Move Past F.E.A.R

F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear and love are complete opposites, leading you in two competely different directions. You have a choice to either believe God’s unconditional limitless love for you or to believe in F.E.A.R., which springs from the lesser realities of this world, from your unredeemed soul, and from satan’s deceptive tactics.



Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I'm the
00:03 director of the Camarillo Healing Rooms
00:05 and I welcome you to our fearless living
00:09 series and tonight we are in our second
00:12 session in tonight's session is entitled
00:16 moving past fear that false expectations
00:21 that appear real and my desire for you
00:23 tonight is that you'll be able to live
00:26 from a place of God's love rather than
00:29 from a place of fear where you might be
00:33 living at right now so let us pray
00:37 father I thank you Lord that in this
00:41 Psalm you told King David to seek your
00:45 face and to behold your beauty and Lord
00:49 we thank you that you invited each one
00:51 of us to seek your face and I pray that
00:55 you would grant us for the revelation of
00:58 the face of Jesus Christ that we would
01:04 see you Lord our Father we would see you
01:10 in the face of Christ we praise you and
01:13 we bless you in Jesus's name Amen so
01:19 tonight's session moving past fear the
01:22 false expectations or the false evidence
01:26 that appears real
01:31 love and fear come from two different
01:34 kingdoms they're the exact opposites
01:38 love lead you in one direction will fear
01:43 lead you in a completely opposite
01:45 direction love will lead you into the
01:49 very life of who God is what fear will
01:52 lead you into the very life as Satan
01:56 himself fear gives you that foreboding
02:00 feeling of Darkness where love will make
02:05 you feel like wow everything is going to
02:07 be alright and that's where God wants us
02:10 to live and just that knowledge that he
02:12 has us and he is going to make
02:14 everything all right in our lives so
02:18 what is fear when I looked up the
02:21 definition I'm just going to give you
02:22 like if called it's a
02:25 dictionary online fear is a noun is
02:29 defined as a distressing emotion aroused
02:33 by impending danger evil pain etc
02:37 whether the threat is real or imagined
02:41 it's a feeling or condition of being
02:44 afraid to help you understand this I'm
02:47 going to explain to you about cattle
02:51 grids the ones that are virtual and the
02:54 ones that are real one time when my
02:56 husband and I we are driving from
02:58 Camarillo
02:59 to Bishop California we are passing
03:02 through these small towns and as we
03:05 entered and exited these small towns we
03:07 were seeing these consecutive white
03:09 painted lines on the roadway and my
03:11 husband turns to me and he says sue do
03:14 you know what these are all about I says
03:17 I have no idea and he says because those
03:22 are for cattle and it prevents them from
03:27 crossing over these lines because they
03:30 think they're the real thing and the
03:33 real thing or real crap cattle grids are
03:36 actually metal bars over a pit like
03:39 structure that are usually in roadways
03:42 and the cattle will get their foot
03:44 stuck in those so that the owner can go
03:46 and retrieve the cattle that rightfully
03:49 belongs to them so they aren't wandering
03:52 off into somebody else's territory and
03:55 so when you look up this idea about
03:58 virtual cattle grids it's like well
04:01 we'll hire the cattle actually you know
04:04 thinking that these are real and not
04:07 just imaginary why is it preventing them
04:10 from crossing over and it says that when
04:15 I was looking this up it's because they
04:17 don't have the depth perception that was
04:20 one theory they had several theories but
04:22 that was the main one is that the cattle
04:24 don't have the depth perception so when
04:26 they look at these white painted lines
04:32 and so you can think about that in your
04:35 own life there are some things that are
04:38 not real rats but their virtual threats
04:42 it makes you think that they're real but
04:46 in essence they are really not so now
04:50 when we think about what a lot of
04:52 biblical stories we have an
04:53 understanding of this one of the things
04:58 in for the Israelites when they wanted
05:01 to cross over God said you know I'm
05:03 giving you the Promised Land and they're
05:06 going like there's some virtual painted
05:10 white consecutive lines and we can't
05:12 cross over or what were those those were
05:16 the giants there were giants in the land
05:19 and they were told from their top ten
05:22 leaders you know what those giants are
05:25 really big and they're gonna eat you up
05:28 you're like little brass hoppers in
05:30 comparison to them so the virtual
05:35 reality for the majority the Israelites
05:38 became those consecutive white painted
05:40 lines we are not crossing over because
05:45 we are going to get stuck in fact we are
05:48 going to get killed by those giants so
05:51 think about that in your own life what
05:53 are those white painted consecutive
05:56 lines in different areas of your life
05:58 that appear to be a real and are
06:00 preventing you from going into your
06:03 promised land
06:04 [Music]
06:11 King David it's very interesting here he
06:15 is he's a young man and he is given
06:18 these prophetic words that he is going
06:21 to be king over all of Israel as a young
06:27 boy but then he has all these white
06:32 painted consecutive white white lines
06:35 that he has to cross over all these
06:37 things that could have caused him to be
06:40 so afraid that he doesn't move forward
06:43 into the promises that God has had for
06:47 him and so he can see King David
06:49 throughout his life as a young boy he
06:51 crosses over one cattle grid over
06:54 another one over another one and a lot
06:56 of those weren't really just virtual
06:58 they were actual cattle grids for him in
07:02 essence and so when we look at Kings
07:09 David's life and everything he did he
07:11 didn't live perfectly but he pursued
07:15 this reality the presence of God so that
07:18 he wouldn't become afraid of the
07:22 apparent or real impending dangers in
07:24 his life and preventing him from going
07:28 on into the future that God had for him
07:31 in Psalm 27 we see this unwavering
07:34 decision of King David a decision that
07:38 the Holy Spirit wants all of us to hear
07:43 and to follow in verse one King David
07:46 says the Lord is my light and my
07:48 salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is
07:53 the strength of my life of whom shall I
07:56 be afraid the one army being camp
08:01 against me I will not be afraid my heart
08:07 shall not fear
08:09 so no matter what fear provoking
08:11 situations that you are facing whether
08:13 they're virtual or real you have a
08:15 choice between fear choosing fear or
08:20 choosing love you have a choice of
08:24 whether you allow the fear to imprison
08:27 you and confine you or whether you allow
08:30 God's love to set you free to be the
08:34 person who God has created you to be and
08:36 to live in the destiny that he has
08:39 called you into so there are some other
08:46 theories about why the cattle didn't
08:51 cross over and one of them was that they
08:55 would look you know at other cattle and
08:58 see well they're not crossing over so
09:01 why should I or the other theories maybe
09:04 they got stuck one time so they're going
09:06 like ah I'm not been there I'm not going
09:10 to cross over
09:16 we are talking about depth perception
09:20 that first one and our spiritual depth
09:22 perception
09:24 is huge when it comes to the direction
09:28 that we're going to go whether we are
09:30 going to go into fear or whether we're
09:33 going to go into that place of God's
09:35 love when we look at King David's life
09:39 it's like how did he stay in that place
09:42 where he chose not to go into fear but
09:46 into God's love and Psalm 27 we
09:49 understand that it was because he found
09:52 that secret place in God the place of
09:55 God's presence he said I'm going to
09:57 dwell in the house of the Lord the house
09:59 referred to the presence of God so I'm
10:02 going to do that all the days of my life
10:05 and in his presence I'm going to
10:09 continually offer up the sacrifice of
10:11 joy and I'm going to making that quality
10:15 decision I'm going to sing praises to
10:17 God and we see that throughout King
10:19 David's life when he was a young boy out
10:22 in the field tending the Sheep there he
10:25 was playing on his harp singing praises
10:28 to God and what did he end up doing he
10:31 ended up killing you know it was like
10:34 the lion and the bear type of thing you
10:36 know and so therefore when he got to
10:40 that place where he sees this Goliath
10:43 and all the Israelites are going on we
10:46 can't you know cross over those white
10:49 painted consecutive lines we can't face
10:52 this Goliath you know he's too big he's
10:55 too huge did you hear what he said he's
10:57 shouting us out us night and day there's
10:59 we aren't strong enough to overtake him
11:02 and King David's going man I have a
11:06 history in God I remember when I was a
11:11 young boy and I was facing that lion I
11:14 remember when I was facing that bear and
11:17 you know what I remember when my enemy
11:22 this is in Psalm 27 when my enemy they
11:26 were coming against me to eat up my fall
11:29 and I remember that God cost them to be
11:34 utterly deleted God devoured my enemies
11:38 and he goes so when I look into my
11:40 future you know what I'm gonna see I'm
11:43 gonna see my God who is bigger than any
11:48 giant any problem that I face so he
11:52 never allowed King David never allowed
11:55 God's presence to become bigger than
11:58 anything he faced and how he got into
12:01 God's presence was through worshiping
12:05 God glorifying God for who he was he
12:10 said the Lord is my light the Lord is my
12:14 salvation and my strength and how did he
12:17 discover this about God it was because
12:20 he was able to see God face to face so
12:27 there's a very interesting verse in acts
12:30 2:25 and I know it just like really
12:32 jumped out at me went in a time of great
12:35 need in my own life and I'm just gonna
12:37 read you the very first verse but he's
12:40 actually quoting acts 2 starting with
12:43 verse 25 is actually quoting from Psalm
12:45 16 he said I foresaw the Lord all of us
12:50 this is King David I foresaw the Lord
12:53 always before my face and therefore I
12:58 was not shaken and then he goes on and
13:01 says therefore my heart rejoice of my
13:03 tongue was glad and moreover I'm in a
13:05 rest in hope and so he's saying you know
13:10 what because I see God before my face
13:15 I'm having this face-to-face encounter
13:17 when I go into worship I'm seeing him so
13:22 when I go out into the world and face
13:25 enemies I could continue to set the Lord
13:29 before my face and so wherever I go I'm
13:32 going to see God over and above what I
13:37 see in the natural realm and that is
13:39 what Psalm 27 really
13:41 presents it presents to us two worlds
13:44 David saying there's the world of God's
13:47 presence
13:48 that's the heavenly kingdom and he says
13:51 there's a world in the natural realm
13:54 where these life-threatening
13:57 things are happening that are provoking
13:59 everybody else to fear he goes but
14:02 because I've lived in this reality with
14:04 God long enough I'm not gonna give my
14:07 heart over to fear and the Holy Spirit
14:10 is speaking to us through the psalm and
14:12 saying I want you to follow in David's
14:16 footsteps were which really King David
14:20 he's pointing you to Jesus Christ
14:22 himself
14:23 who perfectly walked this out David had
14:26 some pitfalls in his life but Jesus
14:28 walked this perfectly out of setting
14:31 father God before his face so that even
14:36 when Jesus went to the cross it was like
14:39 Jesus was able to say hey the joy that
14:43 set before me I'm gonna do what's down
14:47 here and I'm gonna come through it
14:49 victorious so I love King David's
14:55 response to saw when Saul told him that
14:58 basically you know when he was going to
15:00 go fight Goliath
15:01 King Saul says and they're so young so
15:05 scrawny
15:07 you're no match for Goliath and how
15:10 often do we hear that in our lives
15:12 you do this you're to that and you hear
15:15 your own you know in ourselves sometimes
15:18 talking like nananana now you're never
15:21 gonna make it in this world you're never
15:25 gonna get that job that you want you're
15:27 never gonna get well all those voices
15:30 speaking against you but listen to what
15:33 David says to soul 1st Samuel 17 33
15:38 through 36 but David said to Saul your
15:41 servant used to keep his father's sheep
15:44 and when a lion or bear came and took a
15:48 lamb out of the flock I went out after
15:51 it and struck it and delivered the lamb
15:54 from its mouth
15:55 and when it arose against me I caught it
15:58 by its pier and struck it and killed it
16:01 your servant has killed both the lion
16:03 and the bear and this uncircumcised
16:07 Philistine that means this person that
16:10 doesn't have a relationship with God
16:12 he's gonna be just like flying in there
16:15 he's gonna be like one of them seeing he
16:18 has defied the armies of the Living God
16:20 so what do we see we see David once
16:23 again he has set the Lord before his
16:25 face he's looking at his past and he's
16:28 saying that's which I'm facing right now
16:32 hey I'm seeing it from the reality of
16:35 the perception of what God has said and
16:39 what God will do in me and through me so
16:44 remember those white painted consecutive
16:48 lines the virtual perception he was
16:50 seeing past what the natural realm would
16:54 provoke him to feel about Goliath and
16:57 he's saying I'm gonna guard my heart I'm
17:01 not going to give my heart to fear but
17:04 rather I'm gonna give it to God I'm
17:07 gonna stay in love I'm gonna stay
17:10 connected to father God who loves me and
17:13 has great plans for my life back he told
17:16 me I'm gonna be king over Israel so if I
17:18 get killed by this Goliath hey I'm not
17:22 gonna walk out those plans that he has
17:25 for me in Psalm 27 - we saw that when
17:29 the wicked came against me to eat up my
17:31 flash my enemies they stumbled and fell
17:34 and then we saw that in verse 3 before I
17:38 began the Healing Rooms I remember and
17:41 you guys have heard this before that I
17:42 was afraid of speaking in front of an
17:45 audience and how I just shook and
17:48 trembled and I had to cross over those
17:51 apparent white consecutive virtual lines
17:54 that were causing my heart to palpate
17:57 and sometimes when you're facing stuff
18:00 you want to go like King David did in
18:04 Psalm 7 verse 1 I will not be afraid so
18:07 you're telling yourself I
18:09 will not be afraid with you I will not
18:11 be afraid and you're going like and then
18:13 you're going when I am afraid I will
18:16 continue to trust in years so sometimes
18:19 even though your emotions are telling
18:22 you to be fearful you're not going to
18:24 give in to the flash but rather you're
18:27 gonna follow the Living God who's living
18:30 inside of you who will empower you and
18:32 enable you not only to cross over those
18:35 white consecutive lines of virtual or
18:38 real threats in your life but actually
18:40 to leap over it and be to become
18:43 victorious so you can become all that
18:45 you can be and then the same thing again
18:48 when I had those undiagnosed symptoms in
18:51 my body you know and I got that dream
18:54 about Jehoshaphat and I understood I was
18:58 to worship God I didn't understand the
19:01 Lord was basically telling me the
19:04 importance of Psalm 27 that as I worship
19:09 Him I experience his presence he gets
19:13 enthroned in my praises and therefore he
19:17 defeats my enemies on my behalf so what
19:22 I feared gets demolished so that's the
19:26 importance of seeking and finding his
19:29 presence and we do that primarily
19:31 through worship and through prayer when
19:35 we come in agreement with the Lord
19:45 so let's look at false evidence
19:50 appearing real
19:53 the acronym for fear that I learned long
19:56 time ago f.e.a.r false evidence
20:01 appearing real in life you have one of
20:06 two realities you can live from one
20:09 reality its earthbound that this reality
20:12 limits you to your natural senses and
20:15 reasoning of what you can see here touch
20:18 and therefore experience the other
20:22 reality is from God's limitless place of
20:26 love it exists in the unseen realm it
20:30 exists in God and in his kingdom
20:33 so David in Psalm 22 7 is telling us
20:37 about these two realities he's saying
20:42 okay there's this reality in the world
20:47 that there's two realities you have the
20:51 reality of the world and then you have
20:54 the reality of God the reality in this
20:56 world will often provoke you to have
21:00 false evidence that appears to be real
21:03 compared to the truth of who God is and
21:08 you get to choose which reality you want
21:11 to live in Romans the way that you
21:16 access coming in to the reality of God's
21:21 kingdom and into his presence is by
21:23 faith and that's what Romans 5:1 through
21:26 2 says it's through to our Lord Jesus
21:28 Christ through whom also we have access
21:30 by faith into this grace and rejoice so
21:34 that we can stand and rejoice in the
21:36 hope of the glory of God
21:40 so God wants each one of us he wants us
21:46 to know that we can access the reality
21:49 of who he is and his kingdom at any time
21:52 he tells us to come boldly before his
21:55 throne of grace to his throne his throne
22:03 in heaven
22:04 he says come boldly so you can receive
22:06 mercy and help in the time of need he
22:10 wants us to come boldly there to his
22:13 throne and he wants us to sit ourselves
22:17 down right next to him inside of Jesus
22:20 Christ and to live our life on earth
22:24 from the reality of being in Christ
22:29 seated in the heavenly places far above
22:32 all these things that are happening in
22:35 this world that are creating false
22:38 evidence that appears real so when I
22:43 talk about false evidence appearing real
22:46 what do I mean about that in regards to
22:49 how you would look at it from a biblical
22:53 perspective false evidence appearing
22:56 real when I realize this it really set
23:00 me free it's basically anything that
23:04 contradicts the Word of God so that was
23:09 for King David anything that
23:11 contradicted the Word of God and who God
23:12 was but I see it as in the New Covenant
23:16 is anything that contradicts with the
23:19 blood of Jesus Christ has done for us
23:24 the greatest evidence we have in our
23:28 life for victory is the blood of Jesus
23:30 Christ and we need to view every
23:33 situation and everything that we face
23:35 through his blood and therefore all
23:40 these other things we can't give our
23:44 heart away to becoming afraid David knew
23:49 that he couldn't give his heart to the
23:51 lesser things in life
23:53 I like in Hebrews 11 27 Moses it talks
24:00 about Moses and Moses had we know those
24:03 mountaintop experiences where he had
24:05 those face-to-face encounters with God
24:08 and God was giving him a big assignment
24:11 and God is giving each one of us a big
24:13 assignment in life and it was only from
24:17 those face-to-face encounters that Moses
24:20 was able to say this which was recorded
24:23 in the book of faith or the chapter of
24:26 faith in Hebrews 11 27 where it says by
24:30 faith Moses were souq Egypt not fearing
24:35 the wrath of a king we're talking about
24:39 one of the most prestigious most fierce
24:43 Kings on planet Earth at that time and
24:45 that was the Egyptian King Pharaoh he
24:49 says he didn't fear the wrath of the
24:51 King for he endured seeing him who is
24:57 invisible so he is basically saying the
25:01 same thing but that we here in Psalm 27
25:04 but David says I'm able do not get
25:09 afraid that's what Moses of the Egyptian
25:14 King Pharaoh and his entire army the
25:17 largest army on earth I'm not afraid of
25:20 and killing me because I have a destiny
25:23 in God he says I endured because I saw
25:28 him who is invisible through our
25:34 face-to-face encounters with God in our
25:38 quiet time in our personal relationship
25:41 with God we have to
25:43 so rooted and ground ourselves in his
25:47 love in who he is that anything that we
25:52 face will not hold a candle stick to our
25:56 God so God invited King David as he does
26:01 each one of us to seek my face he says
26:05 this in Psalm 27 verse 8
26:07 he said to David seek my face and King
26:11 David's response was hard your face I
26:16 will seek so my question to you tonight
26:20 is the Lord is asking you seek my face
26:26 and what is your response when you are
26:31 in facing real or imaginary threats near
26:35 live will you return your attention to
26:39 God and seek his face or will you turn
26:44 your attention to this stuff and
26:48 allowing it to trouble your heart Jesus
26:52 said he says don't let your heart be
26:55 troubled neither let it be afraid he
26:58 wants us to live in the peace and the
27:01 joy of his presence and we all know the
27:05 story when Peter was walking on the
27:07 water as long as he kept his attention
27:11 and focused on the Lord he was able to
27:15 do the impossible but as soon as he took
27:18 away his attention and looked on the
27:21 earthly realm in what could possibly
27:24 happen and put his eyes on the storm he
27:30 sank and in our life we really need to
27:34 take heed that it's so crucial for us to
27:38 have one thing become a priority in our
27:42 life and that is to seek God's presence
27:47 and to dwell there 24/7 moment by moment
27:51 so that God's presence is bigger than
27:56 anything we face and that we don't allow
27:59 anything on earth to become bigger than
28:02 the presence of God and we do this
28:04 primarily through worship and through
28:09 prayer making those heart-to-heart
28:11 connections with God
28:17 in 2nd Corinthians 4:18 the Holy Spirit
28:23 speaks to us and he says well we do not
28:25 look at the things which are seen but
28:27 the things that are not seen for the
28:30 things that are seen down here are
28:33 temporary but the things that are not
28:36 seen are eternal and we need to set our
28:40 eyes on the internal reality of who God
28:43 is and what Jesus Christ has already
28:45 accomplished for us on the cross and
28:47 then in Colossians 3 if you were raised
28:51 with Christ seek those things which are
28:54 above where Christ is seated at the
28:56 right hand of God once again set your
29:00 mind on what the things above that's God
29:03 the heavenly realm and not on the things
29:07 below it's so hard when we are facing
29:12 things that are real or virtual in our
29:14 life that seem to be threatening what we
29:18 want in one way or the other to take our
29:21 eyes off of the eternal off of who God
29:25 is and look and then we get tripped up
29:29 and fall and start to sink so you know
29:37 know about the rose-colored glasses
29:39 where I talk about put the rose-colored
29:42 glasses on so you can see what the blood
29:45 of Jesus Christ has done for you it was
29:50 so interesting when Jesus was on the
29:52 earth here he is Jesus the face of God
29:57 walking on planet Earth but the gods of
30:02 this age had so blinded the Pharisees
30:06 and the Sadducees and the religious
30:08 leaders because they were walking in
30:10 fear Oh am I gonna do everything right
30:13 so that I can be accepted by God that
30:17 they didn't see Jesus they could not
30:21 hear Jesus and therefore they could not
30:25 experience Jesus
30:27 so Jesus says about them he says hey you
30:32 to a Pharisees and Sadducees you're
30:35 fulfilling the prophetic word in Isaiah
30:37 which says hearing you will hear and
30:41 shall not understand and seeing you'll
30:44 see but not perceive for the hearts of
30:47 this people have groaned all their ears
30:50 are hard of hearing their eyes have
30:52 closed let's say should see with their
30:54 eyes and hear with their ears lest they
30:58 should understand with their hearts and
31:00 turn so that I could heal them Wow
31:05 do you believe that Jesus is here among
31:08 us right now he says he is where two or
31:12 three are gathered are we seeing his
31:15 face are we setting his face before our
31:19 face so that we are not shaken like acts
31:22 2:25 speak of as it quotes Psalm 16
31:25 talking about King David the writer of
31:27 Psalm 27 or are we keeping our focus on
31:31 the Lord once you understand that every
31:39 fear is caused by a lie a lie that comes
31:45 from Satan then you're able to apply the
31:50 antidote to every fear what's the
31:56 antidote it's God's truth and the
32:00 primary truth that God wants to settle
32:03 your art heart in is how much he loves
32:08 you that God is with you that he is for
32:11 you that he's on your side that he will
32:14 fight your battles and with him there's
32:19 everything isn't possible
32:23 I gave you the first definition of fear
32:31 the noun version a distressing emotion
32:35 aroused by impending danger or evil
32:37 whether the threat is real or imagined
32:42 the feeling or condition of being afraid
32:44 the verb definition is to regard to
32:49 regard with fear to be afraid of or to
32:53 have reverential awe and we really need
32:58 to take a close look at this David chose
33:02 to live a life in reverential awe of God
33:06 the fear the Lord rather than the place
33:09 of fear regarding the circumstantial
33:12 evidence and like I said and I'm just
33:15 saying this over and over again tonight
33:17 so that you might consider living alive
33:20 in the presence of God through worship
33:22 in prayer so how did David live in
33:25 reverential awe of God it was through
33:27 worship and through that heart-to-heart
33:30 connection in prayer coming in agreement
33:32 with who God is and what the Word of God
33:35 says in Psalm 27 verse 6 he says
33:39 therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy
33:43 in his tabernacle I will sing yes I will
33:46 sing praises to God and it was through
33:50 worship that David set the Lord
33:53 continually before his face and
33:56 therefore he encountered gods and
33:59 supernatural protection he found that
34:02 secret place where he was supernaturally
34:06 protected under the shadow of God's
34:09 wings and then we saw that and I've
34:12 quoted that before tonight in Psalm 27 2
34:15 & 3 even though I know he isn't camping
34:19 all around me and war is rising up on
34:22 every side against me my heart's not
34:25 going to fear I'm going to be confident
34:26 in God
34:29 so Malachi 4:2 through three when it
34:33 come to healing this is one of my
34:35 scriptures that I kind of hid away and
34:37 in that secret place in the word but do
34:41 you fear my name the Sun of
34:42 righteousness shall arise with healing
34:44 in his wings you shall trample the
34:47 wicked for they shall be ashes under the
34:50 sole of your feet so God has given us a
34:53 place under the shadow of its wings and
34:56 then Luke 10:19 it kind of goes ahead
35:00 and says the same thing as this Malachi
35:02 4:2 that things are doing the ashes
35:05 under the sole of our feet he says I've
35:07 given you authority
35:08 remember those consecutive white virtual
35:11 lines I've given you authority to
35:14 trample on them and over all the power
35:19 of the enemy and nothing by any means
35:24 shall hurt you to fear the Lord means
35:27 that you're trusting in the Lord and
35:29 you're trusting in his salvation and
35:32 when you place your trust in his name
35:34 and his word you access his protection
35:38 his provision and his power David said
35:44 what in Psalm 27 the Lord is my light
35:47 and my salvation whom shall I fear the
35:51 Lord is the strength of my life of whom
35:53 shall I be afraid and then verse 9 you
35:57 have been my help
35:58 verse 10 the Lord he's going to take
36:02 care of me fearing the Lord involves
36:06 following his commandments the more you
36:10 persevere the more you perceive who God
36:14 is being able to behold his face the
36:17 more you'll be able to desire to yield
36:21 to God's Way through the power of the
36:24 Holy Spirit and Psalm 27 verse 11 david
36:28 says this teach me your way O Lord and
36:33 lead me in a smooth path because of my
36:36 enemies all of us need to be asking God
36:39 teach us your way we need to go
36:42 in the way of the Lord in the way of the
36:44 Lord is the way of his love rather than
36:47 in the way of fear God's Ten
36:51 Commandments are all based on love which
36:54 is his nature and the very first five of
36:57 the Ten Commandments all talk about this
36:59 reverential awe of God worshiping him
37:04 above all else and Jesus taught the same
37:08 thing when he came on earth he says this
37:10 is the first and greatest commandment
37:12 that you shall love the Lord your God
37:14 with all your heart with all your soul
37:17 and with all your mind now his God's
37:24 arch enemy was Satan and he was created
37:30 to worship God but he rebelled against
37:36 God he didn't want to go God's way and
37:40 it actually talks about five things that
37:43 he wanted I will I will I will in Isaiah
37:47 14 the basis of his rebellion was that
37:51 he wanted to be worshipped rather than
37:54 God being worshipped so he took one
37:59 third of the Angels he deceived them
38:02 into following him into obeying and
38:05 worshiping him and their decision that
38:07 they made those ones through the Angels
38:09 was irreversible the Angels fell and
38:14 then when God created Adam and Eve the
38:18 first of the human race and Satan saw
38:22 that they were created in the very
38:24 likeness and image of God and they were
38:26 created to worship Him what did Satan
38:30 desire he decided desired to gain their
38:35 worship so he did that through lies and
38:39 he did it through fear provoking
38:42 suggestions to make them believe what he
38:47 said over and above what God said and
38:51 when we choose to believe what the
38:55 enemy says the lie over the truth at
38:59 that moment we have just begun to
39:01 worship Satan did you hear what I said
39:09 when we come in agreement with the lie
39:12 it's a form of worship
39:17 we're fearing something rather than
39:24 stain in reverential awe of God so when
39:27 God commands us do not fear do not be
39:29 afraid of anything just worship me he's
39:34 doing it for a purpose because he wants
39:39 to guard our hearts and he's telling us
39:43 to worship Him because he knows that we
39:47 will be most happy most delighted in our
39:50 lives through worshipping Him he knows
39:53 that as we worship Him we are
39:57 transformed into his very likeness and
40:02 image like second Corinthians 3:18 says
40:05 from glory to glory to glory so he's not
40:09 doing it for any selfish reasons he's
40:12 doing because he wants us to experience
40:14 the fullness of his love and he has
40:17 wants us to have nothing to do with fear
40:21 which comes from Satan's Kingdom
40:26 when Adam and Eve sinned their core
40:31 identity was marred instead of the
40:34 Spirit of God the spirit of love ruling
40:36 over their life the spirit of fear and
40:39 death entered in and it began to
40:41 dominate their thoughts and actions and
40:44 mankind was held in this bondage under
40:47 the kingdom of darkness yet through the
40:54 blood of Jesus he has made a way for us
40:57 out of the kingdom of darkness and into
41:00 his kingdom of love so that we could
41:02 experience what he had intended for
41:05 mankind from the very beginning of time
41:08 and that was to encounter him and the
41:11 fullness of who God was he created each
41:13 one of us Adam and Eve did had that
41:15 intimate one-on-one face-to-face
41:17 encounter and that's God's quest he's
41:21 after you he's after me to have that
41:26 face-to-face encounter and when we turn
41:30 our face to cop there are natural
41:32 responses to worship Him to see him and
41:38 go oh my god you're so beautiful and
41:42 just to like just to soak in that and
41:46 then it's him he's the one that does
41:50 that transformation within us so that we
41:54 become satisfied in him and that we
41:58 become loved itself we become just like
42:01 him now this picture of a heart if you
42:07 could show that with the Holy Spirit
42:08 dove this is something that I received
42:11 as a wedding gift and it talks it's
42:14 basically the Holy Spirit the love of
42:16 God being poured out into our hearts by
42:20 the Holy Spirit who was given to us I
42:23 like that last part of Romans 5:5 the
42:28 love of God has been poured out into our
42:31 hearts through the Holy Spirit who was
42:36 given to us the Holy Spirit has
42:40 and given to you and I and so when we
42:43 took take a look at love versus fear
42:47 second Timothy 1:7 says God has not
42:50 given you the spirit of fear why because
42:55 he's giving us the Holy Spirit who has
42:59 poured out love into our heart so 2nd
43:03 Timothy 1:7 says God is not giving you a
43:06 spirit of fear he's giving you the
43:10 Spirit of God himself
43:13 the spirit of power and love and a sound
43:17 mind and it's for His perfect love just
43:23 saturating everything about us every
43:26 like thought every action that cast out
43:29 our arch enemy of fear when we receive
43:36 the Spirit of God Jesus Christ into our
43:38 heart and the very Spirit of God we are
43:41 united in 1st Corinthians 6:17 says we
43:44 become one with his spirit that's the
43:47 spirit of love so
43:55 now that the Spirit of God is dwelling
43:58 in us as born-again believers Galatians
44:02 5:25 says if we live in the spirit now
44:06 walk in the spirit
44:09 that means we're so used to just like
44:12 when something looks like the virtual
44:14 reality like those consecutive white
44:16 lines you know that false cattle grid we
44:19 go but we have to say to our flesh flesh
44:23 calm down
44:25 turn your eyes on God receive his love
44:29 his joy his peace
44:33 so James 4:7 says submit to God resist
44:38 the devil and he will flee from you face
44:41 the evil and resist the yield sign is
44:48 another word for submit it says submit
44:51 to God resist the devil and he will flee
44:54 from you I saw this yield sign on the
44:58 side of a building in camerayou this
45:00 past week God calls us to yield to his
45:05 love make a quality decision today and
45:10 this week to yield to God's love and not
45:13 to fear when you feel yourself being
45:16 driven by fear and fear provoking
45:18 situations yield slow down stop submit
45:23 yourself to the Spirit of God living in
45:25 you your spirit allowing God's goodness
45:28 and his love to saturate your thoughts
45:32 and your actions and then connect to God
45:37 through worship and prayer and I told
45:40 you that David did this over and over
45:43 again when we connect to God we become a
45:49 person after God's own heart God said
45:53 about King David I have found David the
45:56 son of Jesse a man after my own heart
45:59 who would do all my will put your name
46:03 in that plank
46:05 I am su and I'm a person after God's own
46:11 heart and I will do all the will of God
46:14 I will worship Him I will not be afraid
46:19 in Psalm 27 we're going to end with this
46:23 David made some quality decisions he
46:27 says I will not fear I will trust in God
46:33 I will seek his face and dwell in his
46:36 presence I will offer the sacrifices of
46:41 joy and his tabernacle and I will sing
46:44 praises to the Lord when you do this
46:47 you'll be able to say no to fear and yes
46:52 to God you'll be able to live your life
46:55 loved rather than living a life from a
46:58 place of fear father I thank you and I
47:01 praise You Lord God for leading our
47:03 hearts for directing our hearts into
47:06 your love as we go out into life this
47:09 week father wash over us with your love
47:15 strengthen us to seek your face to dwell
47:18 in your presence strengthen us by the
47:21 power of your spirit and the inner man
47:23 to say no to fear and yes to your love
47:27 and Jesus's name Amen


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