Knowing the Joyful Jesus

What will you shout out when the troubles of life seem overwhelming? Will your mouth dance to the words and rhythm of the circumstances? Or, will you choose to “Make a joyful shout to the LORD” as Psalm 100 instructs. The more you understand Who Jesus truly is, the more you will be able to make a joyful shout that Jesus is LORD, that He has truly redeemed you, just as His seven redemptive names have declared. In this session you will gain a greater understanding of the present tense reality of the “joyful Jesus”, the One God spoke of as bringing “you good news of great joy…”


Video Transcript

00:00 hi my name is Sue Burdullis and I'm the
00:03 daughter of the Most High King and I'm
00:06 loved and enjoyed by God our Father and
00:09 I know that you are also I serve as a
00:12 director of the Camerillo Healing Rooms
00:14 which has been in operation since 2006
00:17 tonight we're gonna begin our psalm 100
00:20 series entitled keys to joy filled
00:23 living and our first session is calling
00:27 knowing the joyful Jesus this Psalm 100
00:31 series will actually revolutionize the
00:34 way you live life if you actually put
00:37 into implementation the commands that
00:40 the Lord gives us in Psalm 100 and the
00:43 foundational Psalm 100 command or key to
00:46 joyful living is knowing God when we
00:51 know God through His Son Jesus Christ we
00:55 will be filled with joy and then we will
00:58 be able to carry out these seven
01:02 commands given to us in Psalm 100 let us
01:06 pray
01:07 father I thank you and I praise you
01:10 father for tonight I thank you that your
01:12 son Jesus Christ is filled with joy and
01:15 that he perfectly reflected the joy that
01:18 is in you your heart I thank you that
01:20 you are the most joyful being in the
01:23 entire universe and I pray that you
01:25 would open up the eyes of our
01:27 understanding tonight so that we can
01:30 know you as you desire for us to know
01:34 you and I pray that you would feel our
01:37 hearts fill our lives feel the
01:40 atmosphere of this place with your joy
01:44 the joy of your son Jesus Christ the joy
01:48 of knowing him the joy of knowing you we
01:53 love you Lord and we thank you that you
01:56 delight over us and you dance and sing
02:00 over us because you are our joyful King
02:03 and our joyful father amen
02:07 how many saw Jesus doing the deed I am
02:12 it's so interesting as grandparents you
02:15 know we have one grandchild now and the
02:18 grandchildren just will just dance right
02:21 you know just real free and I know God
02:25 or Heavenly Father just like us as
02:27 grandparents or parents will sit there
02:30 and dance with her kids and I know that
02:33 God he is the one that's initiating this
02:37 joy filled atmosphere the dancing the
02:40 scene he loves celebration so throughout
02:44 the Old Testament you see all these
02:46 celebrations honoring him and now we
02:51 know honoring his son Jesus Christ and
02:54 in heaven we're going to be in eternally
02:56 invited to a banquet and it's going to
02:59 be filled with joy and laughter and
03:02 Jesus legislates from heaven with joy in
03:08 his heart let us declare Psalm 100 and
03:13 as you can see on your handout I
03:15 actually put the Lord in bold and all of
03:21 the personal pronouns for Lord also
03:24 emboldened so let us stand up and
03:27 declare Psalm 100 it's five short verses
03:30 let's declare that out loud make a
03:33 joyful shout to the Lord all you lands
03:37 serve the Lord with gladness come before
03:41 his presence with singing know that the
03:44 Lord he is God it is he who made us and
03:48 not we ourselves we are his people and
03:52 the Sheep of his pasture enter into his
03:55 gates with Thanksgiving and his courts
03:57 with praise be thankful to him and bless
04:01 His name for the Lord is good his mercy
04:06 is everlasting and his truth to all
04:09 generations amen you can be seated
04:13 did you understand why we can have joy
04:16 in our heart because the Lord he's good
04:19 his mercy is everlasting and his
04:21 faithfulness or his truth is too
04:24 all generations if you take a look at
04:27 Psalm 100 how many times do you see the
04:31 actual word Lord occurring there yeah do
04:36 I hear it four times we see the name
04:40 Lord occurring there and if you take in
04:43 all of the personal pronouns you will
04:46 see 12 times there's a reference to the
04:51 Lord
04:51 so the focal point of this Psalm is our
04:57 Lord and we know Jesus over 100 times in
05:02 the New Testament his name is called
05:06 Lord Jesus is Lord so it is very
05:13 interesting when we were studying Psalm
05:15 103 we had Lord appear in Psalm 103 11
05:20 times and we were called to bless the
05:24 Lord O my soul and all that is within me
05:27 to bless His Holy Name and not to forget
05:30 any of his benefits and this is
05:33 basically what Psalm 100 is a call to we
05:36 are calling our souls to go ahead and
05:39 bless the Lord in seven different ways
05:43 to come there's commands come before his
05:48 presence make a joyful shout so there's
05:53 actual seven commands that are in Psalm
05:58 107 ways or seven keys that we can enter
06:02 in to the joy of the Lord and the more
06:07 that we know who God is as revealed
06:12 through His Son Jesus Christ the more we
06:15 will be filled with at with the actual
06:18 joy of Jesus which is there the very
06:21 source of genuine joy we can have joy
06:25 that's temporal from this world but it's
06:27 not going to be the eternal joy that
06:30 will last forever and ever and we want
06:32 to connect our hearts to genuine joy and
06:37 the genuine joy
06:38 originates from her father and it was
06:41 embodied in Jesus Christ and now where
06:45 is Jesus he's in us and so where is his
06:48 joy residing in us so we carry the joy
06:54 of the Lord in our spirit and God wants
06:58 to see the joy of Jesus being manifested
07:02 in our lives and upon her face how often
07:07 do you go somewhere and you see someone
07:11 just welcoming you or just like smiling
07:14 ear to ear and you going like wow you
07:18 know I just said to my sister-in-law
07:19 where we were visiting her in Sacramento
07:22 because we came like almost a full day
07:25 early and she's just like yeah come on
07:30 over and I go well we'll take you out to
07:32 meal you know so you don't have to cook
07:33 and she's going no I'm gonna cook you
07:36 know and I'm so glad you're here and
07:39 Sunday when I was in church this past
07:41 Sunday somebody greeted me that I
07:43 haven't seen for a long time cos they're
07:45 just coming back to visit our church and
07:48 they're that same grin was upon their
07:50 face that same joy and I'm going like I
07:53 said to my sister-in-law you are the
07:57 epitome of Jesus Christ you know and
08:00 this lady I saw in church on Sunday oh
08:03 wow the joy and this is the joy that
08:06 people want to encounter people in this
08:10 world are hungry for joy and some 100
08:14 gives us keys so that we can live a
08:18 joy-filled life now some of you might be
08:23 waiting a long time if you wait and tell
08:27 you actually feel joy to actually obey
08:32 these seven commands in Psalm 100 but
08:37 how many people know that actually when
08:40 you begin you might not feel like going
08:43 to a celebration feel like doing
08:46 something but when you being
08:48 again actually doing the things that God
08:51 calls us to do then the joy comes the
08:55 joy of the Lord fills our heart and then
08:58 we're able to serve Him with gladness so
09:00 don't wait for the feelings just begin
09:02 the doing you know often we go ahead and
09:07 we want to you know do something for the
09:10 Lord and for our God and Savior we want
09:14 to do that for him but we don't realize
09:17 that when we're doing something for the
09:20 Lord Jesus is a long side of us as well
09:25 as in us and he comes with us in the
09:28 Dewey and he's just embracing us with
09:31 his joyful spirit and going come on and
09:36 he then if we allow the atmosphere that
09:40 he carries to encompass our hearts we
09:44 then will be serving the Lord with joy
09:47 and gladness now the first time that we
09:51 see the actual word Lord mentioned and
09:55 it actually appears in Hebrew as Yahweh
09:59 and they did not want to actually spell
10:02 the name Yahweh out because the people
10:05 in the Old Testament thought that Yahweh
10:08 was so holy that they would not
10:12 pronounce it so they would actually
10:14 leave the bowels out of Yahweh so no one
10:17 would pronounce it so you would you'll
10:19 see then in the Old Testament in Hebrew
10:22 you'll see it you know the better you'll
10:24 see it in the Hebrew language but YW h w
10:30 YW well I'm going to say that wrong yhw
10:34 H and wait where you see this it
10:37 actually is translated into English in
10:40 capital letters L o or D and the first
10:45 time that you'll actually see Yahweh or
10:48 Lord mention is when Moses he's out in
10:53 the desert and God appears to him in a
10:57 burning bush talk about a little bit of
11:01 trip
11:01 you know what would you do when a bush
11:04 starts burning out in the desert and no
11:06 match has been put to it and then the
11:08 glory not just its burning but the glory
11:12 is surrounding this bush and the bush
11:15 starts talking the Lord starts talking
11:17 out of the bush and the Lord commands
11:19 Moses to actually go back to Egypt where
11:24 he had fled from because he murdered
11:27 someone who was very scared and he was
11:29 hanging out in the wilderness Laura
11:31 tells him to go back to Egypt and to
11:34 speak with Pharaoh the king and normally
11:39 somebody like in Moses's place would
11:42 really be shaking in his booth to go
11:44 talk to Pharaoh the king and he's going
11:46 like God Who am I to tell the people who
11:51 you are God responds from the burning
11:54 bush tell them I am Who I am tell them I
12:01 am sent you and it's like so here God
12:10 describes himself in his relationship to
12:15 mankind as Yahweh I am he is a self
12:23 existing one no one created him he is I
12:30 am the great I am he was he is and he
12:36 always will be
12:38 who Yahweh the great I am and we see
12:43 this name Yahweh appearing as Lord
12:47 lor D now to make a long story
12:52 real short they actually took then this
12:56 word Yahweh where they took the vowels
12:58 out yhw H they combined it with the
13:01 bells of Adonai and that's where they
13:05 came up with Jehovah
13:09 so now when we see Jehovah His
13:13 redemptive name anytime you see Jehovah
13:18 and you see it especially with another
13:21 name attached a compound name like
13:24 jehova rapha jehova Jireh Jehovah Nissi
13:29 Jehovah SiC canoe that's a compound name
13:34 Jehovah is referring to Lord I am like
13:39 Rafa I am Who the Lord who heals you I
13:43 am Jehovah Jireh I am the Lord who will
13:50 provide for you and so I have a list
13:53 there of the seven redemptive names of
13:56 God and you'll be able to go online and
13:58 actually download this from Camarillo
14:00 helium room slash prayer this resource
14:03 so that you can use it in declaring
14:06 God's lordship over your life in the New
14:11 Testament when God commands you in Psalm
14:17 100 that God commands us to know that
14:21 the Lord he is God and in the New
14:26 Testament when we are commanded to know
14:29 that the Lord is God we are being
14:32 commanded to know that Jesus is Lord
14:37 which involves like Romans 10:9 says if
14:41 you confess him with your mouth and if
14:44 you confess with your mouth the Lord is
14:48 Jesus Christ Jesus is Lord and believe
14:51 in your heart that God has raised him
14:54 from the dead you will be saved so
14:57 knowing that the Lord is God like Psalm
15:02 100 commands us in verse 3 as a new
15:07 covenant believer to no means to confess
15:13 and believe in our heart to believe in
15:18 our heart and confess with our mouth so
15:22 now you can see
15:23 this chart that I have in your handout
15:27 but you also can now downline in a more
15:30 fuller version with all the scriptures
15:33 from Camarillo Healing Rooms the prayer
15:36 section you'll see the compound names of
15:40 the Lord and who he is there's seven
15:45 primary ones that are listed God's
15:50 compound name will meet every His
15:57 redemptive names will meet every need
15:59 you have as you can see by his name good
16:07 like Jehovah Jireh you will see the
16:11 blessing in the name itself the Lord
16:15 will provide
16:17 the blessing is in the name and the
16:20 blessing obliterates or demolishes or
16:23 destroys the curse so what is the curse
16:29 it's black okay so when we if you take a
16:37 look at any of these curses and you're
16:39 going ah
16:40 I'm experiencing this curse in an area
16:42 of my life
16:43 then you take the name of the Lord and
16:46 start declaring the name of the Lord
16:49 over that situation because it says in
16:53 Philippians 2 9 through 11 which all of
16:55 us know but we don't almost apply what
16:58 we know and that's what I think I really
17:00 heard in the testimony I'll tell in a
17:02 minute about Kenneth Copeland is that he
17:06 actually even though he knew all these
17:08 things cuz he's a man of the word about
17:11 God he actually had to do it with his
17:14 own mouth and he had to do it for some
17:16 time and so if a man a God that knows
17:20 God that well has to persist in
17:24 declaring who God is over his life to
17:27 see the victory how about us right
17:31 we love that Jesus did at one time and
17:33 we love when it happens one time well
17:36 we don't want to give up until we see
17:38 the victory of Jesus's name manifesting
17:41 in our lives so Philippians 2 9 through
17:44 11 let's say all that let's say it
17:46 together
17:46 therefore God has highly exalted him and
17:51 given him the name which is above every
17:54 name that at the name of Jesus every
17:58 knee should bow of those in heaven and
18:01 those on earth and those under the earth
18:04 and that every tongue should confess
18:06 that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory
18:11 of God the Father did you notice that
18:16 that there every time it's going to have
18:19 to confess that Jesus is Lord it's easy
18:23 for us to take Psalm 100 in good times
18:27 and confess that Jesus is Lord to bless
18:31 his name to shout joyfully to the Lord
18:34 but how about in bad times you know
18:38 here's Moses and he had to go before
18:40 Pharaoh and it wasn't like all the cards
18:44 were on his side in the natural realm
18:47 but he had to declare the name of the
18:53 Lord in front of the most powerful King
18:57 on planet earth at that time but we know
19:01 that there was a higher king and a
19:03 higher name that would rule over Pharaoh
19:07 and deliver the entire Israelite nation
19:11 from bondage as every knee in Egypt had
19:18 to bow to the name of the great I am and
19:22 that is how it is for you and I how many
19:26 read that blog that I put out on Sunday
19:28 about shouted out a few of you great I'm
19:34 going to actually go over that because
19:36 one of the things my girlfriend said and
19:38 she's known me since our kids were
19:40 really small and I moved into the area
19:42 we were walking I think it was just last
19:45 week and she said sue I didn't know you
19:48 could write
19:50 and I and you know she does how do you
19:53 come up with these things I said
19:55 actually I get down on my knees and I
19:59 say Lord you speak you say what she want
20:03 to say and he gives me ideas and he
20:06 writes through me and the more we submit
20:10 to the lordship like that we can hear
20:14 his voice so I say that because maybe
20:17 that will encourage you in some of the
20:19 blogs that I write that I really am
20:22 trying to hear the voice of the Lord for
20:25 our healing room and for the people that
20:27 are attending it and what he wants to
20:29 say to us the timely word for us so I
20:33 based this last blog on Sunday oh it
20:38 would make a joyful shout to the Lord I
20:41 started out by saying this what will you
20:44 shout out when the troubles of life seem
20:46 overwhelming what will you shout out
20:49 when the pain is so great that the pain
20:52 field response wants to pour forth from
20:56 your lips
20:57 what will you shout out when the perfect
21:00 day you envision seems to be messed up
21:02 by problems and delays will your mouth
21:06 dance to the words and the rhythm of
21:09 circumstances or will you make the
21:12 choice to make a joyful shout to the
21:15 Lord last weekend my husband and I were
21:18 at the conference in Sacramento where
21:21 credit Copeland who's now 82 years old
21:24 he was actually sharing his personal
21:26 testimony that I was sharing to you in
21:28 the psalm 103 class but I got more
21:30 details of his testimony that he didn't
21:33 know and it gave me a fuller picture and
21:35 I'm still I know we don't have the
21:37 fullest picture but it emphasized to me
21:41 the power of shouting out to the Lord
21:46 and it's a perfect example of Psalm 101
21:50 that even in the midst of painful
21:53 circumstances and especially in the
21:55 midst of painful circumstances God wants
21:58 us to make a joyful shout to the Lord
22:02 so around 70 years old Kenneth wanted to
22:05 quit the ministry figuring the Lord he
22:08 had served him already for 40 years at
22:11 that time in his life he had a number of
22:14 physical ailments including degenerative
22:18 joint disease in his spine with a disc
22:21 and he said a bony fragment that
22:24 protruded into his spinal column causing
22:27 he said excruciating pain pain basically
22:30 that could not kind of prevent you from
22:33 thinking and operating and I remember at
22:36 that time looking back because I had
22:38 just entered into trying to believe the
22:41 Lord and I started getting these letters
22:44 or you know things from Kenneth Copeland
22:46 ministry back then and I remember him
22:49 sending out and it was a declaration
22:51 over his life for the pain you know he
22:54 wasn't saying like coming to agreement
22:56 with me pain but he had scriptures
22:57 listen he goes I want all my partners to
22:59 declare these scriptures over me so that
23:02 fact he didn't share in his testimony
23:04 but I remember that and that related to
23:07 this testimony so that's a wonderful
23:09 thing that we all can do is instead of
23:12 telling people our problems give him a
23:14 list of scriptures give them the name of
23:18 the Lord to declare and shout over your
23:21 circumstance anyway he said that he put
23:24 a heating pad on his back and the goal
23:27 of the heating pad was so that he turned
23:30 it up to the highest setting so that it
23:33 would cause him to think about the heat
23:35 and not the pain but it didn't work and
23:39 so he went outside and he just started
23:43 to shout to the Lord all the praises he
23:47 could think of and he went on shouting
23:49 it to the Lord every praise so he
23:51 started shouting - lord I thank you and
23:54 praise you for the trees I thank you for
23:57 the wind I thank you for the beautiful
23:58 grass Lord so he just literally just
24:02 went and praise God for everything he
24:05 could think of and that reminds me of
24:07 when we had a lady and she came to our
24:11 Healy rooms and she is it was healed of
24:13 one
24:14 thing it was fibromyalgia she had had it
24:19 for many years she was a medical doctor
24:20 and she had it for many years in her
24:23 life I will never forget she was over
24:26 here and somebody handed her a flag
24:29 during worship she was attending our
24:32 church and she thought I am NOT going to
24:35 be able to do this flag and that
24:38 fibromyalgia pain you know came on her
24:41 and she said what she did is she went
24:43 flat down on her face and she just
24:48 started declaring because she was going
24:50 to through the 365 names of God every
24:53 name there was of God that was actually
24:56 the second time she got healed when she
24:58 was worshiping and then when it came
25:00 back the second time at her home that's
25:02 what she did and the pain left and never
25:04 returned
25:07 declaring the name of the Lord what
25:12 happens when we declared the name of the
25:14 Lord is that he actually shows up on the
25:16 scene and he is the one that takes care
25:20 of our enemy so back to Kenneth Copeland
25:23 his testimony he shouted out not just
25:26 one day but many many many days and then
25:30 if you go to his actual blog in December
25:33 of 2016 you actually see him right there
25:37 somewhere along the way my physical body
25:39 started changing I don't know exactly
25:42 one but I can tell you this 16 months
25:45 later all signs of degenerative joint
25:49 disease had vanished he said I'll be 80
25:52 years old this month that was back when
25:54 two years ago and instead of slowing
25:56 down I'm gearing up instead of getting
25:59 weaker I'm getting stronger my physical
26:01 body has been quickened by the
26:02 resurrection power of God and so I wrote
26:07 in my blog I wish you could have
26:09 witnessed the strength and zeal of
26:11 Kenneth Copeland preaching the
26:13 infallible good news of Jesus Christ
26:16 this past weekend demonstrating the
26:19 power of God that had renewed his
26:22 strength but what would have happened if
26:25 he had not made a joyful shout
26:28 to the Lord and continue to make the
26:31 joyful shout to the Lord and not quit
26:34 until he had his complete healing amen
26:37 now 82 years old he was the speaker the
26:42 primary speaker he only had one other
26:45 speaker and so he was basically
26:47 preaching from the morning till evening
26:49 in all the services except for you know
26:52 he had one speaker that would come in
26:54 and you know certain times so 82 years
26:58 old and he was walking back and forth
27:00 and it was just tremendous so anyway so
27:06 last week on Thursday my husband comes
27:08 home from his breakfast meeting and he
27:10 has this big blot on his shirt I'm going
27:14 like what's that well he loves to have
27:18 pepper plant on his eggs and when he was
27:20 unscrewing the pepper plant it exploded
27:25 all over the place and went on his plain
27:28 blue shirt so he comes home and he goes
27:31 what should I do
27:34 shout it out how many remember shout
27:39 okay we didn't have shout in the house
27:42 if we had a shout like solution and so
27:45 he put it on his shirt I said now let it
27:47 soak we have to saturate the messes in
27:52 life with the word of God with God's
27:55 name we have to let it soak into us just
27:59 like my husband did with his shirt so I
28:02 said with a little shout like soot
28:04 solution saturating the messes shirt
28:06 came out completely clean it's time to
28:10 saturate the messes in your life and
28:12 those around you with a joyful shout to
28:15 the Lord
28:15 shout out who God is and what he is
28:19 victoriously
28:20 done in your life and through His Son
28:23 Jesus Christ
28:24 in no matter what mess you or your loved
28:28 ones have found yourself and don't give
28:31 up your victorious shout to the Lord and
28:34 tell you can see that your shout has
28:38 taken it
28:41 out you name the it then saturate it
28:46 with Thanksgiving and praise to God your
28:50 joyful shower will take it out so it's
28:55 time to make our joyful shout to the
28:57 Lord
28:59 whatever is afflicting you how many
29:03 remember Psalm 103 okay five benefits
29:09 that was grace forgives all of our sins
29:13 heals all of our diseases redeems our
29:16 life from the pit of destruction crowns
29:18 our life with loving-kindness and
29:20 compassion and satisfies our mouth with
29:23 good things so that's something to shout
29:26 about I don't know if anyone has been in
29:36 church service was with me and you hero
29:38 or something like that it's me in the
29:41 back okay so I'm 47 one three three
29:44 let's all read this out loud it says so
29:47 clap your hands all you people shout to
29:50 God with the voice of triumph for the
29:53 Lord Most High is awesome he is a great
29:56 king over all the earth
29:59 he will subdue the peoples under us and
30:02 the nations under our feet
30:04 d notice that it says shout to God now
30:07 Solon 100 says joyfully but this says
30:10 with the voice of triumph you know with
30:12 the voice of triumph means you have
30:15 already triumph you have the victory you
30:18 have the victory in Jesus Christ you
30:24 know in the ancient cities during the
30:28 Old Testament time they didn't have the
30:31 internet and social media and Facebook
30:33 and Instagram and all that so the good
30:36 news travelled by word of mouth and when
30:39 the good news entered into the city they
30:42 would trumpet blast and then people
30:45 would come and gather and they would
30:47 share the good
30:48 News and then guess what happened after
30:51 they shared the good news I join full
30:54 shout burst forth we all of us according
31:02 to Psalm 103 we have something joyfully
31:06 to shout about because Jesus has triumph
31:10 for us and we are in Jesus and Jesus is
31:14 enough there's nothing that can subdue
31:17 us we are the ones that subdue our enemy
31:21 as we shout joyfully the name of the
31:24 Lord so I gave you a little template
31:26 where you can take and look at one of
31:30 the lakhs in your life according to the
31:32 chart and then put that lakh into one of
31:36 these boxes and shout the name the Lord
31:38 now you can do it in any fashion you
31:40 want but this is just kind of like to
31:42 help get you going on how to do this so
31:46 if you are in any lack food clothing
31:51 home you lack a job you like a good
31:54 relationship you lack some finances if
31:57 you're any form of why what you're gonna
32:00 do where it says name the affliction
32:02 you're gonna put that lack in there and
32:05 then the opposite or the name of God
32:10 that takes care of your lacks is the
32:13 Lord will provide Jehovah Jireh so we're
32:20 gonna say Jehovah Jireh the Lord will
32:23 provide in the place where it says His
32:26 redemptive name so let's all stand and
32:29 declare this together you can see a bowl
32:31 can you see this on your handout Jesus I
32:34 thank you and praise you for being lord
32:35 over my life everyone there okay let's
32:38 declare this out loud Jesus I thank you
32:41 and praise you for being lord over my
32:44 life
32:44 I declare your name Jehovah Jireh the
32:49 Lord will provide over now name the lack
32:54 I praise you and thank you you are
32:59 Jehovah Jireh the
33:02 Lord will provide I believe and receive
33:05 you into my heart and to my
33:07 circumstances as Jehovah Jireh the Lord
33:11 will provide I have overcome name the
33:16 affliction they lack that you have
33:18 overcome because greater are you who is
33:22 in me than he who is in the world amen
33:26 and even as you said this power goes out
33:30 into the atmosphere and the Lord then is
33:33 able to perform the very word that you
33:37 have sent out you're putting his angels
33:39 to work for you just like Psalm 103 told
33:42 us go in and sit down you can do this
33:45 later on with the example that I gave
33:47 you for Jehovah Rapha but it's I've made
33:51 it really simple but you can go ahead I
33:54 mean you could do this for five minutes
33:56 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes any
34:00 time you think of it I am confronting an
34:03 affliction in one of my eyes and so when
34:06 I look in the mirror it's just a little
34:07 bump on my eye and that doesn't involve
34:09 you know doctor said it doesn't doesn't
34:11 have no effect on anything right but I
34:15 didn't want it there it's not supposed
34:18 to be there's so many times in life we
34:20 get accustom to something and the Lord
34:23 says if you don't want it there and I
34:25 don't want it there it's not supposed to
34:26 be there start talking to what so when I
34:30 look in the mirror I just remind myself
34:31 and it's been shrinking and shrinking
34:33 and shrinking on my you know inside the
34:36 eye and so it's just like Jay Lord you
34:39 know because we need to take authority
34:42 in our own lies by declaring the name of
34:45 the Lord Jehovah Rapha in an area that
34:48 needs healing in our body and then
34:50 confidence as we just like King David
34:53 when he took out you know the lion and
34:55 the bear you know and the he slayed
34:58 Goliath and he did these things and then
35:01 he ruled over Israel we need to start
35:03 slaying the little things in our life
35:05 and then the bigger things will have
35:08 more and more
35:09 confidence so that we can go ahead and
35:12 stand in God knowing that he's there
35:15 with us and he's gonna be performing on
35:18 our behalf amen
35:20 okay so this is just a reminder from
35:25 Colossians 1 1:15 that Jesus is the
35:28 image of the invisible God in Hebrews
35:31 1:3 that he Jesus is the Express image
35:34 of God so what I want you to do now you
35:38 get a stand again we're full of
35:44 declarations tonight and it's good that
35:46 it's out of your mouth and not just my
35:49 mouth because too often when somebody is
35:51 up in front here we become passive and
35:54 so this is an active exercise wherever
35:56 it says Lord most often or he or his
36:00 referring to Lord we're gonna put in
36:03 Jesus's name because Jesus is Lord and
36:06 Jesus is the Express image of God and
36:10 just as you do this I want you to
36:13 envision Jesus with this great big smile
36:18 on his face so delighted that you are
36:23 making a joyful shout about him and that
36:26 you're making him large in your life ok
36:29 first one and we just go through the
36:31 five verses together make a joyful shout
36:34 to Jesus all you lands serve Jesus with
36:38 gladness come before Jesus's presence
36:42 with joyful singing know that Jesus He
36:45 is God it is Jesus who made us and not
36:49 we ourselves we are Jesus's people and
36:53 the Sheep of his pasture enter into his
36:56 gates with Thanksgiving and his courts
36:58 with praise be thankful to Jesus and
37:02 blessed Jesus's name for Jesus is good
37:06 his mercy is everlasting his truth to
37:10 all generations a man can feel the joy
37:15 of Jesus oh Jesus loves love's love
37:20 to laugh and smile when I started
37:24 meditating on Psalm 100 it's like my my
37:27 whole it's like really the Holy Spirit
37:30 God had grabbed ahold of me and it was
37:32 like whew Jesus you know and I wanted to
37:38 find Jesus in the Psalms and I wanted
37:41 you guys to know Jesus in the Psalms but
37:44 when I started doing so I'm a hunter and
37:47 I started to see the smile of Jesus and
37:53 I started to see him like I've never
37:56 seen him in the New Testament honestly
37:58 you guys as I started to meditate on
38:00 this Psalm this last week I saw Jesus
38:03 you know we know in his birth of all
38:06 just go through this in Luke 10 God
38:10 tells us angels hey I want to check to
38:13 have you announces to the Shepherd's and
38:15 he says tell this them tell the
38:18 Shepherd's this so the angels say this
38:21 to the Shepherd's I bring you good news
38:23 of great joy which will be to all people
38:27 for there is born to you in this day in
38:30 the City of David a savior who is Christ
38:33 the Lord
38:34 did you hear that good news no great joy
38:42 God had been waiting for this time for a
38:46 son Jesus to come to the world to save
38:49 us the angels are rejoicing in heaven
38:56 and they break forth into this song and
38:59 the Shepherd's they get a whiff of who
39:04 Jesus is and what God had spoken to them
39:07 and it actually talks about the joy that
39:10 infiltrated their heart and the joy that
39:13 was announced at Jesus's birth this joy
39:17 is in you who was this good news of
39:23 great joy joy to all people now when we
39:32 see Psalm 100 verse 1 make a joyful
39:35 shout to the Lord all you lands this is
39:40 very similar to the announcement of
39:43 Jesus's birth who are all the lands same
39:46 thing as Luke 2:10 all the people make a
39:52 joyful shout in your life because Jesus
39:56 has come to save you every day of your
40:00 life in every situation
40:03 he loves to save he loves to help so I
40:14 want to go to now Jesus's earthly
40:18 ministry in jesus's earthly ministry
40:22 I've preached this many times and I love
40:25 it because in Psalm 100 it tells us that
40:31 we are to bless the Lord we are to
40:34 praise him because it says for the Lord
40:37 is good and then when we hear about what
40:43 Jesus does in his earthly ministry xanax
40:46 1038 it says this that he Jesus went
40:51 about doing good and healing all who
40:57 were oppressed by the devil so we know
41:01 that I knew that but for some reason I
41:06 never saw the face of Jesus you know
41:09 like he really was during these times we
41:14 think of Jesus as some of the pictures
41:16 that we've seen in paintings and things
41:18 like this with this sombre face and
41:21 everyone you know someone is just healed
41:24 and he like somber no I saw Jesus for
41:32 the first time as I was doing this that
41:36 Jesus joy was on his face as he healed
41:40 as he went about doing God the children
41:45 came to him
41:47 children they don't know any better they
41:49 don't have their walls and screens so
41:52 they came to him because there was an
41:55 atmosphere of joy that he exude from his
41:58 personality and from his character so
42:04 there's a song we began at the beginning
42:07 of this year when we started studying
42:09 the Psalms and it was blessed is the man
42:13 but then Wes his song on Psalm 1 do you
42:17 guys all remember how it started South
42:19 because bless means happy happy happy
42:22 the Blessed man in psalm 1 is Jesus
42:26 Christ
42:26 happy happy happy is Jesus and I just
42:32 love that song because it really
42:34 portrays but we need to see Jesus
42:38 ministering with a smile with great joy
42:42 and then we as ministers and as
42:46 believers in Christ need to go ahead and
42:49 minister likewise now who remembers the
42:55 first miracle that Jesus did wine that's
42:59 right and what was he accused of as a
43:02 wine-bibber and a glutton and I thought
43:04 why do you think accuse him of that
43:06 because I was going kind of through the
43:08 miracles you know just last week I was
43:11 going like why was he accused of that oh
43:13 because people that's often associated
43:17 with people that get drunk you know is
43:19 that they don't have the inhibitions and
43:22 so they're just like at the beginning
43:23 that leash you know like ha ha ha you
43:26 know everything's kind of happy and so
43:28 Jesus was so happy that he was accused
43:31 of being a wine-bibber and we don't
43:35 think of it like that we osoo come on
43:37 you know that was just something else
43:39 but that's how I saw the story okay some
43:44 testimonies when I was at the Kenneth
43:46 Copeland conference a lady that was next
43:49 to me she walder worship is going on and
43:53 they were just saying like you know
43:55 God's beginning to do miracles or
43:57 whatever while worship is going on
43:59 and the lady next to me she was so happy
44:02 because I'm not seeing spots and of
44:06 course she had to tell me several times
44:07 several different times throughout the
44:10 worship and even when she sat down
44:12 because that's what happens when you
44:14 start overflowing with joy when God says
44:16 make a joyful shout to the Lord he
44:18 doesn't say like come on mo stirred up
44:21 know he feels off with the answer to our
44:25 prayer and it just starts bursting out
44:29 of us you don't have to tell when we're
44:31 gonna be going to the Dodger game this
44:34 year in July 4 fireworks I like to see
44:36 the fireworks my husband likes to see
44:38 the game I like to talk my husband
44:41 watches the game but anyway you don't
44:45 have to tell people to be joyful they
44:48 just you know they're joyful because
44:50 they want to see the game when people
44:53 are healed their joyful I'll never
44:55 forget when we were down in Brazil with
44:57 Randy Clark and they were actually
44:59 having medical doctors do a exam on
45:02 people for their hearing and their
45:04 eyesight before and after prayer and so
45:08 my prayer partner and I we were praying
45:10 for a man that had a hearing loss I
45:14 believe it was and we're praying for him
45:17 and he becomes all excited he runs
45:19 through the room to get the medical
45:21 doctor to like you know and I didn't
45:23 understand at that time he had the
45:25 before and after medical report but he
45:27 ran to get the doctor's report then he
45:29 ran back to tell us that he was healed
45:31 you know the medical report revealed
45:34 what had just happened to him but he was
45:36 an older man and he was actually dancing
45:38 and twirling around because Jesus filled
45:44 him with joy that's who our God is he
45:49 wants to fill us up with joy so on the
45:51 way to the cross god jesus knew he was
45:56 gonna face some extreme suffering but it
45:59 said because of the joy set before him
46:03 he endured the cross
46:04 what's that joy it's you and I and it's
46:09 you and I being filled with his joy
46:13 because he knew what he would do would
46:16 break the curse so that the blessing
46:21 would be upon you John 15 it says this
46:32 Jesus here he is in his last hours
46:35 before the cross and one of his concerns
46:39 is that you and I would be filled with
46:42 joy he sees these things I have spoken
46:45 to you that my joy may remain in you and
46:49 your joy may be made full Jesus had a
46:55 genuine concern that his joy would
47:00 remain in them that means that Jesus
47:04 must have been a joyful person in that
47:06 atmosphere of joy had already touched
47:09 the disciples otherwise the same would
47:12 have been kind of weird right and he
47:14 says he wanted their joy to even be made
47:17 like more full complete so what are
47:22 these things in John 15 11 referring to
47:25 we got to go back to the very beginning
47:28 of the chapter and this kind of like
47:31 sings John 15:5 kind of like sings a
47:34 song of Psalm 100 Jesus says I am the
47:38 vine you are the branches he who abides
47:40 in me and I in him bears much fruit so
47:46 this is how you be this is like one of
47:48 the major keys to you living a
47:51 joy-filled life is staying connected to
47:54 the vine and drawing from the life of
47:58 Jesus as a branch and as you draw from
48:03 him you're drawing his peace his love
48:07 but also his joy and in John 15 right
48:15 before John 15 11 where God Jesus says I
48:18 want my joy to remain in you and the joy
48:20 would be made full he says this as the
48:22 father loved me I also
48:26 have loved you abide in my love if you
48:30 keep my Commandments you will abide in
48:33 my love just as I kept my father
48:35 committed father's Commandments and
48:37 abide in his love so once again that
48:43 vine of the branch were abiding in his
48:45 love but Jesus is giving us some keys of
48:51 abiding in his love
48:53 it's abiding in His commandments so in
48:57 Psalm 100 were given seven Commandments
49:00 or seven keys to abide in his love seven
49:04 keys to abide in his joy and as we the
49:12 Lord as we stay connected to the vine
49:14 were able to be filled with his joy from
49:18 knowing who he is and out of that joy
49:21 it'll be easy to do these Commandments
49:26 make a joyful shout beginning with song
49:28 verse one and Psalm 100 make a joyful
49:30 shout to God so I just wanted to end
49:36 with Roman numeral three Jesus is joy in
49:39 you the foundational key to joy filled
49:42 living experiencing great joy genuine
49:45 joy is knowing the Lord your God it's
49:49 revealed through Jesus Christ and
49:50 abiding in that reality you can read
49:56 some of that stuff on your own I want to
49:58 go to Isaiah 61 when Jesus entered and
50:03 the temple right after his wilderness
50:06 temptation and he declares his mission
50:09 statement he is quoting from Isaiah 61
50:14 and he starts out in verse 1 and he says
50:17 in Isaiah 61 which he find in Luke 4 the
50:20 Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he
50:23 has anointed me and as you go on in
50:26 Isaiah 61 which is not recorded in Luke
50:29 4 his mission statement it says to give
50:31 me beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for
50:35 maureen so when you become a Chris
50:39 you have this great exchange of your
50:42 ashes for his beauty and throughout your
50:46 life you can always come for this great
50:48 exchange your ashes things that are just
50:51 like ah I don't see how this could have
50:53 ever happened but it's happened you can
50:56 come for his oil of joy then Hebrews 1:9
51:02 God actually anointed Jesus with the oil
51:06 of gladness the oil of gladness that was
51:10 in father God's heart Jesus was anointed
51:14 with and now you have been anointed with
51:17 it says Hebrews 1:9 therefore God your
51:20 God has anointed you with the oil of
51:23 gladness more than your companions Jesus
51:29 is joy far outweighs any joy you've ever
51:33 seen and it's amazing if you this week
51:37 just take some time to start meditating
51:40 on Jesus the one who is filled with joy
51:45 and he wants you to know him as the joy
51:49 for God amen
51:52 so let us pray father I just thank you
51:56 and I praise you for what you have shown
51:59 us through Psalm 100 that father you
52:02 have given us your son Jesus Christ the
52:06 good news of great joy and that you have
52:09 given us the same anointing that is on
52:12 Jesus the oil of gladness and so father
52:16 we thank you right now for that oil of
52:20 gladness the oil of joy permeating our
52:24 hearts our thoughts our imagination our
52:27 mind and our actions this week in
52:29 Jesus's name Amen


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