How to Have Power in Your Life

Exercising your authority in Jesus Christ by speaking to your mountains or challenges is key to the victorious life in Christ. (Mark 11:22-24)  Catherine and Alex, will not only draw from God’s Word concerning the questions of when, where, why, and how you can speak to your mountains, but will draw from the wealth of their personal experiences.


Video Transcript

00:00 thank you and welcome in this beautiful
00:03 Tuesday night and a Sue mentioned that
00:07 we are going to be doing on decree and
00:10 declaring because it is your right as a
00:13 child of God my husband Alex he's the
00:18 studious one of the family
00:20 he knows the word inside and out I'm
00:23 just the moderator to keep him on tabs
00:26 and keep him on track that we're not
00:28 going three hours later cuz he can he's
00:31 full of the word so anyways I really
00:34 feel during the season of time that what
00:36 God is calling all of his children to do
00:40 is really know how to walk in their
00:42 authority and I I feel like for the past
00:46 years all of us have experienced
00:50 hardship in one way or the other and
00:52 he's wanting us to rise up and to
00:55 realize who we are we are a child of the
00:59 Most High the almighty one and we're not
01:02 only that we're citizens of the kingdom
01:04 and it means with citizens comes rights
01:07 and we need to stand up and declare our
01:10 rights just as we have beautiful rights
01:13 as being Americans and we stand up for
01:15 those rights and when people wrong this
01:17 we have a judicial system in place to
01:20 help us to overcome and so forth in the
01:23 kingdom of God as citizens we also have
01:26 it because there is the law there are
01:29 certain things written in the word that
01:31 we are to declare and decree so
01:35 basically we're gonna go over the what
01:39 why when and how and what it means what
01:43 does it mean to declare and decree by
01:47 definition declaring is an official
01:50 order issued by a legal authority who is
01:53 that legal authority it's Jesus Christ
01:55 our Lord and Savior it's the God most
01:58 high sitting on his throne high and
01:59 lifted up so it's an order it's an order
02:03 or something that the keen decrees
02:05 declaring is to say something right to
02:09 see something in a knowledge of
02:11 possession
02:12 we have certain possessions certain
02:13 legal rights that we have possession of
02:15 and we need to know how to stand up and
02:17 use those possessions especially when we
02:19 come into a time and place of hardship a
02:23 sickness things are coming against us we
02:26 need to know how to rise up and to
02:28 declare our legal rights and we're also
02:32 going to go over prayer prayer by
02:34 definition is this a solemn request or
02:37 help or expression of things address to
02:39 God or their object of worship and Jesus
02:42 tells us how do we pray he says we pray
02:45 to our Father in Heaven so in the
02:49 clarinha cream Jesus spoke to all types
02:52 of objects right he declare and decree
02:55 the things like the flint the fig tree
02:57 he declare and decree to the storm to be
03:02 still he declared the critic demons to
03:05 come out right he cast out demons he
03:08 declare and decree over wine he made
03:10 water into wine his first miracle and he
03:13 absolutely declared and to create over
03:15 diseases so I think many of you have you
03:27 already know a lot of this but it's not
03:29 gonna hurt hearing again and we're
03:31 believing that as we do is gonna be the
03:33 Spirit of God that comes forth in power
03:36 and revelation and so I'm excited about
03:40 that you guys so mark 11:22 so Jesus
03:47 just got through he was hungry he was
03:53 walking with his disciples and he saw a
03:57 fig tree that wasn't even in season yet
03:59 and as he walked by it he basically he
04:08 saw that there was no fig figs on that
04:10 tree
04:11 so Jesus didn't pray to the Father he
04:14 just spoke to the tree and he said he
04:17 cursed it he cursed the fig tree and so
04:21 nothing happened nothing that purty
04:25 des how there was no signs of that fig
04:29 tree being cursed
04:30 the following day they're coming back
04:31 and Peter goes oh my gosh look at this
04:35 fig tree it's it's withered from the
04:39 roots on up it was like done in 24 hours
04:44 so the point is Jesus spoke to the tree
04:49 cursed it and there's actually it's it's
04:54 interesting there's actually trees in
04:58 Jerusalem right now on certain parts of
05:01 the year when they should be blooming
05:03 that don't bloom fix and who knows one
05:07 of those trees is probably the one that
05:08 Jesus cursed so we're not teaching you
05:11 out of curse friend so but Jesus
05:14 actually he either so a different kind
05:19 of prayer is actually speaking to that
05:22 particular problem so and I'm convinced
05:25 we don't take advantage of speaking to
05:29 our mountains we don't take advantage of
05:32 speaking to our challenges okay and the
05:37 thing is Jesus is not going to do it for
05:39 us we have to rise up and do it
05:42 so mark 11:22 2:24 have faith and God
05:47 constantly issue I assure you and most
05:50 solemnly say to you whoever says to this
05:52 mountain be lifted up and thrown into
05:54 the sea and does not doubt in his heart
05:58 in God's unlimited power but believes
06:01 that what he says is going to take place
06:04 it will be done for him in accordance
06:06 with God's will for this reason I'm
06:09 telling you whatever things you ask for
06:11 in prayer in accordance with God's will
06:13 and what is this well his word if you're
06:18 not in the word if you don't read it and
06:20 you don't if you don't dwell on it if
06:23 it's not important to you then guess
06:25 what you're not gonna be speaking about
06:26 it you're actually gonna be taken for a
06:28 ride by the enemy of your soul and
06:32 you're just going to be
06:35 yours is gonna be going to and fro every
06:38 wind is the way Jesus described believe
06:44 with confidence trust that you have
06:46 received them and they will be given to
06:48 you so the key here is to say so most
06:54 solemnly I say to you whoever says to
06:58 this mountain notice it doesn't say pray
07:01 to the mountain it says say and then but
07:05 believes that what he says is going to
07:07 take place so it's there three times and
07:10 so what's the definition shifts say to
07:13 utter words as to convey an information
07:16 the main point here is to up to instruct
07:22 it's an instruction it's command and so
07:26 going so basically knowing the word is
07:31 what you're going to be saying just as
07:34 Jesus was out in the desert 40 days he
07:38 come back to the Satan by the word right
07:42 for it is written he said that how many
07:43 times so who declares things we have
07:48 Kings presidents those in authority I'm
07:51 sure we can all remember what JFK said
07:54 right we got all remember who said who
07:57 the first men who land on the moon what
07:59 they said there's certain things are so
08:00 powerful in history that they just stick
08:03 into our brain and likewise the words of
08:07 our Lord she does not only be in our
08:09 mind but in our heart and spirit it
08:12 should be just packed down so much that
08:15 when you're in that area that you can
08:18 respond with the word of the Lord so how
08:21 do we walk in authority how do we walk
08:23 in victory this is a question I think
08:26 all of us want a know and it's a matter
08:30 of walking through is this orange
08:32 sharpens iron I think as you walk
08:35 through trials and tribulations you get
08:37 a sharpen a lot more so in it also I
08:41 think if you're a child of God is is
08:44 crucial that you know who you are in
08:46 crying
08:47 so we keep saying that so we have to
08:49 have our minds renewed by the word of
08:51 the Lord
08:52 so basically God might just tell you
08:55 just stick in Proverbs stick and John
08:58 and just read it over and over till you
09:00 really know it and that you can just
09:03 really perform it and you'd be surprised
09:05 when you come into situations that you
09:08 were praying for other people how the
09:10 word will just start flowing out of you
09:14 Alex is really a brilliant and knowing
09:18 exactly where the word is like I'll tell
09:22 it inside joke it's like before they had
09:24 Google on their phones you just had a
09:26 cell phone this is like years ago it
09:28 like we had cell phones back in the 90s
09:31 anyways I'd be at a Bible study my gosh
09:33 I know that I know that scripture but I
09:36 don't know where it's at so I'd be
09:37 calling him on the phone going where's
09:39 that at you know I knew it but I didn't
09:42 know where it is not that that's you
09:44 know all impairments to everybody but
09:46 it's kind of like just knowing the word
09:48 and he knows it
09:50 I know it my own way everybody knows the
09:53 word in their own way but we are to be
09:56 or meant to walk and be Christ on earth
09:59 I think that's what he really wants us
10:01 to to be as a representative of who he
10:05 is so that's this is so powerful first
10:12 John 4:17 by this by this love is
10:16 perfected with us so that we may have
10:19 confidence in the day of judgment
10:21 because as he is so also are we in this
10:27 world that's powerful stuff as he is so
10:32 are we in this world I believe it's 1st
10:37 Corinthians 4:13 says that we have the
10:40 mind of Christ right now don't ever say
10:43 I forgot I can't remember
10:46 don't say that why because you have the
10:50 mind of Christ and actually a an awesome
10:55 brother in Christ who's like someone
10:58 that used to go here somewhat
11:01 one time he actually he didn't rebuke me
11:03 but he you know I said I forget and he
11:06 says no you don't cuz you have the mind
11:08 of Christ that's good stuff so we are
11:15 Christ on earth why because jesus said
11:20 in Matthew 28 all Authority has been
11:24 given to me by the Father now go when he
11:28 said go what does that mean
11:30 it's delegated power and so we know that
11:36 he's inside of us right but he's also
11:40 ascended into the right hand of the
11:44 Father he's already done it when he said
11:47 it is finished he completed everything
11:50 in with the atonement sacrifice that he
11:55 did on the cross He fulfilled everything
11:58 but on top of that basically from the
12:01 time that he was Chris bruised whipped
12:07 bled and so on to all the way to the to
12:14 him resurrecting he completed everything
12:16 for us already so that it says in 1st
12:21 Peter chapter 1 I believe it's verse 3
12:25 that we have everything we'll ever need
12:29 in life and that's because he's already
12:32 completed it now all we have to do is
12:34 step into that and so Jesus says those
12:39 that hunger and thirst for righteousness
12:41 will be filled in other words he's
12:46 looking for those that are hungry he's
12:50 looking for those that are there ready
12:55 receive they're seeking
12:58 Matthew 7 asked and keep on asking seek
13:03 and keep on seeking knock and keep on
13:05 knocking it's important to be diligent
13:07 it's important to be passionate about
13:12 him
13:14 and the purpose there's a reason that
13:18 you're here right now you're not an
13:21 accident the things that you go through
13:23 are not accidents
13:25 why because Psalms 139 says every day
13:28 has already been written about you in a
13:31 book so you are Christ on earth
13:36 I'm going to say it again you are Christ
13:39 on earth so when you walk into a room
13:42 realize that Christ is going in there
13:46 with you the kingdom of God goes in that
13:51 room like right now the kingdom of God
13:54 is speaking forth okay even though it's
13:57 us - and you guys many of you are
14:00 familiar with us it's really the Holy
14:02 Spirit speaking so don't take yourself
14:06 for granted realize all things possible
14:10 through you and so God wants us to talk
14:15 to the atmosphere so if you're
14:18 challenged with problems troubles you
14:22 know whether it's physical you start
14:24 saying God wants me well God wants me
14:28 well as a matter of fact let's say that
14:30 God wants me well God wants me to
14:34 prosper and so 3rd John 2 says talks
14:40 about why God wants you well beloved
14:42 above all things that pray that you may
14:44 prosper and be in health even as your
14:47 soul prospers
14:49 so Lord I declare that my soul is
14:54 prospering and that I have excellence of
14:56 soul you start talking like Jesus did
15:00 you know and so go ahead kill him well
15:06 we can you know what I always find very
15:08 interesting is that it's so at least for
15:11 me it's very easy to say yeah yeah you
15:13 know I have the mind of Christ and rahu
15:15 and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that
15:17 but it's like do how deep do I believe
15:22 that how deep am I gonna walk in that
15:27 we are human and you know we do have our
15:30 trials but where am I going to where am
15:33 i drawing that border line where where
15:35 am I going to turn am I going to turn to
15:37 the flesh and the soul or am I going to
15:39 turn to the word of the Lord and say hey
15:41 wait a minute you know we have to
15:43 condition ourselves we have to it says
15:47 that we are growing from glory to glory
15:48 we are becoming the mind of Christ so if
15:51 we are everyday we're growing every day
15:54 we're learning every day we're saying oh
15:56 gosh you know I really messed up there
15:58 because I'm carrying the Christ within
16:01 me I'm carrying the Holy Spirit and you
16:04 get to the point where it just becomes a
16:07 lifestyle for you it's you have those
16:11 Christians who come to church and then
16:13 they go out in the world for Monday
16:15 through Saturday but then it's kind of
16:18 like having that intimate relationship
16:21 with the Lord there was an awesome book
16:24 on brother
16:25 I know who that was by brother chef
16:28 brought it out but anyways he was a I
16:31 think a monk who wrote this yeah brother
16:34 Lawrence she wrote this beautiful blog
16:36 about the intimate relationship with the
16:38 Lord and it becomes a way of life
16:40 because in order to believe this is easy
16:44 to say yeah yeah you know I I'm healed
16:48 in Jesus name and yet we're still sick
16:50 I'm thinking what does this look like
16:53 Laura to to really walk in total
16:55 wholeness for the next years I have on
16:59 the side what does that would look like
17:00 you know how do I perceive that how do I
17:02 I go deep in the Lord and I'm asking him
17:05 questions because I can see all the
17:07 words I want but it's this in all your
17:10 stuff get wisdom with all your wisdom
17:13 get understanding and knowledge and
17:15 that's with the word you you can simply
17:18 say it but you wouldn't like chew on it
17:22 you want to understand it and just like
17:24 like alex says a lot of this stuff we
17:26 all know here especially you've been in
17:29 the Lord for a while it's all very you
17:33 know you guys just know it but to walk
17:35 in it every day and
17:37 truly truly believe it to truly believe
17:40 in the Lord that he's gonna pull you
17:43 through in every situation to truly
17:46 truly believe that it is his desire that
17:49 you walk and wholeness and health and
17:52 great mental health great soul health
17:55 great everything so you can go out there
17:58 and just be you know I mean we should be
18:01 to the point where we just walk and
18:03 we're just radiating the holy spirit out
18:05 then we're gonna be like Peter and the
18:07 Apostles that we just walk along people
18:10 are healed I really believe that's where
18:12 the Lord wants the church he wants
18:15 everybody to stand up and say hey the
18:18 enemy has taken a lot of ground from us
18:21 yeah he as is it's kind of like a tug of
18:23 war but God has Saints Bryce Upchurch
18:26 walk in this Authority walking knowing
18:29 who you truly are
18:31 yes the word says believers shall lay
18:34 hands on the sick and they shall recover
18:36 - I really believe that I do do I see it
18:41 all the time I don't and I come a runny
18:45 way going what does this look like Lord
18:47 what you know yeah I go back and say
18:50 what why maybe and the Lord teaches me
18:54 through that and so that's where he
18:56 wants us not only just declaring with
18:58 our words but really no not really
19:01 seeking wisdom for God really seeking
19:03 his understanding of what this means how
19:07 does this look like it says we're not to
19:09 toil I mean could you imagine I mean
19:13 seriously I sit there and walk through
19:16 the day and going Louisville what does
19:17 that look like not to toil I mean I
19:20 don't know about you but I toil I'm
19:23 certainly a Martha in many areas but
19:25 what does that look like what does it
19:28 look like to walk and perfect out what
19:30 does it look like to have no offense
19:32 Jesus walked through crowds people are
19:37 spitting at him yelling at him he just
19:40 walks ooh cuz he has no offense at him
19:42 the enemy can't penetrate him because he
19:45 has no offense there and I sit there
19:47 marvel go WOW
19:50 what does that look like when I can just
19:52 walk through anything any situation
19:55 people slamming me to calling me things
19:57 or you know wrong me taking the parking
20:00 space that I've been waiting for 10
20:02 minutes floor at Costco you know what
20:04 does that look like seriously what does
20:06 that look like how do I walk in that and
20:10 it's precept upon precept it's knowing
20:13 when the Holy Spirit he's not only our
20:17 teacher he's our comforter he's our
20:20 teacher and he's our corrector right and
20:23 it's having that discernment knowing the
20:25 voice of Lorca's it says my sheep hears
20:27 my voice and follows after me so what
20:30 are we choosing what do we choose you
20:32 know we're choosing God's voice which is
20:34 the word that I am healed in Jesus name
20:37 so there's just so much more he wants us
20:40 to go deeper he wants us to really
20:42 really just understand and just start
20:46 declaring what he has for us
20:48 why don't you do Proverbs so Jesus says
20:55 this is one of the most if anything
20:58 tonight this is the key point Jesus says
21:02 out of the abundance of the heart the
21:04 mouth speaks
21:05 so what's rattling in your mind in your
21:11 soul and what you've been meditating on
21:15 eventually it's gonna come out of your
21:17 mouth so we've got to realize that I
21:22 forget the amount of the the or I've
21:27 heard there's like hundreds or thousands
21:30 of thoughts that we have in our minds
21:32 like every minute they've done
21:37 scientific so that's why we have to take
21:40 every thought captive we have to and we
21:44 during the day or the week or so we leak
21:47 we leak out things that are good meaning
21:53 we need to have our mind renewed on the
21:55 daily basis so interject something here
21:59 um this is a really really strong
22:03 long Scripture and we I know all of us
22:05 like you know the abundance of our heart
22:07 our mouth speaks and we understand that
22:09 we quoted we saying but do we really
22:13 engage in that intentionally 24/7 do we
22:20 really intentionally engage with those
22:23 words and you have to get to the point
22:27 where when somebody says something to
22:29 you are you thinking happy thoughts or
22:32 negative thoughts and how are you gonna
22:33 respond to that you have to just train
22:37 yourself as a lawyer in the Lord Jesus
22:39 Christ to understand what's in your soul
22:43 because whatever it is resonating in
22:45 your heart and it's gonna come out your
22:48 boss does something to you what's your
22:50 first stop what's your first thought
22:51 that you're gonna say to somebody else
22:53 are you gonna be gossiping in a negative
22:55 way or are you gonna be the mediator say
22:58 well he might be having a bad day
23:00 let's give him grace let's go on you
23:03 never know what other people are going
23:04 through that they might say something
23:06 negative to you and it might be just
23:08 they need that respond of the love of
23:10 the Lord to be responded back this is
23:14 like so important and I think God wants
23:15 us to really sharpen and polish up our
23:19 brass on this one it's easy to sit there
23:23 say yeah yeah yeah you know my armor is
23:25 on my heart is good my soul is good and
23:28 yet you know we go about we just get out
23:30 the doors of church and we're you know
23:33 we're speaking negative thoughts like
23:36 I'll never pay my bills or you know that
23:38 that person my neighbors is always loud
23:40 he doesn't like me you know that dogs
23:42 always barking you know just you gotta
23:44 catch yourself catch your thoughts it
23:47 says to bring every thought into
23:49 captivity why because we have this way
23:52 of our thoughts is kind of dictating our
23:55 soul and our spirit but we got to get to
23:58 the point where our spirit is dictating
24:00 everything else because our spirit needs
24:04 to be aligned with God's holy spirit so
24:06 this is not in your notes but I would
24:11 say the two most powerful confessions
24:14 you can make
24:15 is I am ii is i have so for the most
24:24 part I'm not here to chastise you but
24:29 don't say never you know unless you're
24:32 renouncing something it's it's probably
24:35 not a good thing to just say so
24:37 your words are powerful okay my words
24:41 are powerful and so when you see
24:44 situation that is negative hold back
24:49 from speaking death over that situation
24:53 just practically if you're sick okay
25:03 don't go telling the world about you
25:07 being sick because a lot of people do
25:09 that just to gain attention and apathy
25:13 don't go blasting on Facebook hey you
25:17 know because the thing the thing about
25:20 it is that all you need is agreement
25:23 with one person that's all you need
25:26 the other thing is I did a study on on
25:33 Jesus commands or actually his healing
25:37 and in the Gospels any one of you guys
25:40 can do this and I thought gosh how long
25:44 were his prayers so if you do a study
25:47 over his is whenever he started teaching
25:51 or preaching two things would happen
25:54 demons would manifest and the people
25:59 that need healing would count forth so
26:02 he either it would either be deliverance
26:05 of demons dealing with the devils and he
26:09 never prayed to the Father he spoke
26:11 right to the demons and or he would
26:14 command healing in that body and a lot
26:17 of times he never even touched him his
26:19 longest prayer was the the guy in the
26:24 gurney with the four guys bring him down
26:27 through the roof
26:28 that prayer or that that if you do the
26:32 amount of words that he spoke his
26:34 longest ones was about 20 words so
26:37 dealing with the demonic or healing
26:41 supernatural he just it was about 15
26:48 seconds fifteen or thirty seconds
26:50 all you have to do is read the words a
26:51 lot of times it was just one word and he
26:54 was probably go or leave and they're
26:57 gone
26:58 so there's power in our words right and
27:04 so let's see you basically this is so
27:12 going back to math mark 11:22 24 there's
27:17 a great book written by God a man named
27:21 Kenneth Hagin and he wrote and you can
27:25 actually download this for free on the
27:27 web and he wrote a book called you can
27:32 have what you say and his base on mark
27:34 11 22 to 24 because of what Jesus says
27:37 so
27:40 there's another preacher says you're
27:42 hung by your tongue you're hung by your
27:46 tongue so you're either speaking of life
27:49 or you're speaking death to your
27:51 situation so proverbs 18:21 says the
27:54 tongue has the power of life and death
27:55 and those who love it will eat its fruit
28:00 so it's not discouraging you from not
28:04 speaking it's encouraging you but it's
28:07 saying watch out for the worse that
28:09 you're speaking out so we're talking
28:13 about the kingdom here so the kingdom is
28:18 a kingdom of wars in this voice activate
28:21 as you've you've well heard through a
28:23 couple other people are quite a few it's
28:26 voice-activated
28:27 so this thing we can spend weeks on
28:32 talking about this but if you think
28:35 about Genesis in how God created
28:39 everything
28:40 to universe the galaxies everything
28:43 through his words and then when you go
28:47 to the New Testament and Jesus
28:49 delegating that power to us it hasn't
28:53 changed so as he is so are you in this
28:57 world so the thing is is that we need to
29:02 we need to know that we need to realize
29:04 that we need to remind ourselves that we
29:06 are there's tremendous power inside of
29:11 us and a lot of that though is what you
29:15 feed on during the week okay so the
29:24 question is when to decree you want to
29:28 go back to that no it's why don't you
29:33 okay so um just I was talking about
29:36 Genesis 1 so the the entire God starts
29:42 and in the beginning he creates so he's
29:49 chapter 1 and 2 let us make especially
29:53 chapter 1 verse 26 to 28 you've heard of
29:56 the kingdom of God Jesus and John the
30:01 Baptist that's there that was their main
30:03 message in the gospel was preaching the
30:05 kingdom even after Jesus resurrected
30:08 from the dead he still spoke the kingdom
30:10 so part of the kingdom is that means the
30:14 king's domain dominion power that's what
30:19 God wants us to walk in so Genesis 1:26
30:22 to 28 is part of the message of the
30:24 kingdom let us make man in our image
30:28 were you were created in His image in
30:31 his likeness let them have dominion over
30:35 the fish of the sea the birds of the
30:36 heavens over the livestock over the all
30:38 the earth and over every creeping thing
30:41 that creeps on the earth which we don't
30:44 really have that much up here in
30:46 Southern California so God created man
30:48 in his own image in the image of God he
30:51 created him
30:52 male-female and God blessed them and God
30:54 said to them be fruitful and multiply
30:56 there's that prospering third John - and
31:00 fill the earth and subdue it and have
31:02 dominion over basically everything so
31:09 that's God's delegated he basically
31:16 God's already all-powerful omniscient it
31:23 says that he holds the galaxies in his
31:25 hand if you can only picture that and so
31:30 by the way there's there's more than one
31:33 Sun there's actually a Sun that was ten
31:35 200 times the Sun that there is right
31:38 now and I recently learned that it was
31:42 like and so the things by the way he
31:45 created in Genesis 1 he's never had to
31:49 recreate it so he started out with two
31:53 people Adam and even now we have 707 1/2
31:57 billion people on this globe he's never
32:00 had to go back and recreate animals
32:04 vegetation man so that word is so
32:08 powerful and that word is inside of us
32:13 that power is inside of us so when do we
32:20 decree this is a real simple anytime
32:24 anytime you need to decree God's Word
32:27 you start to crane it anytime that's
32:32 about it anytime it's a good time to
32:34 declare God's screen and she become just
32:36 a habit that you just Creek odds were
32:39 throughout the day you know you're in
32:42 different situations whether they're
32:44 good about you just declare God's Word
32:46 and we'll we'll next week we're gonna go
32:50 on to more the power of the tongue
32:53 because I know we don't we have work or
32:57 with our kids and most of us are just
32:59 not walking around 24/7 speaking God's
33:03 Word
33:04 we're more or less speaking with the
33:06 power of our tongues we want to we're
33:08 going to be touching on that because
33:09 that's very powerful too but why do CLE
33:12 decree and declare basically we got to
33:15 come back to and say it's our rights and
33:18 it's our privilege and we have to get
33:21 that so packed down into us and so
33:23 believing it that we need to stand up a
33:26 little bit straighter of their arms and
33:28 legs a little bit stronger stronger
33:30 knowing who we are in Christ and it says
33:36 in Psalms let the faith will rejoice
33:38 that he honors them let them sing for
33:40 joy as they lie on their beds let the
33:43 praises of God be in their mouths in the
33:45 sharp sword in their hands to execute
33:48 vengeance on the nation's and Punishment
33:51 on people's to bind their kings with
33:54 shackles and their leaders with iron
33:56 chains to execute judgment written
34:00 against them this is a glorious
34:03 privilege of his faithful ones that's
34:06 pretty powerful I know Wes and Lynn did
34:09 a whole teaching on singing the word
34:11 which is so awesomely powerful also -
34:13 and this is how you're faithful and
34:16 you're rejoicing in the Lord and through
34:18 that there's this I am just so excited
34:22 about the day I get to heaven and
34:24 realize how much was done on my behalf
34:27 because of what I spoke out because what
34:29 I sing out what I believed in because I
34:32 believe there's so much stuff that's
34:34 going on backstage I don't ever see and
34:37 it's gonna be a glorious thing to see
34:39 how much God really does for us
34:41 so go ahead so we missed we missed one
34:44 note here and also a joke 2220 it's the
34:49 copies there you will declare a thing
34:52 and you will be established for you so
34:54 light will shine on your ways so this
34:58 whole teaching connects to a lot of
35:02 what's been taught by super Dilys for
35:05 months here so so a lot of this is
35:09 actually connected you will pronounce
35:11 something to be and he will make it so
35:14 that's another translation you will
35:16 pronounce
35:17 think to be there it is saying and he
35:21 will make it sell Jesus spoke to the
35:24 storm peace be still and immediately it
35:26 was still immediately that's what the
35:29 gospel says so we go well that's Jesus
35:33 that's not us be challenged you know it
35:40 is your you are Christ on earth you have
35:45 the mind of Christ and so I think also
35:51 it's we walk with either ignorant which
35:55 God doesn't want us to be ignorant about
35:57 who we are God would love if you if you
36:03 have children and you see them taking
36:05 advantage of what you've taught them
36:09 you're a happy parent right verses ones
36:13 that are ignorant of or can't see what
36:17 you've taught them and so God wants us
36:20 to walk in the power of Christ John
36:25 14:12 says that even Jesus red-letter
36:31 words he says that the those that come
36:37 after me are gonna do greater signs than
36:39 me God's not bothered or troubled about
36:43 anyone doing greater science now he you
36:48 know he rose people from the dead I mean
36:53 I've never done that you know
36:55 never ever I want to I mean so we're
36:59 commanded in Matthew 10 seven eight you
37:03 want to see here the gospel in two
37:04 verses it says preach the gospel heal
37:10 the sick raise the dead cast out demons
37:11 and cleanse lepers that is the gospel in
37:16 two verses so do you do you want to know
37:18 what God's given you authority to do
37:20 those two verses and so and the reason
37:25 is he wants to free people he wants
37:27 liberate people he wants to bring
37:30 that aroma of salvation healing and
37:35 deliverance on this earth through his
37:38 own not the frozen Chosin but his own
37:41 that's us and so just that psalms 149
37:55 it's so profitable to execute vengeance
37:58 on the nation's to bind the Kings it
38:01 sits under and to execute the judgment
38:04 written against them this is the
38:06 glorious privilege of all his faithful
38:09 one so are you a faith one you are right
38:14 if you're here you know I'm assuming
38:16 you're hungry so he wants us to walk and
38:24 do what Jesus says so we're gonna start
38:32 bringing it all together
38:34 so wait how okay so how do we decree and
38:44 declare obviously we know about prayer
38:48 talking to God being intentional so
38:53 we're taught we're talking about
38:55 something even beyond prayer which is
38:57 actually a privilege that we have and
39:00 that speak in the word it's saying to
39:03 the problems the challenges they are in
39:06 your life so speak to your Mountain talk
39:11 to it okay if the enemy plants something
39:15 and you're feeling that negative thought
39:17 because of some report that you've had
39:21 isaiah 53:1
39:23 says whose report have you believed
39:27 that's challenging stuff and so
39:33 persevere God is faithful Hebrews 10 20
39:37 through let us seize and hold tightly
39:40 the confession of our hope without
39:41 wavering for he who promised is reliable
39:44 and trustworthy and faithful to his word
39:46 and so this is actually pretty awesome
39:51 but we are we believe in Christianity
39:56 Christianity one of the the meanings of
39:59 Christianity is the great profession or
40:02 the great confession and so realize that
40:07 it's it's a lot of it
40:11 if you go to Romans chapter 10 it says I
40:17 think I believe it's Romans 10:9 it says
40:20 if we confess God with our heart with
40:23 our mouth and believe God in our heart
40:25 we shall be saved
40:27 and so the way the entrance if the
40:31 entrance to the kingdom is through our
40:34 confession of Jesus I believe you are
40:37 Lord Savior that's from A to Z it's
40:41 always gonna be through our words in
40:45 other words the power is through our
40:46 words so in wrapping it up right now
40:52 it's just how do you declare in decrees
40:55 you pray we all know how to pray to our
40:56 Father and have him we speak the word we
41:00 speak and talk to your mountain and we
41:03 preserve God is faithful in Hebrews
41:05 10:23 says let us seize and hold tightly
41:11 the confession of our hope without
41:13 wavering for he who promised is reliable
41:17 and trustworthy and faithful so
41:21 everything that God has written down
41:23 he's faithful to perform his word his
41:26 word will not come back void it's just
41:30 it's just getting that belief and in
41:34 knowing who your God is so we just want
41:40 to encourage you tonight to take hold
41:44 of a message that can be so simplistic
41:46 but yet so rather deep it goes deep
41:50 because he really wants us to walk in it
41:52 day in and day out hour by hour and it
41:55 doesn't mean declaring everything and
41:57 speaking through it but being
42:00 intentional with our thoughts and our
42:01 actions and our voices of how we're
42:05 treating people around us how were
42:07 thinking you know it's like I came back
42:10 to take every thought captive because
42:12 like Alex says if we receive a bad
42:14 report then where does the mind go the
42:18 mind goes to that bad report this this
42:20 isn't this goes down the bunny trail and
42:23 sometimes I think we get so far down the
42:25 rabbit hole we don't know how to get
42:27 ourselves back up but it's for the Lord
42:29 and through his price people and what I
42:32 would encourage you tonight all of you
42:34 are here for prayer there are times when
42:37 we get so overwhelmed with life through
42:40 reports that we have our through
42:42 situations in his life but it's a good
42:46 time to rely on the body of Christ there
42:49 was a season when we were here all the
42:51 time because we were so beaten down that
42:54 a lot of times you don't even have the
42:56 strength to pray for yourself but there
42:59 is hope because there's other people in
43:01 the body of Christ that will pray for
43:03 you
43:04 so anyways and wrapping up we thank you
43:06 for your time next week we're going to
43:09 talk about the power of the tongue yeah
43:11 you won't want to miss that there's me
43:14 some incredible things said thank you
43:16 everybody thank you for everyone


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