God’s Super-Natural Love and Goodness for All

Repeatedly, Jesus in His earthly ministering is seen healing “ALL” that came to Him. In fact, Jesus is seen feeding and healing “ALL” in extremely large crowds. As you listen to this session, ask yourself this question: “If I was there, would I be fed or healed, just as everyone else around me?” Answering from God’s perspective, through the reality of God’s love for you as seen in Jesus’ life and ministry and as revealed in this session, you will be given hope beyond all natural hope and your faith will be ignited to believe God in God’s love and goodness  for your own healing.


Video Transcript

00:00 park is God's love and goodness and I
00:06 actually call it God's supernatural love
00:09 and goodness for all this is session
00:12 number three in a series called the love
00:15 of God God's supernatural love goes far
00:20 above and beyond your natural thinking
00:23 and your natural abilities and ways of
00:26 expressing love and receiving love
00:29 superseding all other types of love that
00:32 this world offers and it goes far beyond
00:36 who you would normally express love to
00:42 how many of you know that if you truly
00:45 truly love someone you're gonna be good
00:48 to them right and that's how it is with
00:51 God but can you imagine if you had the
00:54 resource of God himself all of heavens
00:58 resources at your disposal to
01:01 demonstrate goodness to those around you
01:04 I mean wouldn't that be like awesome and
01:07 off the charts but that is what God has
01:09 called us to do is to demonstrate his
01:12 goodness not out of our resources but to
01:16 look up to him and draw from his
01:18 resources and then distribute them to
01:21 those around us God's supernatural love
01:27 encompasses his supernatural goodness it
01:33 is it is who he is and how he operates
01:36 and it's available for all people all
01:40 people who come to him and so let's take
01:45 a look at Roman numeral two God's
01:47 supernatural love and goodness expressed
01:49 in and through you as a believer in
01:52 Christ God's supernatural love and
01:54 supernatural goodness is now your new
01:58 identity in calling it is to be received
02:02 and expressed in every aspect of your
02:05 life and express to those around you in
02:09 every aspect of their lives
02:12 and this is really crucial for us to
02:14 understand to get this down in the
02:17 depths of our heart because often this
02:19 is misunderstood and misrepresented by
02:23 us as believers in Jesus Christ in this
02:28 area of healing what does God's love and
02:31 His goodness look like for you as you
02:36 abide in God's love what it looks like
02:39 is first Peter 2:24 that declares by His
02:44 stripes you were healed
02:47 this is the superior reality for your
02:51 life as a believer in Jesus Christ so
02:54 let's all take a moment and declare out
02:57 loud who we are in Jesus Christ for in
03:02 this area of healing according to 1st
03:05 Peter 2:24 I made in the image of God's
03:09 supernatural love and goodness I am
03:12 healed by Jesus stripes in fact I was
03:16 healed past tense
03:18 the next declaration I am made in the
03:22 image of God's supernatural love and
03:25 goodness and now think of a body part or
03:28 an area that needs healing and put that
03:31 in and then declare is healed by Jesus's
03:34 strike so if you're contending for like
03:36 a knee or a shoulder just declare my
03:40 knee is healed by the stripes of Jesus
03:43 okay ready
03:45 my blank is healed by Jesus as stripes
03:50 now what happens if a symptom comes is
03:54 that you want to go ahead and put God's
03:56 word in your mouth so say like your knee
03:58 is giving you pain you line up your body
04:03 with who you are in Christ hey me by the
04:06 stripes of Jesus you are healed you were
04:10 healed 2,000 years ago this is your
04:12 identity you have the knee of Christ as
04:15 Jesus is in it's resurrected state so
04:17 are you in this world so is your knee or
04:20 whatever else is you know confronted
04:23 with sickness
04:24 the above declarations are identity
04:26 statements based on who you are in Jesus
04:29 Christ when you declare and decree a
04:32 thing it will be established for you
04:35 that's what job 22:28 says in this area
04:40 of healing what does God supernatural
04:43 love and goodness look like for those
04:45 around you and for all people it looks
04:49 like what Jesus did in his earthly
04:51 ministry acts 10:38 says how God
04:57 anointed Jesus of Nazareth with a Holy
05:00 Spirit and with power who went about
05:02 doing good and healing all who were
05:04 oppressed by the devil for God was with
05:06 him okay so we think wow what can I you
05:11 know can I do what Jesus did and it says
05:14 that Jesus was anointed with what the
05:18 Holy Spirit and with power that's how
05:22 acts 10:38 begins and then it ends with
05:25 for God was with him so you have been
05:30 anointed with a Holy Spirit and with
05:33 power you can do the works of Jesus
05:35 Christ for God is with you so one of the
05:42 most important things you can do during
05:44 the day then is to plug in to the power
05:47 and the love of God and you do this by
05:52 reading your Bible praying having
05:55 communion and connecting with God on a
05:58 one-to-one basis now the next thing that
06:02 I have I showed you guys this tree last
06:04 time John 15 9 says that we are called
06:08 to abide in his love what I did with the
06:10 tree as you guys see in this example
06:12 that I have on the slide as I turned the
06:16 tree upside down and I did it for a
06:19 purpose we are to be rooted and grounded
06:22 in the Word of God in his love and in
06:27 his kingdom we are not to be rooted and
06:32 grounded in this world so really we are
06:35 drawn
06:36 or strength or power from above so our
06:41 roots go into the river of life that
06:44 flows from his throne room above us and
06:47 so I just wanted to go ahead and let you
06:50 know that this is a different way of
06:53 looking at that Psalm one tree that we
06:56 are planted with by or alongside of
07:02 matthew 10:7 through 8 tells us as you
07:06 go preach saying the kingdom of God is
07:09 at hand heal the sick cleanse the lepers
07:11 raise the dead freely you have received
07:13 freely yeah
07:19 Matthew 1412 says he who believes in Me
07:23 the works that I do he will do also and
07:27 greater works than he sees will he do
07:29 because I go to my father I am me so
07:34 let's all declare who we are in Jesus
07:36 Christ according to supernatural love
07:39 and goodness I am made in the image of
07:42 God supernatural love and goodness this
07:45 is my destiny and my calling I'm called
07:48 to heal the sick cleanse lepers raise
07:50 the dead freely and cast out demons
07:54 I am called to do the works and greater
07:56 works of Jesus Christ what I have freely
08:00 received I will freely give so salvation
08:06 is God's expressions of his supernatural
08:09 love and goodness to all of us so the
08:13 first question I want to talk about is
08:15 what is salvation salvation encompasses
08:18 the fullest and highest expectations of
08:22 God's supernatural love and goodness for
08:25 all people salvation includes much more
08:30 than just having a ticket going to
08:32 heaven and that's what's commonly
08:33 thought it involves like we talked about
08:36 last week experiencing the xot a life of
08:39 God which gives us the ability to think
08:41 like I talk like God and act like God it
08:43 includes everything that Psalm 103
08:46 through five talks about and we've
08:48 talked about that many times so it's
08:51 something that we should really get into
08:52 our hearts that's the forgiving of all
08:54 of our sins Healing of all of our
08:55 diseases the redemption of our life from
08:58 destruction and then the crowning or the
09:01 surrounding of our life with his
09:03 loving-kindness and tender mercies and
09:06 in the satisfying of some translations
09:12 say mouth others say life others say
09:14 body but the satisfying of our life with
09:18 good things God wants to bestow on us
09:22 good things salvation is your daily
09:26 bread and your needs being met according
09:30 to his supernatural supply so when you
09:33 receive Communion the body and blood of
09:36 Jesus Christ you are coming for the
09:41 fullness of your salvation when can you
09:45 expect to receive salvation I think this
09:48 is something most of us can get tripped
09:52 up with mark 11:24 jesus said I say to
09:57 you whatever things you ask when you
10:00 pray believe that you receive them and
10:05 you shall have them now my collazo and
10:07 his mother that gave us their
10:10 testimonies and they were tremendous
10:12 last week if he didn't have a chance to
10:15 hear it go on our website and just click
10:18 on video testimonies you'll have a
10:20 chance to hear it for yourself but in
10:24 the testimonies for ourselves one of the
10:28 things that I think that we as healing
10:32 room ministers or if you're ministering
10:34 healing to anybody what we want to
10:36 encourage is that when they believe they
10:41 come in they ask for healing of
10:43 something they can believe the first
10:45 time that they have received their
10:47 healing now that's totally mind boggling
10:50 okay remember the two chairs I had up
10:53 here last week he had the white of the
10:54 black chair over on this side
10:56 representing the earthbound
10:59 you know things of the world living in
11:00 this world with the kingdom of darkness
11:02 and then we had the white chair over
11:03 here representing the kingdom of heaven
11:06 and we are called to live in the reality
11:08 of God's kingdom so when something
11:12 happens down here in the earth realm
11:15 that disagrees with God's kingdom what
11:18 we want to do is we want to put our
11:21 faith in who God is and what he has said
11:24 okay so we want then to live from the
11:27 reality of God's kingdom so the first
11:30 time we asked for something we need to
11:32 like Jesus said when you pray believe
11:34 that you receive it okay so where do you
11:40 receive it if you haven't seen it yet
11:41 Michael and his mother prayed one year
11:45 for Michael's healing and I mean it is
11:47 like totally off the charts because when
11:49 I was read just looking at their
11:51 testimonies and going over them this
11:53 past week I saw so much and one of the
11:56 things that I saw is that these were
11:58 recreated miracles of God
12:04 when you pray believe you receive so you
12:06 first receive it in the spirit realm you
12:10 can't see it yet
12:12 but you are partnering with Jesus Christ
12:16 who you are in Jesus Christ and
12:19 believing that you have received exactly
12:21 what you have asked for and therefore
12:23 you can continue to hold fast that good
12:27 confession of your faith that by His
12:29 stripes you are healed and were healed
12:32 okay and that's how we content as kings
12:37 and priests as Kings we declare and
12:40 decree what God has declared and decreed
12:42 he's the king of kings we just declare
12:45 what the king of us as kings declares as
12:50 priests we take that word and we worship
12:53 Him over the word he has given us
12:57 praising him and thanking him that what
13:01 he has said is true when you pray
13:04 believe you'll receive it we can believe
13:09 that we are receiving daily from God he
13:14 Jesus taught us to pray give us this day
13:16 our daily bread what is it daily bread
13:19 it's kind of like abstract the bread
13:22 once again really is communion it's
13:24 everything that Jesus Christ has given
13:28 to you through his death resurrection
13:31 and ascension okay his daily bread is
13:35 every need of yours being met for every
13:38 aspect of your life Psalm 68 19 David
13:43 keys into this and he says blessed be
13:45 the Lord who daily loads us with
13:47 benefits the god of our salvation daily
13:52 loads us with benefits what's David
13:54 talking about if you've been in aren't
13:56 my Psalm 103 class the benefits he's
14:00 talking about are listed in Psalm 103
14:03 verses 3 through 5 now if you looked up
14:09 here at the slide you'll see a big clock
14:11 and it says now
14:14 when should you believe that you receive
14:17 second corinthians 6:2 get this down
14:21 into your heart now is the acceptable
14:24 time and now is the day of salvation did
14:28 you ever see Jesus when people came to
14:31 him to be healed did you ever see anyone
14:35 who came to a need to Jesus Jesus
14:38 telling them you need to wait a month a
14:41 year or whatever or you need to see to
14:44 some of these issues never ever has that
14:46 ever told he healed everyone who came to
14:50 him the moment that they came to him and
14:52 look for him to meet their need that I
14:55 mean that's like tremendous and that's
14:57 what we need to do we need to treat
15:00 Jesus like he is the Most High God and
15:04 when you think about goodness you need
15:06 to think about somebody that is so
15:08 benevolent because he is so filled with
15:13 love for us that he is just giving out
15:18 you know he says my God shall supply all
15:21 your needs not according to what we can
15:25 dish out but according to his riches in
15:28 glory and his riches in glory far
15:31 surpass anything that we can do anything
15:35 that we could give that's how his
15:37 goodness is why why would God give
15:39 salvation to all people and we went over
15:42 that last week with three different
15:43 Bible verses and you can review last
15:46 week's lesson in session two that is
15:48 because God so so loved the world John
15:53 3:16 how does every person or all ALL
16:00 receive salvation through one means of
16:05 one means only we get out of the world
16:08 of darkness and its afflictions and into
16:13 the kingdom of the son of his love only
16:16 by one way and that's through the blood
16:18 of Jesus Christ God himself qualifies
16:22 each one of us to receive the fullness
16:25 of our salvation
16:27 through the blood of Jesus it's not by
16:29 our good deeds and not by us measuring
16:31 up although we try to we kind of revert
16:34 to that let us all declare the next
16:41 declaration which is under point number
16:45 D okay and this declaration is based on
16:53 Psalm 23 verse 6 where God says surely
16:58 goodness and mercy shall follow you all
17:02 the days of your life and that word
17:05 mercy believe it or not is actually in
17:08 Hebrew hesed which is all about God's
17:11 love for us so surely goodness and love
17:14 the top our topic of discussion it's
17:17 gonna follow you all the days of your
17:19 life surely means without a doubt says
17:22 we do this declaration let's declare
17:24 that we are gonna believe God without a
17:27 doubt okay surely without a doubt I
17:31 believe and expect God's salvation His
17:34 goodness and love to follow me all the
17:36 days of my life I believe and have great
17:40 expectation that I will see His goodness
17:43 and love in and then you can name
17:46 whatever you are contending for this
17:51 word surely is something that God
17:53 Himself actually placed right before he
17:57 talks about what his son Jesus Christ
18:00 would one day do for us on the cross
18:02 before Jesus did it in Isaiah 53 and he
18:06 said surely he took our infirmities and
18:08 carried our sorrows or our pain yet we
18:12 considered him stricken and smitten by
18:15 God struck down and afflicted surely
18:19 God's goodness and his love are for you
18:23 tonight
18:25 for whatever needs you have
18:30 what is one of the greatest hindrances
18:32 to receiving salvation God's
18:34 supernatural love and goodness if you go
18:38 from this land of darkness into his
18:41 kingdom of love you only get there by
18:43 faith in God's grace in the blood of
18:48 Jesus Christ what it's done for you so
18:50 the way that you are able to go into
18:55 God's kingdom of love is through
18:57 unbelief not believing in what Jesus
19:01 Christ has died and what the blood of
19:02 Jesus Christ has accomplished for you
19:07 most people and we all get kind of stuck
19:12 in this at one time or the other is when
19:15 we really really want something what we
19:18 start to do is we try to make ourselves
19:21 better so that we will receive what he's
19:25 already provided for us and this is what
19:30 the Bible says in Galatians 5:4 about
19:33 this when we try to qualify ourselves
19:35 but through the law and not by His grace
19:37 you have been estranged from Christ you
19:41 attempt to be justified by law you have
19:43 fallen from grace
19:49 at the end we're going to sing a song
19:51 and it's about that expectation of
19:56 surely goodness and mercy will follow me
19:58 all the days of my life
20:00 and something I heard long time ago
20:02 we're gonna sing it at the very end but
20:04 something good is going to happen to me
20:11 happen to me happen to me
20:16 something good is going to happen to me
20:23 because Jesus of Nazareth is coming my
20:29 way so we're gonna sing that and we want
20:34 to get that down into our hearts wake up
20:37 singing and believing this is our year
20:41 of expectation great expectations and we
20:45 need to wake up believing that something
20:48 good from God is going to happen to us
20:52 right now for now is acceptable time and
20:56 the day of salvation Roman numeral for
20:59 God is good and does good when you take
21:06 the word God and then you put the word
21:09 good in it and you can put is in the
21:12 very center you form the cross the cross
21:16 is God's goodness for us goodness is
21:21 part of God's core identity it's an
21:24 aspect of his love when God first
21:27 introduced himself to the Israelites he
21:30 says to Moses this the Lord the Lord God
21:33 merciful and gracious long-suffering and
21:37 abounding in goodness and truth
21:42 now this word goodness in exodus 34:6
21:47 when you look up the hebrew word you
21:49 know what you get acid that's it talking
21:54 about god's covenant love with us has
22:00 said in other translations of the Bible
22:03 for exodus 34:6 will translate Hesed as
22:06 love God's unfailing love steadfast love
22:09 loving-kindness rich love faithful love
22:12 mercy and compassionate and God he
22:17 abounds in his love he abounds in His
22:22 goodness towards us
22:23 it is supernatural love and goodness it
22:27 goes above and beyond whatever you can
22:29 think and whatever you can manage and
22:31 the words goodness and love are often
22:34 seen in the same Bible verses and you
22:36 can see that in first chronicles 16 34
22:39 oh give thanks to the Lord for he is
22:41 what God is mercy endures forever God is
22:47 a source of all good things he's good
22:51 and he's a source of all good things
22:53 everything God created was good and God
22:58 made man in his own image and he blessed
23:00 man and on the sixth day he completed
23:03 everything and then he God saw that
23:06 everything he made was good Genesis 1:31
23:13 says this God saw everything that he had
23:16 made and indeed it was very good now
23:20 remember we did the upside down tree
23:22 okay you're the tree representing the
23:26 Tree of Life you're to be rooted and
23:28 grounded in the things above now think
23:31 of this as James 1:17 every good and
23:34 every perfect gift is from above and
23:36 comes down from the Father of lights and
23:40 whom there is no shadow of turning as
23:43 you receive the goodness of God and your
23:46 this tree you know with your roots above
23:48 and so the fruit you bear just falls
23:51 down then like rain into the world you
23:54 know the fruits of the spirit
23:56 joy peace patience kindness goodness
23:57 faithfulness self-control all good
24:00 things God does good to all God is not
24:03 only good but he does good
24:05 psalm 119 68 says you are good and do
24:12 good my husband and I went to a
24:14 conference a couple years ago and it was
24:17 by one of the key speakers was Bob goth
24:19 and he wrote a book called love does I
24:22 mean he does off the chart how many have
24:26 heard of Bob Gough okay he does off the
24:29 chart type of things that demonstrate
24:31 the love of God this supernatural crazy
24:36 love of God and the love God that God
24:39 wants us to show is the type of things
24:42 that you read in this book but it's also
24:44 healing the sick casting out demon
24:46 raising the dead doing the things that
24:49 Jesus did while he walked on the earth
24:52 who does God direct his love did who
24:56 does God directors abounding goodness
24:58 towards who does he direct it towards
25:03 you all of us Psalm 145 let's say this
25:09 together the Lord is good to all and as
25:12 tender mercies are over all his work how
25:16 can you receive God's supernatural
25:17 goodness Matthew 7:11 says if you then
25:22 being evil know how to give good gifts
25:24 to your children how much more will you
25:27 your heavenly Father who is in heaven
25:29 give good things to those who ask him so
25:33 how do you get good things from Daddy
25:35 God asked him that's right ask him and
25:41 when you ask him you believe that you
25:43 receive it first and that comes in the
25:45 spirit realm and then it'll be
25:47 manifested in the natural realm and we
25:50 went over this Jesus perfectly
25:51 demonstrated the love of all there by
25:53 doing good and healing all who were
25:56 oppressed I like the passion translation
25:59 it says Jesus did wonderful things
26:02 that's the good things for others and
26:04 divinely healed everyone
26:06 as believers we are to go to the one who
26:09 is a source of all good from his supply
26:13 house to bestow good things to the world
26:16 around us when we go to God as our
26:19 source we tap in to the supernatural
26:22 goodness of God now so many times I can
26:29 hear my aunt you know telling me this
26:31 and she was saying like she doesn't go
26:33 to church because she looks at what the
26:36 church is doing in this area of goodness
26:38 to mankind and what she can do in her
26:40 social groups and sees absolutely no
26:42 difference and so when we are to display
26:46 the goodness of God we need to tap in to
26:49 his resources and when we tap into his
26:54 resources it looks very different than
26:57 what the world can do because there's
26:59 such an abundance and it's so
27:02 supernatural that people will actually
27:04 go like how did that happen
27:07 why do you have so much favor why can
27:11 you give so much favor God's goodness
27:16 leads to repentance what happens when
27:19 you receive God's goodness it causes you
27:22 to think differently about who God is
27:24 and who you are in Jesus Christ I'll
27:27 never forget this testimony when I was
27:29 first started in The Healing Rooms I
27:30 went to Redding California to Bethel
27:32 Church and there was a man and he had
27:34 stage 4 cancer and he was giving his
27:37 testimony and he was on his deathbed and
27:39 I don't remember at this point in time
27:42 any longer
27:43 whether it was alcohol or drugs that he
27:46 did he really lived a wayward life and
27:48 didn't believe in God and his son begged
27:51 him to go to Bethel and he says dad I'll
27:54 Drive you there and dad goes like why
27:56 you know he goes dad you're sick and I
27:59 believe you can get well there and so
28:03 after many going back and forth with his
28:06 son his dad says kind of like to appease
28:08 you I'm gonna go and he goes there and
28:11 he sees people laying hands on people
28:14 and he says to his son tell them there's
28:16 one thing that they cannot do
28:18 and that's like hands on me and so his
28:21 son said okay
28:22 oh yeah I'll let them know and so they
28:27 begin to pray for his father and no one
28:30 lays hands on him and he just goes flat
28:33 on his back and he's out and during that
28:37 time this is what he shared from the
28:38 pulpit when I went to hear him he said
28:42 during that time Jesus came to him and
28:45 Jesus said do you want to be made well
28:48 and he said yes and Jesus made him 100%
28:53 well and Jesus then said would you like
28:59 to receive me as your Lord and Savior
29:02 over your life and he said yes then when
29:06 he that was all in the spirit realm when
29:09 he was out under the spirit when he woke
29:11 up he came up boxing he said who hit me
29:15 who knocked me out because he was in the
29:18 flesh mode he didn't understand why he
29:20 was on the ground and then he realized
29:23 what had happened he was 100% well so he
29:27 was healed and saved by Jesus
29:33 encountering him in one moment time the
29:37 goodness of God leads to repentance so
29:39 that was several years had passed when
29:41 he was given his testimony was given his
29:43 testimony from that point on he was
29:46 serving the Lord 100% awesome huh
29:53 two different types of miracles I want
29:55 to share with you that show God's
29:57 supernatural goodness and compassion to
30:00 all people and it'll help us understand
30:02 how we can receive the healing of God
30:05 the first type of miracle I want to
30:07 share with you is that Jesus feeds all
30:09 people now we see in Matthew 14 that
30:14 Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves
30:17 and two fish and then we see in the very
30:20 next chapter in Matthew Matthew 15 him
30:22 feeding 4000 people with seven loaves
30:26 and a few fish
30:32 what's interesting when you start to ask
30:35 yourself questions and I have all the
30:38 Bible verses there for you to read and
30:40 you can read them at home these accounts
30:42 but have some questions coming from
30:44 feeding all when you look at this
30:48 passage from Matthew 14 about Jesus
30:51 feeding everyone can you look at the
30:56 disciples solution to feeding them
31:00 you're going like yep they were trying
31:02 to resource the things from this earth
31:05 they weren't trying to resource the
31:08 things from above so listen to this
31:10 Matthew 1450 when it was evening his
31:13 disciples came to him saying this is a
31:15 deserted place and the hour is already
31:17 late so here's the disciples response
31:21 because now the people are hungry and
31:23 it's late so he says they say to Jesus
31:25 send the multitudes away that they may
31:28 go into the village and buy themselves
31:29 food okay so they're just thinking
31:33 natural means tell him to go home buy
31:36 food sounds good right very rational
31:39 plan Jesus says you know hey I don't
31:46 want that to be done you'll find out
31:48 that in the next question how did the
31:50 disciple soutien compared to Jesus's
31:52 solution in Matthew 14 16 jesus says
31:55 this but jesus said to them they do not
31:57 need to go away you give them something
32:01 to eat so God's telling his disciples
32:06 you give them something to eat and
32:07 they're going well we only have five
32:10 loaves and two fish right how are we
32:14 supposed to give all this you know it's
32:17 five thousand people food out of this
32:20 and I love Jesus's response think about
32:23 the upside-down tree and this is what
32:25 your to be he look he actually I might
32:30 not have that in this quote but he
32:32 actually looked to heaven it actually
32:35 says that in Matthew 14 and then he took
32:38 the five oh here it is and he took the
32:40 five loaves and the two fish and looking
32:41 up to heaven
32:45 so when you have a need or I have a need
32:47 or you're praying for someone with a
32:49 need don't get into that rational
32:52 thinking oh how that need can be met
32:54 think about how Jesus met the needs he
32:58 looked up to heaven he broke and gave it
33:00 loaves to the disciples and the
33:01 disciples gave to the multitudes and
33:05 then I have another question why would
33:08 Jesus feed everybody why would he feed
33:11 the multitude Psalm 145 9 the Lord is
33:16 good to all and his tender mercies are
33:19 over all his works
33:27 in Matthew 14:14
33:33 right before Jesus feeds the multitude
33:36 this is what it says and when Jesus went
33:40 out he saw a great multitude and he was
33:45 moved with compassion for them and then
33:50 it tells the little story which I'm
33:52 going to tell you in a bit and then
33:54 because he was moved with compassion you
33:56 not only when I had and healed them but
34:01 he fed them okay so we get this feeding
34:04 sandwich between Jesus healing everyone
34:09 because of his great compassion and then
34:13 right after he feeds everyone the
34:15 multitude we get another story about
34:17 Jesus healing everybody his love and
34:25 goodness supplied people's needs whether
34:29 it was natural food spiritual food or
34:33 something that they needed in their
34:35 bodies do you think every person among a
34:42 crowd like that whole had qualified
34:44 themselves to be fed know I hear to see
34:48 some shaking of the heads no in fact we
34:51 don't even think about like that
34:53 question when it comes to food like
34:56 qualifying themselves like of course
34:59 dude no one tries to qualify themselves
35:01 to be get fed you know supernaturally
35:05 but when it comes to healing we think
35:07 differently Jesus isn't thinking
35:10 differently whether its food or whether
35:12 it's healing us physically but why are
35:15 we trying to think differently if it's
35:18 food I need I don't need to qualify
35:20 myself but if it's healing I better work
35:23 through some sin issues when He healed
35:25 fed everybody whether some had little
35:29 sins some had big sin you know what I
35:31 mean
35:31 some had big issues and some had little
35:34 issues you know there were all levels of
35:37 people in that crowd but he fed them all
35:39 and the same thing will see with healing
35:43 okay so Jesus was so moved with
35:46 compassion that he went ahead and fed
35:49 them all when it comes to healing the
35:53 same thing happens we saw a Matthew 14
35:57 and when Jesus went out he saw a great
35:59 Milt multitude and he was moved with
36:01 compassion for them and healed their
36:03 sick so the same word that caused Jesus
36:08 to be moved with compassion to heal them
36:11 that's Matthew 14:14 is the same thing
36:16 that moved him to feed the people that's
36:18 in John that's in Matthew 15 it's in
36:24 there I can't lose my place right now on
36:27 that but it's the same thing it says he
36:29 had compassion therefore he fed them he
36:31 couldn't see that man they've been here
36:33 three days and they haven't been fed I
36:34 have compassion on them so okay and then
36:39 there's many many other scriptures that
36:41 I've listed there Matthew 4 24 through
36:44 25 Matthew 9 35 Matthew 12 15 Luke 4:40
36:49 Luke 6:18 all that speak about Jesus
36:52 healing everyone and he did that for one
36:56 thing because of his great lovers great
36:59 compassion his great mercy so if Jesus
37:03 was walking around this room and you
37:07 were in that crowd doing Jesus would
37:12 have given you some loaves to eat and
37:15 some fish yeah
37:19 if you were in that multitude that crowd
37:22 of four to five thousand do you think
37:24 Jesus would have healed you of all of
37:27 your afflictions yeah because of his
37:31 great love his great goodness
37:35 so let's go ahead Hebrews 13:8 says
37:43 Jesus is the same yesterday today and
37:45 forever so if you shook your head yes or
37:48 said yes that you believe if you were
37:51 back then Jesus would feed and heal you
37:54 then you need to believe that today he
37:57 will meet every need of yours whether
37:59 it's food that you need whether it's
38:02 healing that you need or any other need
38:04 that you have last thing point I have is
38:10 call nine-one-one what happens when you
38:14 call 911 has anyone ever called 911
38:19 couple people in here yeah okay help is
38:24 sent immediately to respond to your need
38:27 do they ask you what your qualifications
38:30 are they just want to know your name and
38:34 address and how to get help to you right
38:36 why do we think it's so different with
38:38 God one of my favorite scriptures that I
38:42 ran across is the call nine-one-one Luke
38:47 911 He healed all those who had need of
38:51 healing
38:56 say that he healed all those who had
39:00 need of healing so my uncle this is back
39:05 in I was gonna get the years 2003 was
39:09 diagnosed with basically end stage
39:11 cancer it calls me on the phone and he
39:14 relays to me you know his diagnosis
39:16 doesn't know the Lord I shared Jesus
39:19 Christ with him over the phone and he
39:22 says wouldn't I be doing that to kind of
39:25 like just have my knee be being met of
39:27 being healed now remember God can well
39:30 heal people to lead them to repentance
39:32 to bring them to him but it might be
39:35 done in the other order so he's saying
39:37 if I'm receiving Jesus and am I just
39:39 doing that to have my need met you know
39:42 anyway he receives Jesus Christ on the
39:45 foe for the phone and he ends up being
39:48 totally healed and still healed to this
39:50 day okay and he turned his whole life
39:55 around he goes to church all the time
40:00 involved with Bible studies to this day
40:03 the goodness of God led him to
40:05 repentance


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