God’s Antidote to Fear

Do you realize that fear actually has a face and a voice? Too often this reality is hidden as fear likes to disguise itself as many different faces and voices. Once you realize the “who” – the real face and real voice behind every fear, you will ardently desire to apply God’s antidote. Discover how you can apply God’s antidote so that you are not consumed by fear.


Video Transcript

00:00 well I want to welcome you to the Cameo
00:03 Healing Rooms I'm the director of the
00:05 Camarillo Healing Rooms along with my
00:07 husband and we're in our third session
00:10 of fearless living we're in session
00:13 three and it's called God's antidote to
00:16 fear
00:17 so let us pray so father I thank you and
00:20 I praise you for your goodness and your
00:23 mercy we thank you for your grace Lord
00:28 and we ask Lord that you would open up
00:31 our ears and open up our heart so that
00:35 we can see your son Jesus Christ as our
00:38 light our salvation and that we could
00:43 live without fear knowing that you are
00:46 with us and for us never leaving us and
00:49 never forsaking us we pray this in Jesus
00:53 name Amen so Roman numeral one fears
00:58 face and voice fear has a face and fear
01:04 has a voice even though it disguises
01:07 itself as many different faces and many
01:12 different voices each and every face of
01:15 fear that presents itself to you and to
01:19 the world around you originates from one
01:22 source and when you truly understand the
01:28 very source of every fear that is trying
01:31 to control and have dominion over your
01:34 life and those around you that you will
01:38 ardently desire like never before to
01:41 apply God's antidote to fear as revealed
01:45 by Psalm 27 so where did the face in the
01:49 voice of fear originally originate among
01:54 mankind in the history of mankind
01:57 it appeared way back in the Garden of
02:00 Eden at the beginning of the human race
02:02 and fear spoke into the hearts of Adam
02:07 and Eve God commanded Adam in Genesis
02:11 2:17
02:13 of every tree of the garden you may
02:16 freely eat but of the tree of the
02:20 knowledge of good and evil you shall not
02:22 eat of it for in the day that you eat of
02:24 it you shall surely die the serpent said
02:28 to Eve oh you will not surely die for
02:32 God knows that in the day of you that
02:34 you eat of it your eyes they're gonna be
02:37 open and you will be like God knowing
02:41 good and evil
02:43 fear provoked Adam and Eve to question
02:48 God's Word did God really tell them the
02:52 truth about the knowledge of the tree of
02:55 good and evil or was Satan telling them
02:59 the truth who should they trust when
03:03 they questioned God and his infallible
03:05 Word to them doubt entered into their
03:08 heart Webster's 1828 dictionary gives us
03:13 several definitions of doubt that I want
03:15 to highlight in this lesson one of the
03:18 definitions of doubt is to question when
03:22 you begin to question God's word for
03:24 your life you must understand that doubt
03:29 has come knocking at the door of your
03:32 heart doubt questions go something like
03:35 this did God really say that did God
03:40 really mean what he said did God really
03:43 expect me to follow his directions he
03:47 knows I'm not strong enough not capable
03:50 but enough I'm just not enough hmm
03:55 another definition of doubt is to feel
03:59 with fear isn't that something
04:03 feeling afraid therefore can be a sign
04:06 to you that doubt is knocking at the
04:11 door of your heart
04:13 doubt is also defined as a lack of trust
04:16 and a withholding of confidence when you
04:20 find yourself questioning God's Word or
04:22 feeling afraid recognize that it's a
04:25 time that you need a of
04:26 greater trust in God and not give in to
04:30 fear in Psalm 27 David begins and ends
04:35 his song with praising God and making
04:37 bold declarations of faith in God when
04:41 fear came knocking at the door of his
04:44 heart as he did this he was raising up a
04:49 definitive Zone in the invisible realm
04:53 that basically would say something like
04:55 this no fear is allowed here he was
05:01 dwelling in the house of the Lord and he
05:03 knew that he knew he was dwelling in the
05:06 very presence of God where there was a
05:09 360 degree invisible shield of
05:13 protection all around him as Christians
05:16 God has given you a dwelling place in
05:18 Jesus Christ you are literally in a no
05:23 fear a loud sound so don't allow fear to
05:28 draw you outside of your god-given place
05:31 in Christ and into his territory fear is
05:37 Satan's greatest weapon that he
05:40 relentlessly uses 24/7 to gain entrance
05:44 into the door of your heart his
05:47 conniving hide in fear tacky tactics are
05:51 used to undermine your faith in God he
05:55 spews his venomous lies into your heart
05:58 and mine why does Satan use fears one of
06:02 the greatest weapons against you and I
06:05 because he wants to distract you and get
06:08 your attention on the thing the
06:11 circumstance that is provoking fear and
06:14 to draw your attention away from himself
06:17 the one who is behind every fear that
06:22 you face
06:23 [Music]
06:24 ah Satan seduces you with his fear
06:27 filled lies that he interjects into your
06:30 perspective he steals kills and destroys
06:33 what rightfully belongs to you to those
06:36 you love and to the world around you
06:38 bringing massive destruction and death
06:41 physically mentally emotionally and
06:43 spiritually
06:44 what is Satan's ultimate goal in
06:47 tempting you with his fear provoking
06:50 words which counter and directly oppose
06:53 God's love filled protective words what
06:56 do you think it is Satan's end goal is
06:59 for you to worship and serve Him and not
07:03 God Matthew 4 9 through 10 and he Satan
07:08 said to him saying to Jesus all these
07:12 things I will give to you if you just
07:15 fall down and worship Me huh then Jesus
07:20 said to Satan away with you Satan for it
07:23 is written you shall worship the Lord
07:26 your God and him only you shall serve
07:30 because of Jesus's love relationship
07:33 with God his father he refused to bow
07:36 down and do the things on Satan's terms
07:40 on Satan's ways that he wanted Jesus to
07:45 react another word for worshipping the
07:50 Lord is fearing the Lord
07:53 so in Matthew 4:10 this is a quote from
07:56 Deuteronomy 613 and instead of saying
07:59 worship the Lord it actually says fear
08:01 the Lord and the Hebrew word for fear
08:03 there Yahweh is the exact word that
08:06 appears in the beginning part of Psalm
08:09 27 when the Lord when David says whom
08:12 shall I fear number to fear is a choice
08:17 risks and dangers are real but fear is a
08:22 choice fear beckoned Adam and Eve to
08:26 disregard God's Word God's voice and to
08:29 pray pay attention to Satan's word and
08:32 his voice fear beckoned Adam and Eve to
08:37 consider what their lives would look
08:38 if only they ate from the tree of the
08:41 knowledge and good of evil the promise
08:44 that Satan spoke to them even though it
08:46 was a lie was so appealing you will be
08:49 like God knowing good and evil
08:55 Adam and Eve chose the voice of fear
09:00 which was the mask that Satan was
09:03 wearing over and above the fourth face
09:07 and voice of love God Himself because of
09:12 Adam's and E's unbelief in God's Word
09:16 they chose to eat from the forbidden
09:18 tree disobeying God and causing the
09:21 whole human race to come under the
09:24 bondage of fear and death just like Adam
09:30 and Eve have a choice had a choice you
09:34 and I have a choice
09:35 will you obey God's Word his love
09:39 Commandments his voice even if you don't
09:42 fully understand why behind it and even
09:45 though at first glance it doesn't sound
09:47 so appealing to you or will you obey
09:50 Satan's word his fear provoking
09:53 suggestions his voice who will you place
09:57 your trust in who is telling you the
10:00 truth whose words will you believe when
10:04 you look at the Word of God you'll
10:06 understand that Jesus is the one that is
10:09 telling you the truth and Satan is a
10:12 liar Jesus is the truth john 14:6 says
10:17 jesus said i am the way the truth and
10:21 the life Jesus is the truth John 8:42
10:25 zhis said he is a man who has told you
10:28 the truth
10:30 Jesus's word is truth everything that
10:33 Jesus has spoken to us and everything
10:35 that father God has spoken to us is the
10:38 truth john seventeen eight-teen says
10:40 this Your Word is truth
10:44 proverbs 22 twenty through 21 I have
10:47 written to you that I make make you know
10:50 the certainty
10:52 of the words of truth John 8:31 through
10:56 32 if you abide in my word you are my
10:59 disciples indeed and you shall know the
11:02 truth and the truth shall set you free
11:05 the Word of God tells us that Satan is a
11:08 liar and he cannot tell you the truth
11:10 John 8:44 Satan was a murderer from the
11:15 beginning and he does not stand in the
11:18 truth because there's no truth in him
11:21 when he speaks a lie he speaks from his
11:25 own resources for he is a liar and the
11:29 father of it in order for you not to
11:33 succumb to fear its face and voice it is
11:36 crucial for you to be deeply and rooted
11:39 rooted and grounded in God's truth which
11:41 are his words of love to you knowing and
11:45 believing God and the immeasurable love
11:47 he has for you will hold your heart
11:50 steady when fear comes knocking at the
11:54 door of your heart enticing you to
11:56 believe the things you see in here that
11:58 would contradict God's nature in his
12:01 word Jesus's past passionate love
12:04 relationship with God was what held his
12:08 heart steady through all of the
12:09 temptations of this life and it is what
12:13 will hold your heart steady first John
12:18 4:16 says we have known and believed the
12:20 love that God has for us god is love and
12:23 he who abides in love abides in God and
12:26 God in him John 8:32 Jesus said to the
12:30 Jews who believed him if you abide in my
12:34 word you are my disciples indeed and you
12:37 shall know the truth and the truth shall
12:39 set you free
12:40 abiding in God's Word means you're
12:43 keeping God's Word in your thoughts your
12:46 actions and your attitudes Jesus speaks
12:49 about psalm 27:4
12:52 that reality that exists for you now as
12:55 a believer in Christ you are invited to
12:58 abide in Jesus and to allow Jesus to
13:01 abide in you
13:02 you must understand that everything God
13:05 says including all of God's commandments
13:08 originate from God's heart of love to
13:10 you once you establish this truth within
13:13 your heart
13:14 you'll be empowered to embrace a
13:18 lifestyle of obedience any good parent
13:22 will give their child dues and doubts to
13:26 keep them safe and to cause them to
13:29 prosper in their lives
13:30 why does a good parent give their child
13:33 do's and dont's because the parent has
13:36 greater wisdom and understanding than
13:39 the children God is our Heavenly Father
13:42 and he has so much wisdom and so much
13:47 understanding that he has given us do's
13:50 and dont's he has given us Commandments
13:52 that will protect us and it will cause
13:55 us if we obey them to prosper in our
13:58 lives
13:59 although fear can attack you from what
14:01 seems to be two ends of the fear
14:04 spectrum its end goal is the same it is
14:09 to gain your affections your worship and
14:12 to separate you from God from God's
14:15 goodness and his love the price of your
14:18 allegiance to fear your agreement with
14:21 lies will cost you great loss and even
14:25 your life so what are the two ends of
14:28 the fear spectrum at one end of the fear
14:31 spectrum fear tells you that you're
14:33 lacking things that will make you be
14:37 like God they'll make you wiser smarter
14:40 happier more successful it tells you
14:43 that you can be more and you can have
14:45 more fear lies to you just like it did
14:48 to Adam and Eve they were already
14:50 creating the likeness and image of God
14:52 they had everything they are already
14:55 given God's glory in the kingdoms of
14:58 this earth they are already richly
15:01 blessed by God and God was can allow
15:04 that blessing to flow through them and
15:06 be manifested throughout all the earth
15:08 and as new creations in Jesus Christ she
15:11 had been given all the same blessings
15:13 that Adam and Eve once had before
15:15 they sinned and before they fell you
15:18 have the power and authority to say no
15:20 to fear and yes to God's love for you
15:24 for Jesus has given you authority and
15:27 power now over all the works of Darkness
15:30 over every fear that would ever try to
15:33 touch you so what does fear telling you
15:36 at this one end of the spectrum is it
15:39 telling that you can have more money
15:40 more and greater opportunities more love
15:44 a better life a better spouse that life
15:47 is greener on the other side of the
15:49 fence if only you would eat from what
15:52 God is forbidding you to eat from at the
15:56 other end of the fear spectrum fear
15:58 tells you that you and your loved one
16:00 situation or condition is hopeless that
16:03 nothing will change that your prayers
16:06 are not making a difference in that God
16:08 has not and will not help you or save
16:10 you it provokes you into believing that
16:13 the fear provoking circumstances
16:15 concerns and problems are bigger and
16:18 greater than your God both ends of the
16:21 fear spectrum are meant for you to
16:23 question to doubt who God is and who
16:27 you're in Christ is a new creation
16:28 meeting God's likeness and image because
16:32 Adam and Eve chose the spirit of fear
16:34 over the Spirit of the Lord which is the
16:37 spirit of power and love and a sound
16:39 mind fear consumed their thoughts and
16:42 actions by now you might understand who
16:46 it is that gave Adam and Eve the
16:48 beginning of the human race the spirit
16:50 of fear who is it
16:52 Satan therefore you need to make the
16:55 quality decision to resist fear like you
16:58 would resist Satan himself because he is
17:01 the originator he is the source of all
17:04 fear he is the face and voice behind
17:10 every fear you will face when Adam heard
17:14 God's voice
17:14 Adam expanded back to God with fear and
17:17 he hid himself he says I heard your
17:20 voice in the garden and I was afraid
17:22 because I was naked and I hid myself now
17:27 if you remember one of the definitions I
17:29 gave you
17:29 from Webster's 1828 dictionary on fear
17:33 one of the definitions of doubt is to
17:37 question another one is to be filled
17:40 with fear when Adam and Eve questioned
17:43 God they were filled with fear because
17:47 one of the definitions of doubt because
17:50 they made the decision they made the
17:53 choice to distrust God and to trust
17:57 Satan and his word fear paralyzes you
18:01 and keeps you in the land of unbelief
18:04 causing you not to be able to enter
18:06 God's promised land into God's rest
18:09 Hebrews 3:12 tells us this
18:13 beware brethren lest there be in any of
18:16 you an evil heart of unbelief in
18:19 departing from the Living God
18:21 see that's what happened to Adam and Eve
18:23 their heart departed from the Living God
18:25 their heart was filled with evil an evil
18:31 heart of unbelief that's what God calls
18:34 it
18:35 verse 19 from Hebrews 3 says so they
18:38 could not enter in there talking about
18:41 the children the Israelites going into
18:43 Promised Land they couldn't enter in
18:45 because of what unbelief unbelief begins
18:51 with fear the Israelites feared many
18:54 things that were in the promised land
18:57 the Giants and it was their perspective
19:00 that Satan gave them in Psalm 27 David
19:04 prompted the holy spirit prompted by the
19:07 Holy Spirit gives us a fresh perspective
19:09 of the quality twice you can make when
19:13 everything around you seems dark and
19:15 dismal in this psalm God is not only
19:18 calling you to let your faith in God be
19:21 bigger than your fears but it gives you
19:24 his antidote to live by faith and not to
19:29 live by your fears
19:31 Roman numeral three God's antidote to
19:35 fear from Psalm 27 seek my face early in
19:41 David's life he discovered not only how
19:44 to live fearlessly but how to live as
19:46 God always intended for him as well as
19:51 any of you can live God's antidote to
19:55 fear is see my face Psalm twenty seven
19:59 eight when David heard God speak this to
20:04 his heart David responded my heart said
20:08 to you your face Lord will I seek what's
20:13 your response
20:14 will you give the Lord lip service in
20:17 response to his request of seeking his
20:21 face of having a face-to-face
20:23 relationship with you or will you give
20:26 Jesus your heart like David did all of
20:30 your heart what is God what does seeking
20:34 God's face mean it means that you are
20:37 living your life every aspect of your
20:39 life in and from a close abiding
20:42 relationship with God through His Son
20:45 Jesus Christ psalm 27:4 gives us further
20:49 insight into this reality of seeking
20:51 God's face which will cover more towards
20:54 the end of this lesson
20:56 seeking God's face involves doing all of
20:59 God's will even when it looks impossible
21:02 or you don't understand why he's asking
21:05 you to do it especially when you have
21:07 the added complexity of fear staring you
21:11 in the face and shouting in your ears
21:13 demanding that you follow its will can
21:17 you imagine the mother of Jesus telling
21:22 the servants whatever Jesus says to you
21:26 do it they had to get these big jugs you
21:30 know at the Canaan wedding and give them
21:33 to Jesus so that he could do the
21:35 impossible but he wanted to involve them
21:38 in the process they could have feared
21:40 like oh man I don't want to look stupid
21:42 you know that they
21:44 Mary Jesus's mother says just do it and
21:48 that's what God tells us to do he's
21:51 telling us today just do whatever Jesus
21:53 tells us you to do that's part of
21:56 seeking God's face seeing God's face
21:59 involves turning your face away from the
22:02 face of fear just like David did in his
22:05 declarations in Psalm 27 one through
22:08 three and turning your face to God like
22:11 he does in verse four seeking God face
22:16 praise your kingdom come your will be
22:21 done on earth as it is in heaven
22:26 seeking God's face makes a resolution
22:29 your heart to do all of God's will which
22:32 involves saying no to fear acts 13:22
22:37 God said about David I have found David
22:40 the son of Jesse a man after my own
22:44 heart who will do all my will won't you
22:50 like God to say that about you I know I
22:53 want God to say that about me doing all
22:56 of God's will is a choice a choice
22:58 you'll never forget once she makes the
23:01 quality decision in your heart to do all
23:03 of God's will God's grace will enable
23:06 you to carry it out as you lean into him
23:09 for his strength and help to do it and I
23:13 thought how can I relate this to you so
23:16 Ken and I were married we're going on
23:18 our 38th year of marriage and we made a
23:22 quality decision to say I do to one
23:24 another 38 years ago I did to becoming
23:27 one flesh meant that both of us how to
23:30 make the quality decision to say I will
23:33 love you and I will honor you all the
23:36 days of my life until death do us part
23:40 that's what your I do to the Lord is
23:43 when you receive him into your heart is
23:46 saying I'm gonna love you and honor you
23:47 all the days of my life
23:49 once we make this primary decision
23:52 though it's just like in a marriage
23:54 every day we have choices
23:58 to make that show that we love and show
24:02 that we honor God embracing the
24:06 lifestyle of obedience a heart that says
24:08 yes to doing all of God's will attracts
24:12 King Jesus and his kingdom to come here
24:15 on this earth into your life and
24:17 circumstances and into the lives of
24:20 those you touch David
24:22 embraced a life of obedience from the
24:26 time he was young all the way up until
24:29 he died does this mean that he did
24:31 everything perfectly no he made some
24:34 huge mistakes but unlike Saul he
24:37 repented and he leaned into God's mercy
24:41 realigning his heart over and over again
24:45 to do all of God's will David chose a
24:50 lifestyle of obedience because of his
24:52 passion for God how about you Psalm 27
25:00 reflects his lifestyle through his many
25:03 I will statements these I will
25:06 statements mirrored God's kingdom in
25:09 God's will for his life the Israel lives
25:12 and for your life and my life that's all
25:16 sadie's together I will not fear I will
25:19 trust be confident in God I will seek
25:23 God's face and dwell in his presence I
25:26 will offer sacrifices of joy I'll sing
25:29 praises to God I will wait on the Lord I
25:33 will be of good courage acts 2:25
25:37 through 26 gives us insight to how David
25:41 could make such bold exuberant
25:43 declarations of faith even when his
25:45 enemies were surrounding him and
25:47 breathing out violence I foresaw the
25:52 Lord always before my face
25:57 he is at my right hand that I might not
26:01 be shaken therefore my heart rejoiced
26:04 and my tongue was glad moreover my flesh
26:07 will also rest in hope
26:10 David had set the Lord before his face
26:13 and this is what you and I can do we do
26:19 this by faith seeing God talking with
26:23 him face to face and as we realize that
26:27 God is really with us and for us then we
26:31 won't be shaken when fear comes knocking
26:34 at the door God's faith speaks of his
26:39 personality his nature what are some of
26:42 the faces that David sets before his
26:45 face as he sings his praise and
26:47 petitions to God in Psalm 27 the Lord is
26:52 my light and my salvation he's my
26:54 strength the Lord is my defender my
26:56 protector my deliverer he's my helper my
26:59 caretaker and he is good David
27:03 understood that God's light would cause
27:05 darkness no matter how thick it was to
27:09 flee David knew that didn't matter if an
27:11 entire army was surrounding him even it
27:14 was was comprised of thousands of
27:17 Goliath that God would save him David
27:22 knew that God was more powerful than all
27:24 those breathing out violence against him
27:28 notice that David did not just affirm
27:30 who God is but who God is for him
27:33 personally he used the personal pronouns
27:36 my me in relationship to the faces of
27:40 God remember that Psalm 27 like all the
27:44 other Psalms or sung prayers as David
27:46 beheld the beauty of the Lord praising
27:49 and worshipping God David attracted
27:52 God's presence and power in his heart
27:56 his life and in his circumstances
27:58 freeing him from the fear provoking
28:01 circumstances that were all around him
28:05 psalm 22:3 behold your holy enthroned in
28:10 the praises of Israel
28:12 the glory of the Lord and the beauty of
28:15 the Lord are synonymous as you make the
28:17 quality decision to behold the beauty or
28:20 the glory of the Lord God transforms
28:23 your heart your inner thoughts and
28:25 emotions into the image of Jesus it
28:29 talks about that in 2nd Corinthians 3:18
28:32 but we all with unveiled face beholding
28:35 as a mirror the glory of the Lord are
28:37 being transformed into the same image
28:39 from glory to glory from beauty to
28:42 beauty here's your beautifying thing
28:45 that you can do every day just as a
28:47 spirit by the Spirit of the Lord
28:49 once you behold God's face his
28:50 personality you will come face to face
28:53 with Jesus the one who is the exact
28:56 image of God and the one who is the
28:59 Prince of Peace
29:00 as she behold the one who is pshh
29:04 you'll be transformed into peace Isaiah
29:07 9:6 says for unto us a child is born and
29:11 his name will be called one of his
29:13 name's is the Prince of Peace John 10:27
29:18 peace I leave with you my peace I give
29:20 to you not as the world gives do I give
29:23 to you but not your heart be troubled
29:25 and don't let it be afraid the Holy
29:28 Spirit invites you to magnify of the
29:30 Lord and to make him bigger than your
29:32 fears when you magnify God that fear
29:35 provoking circumstances will not find
29:38 room in your heart or life if you're
29:40 afraid of sickness or cancer killing you
29:43 magnify the Lord who is your healer if
29:46 you are afraid of life magnify the Lord
29:50 who is provide your provider Psalm 34 3
29:55 Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us
29:59 exalt his name together so what's God's
30:02 antidote to fear he invites you to his
30:05 banqueting table and here we have
30:08 communion up in front that's your
30:09 banqueting table and he sets up his
30:12 banner over you a banner of love just
30:16 like God did for David so you can
30:19 who God is who Jesus is in the presence
30:23 of your enemy Psalm 23:4 was written 23
30:27 was written by David and verse 4 says
30:29 you God you prepare a table for me in
30:33 the presence of my enemies so the
30:35 enemies are all surrounding and they get
30:38 to see you feeding off of the beauty of
30:41 the Lord who God is and the more you
30:43 partake of God the stronger you become
30:46 in that reality and that reality will
30:49 come out of you so that you can speak to
30:51 the storms that are trying to topple
30:54 your life and cause the storms to be
30:57 silenced one thing life style Roman
31:01 numeral four seeking God's face God's
31:03 presence was the one thing
31:05 David desired the one thing that David
31:10 desired the most is God God was David's
31:14 first and highest priority God was a
31:18 primary daydream of David's heart David
31:22 spoke about his life's vision in psalm
31:25 27:4
31:26 one thing I have desired of the Lord
31:29 that will I seek that I may dwell in the
31:31 house of the Lord all the days of my
31:33 life to behold his beauty and to enquire
31:37 in his temple dwelling in God's presence
31:40 was the premier focus for David's life
31:44 in God's presence speaks about in God's
31:49 presence David speaks about doing two
31:51 things that are not out automatic but
31:54 rather it's a process that takes time to
31:57 behold the beauty of the Lord this means
32:00 studying seeking beholding meditating
32:04 and experiencing God's beauty as
32:06 revealed by the word by the Spirit by
32:09 creation and by God's hand in history
32:13 through the Bible and through the
32:15 history that's happened since the Bible
32:17 a lot of people want to skip over what's
32:19 involved in beholding God's beauty and
32:21 get right into wanting its effect upon
32:24 their lives and upon their heart but it
32:27 doesn't work that way
32:29 be holding God's Beauty means being
32:32 totally fascinated and awed by what you
32:35 see to inquire in his temples the second
32:39 thing that David did in God's presence
32:43 inquiring in God's temple means that
32:45 you're going to receive prophetic
32:47 instruction and divine information about
32:50 how to live out God's calling upon your
32:52 life so that you can do all of God's
32:55 will Mike Bickle is the leader of the
32:59 International House of Prayer in Kansas
33:01 City Missouri and he stated something
33:04 about psalm 27:4 he says the power of
33:06 this verse or this principle of David's
33:08 life is seen in two words one thing I
33:12 hope held one thing conferences for 20
33:16 years with 20,000 people mainly young
33:20 people attending each year for four days
33:23 after Christmas and they did this up and
33:27 tell this last year they did it 2018 as
33:30 their last year that they're doing these
33:31 one thing conferences as they wanted to
33:33 do a spiritual reset for themselves the
33:36 name one thing comes from Psalm 27 for
33:40 David's life vision which was the vision
33:43 prophetically given to Mike Bickle for
33:46 IHOP the 24/7 worship and prayer
33:49 movement before God highlighted psalm
33:52 27:4 - Mike Bickle he was how many
33:55 people pray out loud but he considered
33:58 revival prayers when the Lord gave Mike
34:00 Bickle psalm 27:4 he didn't even want to
34:03 pray it out loud because it didn't fit
34:06 his preconceived paradigm for what
34:08 revival prayer should be but a prophet
34:11 called him later that night telling him
34:13 that psalm 27:4
34:15 was of the lord after that psalm 27:4
34:19 became one of the central verses of the
34:22 International House of Prayer Mike
34:24 understood its importance in increasing
34:26 ways as years went by he understood if
34:29 we lose our first love the one we are
34:31 created for even our great increase in
34:34 labor becomes fruitless I believe this
34:37 is why I hop did a spiritual reset last
34:39 year for discontinuing the one thing
34:41 can't
34:42 for a period of time because for the
34:44 four days for the one thing conference
34:46 it took four months of preparation from
34:49 the entire I heart family causing them
34:52 to be a people of many things rather
34:55 than a people of one thing that's my
34:57 perception my family had the privilege
35:01 of going to IHOP for the first time two
35:04 there one thing conference in 2004 this
35:07 one thing conference along with
35:09 connecting ourselves to the IHOP
35:10 movement which is the 24/7 house of
35:13 worship and prayer literally changed the
35:16 spiritual retreat to trajectory of my
35:19 life and for that of my family like
35:22 never before I discovered the sheer
35:24 delight of connecting to God through
35:26 prayer and worship the Word of God came
35:29 alive for me and my prayer life was
35:32 radically changed I basically learned
35:34 how to connect with God and fresh and
35:36 new ways throughout the day through
35:39 prayer and worship I hopped advertising
35:43 this past year for the one thing
35:45 conference brought forth and necessity
35:47 of the one thing lifestyle here's some
35:50 of the advertising that I read one thing
35:53 not many things we often stumble in the
35:58 darkness from thing to thing looking for
36:01 everything but the one thing we don't
36:06 need more stimulation we need less
36:09 distraction in the coming storm
36:12 we need the focus that produces
36:15 fearlessness it's time for revolution
36:20 society as a signal to noise ratio has
36:23 become so low on truth and hope and so
36:26 high on hype and relevance that the
36:29 human soul is left deafened and deadened
36:32 by sheer noise emptiness and boredom
36:36 have produced the cycles a spiritual
36:39 clickbait the church can no longer rely
36:42 any bigger on any idea bigger than God
36:45 himself over the years one thing slowly
36:49 becomes many things for the church
36:52 Jesus affirms of one thing lifestyle
36:55 Jesus told Martha who is distracted with
36:58 much serving that one thing is needed as
37:02 Mary sat at Jesus's feet she peacefully
37:05 focused on one thing well Martha was
37:09 worried and troubled about many things
37:13 Luke 1042 but one thing is needed mary
37:17 has chosen the best part the right thing
37:21 and it will not be taken from her the
37:24 centerpiece of the Sermon on the Mount
37:26 is establishing God and his kingdom as
37:29 the first and highest priority in your
37:31 life making God your one thing Matthew
37:35 6:33 through 34 but seek ye first the
37:39 kingdom of God and His righteousness and
37:41 all these other things shall be added to
37:44 you 34 therefore do not worry about
37:49 tomorrow seek the king and his kingdom
37:53 ruling and reigning over your life over
37:55 your inner man your mind your will and
37:57 your emotions when you keep the main
37:59 thing God the main thing you'll have the
38:03 power to not be afraid and not to be
38:05 worried number 5 David's one thing
38:09 lifestyle to understand David's passion
38:12 for this one thing lifestyle want to
38:14 share some highlights from his life as I
38:17 share about David's life I want you to
38:18 consider how you can prioritize Jesus in
38:21 your own life becoming a person after
38:23 God's own heart was willing to do all of
38:27 God's will from very young age David was
38:30 a worshiping warrior as David tended
38:33 sheep in his younger years he could
38:34 became proficient with both his harp and
38:37 a sling through worshipping and praising
38:40 God
38:40 David developed a passion for God that
38:43 far outweighed anything the world had to
38:47 offer and far outweighed any fear
38:50 provoking threat he would ever face
38:53 where the majority of people would be
38:55 afraid or even coming close of even
38:58 coming close to a lion or a bear fearing
39:00 that they might be struck down or killed
39:03 by such a fierce animal David pursued
39:05 and kill
39:06 both the lion and the bear in order to
39:09 protect his father's sheep how did he
39:11 have the strength and courage to do this
39:13 because I believe it's because David had
39:16 already experienced a transcendent
39:19 beauty and glory of God to such an
39:22 extent that he knew that God would be
39:25 with him and fighting with him and
39:27 winning the battle for him when Sano
39:30 chose David among the eight sons of
39:32 Jesse and anointed him as a new king the
39:34 king to take Saul's place the Lord spoke
39:37 to Samuel reminding him that the Lord
39:40 looks at the heart and not the outward
39:42 appearance for Samuel 16:7 for the Lord
39:45 does not see as man sees the Lord looks
39:47 at the heart then Samuel took the Horn
39:50 of anointing oil and anointed him and
39:53 the Spirit of the Lord came upon David
39:56 from that day forward what did God see
40:00 when he looked at David's heart a man
40:03 after my own heart
40:05 who will do all my will a person after
40:08 God's heart is one who echoes what God
40:11 says Psalm 27 reveals David echoing
40:15 God's heart when you said seek my face
40:18 my heart said to you your face will I
40:21 seek because people recognize that the
40:25 Lord was with David he was called upon
40:27 to play his heart for fall who was
40:30 troubled by evil spirits David would
40:32 take a harp and play it with his hand
40:34 and Saul would become refreshed and well
40:36 in the distressing Spirit would depart
40:39 from him this last Tuesday in the Cameo
40:41 Healing Rooms I saw many of your faces
40:44 as we did an evening of worship and
40:47 healing and we found out that the evil
40:50 spirits don't like to hang out where
40:53 there's worship going on just like we
40:55 read in 1st Samuel 1623 so not only did
41:00 we have a lot of positive reports what
41:02 happens happening to people's inner man
41:03 people's physical beings we had those
41:06 two report one lady
41:07 Bessie who said for one month since our
41:10 last evening of worship and healing that
41:12 she had no pain she has stage 4 cancer
41:16 that's her diagnosis but had no pain and
41:18 no he
41:18 cups that she was having continuously
41:20 and it wasn't because of increased
41:22 medication or anything that like that
41:24 was the prayer and the worship that was
41:25 going on one month ago and then this
41:28 last Tuesday because of the worship and
41:31 prayer going up a lady came forward and
41:33 she has seven out of ten pain caused by
41:37 kidney stones and immediately her pain
41:39 just laughed and she gave testimony to
41:42 that so it's born-again believers which
41:45 we focus on God as being our one thing
41:48 and decide to make that quality decision
41:50 to worship and to praise him no matter
41:52 what things look like the enemy and
41:55 darkness has to flee well the one thing
41:58 lifestyle means taking time away from
42:00 the distractions of this world to
42:02 worship pray and to read and meditate on
42:05 the Word of God submitting yourself to
42:08 his beauty and wisdom although David saw
42:11 Goliath size and her Goliath word along
42:15 with everyone else's fearful reaction to
42:18 him including his the Israelite kings
42:20 and soldiers reaction David chose
42:24 remember fear as a choice David chose to
42:27 place his faith in God confronting and
42:30 killing Goliath with his sling or the
42:33 Israelites chose fear for Samuel 1724
42:40 says and all the men of Israel when they
42:44 saw the man Goliath they fled from him
42:47 and were dreadfully afraid the face a
42:53 voice and fear comes from Satan and he
42:56 wants you to run in the opposite
42:59 direction of the dreams and plans that
43:02 God has for your life
43:05 David zealously pursued one thing
43:07 bringing the arc of a covenant the
43:09 earthly throne of God where the presence
43:11 of God dwelt into Jerusalem Israel's new
43:14 capital the first time David attempted
43:17 to do this he had gathered 30,000 men
43:20 and played along with the house of
43:22 Israel music before the Lord with all
43:25 kinds of instruments unknowingly he
43:28 didn't do this according to the Bible
43:30 and what it said and so he had put the
43:32 Ark of the Covenant on a cart and when
43:36 Uzziah stretched out to steady the cart
43:38 when the oxen started to stumble he was
43:40 instantly killed David didn't give up
43:43 second time he was the ark in the
43:45 dwelling place of God into Jerusalem he
43:49 chose to do it as God had instructed
43:52 David had the Ark of God brought in by
43:55 the Levites into the tabernacle that
43:57 David built for the Furret in the City
43:59 of David offering sacrifices every six
44:02 cases as the Ark was carried but I want
44:05 you to notice in 1st 2nd Samuel 6 14
44:09 through 15 and 22 what was said about
44:12 how the Ark of the Covenant God's
44:14 presence was brought into Jerusalem then
44:17 David danced before the Lord with all
44:19 his might a lot of you've heard that
44:21 part and David was wearing a linen ephod
44:23 so David and all the house of Israel
44:26 brought up the Ark of the Lord with
44:28 shouting and with the sound of the
44:31 trumpet verse 21 this is what he says in
44:35 I will statement I will play music
44:38 before the Lord and I will be even more
44:41 dignified than this David led the whole
44:45 nation of Israel into seeking God's
44:47 presence continually David's personal
44:49 lifetime vision is one thing focus was
44:54 brought to the nation at Israel in the
44:57 form of night and day worship before the
44:59 presence of the Lord the Ark of the
45:02 Covenant God's earthly throne was housed
45:04 in a tent not a temple for David's reign
45:08 of 33 years in Jerusalem because God do
45:12 not allow David to build a temple
45:14 literally there were no barriers between
45:16 God and the people
45:19 they were able to enter into God's
45:21 presence through worship praise and
45:25 thanksgiving blessing his name and it
45:27 wasn't dependent upon in that time blood
45:31 sacrifices
45:32 that's just like totally astonishing the
45:35 nation was led by David the king who was
45:38 a psalmist a songwriter wes is a
45:42 songwriter David wrote the nation's
45:44 songs about God turning people's focuses
45:47 turning the Israelites to God these
45:49 songs help shape the Israelites lives
45:52 and the lives of many people throughout
45:55 the ages causing people to line their
45:58 hearts with God's heart so that they
46:01 would give all of their heart to God one
46:05 of David's primary themes in his songs
46:08 was God's mercy and loving-kindness
46:10 other themes include God's supernatural
46:13 protection like we read in Psalm 27 get
46:18 this David raised up from the Levites
46:21 4000 musicians 288 singers to worship
46:28 before the Ark of the Lord that's the
46:30 place where God's presence dwelt and he
46:33 did this night and day 4000 musicians
46:38 David may plans for a temple for God his
46:41 son Solomon that his son Solomon would
46:44 build David made it clear that the
46:48 temple is not for man but for the Lord
46:51 God and he gave his own resources to
46:55 build the temple where the Ark of the
46:58 Covenant would rest once he had died he
47:02 says this in first chronicles 29 3
47:05 moreover because I have set my affection
47:07 on the house of my god I have given to
47:10 the house of my god over and above all
47:13 that I have prepared for the holy house
47:15 my own special treasures of gold and
47:18 silver as David pursued this one thing
47:21 lifestyle David was able to see what
47:25 most of the Israelites could not see he
47:28 is able to see God
47:30 this light his salvation and his
47:33 strength like Psalm 27 says David's one
47:37 thing lifestyle seeking God above all
47:40 else created within David an
47:42 extraordinary confidence in God and as
47:47 he live more and more before the face of
47:49 God
47:51 he became fearless Psalm 27:1 3:3 the
47:56 Lord is my light and my salvation whom
47:58 shall I fear the Lord is the strength of
48:02 my life of whom shall I be afraid when
48:05 the wicked came against me to eat up my
48:08 flesh my enemies they stumbled and fell
48:10 though an army me encamp against me my
48:14 heart shall not be afraid the war rise
48:18 against me and this I'll be confident
48:21 one thing I have desire and that will I
48:24 seek that I may dwell in the presence of
48:28 my lord inside of Jesus Christ all the
48:33 days of my life to behold his beauty the
48:37 many faces of God and to enquire in his
48:42 temple
48:44 father I just thank you and I praise you
48:47 Lord for Psalm 27 and this is the
48:53 passion of our heart tonight is to be
48:58 people of one thing so I am asking
49:00 strength for each and every person here
49:02 and each and every person that will be
49:04 listening online that you would
49:07 strengthen us by the power of your Holy
49:10 Spirit to pursue you as our one thing
49:16 our main thing to pursue you as our
49:19 highest and greatest priority in our
49:22 life to seek you to seek your kingdom to
49:26 seek your face and that all these lesser
49:29 things come into place as a result we
49:32 praise you and we worship with you but
49:35 sing Psalm 27 together with Wes


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