians 11:25 at
25:02 the Last Supper Jesus said this cup is
25:04 the cup of my new covenant in my what
25:07 blood all the covenants even Adam and
25:12 Eve they call it the endowment covenant
25:15 it was made with blood the new covenant
25:19 with us is made in blood this do as
25:22 often as you drink it in remembrance of
25:24 me Paul he emphasized the new covenant
25:30 that was quoted that he and he's quoting
25:33 from it in jerem from Jeremiah 31
25:35 Hebrews 8:12 for all be merciful to
25:38 their unrighteousness and their sins and
25:41 their lawless deeds I will remember no
25:44 more
25:45 Hebrews 10:17 he said their sins and
25:50 their lawless deeds I will remember no
25:53 more isn't that amazing I mean in just
25:56 two short chapters there in Hebrews
25:59 he's just reiterating the second time
26:04 but Jeremiah prophesied about what Jesus
26:08 Christ would do for us through the New
26:10 Covenant the power of Jesus's blood was
26:15 so great that it removed every trace of
26:18 our sins
26:20 erasing our sins from his memory now
26:25 this is really opposite of what I
26:26 thought when I grew up as a child you
26:30 know that we had blackboards then and I
26:32 really imagined that God was keeping
26:34 tally of my sins on a blackboard you
26:37 know with chalk and every time I sins
26:39 you know just another mark went there
26:41 and I I don't know why but I it's
26:43 something that was vivid in my
26:44 imagination but here it says that he
26:47 doesn't remember since he doesn't tell
26:48 the UH persons like that when we are
26:51 under the blood of Jesus Christ and when
26:54 we ask for forgiveness of sins he just
26:56 doesn't remember it okay so if God
27:00 doesn't remember our sins any longer no
27:02 longer we caused them why should we why
27:06 are we condemning ourselves once we've
27:08 asked God to forgive us why are we
27:09 condemning ourselves and replaying and
27:12 reliving that sin over and over again in
27:15 our mind we need a pie the power of the
27:19 blood of Jesus the power of his
27:21 forgiveness the power of the cross to
27:24 every memory every memory that we have
27:26 of our sins knowing and believing the
27:32 main clause of the New Covenant sets the
27:36 stage for you to enter in with great
27:38 confidence and assurance of faith that
27:42 by the blood of Jesus which is a new and
27:45 living way that you can enter into the
27:49 holy of Holy's to fully partake of all
27:53 of God's benefits that belong to you in
27:56 Jesus Christ and that's told to us in
27:59 Hebrews 10:19 through 22 Roman numeral
28:05 five Psalm 103 these are some
28:09 reflections regarding forgiveness Psalm
28:12 103 has so much to say on forgiveness
28:16 when you start thinking about it and
28:18 start looking at it so it starts off
28:21 bless the Lord O my soul and forget not
28:23 all his benefits and we've already said
28:25 this why what's the first and foremost
28:28 benefit that's listed who forgives all
28:31 your sins now I don't think was it
28:33 accident that King David mentioned this
28:35 first and foremost because I believe
28:38 this is what was first and foremost in
28:41 God's mind in the list of benefits for
28:44 us because it was through the shed blood
28:47 that we can come back into a
28:50 relationship with God our Father and
28:54 then in Psalm 103 10 it says that God
28:58 has not dealt with us according to our
29:00 sins nor punished us according to our
29:03 iniquities so from the beginning of time
29:07 God chose not to deal with mankind
29:11 according to their sins now this is
29:14 listed in the New Testament also it says
29:16 this in Romans 3:25 in his forbearance
29:20 he had left their sins committed
29:24 beforehand unpunished
29:27 now we think about this Adam and Eve
29:30 what did he do he covered them with the
29:34 tunic this is way before Jesus Christ
29:39 came they got something they did not
29:42 deserve so that as they went out in the
29:45 world what I had put this this is what I
29:50 was calling my tunic here the red blood
29:54 covering this is what they when they
29:56 went out in the world not only it
29:59 covered them physically the tuning but
30:01 spiritually the gates of hell could not
30:07 put the full punishment on Adam and Eve
30:11 God was protecting the human race by
30:16 covering and Adam and Eve with the tunic
30:19 and then we see in Psalm 103 and we
30:26 mentioned this last week that he made
30:29 its ways known to Moses and that was
30:32 right after they totally blew it by
30:35 going ahead and creating that golden
30:39 calf and beginning to worship it and
30:42 then he says you guys you got to know
30:46 who I am
30:47 I'm the God of mercy I bound in mercy I
30:51 have bound and loved to you and it's
30:53 only in knowing that that will free us
30:57 from wanting to sin and to wanting to
31:01 break agreement with our sin King David
31:06 the writer of Psalm 103 he committed
31:11 some very very Grievous sins here he is
31:15 the king of the nation of the Israelites
31:20 he already had a lot of wives but then
31:24 he commits adultery with Bathsheba and
31:28 then he kills Bathsheba's husband Uriah
31:33 and then in Psalm 51 we see him crying
31:37 out to God because he knew that God was
31:41 a God of mercy asking God for the
31:45 forgiveness of his sin and so what did
31:48 God do he did not deal with King David
31:52 according to his sins nor did he punish
31:56 King David that full-blown punishment
32:00 that he could have punished he could
32:02 have totally obliterated King David took
32:04 the entire kingdom killed all this
32:07 family yes there was punishment in his
32:09 life but it wasn't the fullness that he
32:13 could have gotten if he didn't plead for
32:16 God's mercy King David had this in mind
32:20 as he wrote Psalm 103 Psalm 103 verse 10
32:28 it had in mind all along but Jesus
32:31 Christ would do for us one day on the
32:34 cross he did not deal with us he doesn't
32:38 deal with us now according to our sins
32:41 he doesn't punish us according to our
32:46 iniquities why because when Jesus went
32:51 to the cross he
32:53 punished all of our sins in the body of
32:59 Jesus Christ and I'll never ever forget
33:02 this when I was in the prayer room back
33:04 there this is probably over 20 years ago
33:06 and one of these ladies had a vision and
33:09 she saw herself inside of Jesus Christ
33:13 and Jesus Christ taking this punishment
33:16 on the cross and she could beneath his
33:21 skin so to speak could feel the
33:24 punishment but not the fullness of it
33:27 just the reverberation of it we are
33:31 covered with the blood of Jesus Christ
33:34 he has taken our punishment for us he
33:38 died as us he not only died for us he
33:44 died as us as our substitute it's been
33:53 finished our sins have already been
33:57 punished in Christ God demonstrated the
34:01 height the width and the depth of his
34:04 mercy his love for us this has talked
34:08 about in Ephesians 3 but it's talked
34:10 about in Psalm 103
34:12 what is the got the height of God's
34:15 Hesed his mercy verse 11 says this for
34:20 as the heavens are high above the earth
34:23 so great is his mercy towards those who
34:26 fear Him if that's not enough he wants
34:30 to go on explain it a little bit more he
34:32 wants to tell us about the width of his
34:34 mercy as far as the East is from the
34:38 West
34:39 so great is this mercy towards those who
34:42 fear Him what's the length of his mercy
34:45 but the mercy of the Lord is from
34:48 everlasting to everlasting towards those
34:51 who fear Him to those who remember his
34:54 Commandments to do him so Paul and his
34:57 prayer and in Ephesians 3:14 through 21
35:00 in verses 18 and 19 he says this I pray
35:06 that you would be able to come free and
35:09 with all the saints what is the length
35:14 the heights and the depth of God's hasit
35:18 his love his mercy towards you his mercy
35:22 towards us
35:23 was best demonstrated in jesus's life
35:27 when he died on the cross God is our
35:32 Father God pitied Adam and Eve as he
35:35 pities all of us his children
35:37 I thought pity I wouldn't have put that
35:39 word in there so I looked it up another
35:42 word for piteous compassion maybe you
35:44 guys can relate to that a little bit
35:46 more he knew our frame he remembered
35:48 that Adam and Eve just like us are
35:50 created from dust he had just created
35:53 out an an EVE from dust and then in this
35:57 Psalm
35:58 King David three membrane he was even
36:02 merciful Adam and Eve God knew that
36:05 without mercy and grace his hasit his
36:08 law we would perish eternally so he
36:12 didn't deal with us as we deserved
36:14 let's read Psalm 113 13 and 14 together
36:18 out loud as a father pities his children
36:21 so the Lord pities those who fear him
36:25 for he knows our frame he remembers that
36:29 we are dust okay
36:31 so Adam and Eve this is Roman numeral
36:34 six covered by the robe of righteousness
36:37 Adam and Eve their spear man was void of
36:41 the life of God after they sinned God
36:43 made him a tunic and as I showed you
36:46 before they then were covered with that
36:48 tunic which represented then the blood
36:52 sacrifice and it really was looking
36:55 forward in time it was like Adam and Eve
36:58 were getting an early payment a down
37:00 payment of what Jesus Christ was doing
37:03 you know would do one day on the cross
37:05 so the blood of Jesus it's like it
37:07 stretched all the way back in time and
37:10 it stretched all the way forward in time
37:13 that's the power of Jesus's blood and
37:15 that's why I believe Adam and Eve they
37:19 didn't get the full
37:20 less of what God told him would happen
37:23 which was eternal death
37:26 when he said you eat from the tree of
37:28 knowledge of good and evil
37:29 you're gonna surely die he was talking
37:31 about eternal death eternal separation
37:34 from him now Jesus he told us a parable
37:38 about father God's Hesed his compassion
37:43 towards us his mercy towards us towards
37:46 his children and you guys know this is a
37:48 prodigal son story I'm going to share
37:51 this hopefully in our Psalm 103 series
37:54 in a lot more detail than tonight but I
37:57 want you to know this about the father
38:00 our Heavenly Father it says this in the
38:02 parable and they're talking about the
38:04 Heavenly Father in Luke 15 it said when
38:08 the father saw his son we know as the
38:13 prodigal son the wayward son it says
38:18 that he went to meet him he fell on his
38:24 neck he kissed him he brought him home
38:30 and now you know he just came from the
38:33 pig pen styles you know and the sons
38:37 want him to go
38:38 forgive me I've sinned against you and
38:41 he can barely get the his words out of
38:43 his mouth and the father had already
38:44 seen his heart he's more concerned with
38:47 our heart than the words amen and he
38:52 says and bring out the best robe what's
38:58 the robe it's Jesus's row it's the robe
39:04 of righteousness that's the greeting
39:10 that he got now the elder son was going
39:16 in God and it's like God saying I gave
39:20 you the robe but you kept it in your
39:22 closet you're gonna put it on right
39:29 the robe of righteousness every morning
39:32 we are to walk with a conscious
39:34 awareness that we have it now Jesus he
39:39 wore the war of righteousness all his
39:42 life and then you can read this in John
39:45 19 23 he wore the robe of righteousness
39:49 his whole life he was without sins
39:52 without spot or without blemish but as
39:58 he went to the cross he allowed his robe
40:03 his tunic it says tunic did we hear that
40:08 with Adam and Eve story he allowed his
40:10 tunic to be taken why so that he would
40:24 be made sin for us this is second
40:32 Corinthians 5:21 he laid down his
40:37 righteousness he was made sin with our
40:41 sin with your sin with my sin he did
40:47 that and it says in 2nd Corinthians 5:21
40:51 so that you could become what the
40:56 righteousness of God in Christ Jesus so
41:00 when I talked about the great exchange
41:03 of the Cross and engaging in the
41:05 exchange of the crosses we're going to
41:07 come to do in a moment you might feel
41:11 you've already been we you've been given
41:13 this robe as a Christian you're to be
41:15 wearing it but maybe you feel like some
41:18 sin has come on you during the day right
41:21 you might have some past memories that
41:24 you've been carrying you might have
41:27 sinned yourself or you might have be
41:31 walking and unforgiveness towards
41:33 somebody else's sin right so there's sin
41:38 that you're carrying even though you're
41:40 wearing the robe of righteousness
41:42 so when you come up tonight I have a
41:45 index card I've given each one of you
41:48 and I want you to write out what is it
41:51 that just keeps nagging me that where
41:55 I'm condemning myself about it or an
41:58 area where I really need to forgive
42:01 somebody else and you're gonna come for
42:04 the exchange will have a bucket up here
42:06 and you could be giving that card and
42:11 Emmy it's gonna be up here and she's
42:13 going to be stamping that card we're
42:14 going to talk about what that stamp says
42:16 in a minute and you're gonna place it in
42:19 the bucket you're giving your sin to the
42:21 Lord and then you're gonna take
42:23 communion and walking away with a
42:26 consciousness that this robe is yours
42:30 it's not like Superman suit where you go
42:33 into you know a phone booth or whatever
42:37 and do anything at this moment in time
42:41 know every moment of every day I'm in
42:46 Christ Jesus and I can do the impossible
42:48 at any time why not because of who you
42:53 are it's because of who Christ is in you
42:57 and who you are in Christ because of the
43:01 power of the blood of Jesus Christ amen
43:07 okay so there's some applications there
43:11 that I have for you about wearing the
43:13 robe that's application number one
43:15 application number two it talks about
43:19 covering the sins of others so when they
43:23 sinned against you just like admin Eve
43:26 when they sin God covered them with a
43:29 tunic did they deserve it now so it
43:35 actually says this in 1st Peter 4:8 and
43:37 above all things have fervent love for
43:39 one another for love will cover a
43:44 multitude of sin when someone sinned
43:46 against you want the number one thing
43:48 they need is for you to cover their sins
43:55 I won't go into all of that tonight I
44:00 would go into the third application
44:02 Jesus gave us a protocol to follow
44:05 someone in Christ has sinned against you
44:08 and that's in Matthew 18 and you can
44:10 read about it also in Matthew 5 don't
44:13 have time for the protocol when I share
44:16 two testimonies with you real shortly
44:20 the first one years ago not too long ago
44:26 though my husband and I we went ahead
44:29 and we loaned some me a huge sum of
44:33 money it was part of our inheritance and
44:37 unfortunately the person couldn't pay it
44:39 back they actually misinterpreted the
44:44 whole transaction the loan and in the
44:49 midst of that we had gone to Mozambique
44:51 and I heard the story and it so impacted
44:55 me that it made me realize I had to go
44:59 ahead and forgive them and release the
45:02 debt and my husband was total in total
45:05 agreement with me and the story I heard
45:09 from Mozambique in Africa was this and
45:12 we had been there we had visited the
45:13 orphanage and the orphanage is like
45:16 there's a wired fence and there's guards
45:21 protecting the children that are in the
45:23 orphanage that have barely nothing you
45:25 know some of those shoes and the guard
45:29 was killed just somebody walking down
45:33 the street killed them the guy goes to
45:36 the emergency he's in a comatose state
45:40 he's just barely living he kind of wakes
45:44 up I don't know how long it was that he
45:47 kind of woke up in the first words out
45:49 of his mouth was this is for the killer
45:52 I forgive him now is barely able to live
45:59 but as he chose to forgive he was made
46:04 100 percent healed
46:08 well walked out he put no charges
46:12 against that man the man became a
46:14 Christian and serving the Lord so here I
46:17 am in the midst of my little money issue
46:20 but it was a huge to me it was our part
46:23 of our inheritance and we chose to
46:25 forgive now sometimes you don't see the
46:27 direct results but I do believe we walk
46:29 in a finite financial prosperity my
46:31 husband and I and I believe that's just
46:34 part just a part of the story for my
46:36 husband and I tell you another story
46:38 about you have a choice to forgive
46:43 others
46:44 you don't always will see the result
46:47 this is early on when we started the
46:49 Healing Rooms was a lady who came in she
46:52 was an airline stewardess she had
46:55 scabies covering her body for about a
46:57 year with all the medical help that she
47:00 could receive was miserable had to stop
47:03 working comes to the healing room comes
47:09 in my room not that I was really a smart
47:13 person at that time I said is there
47:17 anyone you need to forgive she says no I
47:20 says let's ask the Holy Spirit great
47:23 question I think the Holy Spirit
47:25 inspired that one and she says yeah my
47:28 dad she chose to forgive that night in
47:31 bed all her scabies fall off next
47:34 morning she's her skins of 100% well how
47:37 do I know that story a month later she
47:39 brings somebody back for healing and
47:42 tells me her story a man then there was
47:47 this testimony that I just shared and
47:49 I'm actually gonna read this testimony
47:51 that's somebody I had actually written
47:54 down their name I was gonna give him a
47:56 call and asked if I could get their
47:58 story about their forgiveness
48:00 instead they called me I hadn't heard
48:02 from them for a long time and I said you
48:06 won't believe what I'm doing I'm writing
48:07 this this talk on forgiveness would you
48:11 be willing to share what God did for you
48:15 and they go
48:16 I've just been praying about that that
48:18 I'd have an opportunity to share my
48:20 stories others could be helped
48:22 so here's their story I've had
48:24 nightmares every night all my life as
48:26 far back as I can remember because of
48:30 all the abuse I suffered and witnessed
48:32 throwing up these nightmares kept making
48:35 me feel so emotionally drained it was
48:37 like nightmares kept making me relive
48:40 what had actually taken place causing me
48:43 do you feel scared and full of anxiety I
48:47 felt helpless as I would watch the past
48:50 events in my life take place over and
48:53 over again that I couldn't do anything
48:55 about last year 58 years of age I woke
48:58 up screaming from one of those
48:59 nightmares saying repeatedly call 9-1-1
49:05 because i had seen my mom in the dream
49:07 being beaten by my dad as i sit in the
49:10 church praying the lord's prayer last
49:13 year and forgive us our trespasses as we
49:15 forgive those who trespass against us a
49:18 thought came to me that I needed to
49:19 forgive my dad for all the things he had
49:23 done I think it was the Holy Spirit
49:25 working within me I felt I needed to go
49:29 let go of all the negativity towards my
49:32 dad and towards how I was brought up
49:34 this meant that I needed to forgive my
49:37 dad for all the things he had done to me
49:40 especially for the one of the most
49:41 difficult things I remembered him doing
49:44 to me that physically damaged my body it
49:48 was hard to forgive him especially for
49:50 that one thing but I knew I needed to I
49:52 did not want God to hold anything
49:54 against me so I chose that day to
49:57 forgive my dad of everything he did to
49:59 me her dad was deceased at the time that
50:05 night after I chose to forgive my dad a
50:07 miracle happened that I did not expect I
50:10 did not have a nightmare then a week
50:13 went by and I called my sister telling
50:16 her what had happened that I had been
50:18 one full week of no nightmares
50:21 this is nightly nightmares for 40-some
50:25 years now it has been one year that I've
50:28 been totally free of nightmares when I
50:32 chose to forgive I was not expecting
50:34 this added blessing
50:36 of being free from nightmares that I had
50:38 sought years of counseling for in order
50:40 to get rid of them but it happened but
50:44 years of counseling could not do God did
50:47 it for me as I chose to forgive my dad
50:50 not only are the nightmares gone but God
50:53 has lifted a tremendous burden from my
50:56 heart the darkness that I felt
50:58 continually over my soul that I couldn't
51:01 get rid of no matter how hard I tried
51:04 was finally gone now God's light has
51:07 flooded my soul where the darkness stood
51:09 if God can do it for me I know you can
51:12 do it for you so if there's any of you
51:15 out there with you have suffered abuse
51:18 or hurt or pain from somebody else I
51:22 encourage you tonight to take those
51:25 testimonies and be encouraged to forgive
51:29 now forgiveness there's other things
51:31 that have happened in my life where
51:33 literally I would choose on a daily
51:36 basis
51:37 I've never forget my pastor was talking
51:39 about like having like an IV drip going
51:41 into my arm you know he was actually
51:44 talking from the pulpit but I was taking
51:45 it personally you know of forgiveness
51:47 and then it was just it took years for
51:52 that to totally drain out of my body all
51:55 the issues that happened during that
51:57 situation so one of the things I want to
52:06 share with you is from Colossians 2:14
52:09 and 2:15 when Jesus died on the cross
52:15 this is a very difficult passage to
52:17 understand but it's so tremendous I'm
52:21 not going to read it to you because of
52:23 the time but basically he did three
52:26 things Colossians 2:14 he took our sin
52:32 it says having forgiven o your
52:38 trespasses
52:41 that's just like Psalm 103 right who
52:45 forgives all your sin
52:47 god he wants us to get this not all
52:54 these sins except for this one that
52:56 keeps nagging you in your entire life he
52:58 wants to know you've been forgiven of
53:01 all past present and future sins they're
53:04 erased from your record in the courtroom
53:07 of heaven your debt has been fully
53:10 played on the cross by the blood of
53:12 Jesus Christ second thing that he's
53:18 removed is the law he wiped out the
53:22 handwriting of requirements that's the
53:25 law that was against us which was
53:27 contrary to us and he nailed it to the
53:30 cross the law is Satan's weapon it's his
53:35 gun his gun against your life to accuse
53:39 you and condemn you of your sins and
53:41 that has been taken away and nailed to
53:44 the cross because he has taken away the
53:48 law he has taken away the gun it says
53:52 he's disarmed the principalities he took
53:55 so the gun the arms away and he made a
53:59 public spectacle of them triumphing over
54:02 them in it now during that day they had
54:10 a certificate of debt and on the
54:12 certificate of debt there was two things
54:15 that were ridden the accusations which
54:20 is a list of all the penalty all the
54:22 penalties the list of all the sins and
54:24 then they had the penalty the punishment
54:27 for the crime that was done they would
54:31 take this and they would nail it to the
54:34 door of the prison cell so everybody
54:37 could see what they did what the
54:40 punishment was now when they fulfilled
54:43 their time in the prison cell they would
54:46 take that off the door and then they
54:49 would stamp it with paid-in-full
54:52 at that time the Greek word was catalyst
54:55 I paid in full that man then could carry
54:59 this
54:59 piece of paper around and anyone that
55:02 wanted to accuse him were you know
55:04 threatened that he had a you know supper
55:06 more punishment no here it is here's my
55:10 certificate of debt I've it's been paid
55:13 in full at the cross in John 19:30 one
55:16 of the words Jesus cried out was
55:19 catalyst I paid in full see over Jesus's
55:26 head they accused him of something no
55:30 one was accused of this is Jesus he is
55:33 the Nazarene the son of God and he was
55:40 accused he was condemned and because he
55:44 was accused and condemned for your my
55:45 sin he cries out Catalyst die I have
55:50 paid your sin debt in full so now you
55:57 get a walk away no catalyst i whatever
56:04 sin it is it's been paid in full so as
56:07 you come up and you bring up your index
56:09 card we're gonna stamp it with a paid in
56:12 full sign then you can tear it up and
56:14 put it in the bucket and then take
56:16 communion I'm going to end with a
56:18 closing prayer father I just thank you
56:21 for what you have shown us that you're
56:23 the God who forgives all sin and I thank
56:28 you father for what you're doing in our
56:29 hearts Lord especially for those who
56:32 have been abused or hurt in some way by
56:36 others I pray father that you would
56:39 strengthen them and help them to forgive
56:42 and to let go of that sin the sin that
56:45 has been done against them and father
56:48 the sins where we hold ourselves in
56:50 condemnation I pray God strengthen each
56:54 one here so that we can let go of that
56:57 sin and be confident that you have paid
57:01 our debt in full through the blood of
57:04 Jesus Christ amen


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