Say “No” to Fear and “Yes” to God

Has your faith and confidence in God been undermined? This powerful teaching will help you to not only understand the root cause of every fear, but will give you God’s powerful antidote. Discover how you can make three quality decisions like King David did in Psalm 27, causing him to walk fearless in the heat of a battle.


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I'm
00:03 the director of the Camarillo Healing
00:05 Rooms along with my husband can I'm so
00:09 glad that you're able to join us for our
00:11 new teaching series called fearless Liat
00:14 living based on Psalm 27 if there's
00:19 anyone in the Bible that's besides Jesus
00:22 who is qualified to teach us how to
00:26 overcome fear it would be King David who
00:30 is the writer of this song throughout
00:32 David's life he faced some of the most
00:36 fear provoking circumstances you could
00:39 ever imagine any highlights some of
00:42 these situations in Psalm 27 yet he
00:46 boldly declared my heart shall not fear
00:52 how could David say this because David
00:55 knew who God is
00:57 David had come to know God personally as
01:00 his closest and most faithful companion
01:04 the more David walked with God through
01:07 things that would cause others to
01:08 literally shake in their boots
01:10 David developed great confidence in God
01:14 my desire for each one of you that's
01:17 here tonight or will be listening online
01:20 in this series is two things one that
01:24 you'd be able to encounter God through
01:27 his word in Psalm 27 in such a way that
01:31 every fear that has undermine or robbed
01:36 your confidence in God in the reality of
01:39 his love and grace towards you would be
01:42 silenced number two that your life would
01:46 be radically transformed as you begin to
01:48 seek God like never before walking in
01:51 the psalm 27:4 lifestyle walking in the
01:56 one thing you were created for this one
02:00 thing is about having a close abiding
02:04 relationship with God your father
02:08 through His Son Jesus Christ beholding
02:12 his beauty
02:13 and inquiring in his temple and you're
02:17 able to do that through the power the
02:19 Holy Spirit
02:20 so let us pray father opened the eyes of
02:25 our heart to behold the beauty of your
02:27 son Jesus Christ and to hear your voice
02:31 and your heart is revealed in and
02:34 through Psalm 27 awaken our hearts to
02:38 the reality of the victory we already
02:41 have over every fear and every other
02:44 form of darkness because of what Jesus
02:48 has already done for us through the work
02:50 of the cross causing us to be seated in
02:54 Christ in the heavenly places far far
02:57 above fear far above all principality
03:02 power might and Dominion strengthen
03:06 every weak and feeble heart to hope to
03:10 believe once again that we will see your
03:13 goodness brought forth into our lives
03:15 and into our circumstances in the land
03:18 of the living
03:19 thank you for flooding our hearts or
03:22 minds or motion in our lives with your
03:24 healing love right now flushing out
03:27 every fear and every tormenting thought
03:31 we thank you for setting us free to live
03:34 without fear to live fearlessly in the
03:38 midst of difficult circumstances that we
03:40 are in or surrounding us thank you for
03:43 reassuring each one of us once again
03:45 that you're with us for us never leaving
03:48 us never forsaking us in Jesus mighty
03:51 name amen
03:53 tonight's session of the fearless living
03:56 series is entitled saying yes to God and
04:01 saying no to fear in this session
04:06 session 1 we're going to focus mainly on
04:09 the first six verses of Psalm 27 where
04:14 David expresses bold confidence in the
04:17 face of overwhelming fear provoking
04:21 situations Psalm 27:1 through six
04:26 the Lord is my light and my salvation
04:31 whom shall I fear the Lord is the
04:37 strength of my life of whom shall I be
04:42 afraid when the wicked came against me
04:46 to eat up my flesh they stumbled and
04:50 fell though an army me and camp against
04:55 me my heart will not fear the war rise
05:01 against me in this I will be confident
05:05 one thing I have desired of the Lord and
05:09 that will I seek that I may dwell in the
05:13 house of the Lord all the days of my
05:16 life to behold his beauty and to enquire
05:21 in his temple for in the time of trouble
05:26 he shall hide me in his pavilion in the
05:30 secret place of his Tabernacle he shall
05:34 hide me he shall set me high upon a rock
05:38 and now my head shall be lifted up above
05:45 my enemies all around therefore I will
05:51 offer the sacrifices of joy in his
05:55 Tabernacle I was singing yes I will sing
05:59 praises to the Lord
06:02 Oh weirdest fear come from the most
06:07 repeated command spoken by God to his
06:11 children throughout the Bible from
06:13 Genesis to Revelation is do not be
06:18 afraid do not fear you and me may have
06:22 heard this before her but are you taking
06:25 heed are you pressing into the reality
06:28 of living without fear or is your life
06:32 being driven by fear God commands us not
06:36 to fear because fear is not God's will
06:39 or his way for your life the good plans
06:44 that God has for you and your loved ones
06:46 is that you are so secured in love that
06:50 you will live fearless in this world so
06:54 if fear is not God's plan for your life
06:57 where did it come from
06:59 we know fear does not come from God
07:03 because God is love fear and love are
07:08 the exact opposites and they can't even
07:11 coexist with one another first John 4:18
07:16 you're familiar with there is no fear in
07:19 love but perfect love casts out fear
07:21 because fear involves torment but he who
07:26 fears has not been made perfect in love
07:30 so how many here know Jesus is our Lord
07:35 and Savior everyone raised their hand
07:39 basically this means that you are in
07:42 Christ that you are dwelling in Wow
07:47 this means that you don't have to dwell
07:50 in fear fear and love like I said are
07:57 the exact opposites so no matter what
08:01 you're facing what you're going through
08:04 it is your duty and privilege as a
08:06 Christian to say no to fear and yes to
08:12 God yes to his love for you God's
08:18 perfect love it drives out cast out
08:22 expels fear because God is love he can't
08:27 give you a spirit of fear 2nd Timothy
08:31 1:7 for God has not given us a spirit of
08:35 fear but what of power love and a sound
08:39 mind
08:40 so God can't give you something that he
08:44 doesn't possess fear is non-existent in
08:49 God's heart and it's non-existent in his
08:53 kingdom romans 18 says this for you did
08:57 not receive the spirit of bondage again
08:59 to fear but you received the spirit of
09:02 adoption by whom we cry out Abba Father
09:06 fear puts you into a prison where you
09:09 cannot carry out God's good plans for
09:12 your life but when you begin to
09:15 understand that you are God's beloved
09:17 child you will break free from the
09:20 bondage of fear if God has not given you
09:25 a spirit of fear where this fear come
09:30 from who gave it to you once you
09:34 understand the who behind all fear you
09:38 will be able to boldly look declare like
09:41 King David did whom shall I fear
09:45 before I answer though this question
09:48 about who is the giver of the spirit of
09:50 fear let us go back to the beginning of
09:53 time when God created mankind God is
09:57 love and one of the most outstanding
10:00 features of love is that love gives and
10:04 gives and gives does she see from the
10:07 beginning of time God desiring to share
10:09 the love between the Father the Son and
10:13 the Holy Spirit outside of themselves
10:18 thus he created mankind Adam and Eve
10:21 Adam and Eve were created in God's own
10:24 likeness and image which means he gave
10:27 them his very own nature and what's that
10:29 nature it is love when they were created
10:34 fear had absolutely no place in their
10:39 hearts or lives however the lives of
10:43 Adam and Eve were drastically changed
10:45 when they came into agreement with
10:48 Satan's fear provoking suggestions his
10:52 lies which contradicted the truth about
10:56 who God is and who God created Adam and
11:00 Eve to be because they believe these
11:03 lies these fear provoking suggestions
11:05 they ate
11:07 the forbidden tree of the knowledge of
11:08 good and evil sinning against God
11:11 despite the abundance of all the fruit
11:14 in the tree of the Garden of Eden
11:16 Satan deceived them into believing his
11:19 lies the fear provoking suggestions that
11:23 said number one God was withholding
11:26 something good from them number two that
11:29 they lacked the image from being created
11:33 in the likeness of God
11:36 Abin Eve's identity and God's identity
11:39 was being challenged by Satan's lies his
11:43 fear provoking suggestions when they
11:46 chose the fear filled words of Satan
11:49 over above the love filled words of God
11:53 fear began to consume Adam and Eve's
11:56 thoughts in action when God asked Adam
12:00 where are you Adam replied I heard your
12:07 voice in the garden and I was afraid
12:11 because I was naked and I hid myself
12:15 fear caused Adam and Eve to hide from
12:20 God rather than run to God in the time
12:24 that they needed God the most when you
12:28 realize that the root cause of every
12:32 fear is a lie either primarily about who
12:37 God is or who he has created you to be
12:40 you will be able to apply the antidote
12:45 to every fear which is God's truth so to
12:50 answer the question of who gave me
12:53 unkind the spirit of fear
12:56 the answer is Satan you need to resist
13:00 fear like you resist Satan himself no
13:07 matter what is going on in your life
13:09 declare like King David in Psalm 27
13:13 verse 1 whom shall I fear of
13:18 whom shall I be afraid whatever you're
13:22 going through you need to compare it to
13:26 who your god yes ask who are you why
13:33 should I be afraid of you I am going to
13:39 tell you who my God is my god
13:44 your God he's the creator of the
13:49 universe my god your God he is the light
13:53 of the world my god
13:57 your God is the Saviour of anyone that
14:00 comes to him and he can save you from
14:03 everything and anything my god he is
14:07 all-powerful he is omnipotent there is
14:10 nothing that my God cannot do so who are
14:15 you fear my God is so much bigger isaiah
14:23 14 16 says this this is what is said
14:27 about satan one day we'll understand
14:30 he's not so frightening those who see
14:34 you will stare and wonder is this the
14:38 man who made the world tremble and shook
14:41 up kingdoms will be shocked of why we
14:49 live in fear because of satan's fear
14:55 provoking suggestions and lies seek
15:00 God's face abide in Jesus in his love
15:03 Roman numeral 3 ever since Adam and Eve
15:06 sinned God has been on a quest to
15:08 restore mankind back to himself back to
15:11 having face-to-face encounters with him
15:14 just like he did with Adam and Eve in
15:16 the Garden of Eden that she can hear the
15:19 primary cry of God's heart for me and
15:21 kind for you and I being expressed in
15:24 Psalm 27 as he spoke to David these
15:26 words seek
15:30 my face God described King David as
15:34 being a man after God's own heart we
15:38 understand this by David's response to
15:40 God about God's heart cry David responds
15:45 and he says Lord your face I will seek
15:51 you can hear David's commitment to God's
15:54 heart crying Psalm 27 verse 4 which
15:58 should be your commitment to God's heart
16:01 cry for you to seek his face one thing I
16:05 have desired of the Lord and that will I
16:07 seek that I might dwell in the house of
16:10 the Lord all the days of my life to
16:14 behold his beauty and to enquire in his
16:18 temple house is a metaphor for the
16:21 presence of God therefore David is
16:24 saying that living in the presence of
16:27 God
16:28 seeing him and hearing his voice is the
16:31 one thing he desired above all else it's
16:35 the one thing that mattered to David the
16:38 most in God's presence David knew that
16:42 there would be everything he would ever
16:44 want ever need God Himself was King
16:49 David's great reward
16:51 therefore David knew that he could not
16:53 give his heart over to fear because it
16:56 belong to God and God alone who's
17:00 knocking at your door who are you
17:04 letting into your life Jesus spoke of
17:07 Psalm 27 verse 4 that in dismiss E with
17:11 the Lord in revelations 3:20 and Jesus
17:14 says this behold I stand at the door and
17:18 knock if anyone hears my voice and opens
17:22 the door I'll come into him and I will
17:24 dine with him and he with me when fear
17:28 knocks at the door of your heart don't
17:33 answer him don't let him in don't sit
17:38 down and have a conversation with him
17:41 listening to his fear filled the
17:44 Justin's his lies open the door
17:48 only to one man the man Christ Jesus
17:53 your Lord and Savior open the door
17:58 to his word as a new covenant believer
18:02 you're a better position than King David
18:04 because you have the promised Messiah
18:06 and the Holy Spirit abiding in you
18:09 well David desired to dwell in the house
18:12 of the Lord you have become the dwelling
18:16 place of God and had been given the
18:18 privilege of dwelling or abiding in God
18:21 John 15 for jesus said abide in me and I
18:25 in you and then he goes on to say in
18:28 verse 9 abide in my love this is a
18:33 supreme desire of God's heart for us to
18:36 seek his face and to remain with him in
18:40 his presence forever and ever
18:42 God's face is revealed in the face of
18:45 Jesus Christ if we want to know who God
18:47 is we've got to get to know who Jesus is
18:50 the more you get to know Jesus and abide
18:53 in the reality of God's love for you
18:55 it's perfectly exemplified in Jesus the
18:59 more you'll be freed from all fears God
19:03 desires you and I to seek his face
19:06 abiding eternally in the reality of his
19:08 love allowing nothing to separate us
19:11 from it through Jesus's work of the
19:14 cross God made a way for mankind for you
19:18 and I to be reunited with God or father
19:20 and the fullness of his perfect love
19:24 where fear has no place he has delivered
19:28 you from the power of darkness where
19:31 fear prevailed over your heart and your
19:34 mind and he has translated you into the
19:38 kingdom of the son of his love where you
19:40 now have God's power residing within you
19:44 enabling you to say what no to fear and
19:49 yes to God to his love beloved Jesus has
19:55 redeemed you with his own precious blood
19:58 from the spirit of fear and he has
20:01 adopted you into his family of love you
20:05 have been given a spirit of power love
20:10 and a sound mind you've been given the
20:13 spirit of adoption because of the power
20:17 of Jesus's blood you have been granted
20:19 access this is amazing
20:23 to have face-to-face encounters with God
20:27 to have an intimate close relationship
20:31 with God so God invites you every moment
20:35 of every day to come boldly to his
20:38 throne of grace to receive mercy and
20:42 help in the time of your need Roman
20:47 numeral for why does God say do not be
20:50 afraid because God knows that Satan's
20:54 greatest weapon against you is his lies
20:58 which are fear filled suggestions Satan
21:03 is a liar he's the father of lies Satan
21:09 and his demons operate undercover in
21:14 this world and they do it through fear
21:17 this takes the focus off of him and the
21:21 demonic realm and puts it in onto the
21:24 situation the person or the thing that
21:26 you fear fear has so many different
21:31 names the fear of heights the fear of
21:34 failures the fear of black every fear
21:37 has a name and we know that every name
21:42 must bow to the name of Jesus Christ our
21:46 Lord
21:46 you're seated with God in the heavenly
21:49 places far far above every name that is
21:54 named you are seated far above every
21:57 fear well the mode of operation of God's
22:01 kingdom is love the mode of operation of
22:05 Satan's Kingdom is fear
22:08 like I said fear and love are
22:12 exact opposites Satan knows that the
22:15 only way that he can block God's plans
22:19 for your life is by injecting his
22:22 fear-based lies into your thought life
22:26 so he does it day and night all the
22:30 thoughts you think are not your thoughts
22:31 many are the thoughts that come from the
22:33 demonic realm and he's constantly trying
22:37 to speak into your door knock knock
22:39 knock knock nothing look in the Bible
22:44 you can see the devastating results it
22:46 fears gods Pete no people partnered with
22:49 Satan's fear-based tactics rather than
22:53 with God's love one of the most
22:55 devastating effects is that it hinders
22:58 your relationship with God preventing
23:03 you from entering in to the fullest and
23:06 most complete and highest destiny that
23:10 God has for your life the Israelites did
23:14 not go into the Promised Land that
23:16 belonged to them why because they were
23:20 afraid they were afraid of the Giants
23:23 that their leaders had told them about
23:25 least 10 of the 12 leaders
23:28 King Saul had the same potential that
23:31 King David did to rule and reign over
23:33 the Israelites God's chosen people to
23:36 defeat the enemy unfortunately when King
23:40 Saul encountered Satan's fear provoking
23:43 suggestions regarding David he believed
23:46 Satan's lies and he spent all his time
23:49 energy and resources including those he
23:52 ruled chasing David rather than the
23:55 enemy David was one meant to be one of
23:59 King Saul's greatest assets you have a
24:04 choice throughout your life to respond
24:06 like the Israelites did as they face the
24:08 Promised Land or like Joshua and Caleb
24:10 did Joshua and Caleb refused to succumb
24:14 to the fear filled words of the other
24:17 leaders their peers and persisted in
24:19 trusting God and His Word despite having
24:22 seen and heard the Giants with their own
24:24 ear
24:25 as a result Joshua and Caleb were not
24:29 only able to enter the promised land
24:30 that they were able to bring the entire
24:34 next generation into the Promised Land
24:36 with them because they said no to fear
24:40 and yes to God you have a choice
24:43 throughout your life to respond like
24:46 King Saul did trying to kill and destroy
24:49 the David's in your life those people
24:52 from whom God has sent to be some of
24:54 your greatest assets or you can respond
24:57 like King David did refusing to harm the
25:00 King souls in your life God's anointed
25:02 ones even if they're trying to destroy
25:04 your reputation or even kill you
25:06 throughout your life there's always
25:09 something or someone that has the
25:11 ability to cause you to be afraid
25:13 reasons for you to be anxious reasons
25:16 for you to be worried reasons reasons
25:19 reasons there will be things always that
25:22 appear like Giants too big to overcome
25:26 children when you're a child there's the
25:30 fear of the dark fear of doctors fear of
25:33 dentists fear appearance getting
25:35 divorced teenagers there's fear of being
25:38 rejected fear of being different adults
25:42 there's fear of not getting married and
25:44 once you're married there's fear of
25:45 getting divorce financial fears fears
25:48 about children fears about grandchildren
25:50 seniors fears in your retirement feel or
25:54 fears about your health and your your
25:56 health fear of death fear of loneliness
26:00 you have a choice a partnering with the
26:04 fear field suggestions of Satan or the
26:07 love filled words of God I encourage you
26:11 to say no to the fear and yes to God to
26:20 resist Satan the fear like you would
26:23 Satan himself and to say yes to God's
26:28 love and receiving all that he has for
26:31 you and believing it believing and
26:33 knowing God's love for you Roman numeral
26:37 5 take
26:38 God's medicine take Psalm 27 whenever a
26:43 situation in your life seems to be
26:46 crying out night and day attempting to
26:48 overtake you
26:49 with its fear-based lies knocking at the
26:53 door of your heart or having trying to
26:55 barge its way into your life take Psalm
26:59 27 like you would a life-saving
27:03 medication declare Psalm 27 1 through 3
27:10 let's take a look at your notes declare
27:13 that out loud with me Psalm 27:1 2 3 the
27:17 Lord is my light and my salvation whom
27:19 shall I fear the Lord is the strength of
27:23 my life whom shall I be afraid when the
27:26 wicked came against me to eat up my
27:29 flesh they stumbled and fell my enemies
27:33 though an army may a camp against me my
27:37 heart shall not fear to make a quality
27:41 decision right now and declare when
27:45 blank occurs I will not fear you need to
27:53 feel in the blank of what is trying to
27:56 cause you or has caused fear in your
28:00 life you can do that this on coming week
28:03 as you meditate on this lesson in Psalm
28:06 27 after you take in a full dose of
28:10 Psalm 27 one through three followed up
28:13 by continuous infusion of God's medicine
28:17 that says this and this is from I'm
28:21 going to read three different versions
28:22 of Psalm 27 3b war maybe breakout but I
28:29 will trust you put that into your veins
28:35 even if enemy's attack me I still trust
28:40 in God in this no matter what's going on
28:46 around me in God I'm gonna be confident
28:50 turn your face towards God declaring
28:52 your trust in him and his words in the
28:54 midst of the facts that you are seeing
28:56 and hearing with their natural eyes and
28:58 with your natural ears and then choose
29:01 to dwell and abide in this place of rest
29:06 in sight of God through Jesus Christ
29:09 even though there's a battle raging all
29:13 around you decide that psalm 27:4 i will
29:18 dwell in the house of the lord to behold
29:21 to enquire is yours to come and to abide
29:26 in and to find your rest points see when
29:31 the what-ifs begin to bombard your mind
29:33 and your natural reasoning can't figure
29:35 out how things are gonna turn out take
29:38 three full doses are often as she needed
29:42 of God's life-saving medicine that says
29:44 for in the time of trouble he shall hide
29:48 me in his pavilion in the secret place
29:52 of his Tabernacle he shall hide me he
29:58 shall set me high above high upon a rock
30:03 and now my head shall be lifted up above
30:07 my enemies all around me as you allow
30:11 Psalm 27 to penetrate the depths of your
30:15 heart you will discover God's medicine
30:20 healing all kinds of fear past present
30:25 and future and as a result you'll find
30:28 yourself just like King David did
30:30 throughout his life rejoicing and
30:33 singing in the midst of his troubles he
30:37 says Psalm 27 6 therefore I will offer
30:42 sacrifices of joy in his tabernacle
30:45 I will sing yes I will sing praises to
30:50 the Lord
30:51 he's gonna sing he's gonna have joy
30:53 despite what's going on around him he
30:56 says my focus isn't this stop my focus
31:00 is one thing and it's gone
31:05 point number six make three qualities
31:08 decisions this upcoming week start today
31:13 what is god's holy spirit divine
31:18 solution to overcoming fear take a look
31:22 at what david said he will or will not
31:25 do in just the first six verses of this
31:28 song i will not fear i will not be
31:34 afraid I will trust be confident in God
31:41 and I will dwell in his presence I will
31:47 offer sacrifices of joy I will sing
31:51 praises no matter what was going on in
31:55 David's world an army and camping
31:57 against him war rising against him David
32:00 declared what what were the three things
32:02 I will not fear I will be confident and
32:07 I will offer sacrifices of joy and sing
32:10 praises and what are you going to
32:13 declare when all the odds seem to be
32:15 stacked against you let us say it I will
32:19 not fear I will be confident in God I
32:22 will offer sacrifices of joy in his
32:26 tabernacle and I will what sing praises
32:30 to the Lord how did David end up making
32:33 such quality decisions in the heat of
32:35 the battle Wow how did he do it you guys
32:38 I will not fear I will be confident in
32:42 God I will offer sacrifices of Joy's in
32:46 his Tabernacle and I will sing praises
32:49 to the Lord how did David it how did
32:53 David do this because David knew God
32:58 David actually had a close personal
33:00 relationship with God therefore Psalm 1
33:03 opens David uses the personal pronoun my
33:07 to describe who God was for him the Lord
33:11 is my light and my
33:17 salvation the Lord is the strength of my
33:21 life it is important to make this
33:25 distinction between knowing about
33:27 someone and truly knowing them and you
33:30 have often heard the comparison about
33:32 using like the president the United
33:34 States of America how many in this room
33:36 know the President of the United States
33:38 of America most of us would say yeah I
33:40 know but we all know what about him how
33:44 many actually have a personal
33:47 relationship ongoing with the President
33:52 of the United States anybody in this
33:53 room know that's the difference we're
33:57 talking about David knew God he had a
34:01 personal relationship with God he just
34:03 didn't know things about God he knew God
34:06 the more you truly know someone and the
34:10 more you truly understand that this
34:11 person will love you and care for you
34:14 help you protect you and deliver you no
34:17 matter what you are going through the
34:20 more secure or confident you will be in
34:25 this world no matter what is going on
34:30 what happens when this person is not
34:34 just a friend but this person is God the
34:38 one who has all the power and the
34:40 provision you need no matter how bad the
34:45 situation looks when you understand that
34:48 King David knew God you can understand
34:52 why he made such bold confident
34:54 declarations in the midst of intense
34:57 fear provoking situations as described
35:00 in verses two and three of the psalm
35:03 moreover you can understand why David
35:07 said what he did in verse four of this
35:10 Psalm one thing I have desired the Lord
35:13 that why seek that I may dwell in the
35:16 house of Lord all the days of my life to
35:18 behold his beauty and to enquire in his
35:21 temple although David was not
35:24 confronting the same things that you and
35:26 I are going through in this day and age
35:28 God's solution for fear is ageless you
35:34 need to know God personally and to abide
35:38 in the reality of his love for you as
35:42 revealed in the face of Jesus Christ
35:45 Roman numeral 7 say yes to God to who he
35:52 is psalm 107:20 says this let the
35:56 redeemed of the Lord say so what are you
36:00 gonna say when you hear that knock at
36:04 the door when fear knocks at your door
36:06 will you say who the Lord is that he is
36:10 your light that he is your salvation
36:12 that he is your strength now David did
36:17 not begin Psalm 20 when one Psalm 27
36:21 we're saying I will not fear because I
36:24 know what God is going to do
36:26 he didn't begin Psalm 27 by saying I
36:29 know when God is going to do it or how
36:31 God is going to do it he began by saying
36:34 I know my god he is my light my
36:42 salvation and my strength because david
36:47 knew god he knew that everything else
36:50 paled in comparison therefore he had no
36:53 reason to fear no matter what came
36:58 against him the Lord is my light when
37:02 you follow the light of Jesus Christ you
37:04 won't walk in darkness in the fears of
37:08 this world Jesus is a one that gives
37:12 light when things are dark like in the
37:15 world today you need the light of Christ
37:19 the Word of God so you can see and not
37:21 stumble in the darkness one of my
37:25 favorite verses concerning light is
37:27 psalm 119 verse 130 the entrance of your
37:33 word gives light it gives understanding
37:38 to the simple when we allow the light of
37:41 God's Word
37:42 enter into our heart especially about
37:45 who he is and who we are in him we will
37:48 be secured and we will not fear the
37:54 light of God's Word helps you to see
37:56 from a higher perspective to see through
37:59 those that are familiar with me the
38:02 rose-colored glasses which represent
38:05 what Jesus's blood has done for you
38:07 faith sees beyond the army beyond the
38:13 war that may be coming against you it
38:16 sees God's warring angels that outnumber
38:20 those people in those things he just set
38:25 me high upon a rock and now my head
38:28 shall be lifted up all around me
38:31 this means that David is seen from a
38:34 higher perspective God wants you to
38:38 speak and set your mind on the things
38:40 above just like Colossians 3:3 says the
38:45 Lord is your salvation salvation comes
38:48 from the word Yesha which also can be
38:50 translated deliverance rescue safety and
38:53 welfare Jesus Yeshua is the man of
38:57 Yeshua in this Psalm 27 the very first
39:02 six verses David you find is completely
39:05 delivered from his enemies that came to
39:08 eat up his flesh David was in was safe
39:12 in the secret place where God hid him
39:15 from his enemies David knew that God
39:19 would rescue him even when an army would
39:22 rise against him because you're hidden
39:25 with Christ in God you can declare I am
39:28 safe I am secure I am protected God will
39:33 rescue me God will deliver me God will
39:36 set me on high the Lord is my strength
39:40 because the Holy Spirit the power source
39:43 abides in you you are no longer
39:46 powerless against fear god has delivered
39:50 you from the power of darkness
39:53 joy and singing praises Roman numeral 8
39:56 therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy
39:59 in this Tabernacle I will sing
40:02 yes I will sing praises to my God who is
40:06 experienced in this room God is their
40:08 light their salvation in their strength
40:10 this week who has experienced the beauty
40:14 of Jesus Christ who has heard the voice
40:18 of the Lord this week who has
40:22 experienced God hiding you in the time
40:25 of trouble and lifting your head up high
40:27 recently then start offering sacrifices
40:31 of joy in this Tabernacle this means you
40:34 are joyfully living from the reality of
40:36 God's victory his word his promise was
40:39 before things are yet manifested in your
40:42 life make a quality decision to stop
40:46 acting like you don't know who God is
40:49 and what Jesus has already done for you
40:53 and start singing and praising God let
40:58 us pray
40:59 father I thank you and I praise You Lord
41:01 God for your goodness your kindness and
41:03 your mercy we thank you Father that your
41:06 century
41:06 your son Jesus Christ is our light our
41:09 salvation our strength so that we would
41:12 have no need to fear and we thank you
41:15 for the power of the Holy Spirit
41:17 empowering us giving this us the ability
41:20 to resist fear like we resist Satan
41:24 himself and to say yes over and over and
41:29 over again to your love we love you lord
41:32 I pray that you would strengthen each
41:34 person here tonight from fear deliver
41:39 them now even as we sing Psalm 27 to you
41:44 in Jesus's name
42:29 [Music]
42:51 [Music]
42:57 [Music]
43:02 [Music]
43:20 [Music]
43:44 [Music]
44:04 [Music]
44:11 [Music]
44:21 [Music]
44:28 [Music]
44:44 [Music]
44:51 [Music]
45:03 [Music]
45:08 [Music]
45:18 [Music]
45:57 so that song


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