Live and Die by the Power of Your Tongue

Do you watch the words that come out of your mouth?  This session will challenge you to consider the words that you speak on a daily basis.  Although you may think that you are doing fairly well speaking words of life, you will find through the many examples given how you can even be more alert to what you are actually saying.


Video Transcript

00:00 good evening we're happy to be here
00:04 and we're part of the Camerillo Healing
00:08 Rooms and I'm Alex Kathryn good evening
00:14 and so tonight we're gonna talk about
00:17 live and die by the power of your tongue
00:20 and we're gonna talk about why the
00:23 tongue is so powerful and why there is
00:26 authority of words just a recap last
00:29 week we talked about decorating
00:32 declarations of the Word of God so as I
00:35 mentioned last week we don't go around
00:37 in our daily lives just declare and
00:39 decree in God's Word through general
00:41 conversation but through general
00:43 conversation whether it's your
00:45 co-workers or families we're speaking
00:47 words so those words we want to make
00:50 sure they're life-giving words because
00:53 words are powerful so why focus on the
00:57 tongue Alex okay so why is the tongue so
01:01 powerful okay so well it's amazing
01:07 because it's such a small part of our
01:10 body right but it's so powerful and so
01:17 God has a sense of humor doesn't he
01:20 so these are some bullet points that I
01:25 wrote down there's so many that you can
01:28 put down it would be endless one of the
01:31 first reasons is because we're made in
01:33 His image in dorso and were his children
01:37 as well as heirs so what is an heir he's
01:42 someone that it has the the right to
01:47 inheritance so everything that God had
01:51 in Christ is ours today I mean that's
01:54 the mind blow in itself and then on top
01:56 of that we're co-heirs with Christ so
02:00 because we're remain His image and he
02:03 spoke the universe into existence in
02:07 just as chapter one we have that same
02:10 power inside of us now we're not making
02:13 constellations or planets are you know
02:16 but here on earth he's given us
02:19 authority and he wants us to rule so
02:24 once you read number two okay one of the
02:28 things is about the tongue it is the
02:30 most creative part of our beam just like
02:33 God when he created the universe and man
02:36 he said believe it or not it's the same
02:38 power it's in our tongues on earth so
02:40 just like Jesus Christ of the Lord or
02:43 the God Almighty in the beginning spoke
02:46 the word and formed the Stars and
02:50 everything on the universe so like we
02:53 with our power we have the same power of
02:55 bringing forth blessings or cursings
02:57 upon us or Potter family on our work so
03:02 there is the same power as God has in
03:05 his time we have in ours
03:08 so in weird a war against the enemy with
03:12 our words but there's a condition
03:18 obviously right part of it is we need to
03:23 be abiding in his word be living in its
03:27 word we have to make Jesus our passion
03:29 the Word of God our passion otherwise
03:31 guess what it just doesn't come out of
03:34 our mouth the way that God wants us to
03:36 so it's important we're abiding in Jesus
03:39 said you know abiding in his word and
03:44 obviously he is the Lord of our life so
03:47 those are the conditions so if he is
03:50 Lord of you've received Christ as your
03:52 Savior
03:54 and he is Lord of your life pretty much
03:57 anyone can walk in this power anybody
04:01 because he's not a respecter of persons
04:05 we can use it as a instrument of
04:07 blessing people and as we get through
04:11 these scriptures will elaborate on that
04:13 that more and Alice can elaborate on
04:15 that so this is really powerful second
04:18 Peter chapter 1 verse 3 and for His
04:21 divine power has given us everything we
04:25 need for a godly life through our
04:26 knowledge of him Christ who called us by
04:31 his own glory and goodness through these
04:34 he's given us his very great and
04:36 precious promises so that through them
04:38 you may participate in the divine nature
04:41 having escaped the corruption in the
04:43 world caused by evil desires so I'm
04:45 gonna focus on he has given us
04:47 everything we need for a godly life so
04:52 you gotta ask well where is it where is
04:56 everything we need you know and so
04:59 believe it or not it's in your mouth
05:03 it's because I'll back up so obviously
05:10 whatever is in your heart ends up coming
05:13 out of your mouth but the power of
05:16 creation it's amazing Genesis chapter 1
05:20 and 2 were made in His image and God
05:24 said let there be light he spoke it into
05:27 existence right and there was light
05:30 there was vegetation there was the moon
05:33 there were stars and he did all of that
05:39 by speaking it so there's a phenomenal
05:42 book out there it's a free download
05:43 actually we have it in the back too
05:45 right
05:46 so it's called Charles Capps the
05:48 creative power of the tongue
05:50 and it's it's a great study it's it's a
05:54 phenomenal study and he had a revelation
05:56 about it and when I saw that the first
05:58 time it was like what you know this is
06:01 like this is pretty awesome the fact
06:05 that we can speak things and and this
06:08 goes way beyond like what we're used to
06:13 I mean there's a science behind it
06:15 they've done Studies on speaking water
06:17 cursing the water cursing or blessing
06:20 the water and certain things have
06:22 happened to the water I have the article
06:25 I didn't bring it with me tonight
06:26 but the fact that we have everything we
06:32 need for a godly life so the important
06:37 thing is just putting into your heart
06:40 you know part of prayer is obviously
06:43 asking petitioning God but the other
06:45 part of prayer is saying speaking it
06:48 like Mark 11 22 to 24 where he Jesus
06:52 says say to the mountain so go ahead
06:55 Kevin so with the use of our tongues we
07:00 can reign in life that's Romans 5:17 for
07:03 if by the trespass of one man man death
07:07 reigned through that one man how much
07:10 more of those who receive God's abundant
07:12 provision of grace and of the gift of
07:15 righteousness reign in life through the
07:17 one man Jesus Christ
07:18 you can expound on this so we're
07:22 supposed to reign we're supposed to not
07:26 be dominated by the enemy but we're
07:28 supposed to dominate the enemy so Luke
07:33 10:19 Jesus said to his disciples behold
07:35 I've given you authority and power to
07:38 tread on serpents and scorpions over the
07:40 demonic ants and nothing shall by any
07:44 means hurt you so if we really believe
07:47 that we're gonna take that to heart so
07:49 that we've got so many powerful tools
07:52 you know the and so part of the reason
08:00 that we can reign in life is because
08:01 Jesus already done it he's already he's
08:04 the victorious one he's the one that was
08:07 buried ascended into heaven victoriously
08:10 and obviously from the grave and because
08:13 he said that and because of what he did
08:16 on the cross where he said it is
08:17 finished and he's completed all the
08:21 requirements that were in the Old
08:22 Testament so he said it is finished and
08:24 then he goes on to tell his disciples in
08:27 Matthew 28
08:28 he said all Authority has been given
08:32 unto me therefore go and so when he said
08:38 that it's delegated power to the
08:40 Church that's you and I jesus also says
08:44 you have the authority to bind and loose
08:46 you have you have what is your tongue
08:50 mm-hmm you have you in your tongue so
08:54 basically they're the power to bind and
08:58 loose can't come through your arms you
09:01 can't come through your feet you can't
09:03 come through your eyes or ears it has to
09:07 come through your worse there's power in
09:09 your words so good so too we have a lot
09:16 of scripture here but let's put into
09:18 practicality since you can always go and
09:20 have in your life what you believe for
09:23 and say that's the important thing
09:26 when you first wake up in the morning
09:28 you have a choice remember it says take
09:30 every thought captive and you're in your
09:34 mind and in the morning you might wake
09:36 up in a bad mood but you make a choice
09:39 to greet people good morning how are you
09:41 doing or you have a choice to grumble at
09:43 them and start complaining about
09:45 everything when you go into the grocery
09:48 store you have a choice to either be
09:51 silent and to smooth through the line
09:54 the grocery stores silently not say
09:56 anything just keeping to yourself or you
09:59 have a choice to say hey how's your day
10:01 going you know how long have you worked
10:03 here awesome well thank you for serving
10:06 me have an awesome day be blessed
10:08 tonight anywhere you go in life you have
10:10 the opportunity to speak blessings over
10:13 people even in your workplace I'm sure
10:16 everybody has encountered those certain
10:19 people that that just kind of rub you
10:22 the wrong way you have a choice to
10:24 either sit around and gossip about that
10:29 person or you have a choice to start
10:31 praying for them and declare blessings
10:34 over them you have a choice with your
10:36 children when they're revenue the wrong
10:38 way or continuing with you to either
10:41 fight back in words because you are in
10:45 the authority over your children or you
10:47 have a choice to use your wisdom
10:49 understanding a knowledge to go a bit
10:52 deeper say Wow
10:53 is really bothering my child that he's
10:55 just acting this way and to start
10:58 speaking blessings there is um a tribe
11:02 over in Africa and when they correct
11:04 their children they'll gather round all
11:07 the elders or gather around and instead
11:10 of condemning this child for whatever he
11:12 did wrong they will just start speaking
11:14 blessings like you're awesome you're
11:16 great you have a great destiny and we
11:19 need to do that with our children we
11:20 need to do that with anybody that we
11:22 come in contact we need to be able to
11:24 see the goodness in anybody and point it
11:26 out because a lot of times people are so
11:29 trampled down by life and life
11:32 situations that they can't see the
11:36 goodness in their selves so it's really
11:38 our our responsibility because we carry
11:43 the Godhead in us to show them how
11:47 beautiful they are and it's easy to say
11:50 and it's easy to like read these
11:52 scriptures and it's easy to take all the
11:55 stuff that's out on social media and say
11:57 yes you know everybody's equal and we're
11:59 all good and let's just love everybody
12:02 well yeah it's easy to say but we have
12:04 to walk in it and walking in it day in
12:07 and day out can be a challenge for a lot
12:10 of us but I I trust that as you do this
12:13 day in and day out
12:15 then add the abundance of your heart
12:17 it'll just become easier and easier to
12:19 where you're just shedding light on
12:21 everybody and it doesn't mean you're
12:23 shedding light with scriptures and
12:25 praise the Lord hallelujah you know
12:26 you're dancing you know in Trader Joe's
12:29 but you know you're going along and you
12:32 know I go along and I see cool shoes on
12:35 somebody I won't go up to a stranger say
12:37 my gosh shoes are awesome shoes where'd
12:38 you get them like wow I don't know they
12:40 don't be taking off the shoe trying to
12:42 figure out what kind of brand it is I
12:44 just made a beautiful connection with
12:46 that person and when we leave I can say
12:48 hey have a awesome day
12:50 you know that person might have had a
12:52 really rough day but because I reached
12:55 out to them not that I had intentionally
12:58 I just like hey I like those shoes
12:59 where'd you get them
13:01 they could be uplifted and that's that's
13:03 the thing is we have to be so aware of
13:07 other people around us and what they're
13:09 going through and not to get into a rut
13:13 of following the herd right we are to
13:17 follow Jesus Christ and speak life we
13:20 are to give life in all situations and
13:23 it's like you know in the innocence the
13:26 opposite to when we want to speak life
13:28 but we also know we need to know when to
13:31 hold our tongue and I think that can be
13:34 more of a challenge to some people than
13:36 speaking there's this time some people
13:39 will be blurting out to you saying
13:43 things they should be saying or just you
13:45 know they're just complaining or
13:46 whatever and it just might be your job
13:51 to hold your tongue and just say hey you
13:54 know I'll pray for you and or just just
13:57 listen sometimes people just need to be
14:00 listen it doesn't mean you're coming
14:01 agreement with them but you listen to
14:04 them we need to get away from always
14:07 trying to be one up on that other person
14:10 like if somebody had a bad day at the at
14:13 the job and I go my boss has said then
14:16 the other person is trimming oh yeah my
14:17 boss is this and all of a sudden they're
14:19 like having this big debate on who's
14:21 boss is the worst but so we can't get
14:23 involved we cannot we cannot come in
14:26 agreement with that type of conversation
14:28 because it is the power of the tongue so
14:30 in life as you go along
14:33 just choose be intentional be extremely
14:38 aware what's coming out of your mouth
14:40 because like the scripture says all the
14:42 abundance of your heart your mouth will
14:44 speak so anyways so and surprise what's
14:50 in your heart
14:51 so we're talking about live living and
14:54 dying by the power of your tongue so
14:58 what's packed in your heart or what's
15:01 stored in your heart and the heart in
15:04 the Bible is not just your physical
15:06 heart here right it's actually your
15:09 spirit heart and spirit are almost
15:11 synonymous so what's inside of you
15:14 eventually come out of your mouth and so
15:18 Luke 6:45 you offsprings of vipers how
15:23 can you speak good things when you are
15:25 evil for out of the fullness the
15:28 overflow of their super abundance of the
15:30 heart the mouth speaks and I think one
15:33 of the beautiful things about this is
15:35 that there are times when personally I
15:39 will say stuff or like react you know
15:43 not thinking I'm just reacting and
15:45 blurting out and I'll catch myself like
15:48 wow that was really ugly and I but you
15:53 know Lord thank you for showing me that
15:55 that it was ugliness coming out of me
15:57 because then I can just repent and say
15:59 okay Lord show me and help me how to
16:01 correct this issue whether it's with a
16:04 person or with a situation I'm in so if
16:07 you find yourself that you're just
16:09 blurting out things that you know you
16:11 shouldn't just thank God that you are
16:13 finally being aware that you're doing
16:15 things that you should be doing that's
16:16 the number one thing is just being aware
16:19 of how we're speaking in our daily life
16:23 so yes so so why we're focusing on the
16:30 tongue so tonight's message is the power
16:34 of your tongue and it's for life and or
16:37 death it's it's a two-edged of sword in
16:39 a sense so the question is are you
16:43 watching the words that come out of your
16:44 mouth something I do I practiced for
16:49 years decades and I'm not gonna say I'm
16:53 perfect at it but when you see negative
16:57 situation you try not to speak about it
17:01 you know and start telling people about
17:04 it yeah so like if you're if you're
17:08 starting to feel like a symptom in your
17:11 body you know you don't want to say oh
17:13 my gosh I'm getting sick you know you
17:15 call your friends not a good thing to do
17:17 and then on top of that you call 10
17:20 people to pray for you and who knows who
17:25 which one of them is like beliefs you
17:28 know
17:28 so you could have a lot of people
17:30 doubting that are in that prayer chain
17:33 so a smart thing to do this comes the
17:35 Camry weekly post and get prayed for
17:38 here but so if if you like yeah I'll
17:45 just use sickness as a as an example so
17:48 the first thing you should do is is
17:52 because the Holy Spirit's inside you
17:55 just say Lord you know what's happening
17:57 here you know what do what is this is
17:59 this demonic this is actually a really
18:01 good thing to do is this demonic is this
18:05 because of me or I mean that's the first
18:11 thing we should pray about you know is
18:13 it is it just something because I'm
18:15 eating wrong or is it because I am is a
18:20 lot of torment if sickness and Richard
18:23 knows a lot about that I believe
18:25 personally it's all demonic ninety five
18:29 ninety percent of it so there's
18:32 something in the bloodline and so we can
18:38 rise up so obviously and the thing is
18:41 what I typically do is I'll take
18:44 communion you know I'll bring that
18:46 before the Lord that's the first person
18:48 you should make agreement with why
18:50 because he knows everything he's got the
18:52 all the answers and so he knows your
18:54 heart he's the Creator and so he's the
18:57 one that can bring wholeness upon you
19:01 whether it's whether it's by another
19:04 person praying for you a word you know
19:08 in God yes he uses doctors as well of
19:10 course but the thing is is you want to
19:14 be very circumspect about what you speak
19:17 into the air into the atmosphere why
19:20 because Jesus says my words are spirit
19:23 and they are life now if he said that
19:26 you can say the same about your words
19:28 their spirit they're like packages that
19:32 go out and they've got it they have to
19:36 accomplish what you spoke out of your
19:39 mouth
19:40 it has to happen that's just the way
19:43 that God decided and I can I can
19:46 obviously give you scriptures but so
19:51 these are like powerful three powerful
19:54 verses in Genesis 1:26 228 God wanted us
20:00 to rule he wanted man to rule he gave
20:03 all authority on this earth to us first
20:07 he gave to Adam and Eve God's not
20:09 insecure about his power I mean that
20:11 just shows how secure he is so he made
20:15 us you and I in his image that's a
20:18 mind-blower if you really think about
20:20 that but it's also referred to Genesis
20:25 1:26 and 2228 as the Dominion mandate so
20:29 when Jesus was around with John the
20:32 Baptist the thing they preached on
20:35 taught more than anything their whole
20:37 message was what the kingdom of God so
20:41 that from the first chapter of Genesis
20:44 to the end of the book God's all about
20:48 Dominion and so the kingdom of God is
20:52 dominating so in other words he wants us
20:55 to dominate life so and we talked about
21:00 Romans 5:17 that were supposed to reign
21:04 but this is a awesome Scripture Psalms
21:07 one 15 16 the highest heavens belong to
21:11 the Lord but the earth is given to
21:14 mankind so what does that mean what does
21:18 that mean to you Katherine the highest
21:21 heavens belong to the Lord but the earth
21:22 has been given to mankind it means that
21:24 we are to take dominion over the earth
21:29 and use it to his glory in all in all
21:34 areas of life yeah this is this is mind
21:38 shifting it's like a different ambience
21:41 it's a different temperature when we
21:43 talk about this so think about this the
21:48 father is in heaven Jesus is at his
21:51 right hand he's already accomplished
21:53 everything and so everything that we're
21:57 supposed to do on this earth has already
21:59 been given to us and so we are to
22:05 basically rule on this earth he's
22:09 Genesis chapter 1 Psalms 115 verse 16 I
22:13 believe David wrote that so he because
22:19 we're as children think about this - if
22:22 you have a family
22:23 let's say you have a huge bank account
22:26 and you have four sons and daughters and
22:30 you eventually write them into your will
22:34 okay we're going legalese right now I'm
22:36 talking about legal and because God's
22:39 Word is very legal you know it's it's we
22:42 have the law that we abide by in our
22:46 community here because there are laws
22:48 over our communities but God has his
22:51 laws in the Bible for our lives so he
22:57 wants us to operate with with that in
23:01 other words going back to what happens
23:05 is that the father or mother eventually
23:08 is going to pass away so they write
23:11 their kids into the will in that will
23:14 they're passing the inheritance of
23:17 typically I'm not saying all the time
23:20 because there's a lot of sibling rivalry
23:22 and sometimes parents can do strange
23:26 things that they don't even give their
23:30 their children any of the the the
23:36 blessings inheritance that they have so
23:38 typically they'll pass on things like
23:41 money in their bank accounts real estate
23:46 they might have some whatever fancy cars
23:50 I'm talking about you know I'm just
23:53 using like an analogy of like wealth
23:55 being passed on so and because there
24:00 you've got the four children and the
24:03 parent who's their parents they have a
24:07 right
24:07 that inheritance in the same way if this
24:11 makes any sense you have the right to
24:14 all the inheritance that Jesus had
24:17 because your co-heirs with him because
24:22 you're a child of God and the thing is
24:25 most of us in churches don't know this
24:29 we don't operate that miss we don't take
24:31 advantage of it therefore our prayers
24:34 are weak because we don't know who we
24:38 really aren't Christ that's one of the
24:40 most important things to know our
24:41 identity
24:42 good so enough said on that in proverbs
24:48 18:21 it says death and life are in the
24:51 power of the tongue the tongue has power
24:53 of life and death and those who love it
24:55 will eat its fruit this is super
25:00 powerful and the tongue in the words are
25:04 spoken over us can really exalt us to do
25:10 great things or it can really damage us
25:12 and I would just challenge you tonight
25:16 that for things that were spoken when I
25:20 what I've found it's a lot of things
25:22 that are spoken to to us as children
25:26 somehow we forget about it but it
25:29 carries on through there all our lives
25:30 so we don't maybe rise up to our full
25:33 potential or we might remember things
25:36 that were said to us in our childhood
25:39 whether it be through our parents or
25:43 siblings or other children and it's
25:46 always stuck with us and we have not
25:48 been able to release it because we're
25:50 believing in it we're coming to
25:51 agreement with it so it be I have
25:56 learned just to like take those sayings
25:59 and lay them down at the fit solji's
26:02 aside let him carry it and only believe
26:05 what the Word of God says and not
26:06 believe the lies that were spoken to us
26:08 because we were not a lot of things that
26:11 were that we struggle with in our
26:13 adulthood or it's already been formed
26:15 and kind of fashion in our childhood so
26:20 if there are things have been spoken to
26:22 over you as as children whether it be
26:24 through teachers you know like I said
26:27 parents siblings co-workers when you're
26:29 young you know just lay them at the foot
26:31 sole of Christ you know it's and he'll
26:34 take off all our burdens and I think a
26:36 lot of us like to hold on to some of the
26:39 stuff we feel like we have to carry it
26:41 but there is very power there is a lot
26:45 of power of life and death and if you're
26:48 going through like needing a job and
26:51 you've gone out on 20 interviews you'll
26:55 just come into agreement say well you
26:56 know I just I can't get a job can't get
26:58 a job and I just don't know what's going
26:59 on just can't get a job well you're
27:01 coming to agreement then you can't get a
27:03 job you guys switched around my awesome
27:06 job hasn't arrived yet you know there's
27:09 other ways the same I can't get a job it
27:13 just could be the right job hasn't
27:17 opened up yet that awesome job that God
27:19 has for me so that's what I mean by
27:21 being intentionally a baby of we're like
27:23 oh gosh I feel so tired today I used to
27:25 say that I'm really tired gosh I'm so
27:28 tired and I just have to stop saying it
27:29 because it's like in I'm tired because
27:31 I'm in coming to agreement that I'm
27:32 tired and it's like you need to just
27:34 turn around like wow I'm just I'm gonna
27:36 be full of energy today soon anyways
27:39 this be I think who all of this is to be
27:41 very as Alex says it's understanding who
27:45 we are in Christ the power that he has
27:48 given us cuz we are co-heirs were
27:50 citizens of the kingdom of God and to
27:52 know the power that we have in our time
27:54 so we're gonna move quickly now cuz it
27:57 looks like we only have what 15 minutes
27:59 so consider this you are saved by the
28:07 prayer of confession you made and you
28:10 can most of you would remember the tape
28:12 you receive the Lord you're saved
28:15 eternally according to the Word of God
28:18 by words you spoke typically about 40-50
28:22 words those words have
28:27 everything's recorded in heaven if you
28:30 think computers are awesome here
28:32 the the these servers in heaven go way
28:35 beyond it they could actually record
28:36 every thought you know and so every word
28:39 every thought and so you you made it
28:45 into God's kingdom you've been
28:47 transformed from darkness into life
28:49 because of a prayer of confession that
28:51 you made Romans 10:9 that says if you
28:54 confess with your mouth and believe in
28:56 your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord you
28:58 will be saved
28:59 and so and that's just a starting point
29:02 so you came into the kingdom by just a
29:05 prayer from your from your tongues or
29:08 from your tongue by your words and so
29:12 words carry Authority or you can say
29:15 there's Authority and words words carry
29:19 Authority and so that's pretty powerful
29:25 the kingdom God's the kingdom of God is
29:29 voice-activated okay yes we can do kind
29:34 and great things as a show of our love
29:36 but typically words are some of the most
29:40 powerful things that we can share with
29:42 other people you know whether it's
29:44 comfort prayer for healing encouragement
29:49 you know still a family member or your
29:52 spouse that you love them they go
29:55 they're huge go ahead Kevin
30:02 yeah so us Alexander mentioned that
30:05 we're gonna give an account to every
30:07 word because in Matthew 12:36 it says
30:10 but I tell you on the day of judgment
30:13 men will have to give account for every
30:16 idle inoperative non-working word they
30:19 speak that's pretty powerful if you stop
30:22 to think about it like he says is
30:24 everything in heaven is recorded you
30:27 know Jesus Christ knows every hair on
30:29 our hat so it's pretty phenomenal when
30:32 you start really thinking about the
30:33 awesomeness of all this so in the same
30:37 way that there's life in the words
30:38 there's also death and destruction
30:40 through words and we need to watch our
30:43 worse and I believe I I spoke on that
30:45 maybe words I've been spoken over to you
30:47 in childhood or in early adulthood or
30:50 even now you know through your spouse's
30:53 through co-workers so there's death in
30:57 our words too if you keep eating
30:59 somebody down if you keep telling
31:00 somebody you're so stupid they're gonna
31:02 end up believing that they're stupid if
31:04 you keep calling somebody an idiot
31:07 they're gonna display that there are
31:08 idiots I mean it's just it's so simple
31:13 but it's so profound that we just need
31:15 to change the way we communicate with
31:19 one another we really need to take every
31:23 word captive of what we speak out of our
31:26 mouth because it's so important and it's
31:29 so powerful and how we greet each other
31:33 I know for for just for instance for in
31:38 my life when my kids were young the Lord
31:41 wanted me to oice greet them a certain
31:43 way every single day and every single
31:45 day I give them a hug since their time
31:48 their little to even now says I love you
31:51 and Jesus loves you too that's the first
31:54 thing in the morning I want them to
31:57 realize no matter how much you know he
32:01 made my hair go the night before the day
32:05 before what we're facing I love you but
32:08 more than that I want them to know that
32:10 Jesus loves them no matter what's going
32:12 on your life
32:13 jesus loves you it's in the word and if
32:17 we can really just open up our spirits
32:20 to the love of God and knowing what he
32:22 has for us and the awesomeness then we
32:25 wouldn't let all the the woes of life
32:28 compact on us and beat us down we would
32:31 have that authority in our words to rise
32:34 up and come against the hand of the
32:36 enemy that's trying to put lies on us so
32:40 it's just it's so exciting when you take
32:43 the Word of God and put it into what I
32:46 I'm more the practicality you know you
32:49 love speaking the word and reading the
32:51 word I just kind of take the word munch
32:53 on it and like okay let's be practical
32:54 about it you know so it's like it's just
32:57 really it's just a really beautiful
32:59 thing when you start really putting it
33:01 into practice so proper 23:7 this is
33:05 powerful as a man thinketh so is he or
33:09 it's this is another translation for as
33:12 he thinks in his heart or as a man
33:17 thinks and then speaks so is he or he
33:22 brings it to pass that's the literal
33:24 meaning of propers 23:7 so so words are
33:32 powerful and you know there's people
33:34 that revelation about like daily
33:39 declarations I'm not saying I've done it
33:41 I've done on certain days but I don't I
33:43 don't do it every day but the two most
33:47 powerful is believe that or not one of
33:49 the names of Jesus is I am so you can
33:52 you can declare I am healed this is
33:55 powerful I've prayed this many times I'm
33:58 always in the right place at the right
33:59 time that's a good one especially if
34:04 you're salesman and you want to meet the
34:06 right people or maybe it's your wanting
34:09 to meet her spouse I'm always the right
34:11 place at the right time so and then
34:14 we're supposed to bless those we talked
34:17 about that bless those who persecute you
34:19 bless and do not curse
34:21 I believe that's in Peter
34:24 words are spirit words are spirit so
34:28 powerful John six my word is spirit into
34:30 those life words are in the heavens on
34:33 earth and in hell it's up there it's on
34:36 here and it's how do I know it's in hell
34:39 it says Philippians 2 says every eye
34:46 every every every one will bow and
34:49 confess that Jesus is Lord those in
34:52 heaven on earth and under the earth
34:54 words are everywhere
34:56 that is God's that is his language words
35:03 words and he created the lips to speak
35:07 those words and we either speaking death
35:09 or life Jesus rebukes Satan in the
35:14 religious crowd with his words and he
35:16 spoke life to many with the same Jesus
35:20 rose a dead with his words and he cast
35:22 out demons with his words
35:24 so no Zion 5511 says so my word will be
35:28 B which goes forth from my mouth it will
35:32 not return to me empty without
35:35 accomplishing what I desire and without
35:37 succeeding in matters for which I sent
35:40 it so in that respect if we're speaking
35:43 out God's words and we're making this
35:45 declarations from the word of the Lord
35:47 like we spoke about last week those
35:50 decorations those words from the from
35:53 the Bible then they're not going to come
35:54 back boy they will be fulfilled yeah so
35:58 there's there's a I can think of a book
36:04 was it okay he'll come to me
36:10 so going on so in James that's one of
36:14 the most powerful verses on the tongue
36:17 so we're talking about the blessing and
36:20 the power of life through your tongue
36:22 well James takes it in different
36:25 direction he talks about how it can
36:28 actually be in negative manner how it
36:33 can be used to destroy
36:36 so he said that the tongue is an unruly
36:41 evil set ablaze by hell okay so James
36:46 three to four we all often stumble and
36:49 fall and offend in many things and if
36:52 anyone does not offend in speech never
36:54 says the wrong saying things he is fully
36:57 developed character and a perfect man
36:59 able to control his whole body through
37:02 the tongue and to curb his entire nature
37:06 verse five so so the tongue is a little
37:10 member and he can boast of great things
37:12 see how much wood or how great a forest
37:16 a tiny spark can his set ablaze and the
37:19 tongue is a fire stop there the tongue
37:22 is a fire what the tongue is a fire the
37:26 tongue is a world of wickedness set
37:29 among our members contaminate and
37:32 depriving the whole body and setting on
37:35 fire the wheel of birth the cycle of
37:37 man's nature being itself ignited by
37:39 hell so what does that mean that means
37:44 that if someone speaking death over
37:49 themselves or others it's powerful stuff
37:53 and it's not going to be good at all and
37:55 it's it's amazing I could think of Elvis
38:01 Presley you know his mother passed away
38:03 at 42 and he I remember he with his own
38:08 mouth is he said I won't live beyond
38:11 what my mom lived and guess what he died
38:17 42 he died at 42 exact same age as his
38:21 mother so I'm just using that as one
38:24 analogy I mean there's there's so many
38:27 here just people don't realize that when
38:31 they're speaking things they just take
38:34 it for granted what they're speaking
38:36 verses like wow I'm speaking life here
38:39 and so we as believers as children of
38:43 God we've got to realize the Spirit of
38:46 God dwells in us Jesus dwells in us
38:49 so what would Jesus say in that
38:51 situation right and if you do a study in
38:55 the New Testament of Jesus words they're
38:58 powerful
39:00 he's never complaining he's not there's
39:03 nothing written in there coming up to
39:05 Peter hey Peter are you having a bad day
39:07 right so he's he was always going
39:14 somewhere with his words they had
39:16 authority and as a matter of fact people
39:18 were so awestruck with with the words
39:22 that came out of his mouth they were
39:23 just like overwhelmed
39:25 who is this rabbi who is this guy that
39:27 speaks powerful worse so it's just worth
39:33 coming out because of what was already
39:35 in his heart the Spirit of God was
39:37 coming out and so out of the same mouth
39:43 comes forth blessing and cursing these
39:45 things my brethren ought not to be so so
39:51 in wrapping it up it says it doesn't
39:53 really take great or a month of faith to
39:57 see results because a Matthew 17:20 says
40:00 and Jesus said to them because of the
40:04 littleness of your faith but truly I say
40:06 to you if you have the faith the size of
40:09 a mustard seed I believe the mustard
40:11 seeds probably wanted these small seeds
40:13 in the kingdom of seeds you will say to
40:15 this mountain move from here to there
40:17 and it'll be moved and nothing this is
40:20 super awesome nothing will be impossible
40:23 to you so that wraps around you have to
40:28 abide in his word in abide in him you
40:31 have to come into agreement with God's
40:32 words come into agreement with God says
40:35 and then you'll be able to move great
40:37 mountains by the power of your tongue so
40:41 just be very aware speak blessings not
40:44 curse scenes and we thank you for being
40:48 here tonight so I'd also wrote there you
40:53 always get in half in your life where
40:56 you believe for and say
40:59 always so make it words of life make the
41:04 words that come out of your mouth work
41:06 for you and not against you and so God
41:10 loves you
41:11 you're his children you're his beloved
41:14 he cares more about you then you can all
41:16 imagine it's hard to believe that
41:18 especially when you're struggling or
41:20 when you're suffering but I just get
41:26 overwhelmed when I read things like
41:29 Psalm 23 the last verse it says surely
41:32 goodness and mercy will follow you all
41:34 the days of your life and you will dwell
41:37 in his presence forever here now I mean
41:44 think about this this is just
41:45 overwhelming
41:47 our lives are 50 60 70 80 years we can
41:52 believe for 120 like Moses did and by
41:56 the way he hiked up the mountain by
41:58 himself at 120 and so Psalms 92 verse 16
42:07 says there's nothing but goodness in him
42:10 he's for you so when when you have a
42:16 negative situation happening especially
42:19 if it's real negative realize that God
42:23 is probably has something right around
42:25 the corner for you that you're gonna be
42:27 just so blessed with and so use your
42:31 mouth to praise him to encourage other
42:34 people to speak power over yourself you
42:38 know you could also do this just put
42:40 your hand on you on your head because
42:41 the Spirit of God dwells in you and you
42:44 could just say you know I speak healing
42:47 on myself right now in Jesus name I
42:52 speak that I'm being delivered and saved
42:55 on a daily basis I'm always in the right
42:58 place in the right time I am a child of
43:00 God God's for me he's not against me and
43:03 he wants me well he wants me to prosper
43:05 beloved I pray above all things that you
43:08 pray that you prosper and be in health
43:09 even as your soul prospers
43:11 so God wants your
43:13 well when your soul as well according to
43:16 the New Testament according to what John
43:19 wrote you're going to move in life so
43:22 the things that are holding up the soul
43:25 moving on is when you dwell and speak
43:28 the negative in in your life and it
43:31 bubbles over to other people's life and
43:33 they you know you don't want them to see
43:36 you critical so with that I guess we'll
43:40 close it off thank you for your time


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