All Qualified to Receive God’s Super-Natural Love

Most people believe they or the person they are praying for are too disqualified for God to hear and answer their prayers. They believe that somehow they are disqualified from God’s saving love and grace. In this session we will examine three key bible passages to help you to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt what Jesus Christ has already provided for you through the work of the cross, qualifying you for salvation – for forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and your need being met. To help you re-shape your thoughts and beliefs, we will make some powerful life-changing declarations from these Truths in God’s Word.


Video Transcript

00:00 tonight session is entitled all are
00:02 qualified to receive God's supernatural
00:05 love this is session 2 in a series
00:08 called the love of God heals God has
00:12 qualified you through the body and blood
00:16 of His Son Jesus Christ to receive
00:21 supernatural love from God through the
00:25 victorious work of Jesus Christ you are
00:29 able to receive the fullest expressions
00:32 of God's supernatural love for you which
00:36 includes not only your eternal salvation
00:39 but also the forgiveness of all of your
00:42 sins the healing of all of your diseases
00:46 the redemption of your life from
00:49 destruction and every good and perfect
00:51 gift from above so let us pray father we
00:57 thank you and we praise you Lord God for
00:59 opening up our hearts to grant us great
01:01 wisdom and revelation in your love for
01:06 us so that you can live your life of
01:09 love in US and through us in the name of
01:13 your holy and precious Son Jesus Christ
01:15 amen
01:18 God's supernatural love it goes far
01:21 above and beyond our natural thinking
01:25 and our natural ways of receiving love
01:30 and expressing love superseding all the
01:36 other types of love that this world
01:38 would offer love is God's core identity
01:45 the essence of who he is and how he
01:49 operates
01:50 as a believer in Christ God's
01:53 supernatural love is your core identity
01:56 and calling because of God's love being
02:01 imparted to your heart you are able to
02:04 love God with your all all your heart
02:08 all your soul all your mind all your
02:12 strength fulfilling
02:14 gods first and greatest commandment so
02:16 if you want to experience God's
02:18 greatness in your life
02:21 prioritize loving God and having him as
02:25 your first and foremost priority in life
02:28 and the second commandment is like it
02:31 and that's to love others as God loves
02:35 us wherever you go you're called to
02:38 release God's supernatural love not just
02:40 with your words but with your deeds and
02:43 your actions I want you to close your
02:45 eyes for a minute and I want you to see
02:50 Jesus right now standing in front of you
02:54 I want you to hear him speaking these
02:57 words to you as you go preach saying the
03:03 kingdom of God is at hand heal the sick
03:09 cleanse the lepers raise the dead freely
03:14 you have received freely give most
03:19 assuredly I say to you he who believes
03:23 in Me the works that I do he will do
03:26 also and greater works than these he
03:30 will do now open your eyes and you can
03:34 either do this from the overhead or on
03:36 your handout if you don't have a handout
03:39 just raise your hand and we will get
03:41 those to you let's declare this together
03:44 I am made in the image of God super
03:48 natural love this is my destiny am i
03:53 calling i am called to heal the sick
03:56 cleanse the lepers raise the dead and
03:59 cast out demons i am called to do the
04:03 works and the greater works of Jesus how
04:08 many of you would like to daily abide in
04:12 God's love being so rooted and grounded
04:15 in his love that you actually experience
04:19 the fullest expressions of his love in
04:24 your life and through your life how many
04:27 would like
04:27 amen I was if you desire this and it's
04:32 crucial that you root and ground
04:36 yourself in the Word of God that you
04:40 spend daily time in the Word of God
04:44 because that's God's love letter to you
04:49 it's his words of love and you need to
04:52 make abiding in God's love some of your
04:57 top conversational pieces with God
05:02 instead of prioritizing your needs or
05:05 your problems start talking to God about
05:09 how much you love him and then listen to
05:13 what he says about how much he loves you
05:16 and those around you and you can use
05:18 scripture to talk to him about his love
05:22 in this section entitled God has
05:25 qualified you for your salvation I'm
05:28 going to be presenting three Bible
05:30 verses that speak of God's sacrificial
05:34 unconditional boundless love for you and
05:37 those you pray for as prayer ministers I
05:41 encourage you to memorize these squeeze
05:44 three scriptures and get them into your
05:46 own personal prayer language and I
05:50 encourage you to speak those over those
05:52 who you are ministering to the first one
05:56 is Colossians 1:12 through 14 we covered
06:00 this a lot last week so I'm only going
06:03 to cover it briefly tonight but I
06:05 believe it's so crucial that we
06:08 understand deep down in our heart that
06:11 is God God Himself that has qualified
06:16 each one of us to receive his super
06:20 natural love to receive the salvation
06:24 that he has provided for us and he has
06:28 qualified us by one thing and one thing
06:30 only and that's the blood of His Son
06:34 Jesus Christ you cannot qualify yourself
06:41 this verse clearly tells us that it is
06:44 God who has qualified us Colossians 1:12
06:48 2:14 you can declare this out loud with
06:51 me together it's good to use your own
06:54 vocal cords to declare God's Word to get
06:57 it deep down into your hearts so let us
06:59 declare it together giving thanks to the
07:02 Father who has qualified us to be
07:05 partakers of the inheritance of the
07:07 Saints in light he has delivered us from
07:11 the power of darkness and translated us
07:15 into the kingdom of the son of his love
07:17 in whom we have redemption through his
07:21 blood the forgiveness of sins
07:25 giving thanks to the Father this
07:28 Saturday I had somebody come up to me
07:30 and they word it actually was over the
07:33 phone and every time I talked to him
07:36 they are just overflowing with thanks
07:39 over this one issue you know towards me
07:42 and it's like I I get kind of
07:45 overwhelmed with their thanks and I
07:48 thought and this has been going on for
07:50 several years and I thought wow if I get
07:53 overwhelmed with thanks how is it for
07:55 God to hear us say thank you thank you
08:02 for the blood of Jesus that has
08:04 qualified me for my salvation for the
08:08 forgiveness of all my sins the healing
08:10 of all my diseases the redemption of my
08:13 life from destruction and the crowning
08:17 of my life the surrounding of my life
08:20 with your life satisfied my mouth or my
08:25 years with good things why so that my
08:29 youth my life would be restored as the
08:34 Eagles you know when it says restored as
08:36 the Eagles having our life renewed when
08:39 we become a believer in Jesus Christ all
08:42 things are made new first our spirit man
08:44 becomes just as the Spirit of God
08:48 Himself holy as he is holy but then it
08:51 takes time for that sanctification
08:54 in process to take place in our lives
08:58 God has declared that we have been
09:01 delivered out of the kingdom of darkness
09:05 and into the kingdom of the son of his
09:12 love this deliverance from and this
09:17 translation into the kingdom of the son
09:20 of his love happens only through the
09:23 blood of Jesus Christ
09:27 this first clearly tells us that you
09:32 have been qualified to receive the
09:35 fullness of your salvation through the
09:38 blood of Jesus Christ
09:43 remember last week the rose-colored
09:47 glasses when you're in this world the
09:54 world of darkness down here on earth it
09:57 wants you to consume you with dark
10:00 thinking it's dark ways it's dark you
10:04 know patterns of belief and habits but
10:08 God says I've translated you out of that
10:10 and I put you into my the kingdom of my
10:14 supernatural life and so here you are
10:18 ruling and reigning as a king and a
10:21 priest with Jesus seated with him on his
10:25 throne and so as you are living in this
10:29 world you gotta put on the rose-colored
10:32 glasses of what the blood has Jesus
10:35 Christ has done for you so you can
10:37 always be living in this reality while
10:41 you're here on this earth God has
10:46 qualified you Colossians 1 12 through 14
10:50 let's all declare now out loud
10:55 Colossians 1 12 through 14 before we
10:59 declare that as we personalize it I want
11:02 you to ask yourself two questions
11:03 tonight what inherit
11:07 tense or salvation are you truly
11:10 believing God for because you're gonna
11:13 feel that in the blank as you declare it
11:15 as you personalize the scripture for
11:18 your life second one what am i believing
11:23 that I am being delivered from your
11:27 spirit was made holy as he is holy as an
11:30 instant but your soul your mind your
11:33 will and your emotions your
11:34 circumstances are constantly being in
11:38 need of deliverance so look at pup here
11:42 at Colossians 1:12 through 14 and fill
11:46 in the blanks for yourself you guys all
11:48 got the answers to the questions softly
11:51 say it out loud giving thanks to the
11:54 Father who has qualified me to be a
11:58 partaker of the inheritance
12:01 what's the inheritance that you are
12:03 believing God for fill in the blank of
12:05 the Saints in light he has delivered me
12:09 from the power of darkness what is the
12:13 power of darkness that you're believing
12:14 God is delivering you from the power of
12:18 sin the power of sickness the power of
12:21 something that's trying to destroy your
12:23 family something a power that's not
12:26 trying to destroy your business your
12:28 nation your city
12:31 what are you believing for yourself and
12:34 for others for what he's delivering you
12:36 from and continue on and he has conveyed
12:40 me into the kingdom of the son of his
12:44 love and let's finish the declaration
12:47 together in whom I have redemption
12:53 through his blood the forgiveness of
12:54 sins now if you're praying that for
12:56 someone personalize it put their name in
12:58 there put their situation in there and
13:01 use this as you pray the second
13:05 scripture I am presenting tonight to you
13:07 that tells us that God and God alone has
13:11 qualified us is Ephesians 2:8 for by
13:15 grace you have been saved through faith
13:16 not of yourself it is a gift of God not
13:19 as a result of work
13:21 lest anyone should boast I'm
13:24 highlighting forwards in that verse and
13:29 I'm going to briefly talk to you about
13:31 them so that you can actually understand
13:34 them on a deeper level so the words
13:36 saved actually comes from a Greek word
13:38 Sozo and you might have heard that
13:41 before
13:41 it appears throughout the New Testament
13:44 in this word Sozo when it's translated
13:46 it is so immense that if you actually
13:51 see it translated in several different
13:54 ways you see it translated as eternal
13:57 salvation you see it being translated as
14:00 healing you see it being translated ad
14:04 deliverance and when you see this
14:06 equivalent in the Old Testament you see
14:08 it like in the Psalms all over the place
14:12 and it's actually pointing to the one
14:14 who has saved you Jesus Christ Himself
14:18 Yeshua that's the word for salvation
14:20 that we see in the Old Testament God
14:25 when you see the word saved you can know
14:29 that he has salvation for every need
14:34 you'll ever have in this lifetime when
14:38 you see that word saved for God has
14:42 saved you
14:43 by His grace you can put in there that
14:45 he has healed me by His grace he has you
14:51 know he healed my shoulder from pain he
14:54 has delivered my business from financial
14:57 distress whatever you need salvation
15:00 from whatever you believe in God for
15:02 yourself or somebody else you can put in
15:05 the blanks their grace what is grace
15:10 grace first and foremost is a person and
15:15 that person has a name and his name is
15:20 Jesus and Jesus is the name that is
15:24 above every other name that is coming
15:30 against you you've heard about
15:35 shouting grace grace grace to that
15:37 mountain when you shout grace grace
15:40 grace her shouting Jesus Jesus Jesus
15:43 you're shouting he's the one he's my
15:48 Savior he's my Redeemer
15:50 so you can shout his name to every
15:54 mountain and watch it be defeated before
15:57 your face now grace what is Grace
16:00 looking for it's not looking for your
16:02 qualifications it's looking for one
16:06 thing it's looking for your faith in
16:08 Jesus who is what he's done through the
16:11 work of his cross and His sacrificial
16:13 blood and he is looking for you to
16:18 believe in everything that he has
16:19 provided for you grace speaks of your
16:23 inheritance that is in Jesus Christ
16:26 I like the acronym grace when I heard
16:29 this I put it in my memory blank forever
16:31 grace G God's our riches a at see Christ
16:37 II expands God's riches at Christ's
16:41 expense at the expense of Jesus's shed
16:46 blood
16:46 you have grace you have the fullness of
16:49 salvation for everything you would ever
16:51 need in this life and the more
16:54 revelation that you have of God's grace
16:56 the more your faith will grow gift what
17:01 is a gift a gift is something that you
17:03 have not purchased is something that you
17:06 have not qualified yourself for it's
17:08 been freely given to you you have been
17:12 given the gift of Jesus Christ John 4:10
17:16 through 14 I like Hebrews two three how
17:20 shall we or how shall you and I escape
17:24 escape from what escape from sickness
17:28 disease destruction how shall you escape
17:31 the darkness of this world if you
17:34 neglect such a great salvation that our
17:38 Lord Jesus Christ has provided for you
17:43 how many now as we go to this word faith
17:46 have heard the word
17:48 the Bible verse Galatians 5:6 faith
17:52 works through love how many have heard
17:55 that faith works through love okay so if
18:00 you want to grow in faith then it's time
18:03 for you to immerse yourself in God's
18:06 unconditional love for you read the
18:10 scripture that talked about is love
18:12 meditate upon it sing about it believe
18:17 it receive it abide in it thank you and
18:20 praise him for his love and you must
18:24 remember some people I knew I was like
18:27 this at one point you want faith faith
18:29 faith but it's faith alone that doesn't
18:32 save you it's faith in Jesus the grace
18:39 so application we're going to declare
18:43 now Ephesians 2:8 outloud but we're
18:48 going to substitute I or me or my the
18:53 personal pronouns personalized in it if
18:56 you want to put somebody else's name in
18:57 there that's fine
18:59 and then we're gonna substitute what are
19:01 you believing God for so we're gonna use
19:04 the word healed but you can also put
19:07 your circumstance or situation in there
19:10 so let's declare this out loud together
19:13 ready for by grace I've been healed
19:17 through faith and that not of myself
19:20 healing is God's gift to me not by my
19:25 works lest I should boast so if you're
19:30 ministering in the Healing Rooms you can
19:32 put somebody else's name in there right
19:34 the scripture out for them give it to
19:37 them let them go home with it
19:38 so that they can stand on the word of
19:40 God because the Word of God is the very
19:43 spirit of life spirit in life of Jesus
19:45 Christ like John 6:63 says and life the
19:49 life of Jesus grace himself can be
19:52 released into their life as they declare
19:54 the Word of God over themselves the
19:57 third verse I want to share with you
19:59 tonight is from John 3:16
20:03 we all know this first you can declare
20:05 it out loud with me for God so loved the
20:09 world that He gave His only begotten Son
20:12 that whoever believes in Him should not
20:15 perish but have everlasting life the
20:20 divine implications for healing in this
20:23 first are tremendous who is God
20:26 expressing his love - to who - the world
20:32 that's to us he's expressing love to
20:36 each and every one of us there are no
20:42 disqualifications
20:43 you are not disqualified from receiving
20:47 God's love and all the expressions of
20:50 his love the fullness of your salvation
20:54 there are no exemptions in here God's
20:57 not going around like I was sharing last
21:00 week saying I'm going to love you and
21:03 love you and love you but I don't love
21:04 you and he's not saying I'm gonna heal
21:06 you and you but not you now you might
21:09 have that in an experience we have in
21:13 the Western world when we come to a
21:14 healing meeting we see one person get
21:17 healed and not another person get healed
21:19 and so then we come to the conclusion
21:22 that God's picking and choosing who is
21:25 gonna love on or who he's gonna heal but
21:29 it says in John 3:16
21:31 he's so loved the world that He gave His
21:34 only begotten Son that whosoever I'm a
21:40 whosoever are you of whosoever believes
21:43 in Him shall not perish that means
21:46 you're not going to perish here in
21:49 sickness language and sickness or
21:52 disease you're not going to languish in
21:54 your sins I'm not gonna perish here
21:58 suffering hell on earth when I'm created
22:02 to live from this place in heaven from
22:06 heaven to earth he has created me to
22:09 have everlasting life
22:17 now another thing that happens and I
22:21 know if you've ever tried to find your
22:25 healing or didn't you know desperately
22:27 need healing in your body like I did
22:30 before I started these Healing Rooms
22:31 you're going everywhere to have somebody
22:35 pray for you and someone to lay hands on
22:37 you but I'm here to tell you tonight
22:43 that you don't need to wait for a
22:47 special visitation someone special to
22:50 pray for you a special speaker or
22:53 anything like that you can abide in the
22:57 eternal reality of God's love and what
22:59 he has done for you right here and right
23:02 now it's as easy as me stepping from
23:06 this over into this now I say that and I
23:14 want to explain that to you when I step
23:16 into this reality that by His stripes I
23:19 was healed I am living in a higher
23:24 reality than what's happening here on
23:27 this earth I'm going to be a king and
23:30 I'm going to declare and decree what God
23:32 has said to me and I'm going to be a
23:35 priest and I'm in a worship and thank
23:37 God for his word that he has spoken that
23:40 by His stripes I was healed that for God
23:43 so loved me that he gave his only
23:46 begotten son that whosoever me I'm a
23:50 whosoever believes in Him I'm not going
23:53 to perish like the world is perishing
23:55 I'm not going to go the way of the world
23:57 so I live in this reality although
24:00 something else might be existing on this
24:03 earth and we're gonna have a couple
24:04 testimonies and you'll hear a little bit
24:08 of what I've just spoken just now and
24:10 I'll explain that to you hopefully after
24:13 they share their testimonies what I'm
24:15 hearing from them so what is everlasting
24:19 life everlasting life comes from a Greek
24:23 word zo e Zoe
24:26 zoe is a divine life or the essence of
24:29 God himself
24:33 God wants you to experience everlasting
24:38 life the essence of who he is
24:42 I remember when I started this talk that
24:44 the essence of who he is
24:47 is love supernatural love when we asked
24:51 Jesus Christ into our heart the Holy
24:56 Spirit fuels us with his love until we
25:04 are overflowing as we just continue to
25:07 believe and receive in this reality
25:12 zowie life experiencing its when we
25:16 continue to abide in his word abide in
25:21 who he is that we begin to experience
25:25 the manifestation here on this earth
25:33 this life zowie life includes everything
25:37 that God is and that God does this kind
25:42 of Zoe life gives you a the ability to
25:45 think like God talk like God and act
25:49 like God why because God he's living
25:55 inside of you you know this but we have
25:59 to walk with a conscious awareness of
26:02 this and the more we are abiding and
26:05 talking when I use that word abiding
26:08 because he says abide in my love as a
26:11 father has loved me I loved you abide in
26:14 my love John 15 9 when he says abide in
26:17 my love one of the key ways that you
26:21 abide is by talking with him
26:27 so everlasting life John 17:3
26:32 this is eternal life that you may know
26:35 him the only to God and His Son Jesus
26:38 Christ
26:39 God gave you his son Jesus Christ so you
26:44 would not perish but have everlasting
26:46 life
26:47 so you would not perish in hell
26:50 eternally and so you would not perish in
26:55 hell here on this earth from some
26:58 terrible sin from some terrible
27:01 consequences of sins and from some
27:03 terrible sickness or other calamity who
27:08 wants to live on this earth as if you
27:13 were living in hell rather than in
27:15 heaven let's declare John 3:16 out loud
27:22 and personalize that put your own name
27:27 situation in there as you say it just
27:30 don't say it but think about what you're
27:32 saying we're so used to saying John 3:16
27:36 we sometimes we forget what we're
27:38 actually saying for God so loved me that
27:42 he gave me his only begotten Son so I
27:47 would not perish eternally nor would I
27:50 perish here on earth because of sin or
27:54 sickness or you fill in the blank but
27:58 rather that I experience God super
28:00 natural love now I've shared with you
28:08 three scriptures that I want you to hide
28:10 in your heart this week Colossians 1 12
28:13 through 14 Ephesians 2:8 and John 3:16
28:17 talking about him get him into your
28:19 prayer language and I we're gonna go
28:23 into having some two people share their
28:26 testimonies but before they come up to
28:28 share their testimonies I want you to
28:32 understand something
28:35 healing is a gift when we take communion
28:41 the body and blood of Jesus Christ we
28:47 take
28:49 the cup receiving his blood the
28:53 forgiveness of all of our sins being
28:56 righteous as he is righteous but we also
29:00 receive his body his body for 39 stripes
29:07 so that your body could receive healing
29:12 Jesus is the gift of God and he said
29:16 when you do this do this in remembrance
29:21 of me so when you hear the testimonies
29:27 tonight I want you to get out of your
29:30 thinking oh that's their story it won't
29:34 happen to me instead tell Jesus I take
29:40 the gift you've given to me I take your
29:43 grace I take Jesus thank you thank you
29:49 for healing me thank you you did it for
29:52 them and what you've done for them I
29:54 believe you will do for me the
29:57 scriptures Colossians 1:12 through 14
29:59 Ephesians 2:8 John 3:16 told me about
30:03 your love it's not about now if you put
30:09 on these dark colored glasses any time
30:12 God reveals something to you about
30:15 something you need to change in your
30:17 life you repent right and then you
30:20 follow his leading the leadership of the
30:22 Holy Spirit but if you constantly are
30:25 wearing these dark colored glasses and
30:28 looking at yourself rather than looking
30:32 at what Jesus has done for you you will
30:35 always find one more thing that will
30:39 disqualify you from receiving the gift
30:43 of His grace Jesus says to us tonight as
30:48 you hear these testimonies come boldly
30:51 to the throne of grace how do you come
30:58 if you are right now you know all these
31:03 negative dark thoughts are swirling
31:05 around your head you haven't been healed
31:07 the pains tremendous in your body how do
31:10 you make this transition from this place
31:12 these negative circumstance to this
31:15 place of abiding in his love one way by
31:20 the blood of Jesus Christ you need to
31:25 constantly continually wear the
31:28 rose-colored glasses and I'm putting
31:30 these on as just a visual reminder that
31:34 when you view your own life you need to
31:37 remember that the blood of Jesus has
31:41 qualified you for your salvation and you
31:45 thank God and praise you God for that
31:48 because you can never qualify yourself
31:50 you can never be good enough you can
31:53 never be holy enough you will never read
31:56 all the Bible verses and prayed long
31:57 enough or fasted enough all of that's
32:00 good because it helps you in this
32:03 abiding process but Jesus not gonna earn
32:05 you your salvation so if I can have come
32:09 forward Michael kolosso he's gonna share
32:12 his testimony so I'm going to turn this
32:14 mic off and Michael's on my own with
32:26 this one
32:27 Mike come on up to the stage please so
32:33 Michael came to your Camarillo healing
32:35 rooms of last year and he's an intern
32:38 now in the Camarillo Healing Rooms and I
32:41 heard his story and then I happened to
32:44 go to the church where his mom also goes
32:47 and I didn't know that that was his mom
32:49 and I start talking to her and she's
32:52 going to give her testimony a miraculous
32:53 healing testimony also and I'm going
32:56 like oh my this is so good this
33:00 testimony this miracle did not take
33:04 place in Camarillo helium's
33:07 but God he's the healer and we want to
33:11 look to him and what his son Jesus has
33:14 done here this testimony and realized
33:18 that what God did for Michael he wants
33:22 to do for you tonight the Lord put it on
33:27 my heart tonight to encourage those that
33:30 have been contending for a healing that
33:33 has not happened and so the words that
33:36 I'm going to speak I want to speak to
33:38 you to encourage you I have this object
33:43 and I brought up with me and this object
33:47 was a prison to me for about a year when
33:52 I was just about to start the fifth
33:55 grade I was taking a karate class and I
34:01 slipped a disc what I didn't know at
34:04 that time is that the disc that I
34:07 slipped already had some birth defects
34:10 I had spina bifida that is when your
34:14 nerve is exposed and there's spinal
34:18 fluid out in your muscle I had
34:21 spondylolysis that is degeneration of
34:27 the bone and I had spondylolisthesis and
34:32 that is the slippage of the disc and all
34:34 of that was creating a herniation
34:39 in short what that meant is that I was
34:42 in terrible pain all day long and so I
34:46 went to the doctor and God x-rayed and
34:51 was told that I am going to have to get
34:55 fitted for a brace I'll have to be
34:57 fitted every single year for the rest of
35:00 my life because there is no recovery
35:02 there's no surgery you can do that will
35:06 ever make you not feel pain and so long
35:12 as I live I won't be able to lift more
35:17 than 20 pounds and so you can imagine
35:21 how you might feel as a young man
35:24 someone who's grown up idolizing very
35:28 strong people like my father and you
35:31 know pro wrestlers and and tough guys
35:34 and so I spent the next year of my life
35:43 doing two things one of those things was
35:46 remaining on the floor most of the time
35:48 and the other thing was finding out who
35:52 God was because I had grown up in a
35:57 Christian family and I was encouraged to
36:00 seek the Lord for healing some of you
36:05 been prayed for before and when that
36:08 prayer ended you've felt about the same
36:12 and I I know that feeling because I
36:17 began to go to ministries and
36:20 conferences and whatever was new in town
36:25 whatever was really exciting wherever
36:27 you heard wherever you heard the
36:30 anointing was that's where I was going
36:32 but after those prayers I would go home
36:38 and it would feel terrible and the very
36:41 next time that something else was in
36:44 town I had a decision to make am I gonna
36:47 go am I going to continue to have faith
36:52 to believe
36:53 that God loves me and that he will do
36:58 the thing he said he would do it takes a
37:01 lot of faith to keep knocking and when
37:07 you come up against times where you
37:10 haven't been healed there's a certain
37:13 pressing in that happens and I'm so glad
37:17 that God didn't answer me the very first
37:20 time I asked because what happened is I
37:24 stood on the Word of God that first part
37:28 of the year I was watching television
37:30 and the second part of the year I had my
37:33 Bible open and I was learning about him
37:36 I was learning about his word and then I
37:39 started going to these meetings and I
37:40 started praying for other people because
37:42 I really believed him and then I started
37:45 to see it happen I started to see people
37:47 get healed and so you would you would
37:50 pray for people and they get healed but
37:52 you're not getting healed you know so
37:56 something that happens when you
37:58 experience things like that as you start
38:01 to develop beliefs about yourself you
38:05 know we we try and make things mean
38:08 something and we get ideas about who God
38:11 is but the only truths about who God is
38:16 or in the Word of God we stood on the
38:21 scripture psalm 34:19 every single day
38:27 we said many of the are the afflictions
38:29 of the righteous but the lord delivers
38:32 him out of them all not one of his bones
38:35 will be broken and I'll wrap up there's
38:41 a lot more to the story but the
38:43 beautiful part is that I wasn't healed
38:45 at a conference when I was at a
38:48 conference or when I was at these
38:50 special services you know I faced those
38:54 disappointments and then at the end of
38:57 one of these conferences I was
38:59 disappointed again but I pressed in and
39:03 I kept believing and and my
39:05 heart started to speak to the Lord and
39:07 in that moment I heard him at the very
39:10 end of the night and I remember leaving
39:13 knowing that I had to fast for me now
39:16 this is one of the first times God had
39:18 ever been spoken very clearly to me and
39:21 I just knew it wasn't a voice I just
39:23 knew I can't have me for the next thirty
39:27 days or so so that time goes by we
39:32 celebrate Passover and that night I
39:35 dedicate myself to the Lord
39:40 we woke up everything feels normal
39:45 right we took communion the night before
39:48 every everything feels like okay I'm
39:50 still feeling pain
39:52 it it it didn't feel like any healing
39:54 had happened but I had an x-ray
39:56 scheduled so I go in for my x-ray and
39:59 the bone is back in place though the
40:03 hole where we were told the bone is dead
40:06 and it'll never grow again it cannot
40:08 medically grow is filled in so when one
40:17 month later the the pain goes away but
40:20 you know we were talking to the doctor
40:23 and he's saying self-corrected it's oh
40:25 it seems to self-corrected if you look
40:27 up any one of the three things any of
40:30 the three diseases that I mentioned none
40:33 of them can self correct none of them
40:35 have any medical treatment so God is so
40:40 good I believe with all my heart he's
40:43 gonna do for those that continue to
40:48 press in and seek in some people will
40:50 get healed in one prayer others are
40:53 gonna push but he's such a good God
40:57 if I could read a couple verses Psalm
41:02 130 out of the depths I cry to you O
41:06 Lord hear my voice and let your ears be
41:11 attentive to my cry for mercy if you O
41:14 Lord kept a record of sins who could
41:17 stand
41:18 but no with you there is forgiveness
41:21 I wait for the Lord my soul waits in his
41:26 word I put my hope my soul waits for the
41:29 Lord more than Watchmen wait for the
41:32 morning more than they wait for the
41:34 morning put your hope in the Lord for
41:39 with the Lord is unfailing love and with
41:43 him is full redemption you will redeem
41:49 [Applause]
41:55 so what God did for him Michael he wants
42:01 to do for you whether you're in pain
42:03 whether you are in need of any kind of
42:06 healing just say under your own breath
42:10 so you can hear yourself I take it thank
42:13 you thank you Jesus for my healing now
42:18 I'm going to invite his mother Eve add
42:20 up and Yvette I wanted before you share
42:25 your own custom come on up before you
42:28 share your own testimony about your own
42:30 miracle that you shared with me few
42:34 Sundays ago I want you to just if
42:38 there's anything you would like to just
42:39 add in about Michael's testimony what I
42:44 understood from the from your story was
42:47 he was you missed all of fifth grade or
42:50 sixth grade all the fifth grade I missed
42:53 all of fifth grade and did he spend most
42:56 of his time on the back of on his back
42:58 lying on the floor at home yes he spent
43:01 all his time laying on the back we
43:02 couldn't even go for speed bumps or he'd
43:04 scream excruciating he had to be x-rayed
43:07 every eight weeks he was put through
43:09 things that look like NASA equipment for
43:11 scanning bone scans we were at physical
43:15 therapy three times a week we were
43:16 always at a County Hospital he was on
43:19 adult pain medications we used to go to
43:21 sleep at 4:00 in the morning because I
43:23 think we'd have to read to him until he
43:25 could fall asleep so his healing
43:28 impacted a lot of people
43:31 healed a mother's heart as well and he
43:34 shared his testimony and as he laid
43:37 hands at his 11 year old boy lot of
43:39 people got healed so that happened at 11
43:42 years old and now you're 33 and how much
43:49 do you lift now we move machines that
43:52 weigh about 400 pounds every now and
43:54 then so would you say that his backs
43:56 healed is there anything else that you
44:00 would like to add about his testimony
44:02 just that the Lord had said when our
44:08 hearts were just seeking Him he had said
44:11 as he had spoken about the blind man and
44:14 said that the sickness actually when he
44:19 had gone through was for the glory of
44:21 God because we had we prayed three and a
44:23 half years to have him and he had been
44:26 dedicated before his conception to the
44:28 Lord and so all I can say is that the
44:34 Lord has been so absolutely faithful
44:36 because on the 30th day of that fast
44:39 that is the morning that he actually
44:42 woke up pain-free as he yielded to what
44:45 the Lord was telling him to do and they
44:48 had such a hard time accepting that what
44:50 when they said he was naturally resolved
44:53 the therapist was saying look I have all
44:56 the paperwork here to tell you that you
44:58 cannot heal from that and she thought I
45:00 was in denial and she was trying to
45:02 convince us and they did not know how to
45:04 explain his healing and so it was
45:06 amazing to watch this it was just truly
45:09 amazing and we give God all the glory
45:11 all the glory he walked us through and
45:14 he's so faithful okay okay I only
45:22 brought up notes because it was it was
45:24 long ago but I just want to say whether
45:26 a testimony is long ago or very current
45:29 we still live in that healing my son is
45:32 still pain-free
45:33 today I'm sorry I told him I thank him
45:37 with my life he healed him because he
45:39 was in this excruciating pain but this
45:44 healing is
45:45 true today it's still relevant today
45:47 because I can hear out of this ear and
45:50 the significance of that is that as a
45:53 little child I had many many ear
45:56 infections all my life I had multiple
45:58 ear infections as those on antibiotics
46:00 and a time in my life when my husband
46:02 was diagnosed with congestive heart
46:04 failure I was taking care of him and my
46:06 little granddaughter I woke up one
46:08 morning when we were preparing to go out
46:10 of town for a wedding and notice I could
46:12 not hear from that hear and I'm thinking
46:14 oh no here we go again another ear
46:17 infection but I thought it kind of felt
46:20 different I thought I wonder what a mess
46:22 is in there so I had made an appointment
46:24 to see the doctor and when I had before
46:30 I had gone to the appointment the Lord
46:32 the presence of the Lord was just in my
46:34 room and he did this wave to me with his
46:37 hand to come to him so I got on my knees
46:40 with the Word of God and he turned to
46:43 turn this scripture to me I read the
46:46 scripture it's from Psalms 121 and the
46:54 reason I wanted to read that is because
46:55 it was the whole heart of this journey
46:58 of a miracle that the Lord had done but
47:00 it's I will lift up my eyes to the heels
47:03 from where comes my help my help comes
47:06 from the Lord who made heaven and earth
47:08 he will not allow your foot to be moved
47:11 he who keeps you will not slumber behold
47:14 you key who keeps Israel shall neither
47:16 slumber nor sleep the Lord is your
47:19 keeper the Lord is the shade at your
47:21 right hand the Sun shall not strike you
47:23 by day nor the moon by night the Lord
47:27 shall preserve you from all evil he
47:29 shall preserve your soul the Lord shall
47:31 preserve your going out and your coming
47:32 in from this time forth and for even
47:35 forevermore and I thought oh wow this
47:38 sounds like a journey so I thought I'm
47:40 showing that for a regular doctor's
47:41 appointment I was actually sent to a
47:43 specialist and when she had seen my ear
47:46 her name is dr. Tricia Co ears nose and
47:49 throat specialist when she looked into
47:52 my ear she gasped and she said oh my
47:56 she's honey I don't know how to tell you
47:58 this she says
47:59 you no longer have an eardrum and she
48:02 said and I can see although because you
48:04 have no eardrum I can see all the way
48:05 through into your ear and what I see is
48:07 a tumor and that tumor is infected and
48:10 then she said we're gonna have to make
48:11 another appointment to see about surgery
48:13 and see and we're gonna have to do a CT
48:17 scan to see if it ate the bones as well
48:19 in that meantime the Lord took me on a
48:22 journey and what I love about the Lord
48:25 is that I was completely at a time where
48:28 I felt like I was sitting in this chair
48:29 that you were talking about sooo it felt
48:31 like all hell was coming against me but
48:34 I had a word from this dimension from
48:36 the Lord that and and and and that meant
48:40 the whole world to me because he made me
48:42 lean on him he caused me to lean on him
48:46 and I had to yield to everything he was
48:48 showing me to do but one of the very
48:50 first things he showed me to do is I he
48:54 was with me and I felt his presence but
48:55 he led me where he wanted me to go and
48:58 there was a sister that I knew who had a
49:00 teachings in her home and a prophetess
49:03 had come into the first thing God's
49:05 taking care of as my soul he ministered
49:07 to my soul so my body could receive
49:09 because she said sister you don't know
49:12 how to rest she said you need to cease
49:15 from striving and learned how to rest
49:17 God wanted me to sit on that chair so I
49:20 remember coming home reclining on that
49:22 chair I thought I'm just gonna put the
49:25 full weight of my whole being into you
49:27 because I can't even carry myself I felt
49:29 very very ill Michael one time pulled me
49:31 out of traffic because I was delirious
49:33 from the infection the tumor
49:35 I felt whole body sickness I was scared
49:38 of what we would do because I didn't was
49:40 not in a position of surgery because I
49:42 had a lot of people depended on me too
49:43 so I learned to rest in the Lord and he
49:47 would just kept on sending me word and
49:49 prayers and my husband prayed for me and
49:51 I heard the Lord tell me this because my
49:53 husband had said when he laid hands on
49:56 me he said father he said I pray and I
49:59 would gladly take this pain on myself he
50:03 said I would put this on myself if I
50:05 could trade places but right when he
50:07 said that I realized that Jesus had
50:09 already trade places with his bride and
50:11 he did that for
50:13 us and so I felt the Lord tell me I will
50:16 answer this prayer and so as I was still
50:21 feeling sick he dropped me off at this
50:23 training session that I was involved in
50:25 because I felt him still telling me to
50:27 go forward and my friend who was an
50:30 evangelist had opened up her home and
50:32 she was putting on Benny and CDs and the
50:34 teaching happened to be that night how
50:36 Israel was led forth out of the desert
50:39 and how there was not one sick or feeble
50:43 among them and the anointing was so
50:46 strong in that room and you could feel
50:47 the heart of God of how much he desires
50:52 healing in desires for us to sit here in
50:55 heavenly places and I could hear his
50:58 full heart and his full compassion and
51:00 the presence of God kept growing
51:02 stronger in that room and as it grew
51:04 stronger I cried out in my heart in
51:06 silence but with all my soul I cried out
51:08 Jesus of Nazareth you're passing by have
51:12 mercy on me and as I prayed that my
51:16 friend she was going to serve lemonade
51:18 and send everyone home but the Lord told
51:19 her move aside I have work to do and so
51:22 my friend that had heart failure was
51:24 called it first and later the Evangelist
51:27 had told us that she saw an invisible
51:29 hand working on her heart and doing
51:32 surgery on her heart she got completely
51:33 healed that night and the glory of God
51:35 is getting stronger and stronger and the
51:37 song one night with the king was playing
51:39 when she was being healed and when I was
51:41 called up with the psalm that I just
51:43 read to you I did not know that was a
51:45 song by winey to bind him and she's
51:48 saying that song so beautifully and I
51:50 knew that I had a divine appointment and
51:53 it wasn't man it was totally that God
51:56 had an appointment to manifest his glory
51:59 and so she calls me up and as she's
52:04 calling me up the Lord is telling me
52:06 Yvette you have somebody to forgive and
52:09 there was a a very deep-seated source of
52:12 pain and the Lord told me how to forgive
52:15 but I thought there would be at the
52:15 grace to do so and all of a sudden I
52:17 heard a prison door open when I said yes
52:19 because he gave me the grace to face the
52:22 pain and to yield and to relinquish it
52:24 and not to try to feel safe in it
52:26 an old prison door opened up I heard the
52:28 clanging of an ancient door in my soul
52:30 and then the most glorious presence that
52:34 anyone could ever feel entered and my
52:40 friend had said that when she laid hands
52:42 on me my head was burning so hot and her
52:45 husband was ushering her rushing behind
52:47 her the glory of God's presence was so
52:49 strong that he said he couldn't even
52:51 touch her because she was burning hot as
52:52 well but what I felt was when it says I
52:56 will lift up my eyes to the heels from
52:58 where comes my help
52:59 I felt that very moment that my eyes
53:04 were being lifted my focus was being
53:06 lifted to a dimension where my help
53:09 really came from and it what healing was
53:11 not an act like you fix a car what I
53:16 felt was the actual manifested
53:19 manifestation of the love of God
53:21 absolutely manifested I felt the
53:24 heavenly round come from as high as the
53:26 heavens are with an outstretched arm
53:28 that reached so so deep so personally
53:30 that even the fingertips came and
53:32 touched my head and the glory was so
53:35 strong that I could not stand so I had a
53:37 meal and and I kneeled and gave God
53:40 glory and worshipped at him worshiped
53:42 him and as I tried to make way for
53:45 someone else to be prayed for I had to
53:47 crawl backwards because the presence of
53:48 God was so strong and for three days I
53:51 could not function I didn't feel like I
53:53 was here anymore because I had been
53:55 touched by the maker of heaven and the
53:58 maker of earth who promised me he
53:59 wouldn't sleep on the job who promised
54:02 me he wasn't slumbering to sleeping who
54:03 promised me that he didn't it wasn't
54:06 like he didn't see me he saw me he knew
54:08 me and he was manifesting himself to me
54:11 and so when I go back to the doctor I'm
54:14 sitting in the room and the Lord gives
54:17 me Psalms 126 and it talked about me
54:20 brings the captivity of Zion we were as
54:22 those who dreamed so my husband took me
54:24 to the appointment I go in and they send
54:26 me to the audiologist and they're
54:28 testing the left ear and I'm raising my
54:31 hand for every beep and tiny sound I can
54:33 hear and she knows I can hear I can hear
54:35 out of an ear that has no eardrum that
54:37 was supposed to have a a tumor covering
54:38 up the bones and everything that was
54:40 to be infected so now I came here and so
54:43 she's the audiologist so she goes in the
54:45 room with dr. Koh and dr. Koh is
54:47 training the audiologists but she has
54:49 forgotten Who I am and when she sees me
54:51 she's training the audiologist and she
54:53 says you see that that's her temp anak
54:55 membrane and I said dr. Koh did you say
54:59 tympanic membrane she said yes well in
55:00 the lemon grade my I got straight A's
55:02 and physiology because I love physiology
55:04 I said that's eardrum and I said you're
55:07 saying to her that that's my eardrum she
55:09 said yes and I said dr. Koh do you not
55:11 remember me I'm the same one you were
55:13 comforting because I was crying so hard
55:16 that you told me I needed surgery and I
55:17 had no eardrum she could take out the
55:19 tumor but she cannot recreate the
55:21 eardrum yeah there would be requirements
55:25 of surgery and I don't know how you
55:27 create recreated an eardrum but God does
55:29 so what happened was that she says oh my
55:34 god she says I remember who you are and
55:37 she goes back to her notes and she goes
55:39 back to my ear with otoscope but she
55:41 can't see through anymore because
55:42 there's an eardrum block and she can't
55:44 see that there's no tumor there and she
55:46 goes I'm a doctor I'm a doctor I don't
55:48 understand I'm a doctor and she's just
55:52 fumbling through her notes and looking
55:53 up at the audiologist and she's
55:55 dumbfounded she looks embarrassed she
55:57 looks it looks like chaos and then she
55:59 and then I said dr. Koh I can I can
56:02 explain what happened and she said what
56:04 happened I said I'm a Christian and the
56:06 Lord Jesus Christ has healed my ear and
56:09 she said oh honey I understand cuz I'm a
56:11 Christian I leave 300 people in church
56:13 on hikes every weekend and she said but
56:16 I have never seen a miracle and she said
56:19 and then they came and we started
56:21 telling her all about all the miracles
56:22 we experience including Michael's
56:24 testimony and all the precious
56:26 testimonies of all the good things God
56:28 had ever done keeping my husband alive
56:30 when he should have died twice and all
56:32 the wonderful things he had done so she
56:33 stayed with us 45 minutes and they came
56:36 knocking on the door and they said dr.
56:38 Koh you're running behind and all the
56:39 and all your your other appointments
56:43 it's just but you don't understand I
56:45 just saw a miracle and so they she comes
56:49 out and she starts telling all the staff
56:51 I want to tell you all about the power
56:53 prayer she begins to preach to to her
56:56 staff right there all the receptionist's
56:57 all the other people in there there she
56:59 start saying I want to tell you about
57:00 the power of prayer and then my husband
57:03 died we've been crying and everything
57:04 she goes honey she goes we don't have
57:05 the CT scans yet she says but I'll call
57:08 you tomorrow no she says and so the next
57:11 morning when I woke up there is a
57:13 message and she says mrs. collazo we got
57:18 the CT scans back and I just want to
57:20 tell you you have no tumor and I've been
57:23 telling the patients I've been telling
57:25 all my patients about what God has done
57:27 for you she said please pray for all my
57:31 patients so all the honor and all the
57:33 glory to God who knows us because he
57:36 ministers to us spirit soul and body and
57:41 what sue has shared is so true he's
57:44 translated us from the kingdom of
57:45 darkness into the marvelous light
57:47 but I just want to say in your waiting
57:49 time because I had a waiting time it was
57:51 only two weeks but it felt like an
57:53 eternity but I just want to say that in
57:57 that sitting down here he brought that
58:00 dimension to my hell on earth and
58:02 delivered me out of that chair to
58:04 testify today about this thank you for
58:07 that so if you find yourself right now
58:15 if there's a hellish situation that
58:17 you're in I want you to think about it
58:19 and then I'm gonna have you just say a
58:21 prayer over the people and then if
58:24 you're willing to anybody that would
58:27 like one-on-one prayer with Michael or
58:29 Yvette will be able to come forward I
58:32 guess right over into this area and they
58:34 will pray for you and lay hands on you
58:37 but if you could just that's how we'll
58:39 end this session okay just releasing a
58:41 word father I just want to praise you
58:47 and thank you I want to praise you and
58:50 thank you that your word is true and
58:52 your word is from everlasting to
58:54 everlasting and I thank you that Jesus
58:57 you are the same yesterday and today and
59:00 forever and upon your people right now I
59:03 just thank you Father God that your word
59:06 is manifest
59:07 in their lives and that you know them by
59:09 name Lord God and you minister to them
59:11 by their soul and their spirit and their
59:13 body and you have brought us out of
59:15 darkness into your marvelous light so
59:18 today in the name of Jesus we declare
59:20 and decree
59:21 let there be light let there be Kingdom
59:24 light let there be revelation let there
59:26 be manifestation for the glory and the
59:29 honor of your name and Jesus you went
59:31 about doing good and healing all that
59:33 were sick and oppressed of the devil so
59:36 I thank you that today the kingdom of
59:38 darkness flees unbelief flees in the
59:40 name of Jesus doubts and rejection flees
59:43 in the name of Jesus and the love of God
59:46 that was manifested through the face of
59:49 Jesus Christ we speak that even now into
59:52 this atmosphere we say faith arise and
59:54 every enemy of their health their
59:57 situations their loved ones be scattered
60:00 and may the Lord Jesus be glorified out
60:02 of Zion in Jesus name Amen thank you


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