The Joy and Triumph the Holy Spirit Brings

How can you be filled with the Holy Spirit, activating the gifts He brings, as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11? God has given you not only Jesus, His Word, but the Holy Spirit to comfort, teach, and empower you. By learning how to partner with Holy Spirit, allowing Him to fill you afresh, you will be able to do the works Jesus did.


Video Transcript

00:00 Hey hi I'm Wes Carosi and I'm going to
00:05 be talking about the joy and triumph
00:07 Holy Spirit brings today why don't we
00:11 pray for a second Heavenly Father we
00:13 come before you in the name of Jesus we
00:15 just thank you for your grace and your
00:17 mercy in our lives we thank you Lord God
00:20 that that you have sent us a promise of
00:24 Holy Spirit Lord got to help us in our
00:27 everyday life we give you praise and
00:29 thanks in Jesus name you make sure that
00:32 this is on okay so how are you guys
00:37 doing okay when when people talk about
00:44 God as the three persons in one Holy
00:48 Spirit is always the most misunderstood
00:51 I always pictured God the Father as the
00:55 mighty creator of all things walking
00:58 through the garden talking to Adam you
01:01 know the fatherly figure and God the Son
01:06 Jesus you know it's obvious to us
01:09 believers because he's a sacrificial
01:11 lamb of God he's our Redeemer he's the
01:16 savior he is our soon coming King and
01:19 he's done all these things for us the
01:21 Holy Spirit on the other hand is
01:23 somewhat mysterious you know Holy Spirit
01:27 so he he brooded over the chaos of
01:32 before the world was formed at during
01:36 creation he descends upon Jesus in the
01:40 form of a dove you know and and remained
01:43 on him during the water baptism he fills
01:47 all of us and gives us new languages and
01:51 gifts and fruits and all these things
01:56 it's a mystery the Holy Spirit is
01:59 actually the spirit of the father and
02:02 the son now you can kind of imagine
02:06 father god I can imagine a picture of
02:13 father
02:13 and and I can definitely see and
02:17 understand who Jesus is you know because
02:21 what he has done for me but Holy Spirit
02:24 takes a little bit more time and faith
02:27 to imagine the fact is he needs to show
02:32 us who he is by doing miraculous things
02:36 in order for us to experience what we
02:40 can't see
02:42 in in first corinthians 2:14 it says the
02:46 natural mind cannot comprehend or
02:49 receive the things of the Spirit the
02:52 Holy Spirit has to reveal everything
02:55 spiritual to us we just can't get it on
02:59 our own and so so it's hard to imagine
03:02 something that we can't see but that's
03:07 why we have faith so on the day of
03:10 Pentecost whenever I think about
03:13 Pentecost whenever it comes to mind I
03:16 think about the Holy Spirit filling
03:18 believers but did you know that Holy
03:21 Spirit was filling people in the New
03:25 Testament the Holy Spirit was filling
03:27 people far before the day of Pentecost
03:30 ever happened number one who do you
03:34 think was the first person in the New
03:36 Testament filled with the Holy Spirit
03:38 Amy who do you think it was no Kris who
03:45 do you think it was no
03:49 first person in the New Testament filled
03:51 with the spirit no it was Mary Mary
04:01 the the mother of Jesus in Matthew 120
04:06 it says this is a Gabriel talking to to
04:11 Joseph he says don't be afraid to take
04:13 Mary as your wife for that which it was
04:16 conceived in her is of Holy Spirit so
04:20 because Jesus was in her Holy Spirit was
04:23 also in her it's kind of a different
04:26 feeling type of thing but in Luke 1:15
04:30 the Gabriel also talked to Zacharias
04:35 about his son John being filled with the
04:37 Holy Spirit and in Luke 144 the prophecy
04:42 of that is actually fulfilled but but
04:45 Luke 141 says and it came to pass that
04:48 when Elizabeth heard the greeting of
04:50 Mary the babe John leaped in her womb
04:54 for joy and Elizabeth was filled with
04:58 holy spirit and she prophesied she
05:01 prophesied blessed are you among women
05:04 and blessed is the fruit of your womb
05:06 when someone is filled with Holy Spirit
05:09 it tends to spill out and in this case
05:14 it the Holy Spirit manifested in her
05:16 through prophecy so even though the Holy
05:21 Spirit wasn't poured out he was still
05:25 manifesting gifts in her in so so
05:30 actually when she was filled with the
05:33 spirit John was filled with the spirit
05:36 that's he received the fruit of joy
05:39 right away so fruits and gifts were
05:42 manifesting right away Luke 226 talks
05:45 about Simeon you know Simeon the old man
05:48 waiting for the baby Jesus in the temple
05:52 and the Holy Spirit it says the Holy
05:55 Spirit was upon him it it says it was
06:00 revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that
06:02 he should
06:03 see death before he had seen the Lord's
06:07 anointed one Jesus so that's you know
06:11 different ways that Holy Spirit comes
06:12 upon us now john the baptist said i
06:15 baptize you with water unto repentance
06:18 but he jesus shall baptize you with Holy
06:23 Spirit and fire is what Luke 3:16 says
06:27 so when Jesus was baptized in water the
06:31 spirit like a dove came and it says it
06:35 remained on him this is what God's plan
06:39 is for us that Jesus would live Jesus
06:42 would die Jesus would be raised from the
06:45 dead Jesus would ascend back to heaven
06:48 and and the Holy Spirit would come upon
06:53 us and remain with us the Father Son
06:57 Holy Spirit are faithful to remain with
07:00 us saying you know in Hebrews 13:5 it
07:03 says that I will never leave you or
07:07 forsake you never in in one place it
07:10 says I will never never never leave you
07:14 or forsake you so we ourselves you know
07:21 even though God will never forsake us we
07:25 ourselves can drive a wedge between us
07:29 and him by engaging in habitual sin I
07:35 mean I mean you have to really work at
07:38 it to get on God's bad side but refusing
07:44 to listen or respond to his call to us
07:46 this this we can choose to distance
07:49 ourselves from him by remaining in sin
07:52 you see God is holy and he will not
07:54 dwell with sin but the cool thing is in
07:59 first John 1:9 it says if we merely
08:02 confess our sins he is faithful and just
08:06 to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us
08:09 from all unrighteousness
08:10 so Holy Spirit can come back and dwell
08:13 upon us
08:14 refill us reunite us
08:16 so in ministry it is absolutely crucial
08:22 that we confess our sins before we
08:26 minister so that Holy Spirit can come
08:27 and help us otherwise we would be
08:31 ministering in our flesh and you know
08:34 that there's no power or authority in
08:37 the flesh God is wanting us to move and
08:40 operate and use the power and authority
08:44 of Holy Spirit to advance his kingdom
08:48 you know and to defeat the devil so we
08:51 need to be fit and we need to be
08:53 prepared to do that now now there are
09:01 different levels of Holy Spirit fillings
09:05 with Jesus you know at in John 20:22
09:12 after Jesus was crucified he rose from
09:16 the dead but before he actually ascended
09:20 to the Father it says he breathed on his
09:25 disciples and he said to them receive
09:29 the Holy Spirit now they didn't ask to
09:33 be filled Jesus just volunteered to do
09:37 that that's one one feeling I didn't
09:40 realize that that had happened until I
09:41 was studying this then later on of
09:44 course we know in in acts 1 4 through 8
09:47 Jesus said wait for the promise you
09:50 shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit
09:52 not many days from now and you shall
09:54 receive power when the Holy Spirit has
09:56 come upon you and you shall be witnesses
09:59 to me so that even though he had
10:03 breathed on them and he said receive
10:06 Holy Spirit there was something more
10:10 that was coming that they needed to wait
10:12 for like another filling you know so now
10:20 in acts 2 1 through 4 the the actual
10:24 output of the Holy Spirit happened it
10:25 says and when the day of Pentecost had
10:28 fully come there
10:30 appeared to them cloven tongues of fire
10:31 and it sat upon each one of them and
10:34 they were all filled with the Holy
10:36 Spirit began to speak with other tongues
10:38 as the Spirit gave them utterance
10:41 they're a baptized immersed in the Holy
10:45 Spirit and fire just like John said they
10:48 would be and the gift of tongues the
10:52 interpretation of tongues and prophecy
10:56 those gifts were almost immediately on
10:59 display you know so so Holy Spirit fills
11:05 Holy Spirit gifts manifest there's just
11:09 almost immediately Peter said in in acts
11:14 2:38 and 39 repent be baptized every one
11:19 of you in the name of Jesus Christ for
11:22 the remission of your sins and you shall
11:25 receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for
11:28 this promise is for you for your
11:31 children and to all who are far off as
11:34 many of as the Lord our God shall call
11:37 so this is important this is for you for
11:42 me for our children for all of us you
11:46 know the promise of Holy Spirit and all
11:49 of his gifts all of his fruits did not
11:53 end when the Apostles died some people
11:56 think that but but not according to the
11:59 Bible the promise is alive and well
12:03 today and is available to as many as the
12:06 Lord shall call so ask yourself am I
12:11 called well how do I know I'm called
12:15 the Bible says that no one can come to
12:17 the Father except you they're called so
12:20 if you know Jesus you're called so if
12:23 you're called Holy Spirit is available
12:26 to you all the gifts all the fruits have
12:29 you received your filling have you
12:32 received your refilling you know so all
12:35 of these things interesting things to
12:37 think about are you operating in the
12:40 gifts you know
12:42 are you experiencing the fruits so then
12:47 a few days later after Peter and John
12:49 had been persecuted by the Jewish
12:51 leaders for healing the lay man at the
12:54 the beautiful gate of the temple the
12:58 disciples got together with other
13:01 believers and they call upon the Lord
13:02 and they said now Lord look on their
13:05 threats and grant to your servants that
13:08 with boldness they that we may speak
13:13 your word by stretching out your hand to
13:15 heal and that signs and wonders may be
13:18 done through the name of your holy
13:20 servant Jesus and when they prayed the
13:24 place where they were assembled was
13:26 shaken and they were all filled with
13:29 Holy Spirit and they spoke the Word of
13:31 God with boldness
13:33 that's acts 4 29 to 31 so these three
13:37 times now okay these three times the
13:41 same people that disciples were filled
13:44 with Holy Spirit the first was when
13:47 Jesus just breathed on them and they and
13:51 he said to them receive the Holy Spirit
13:54 and the second time well yeah and that
14:00 was after he died and rose again but
14:03 before his ascension the second time was
14:05 of course the the promised spectacular
14:08 event when on the day of Pentecost when
14:13 when the rushing mighty wind came and
14:16 and the Holy Spirit fell and everybody
14:18 who was was speaking in tongues then the
14:22 last time after they were persecuted
14:24 they felt the need to ask for for a
14:30 refilling and they were refilled so
14:35 consider this it seems that Holy Spirit
14:39 is willing and able to pour out what we
14:43 need when we need it by filling us and
14:48 refilling us
14:50 when we asked for it he is willing to
14:53 pour out more it seems like all we need
14:56 to do is keep asking so how many times
15:02 can we be refilled and then you know I
15:05 know that when we were filled with the
15:07 Holy Spirit a lot of things happen the
15:10 first thing that happened to to these
15:12 guys is they became well Jesus said this
15:15 that we would become witnesses with
15:17 power and boldness and then in 1st
15:20 Corinthians chapter 12 verses 7 through
15:23 11 talks about other gifts of the Spirit
15:27 that are given by the spirit in in verse
15:30 7 it says but the manifestation of the
15:33 spirit or the making real of the Spirit
15:36 is given to each one of us for the
15:39 profit of everybody so these are the
15:43 gifts the word of wisdom through the
15:46 spirit the word of knowledge through the
15:49 same spirit faith by the same spirit
15:53 gifts of healing by the same spirit
15:55 working of miracles by the spirit
15:58 prophecy discerning of spirits different
16:02 kinds of tongues interpretation of
16:05 tongues but one in the same spirit works
16:09 all these things distributing to each
16:11 one individual individually as he wills
16:15 you know I have a little testimony not
16:21 this morning but last Tuesday morning we
16:23 were praying in the back room there the
16:26 men were and I forget who we were
16:28 praying for somebody so I was stretching
16:31 out my hand and I was praying in the
16:33 spirit
16:33 she bought a la casa you know just
16:35 praying in the spirit and then the guy
16:39 to my left
16:41 Lindo races this is what you're praying
16:45 so he he it was interpreting what I was
16:50 paying in his spirit it was so cool I
16:52 can't remember what it was but but it
16:55 was just cool that he was you know the
16:58 Lord gave him the interpretation for
16:59 what I was I was just praying you know
17:02 it was it was neat so Holy Spirit was
17:07 sent by the father after Jesus was
17:09 crucified and resurrected and ascended
17:11 so that he could empower us to do what
17:15 Jesus did this is a purpose to multiply
17:19 Jesus's ministry by the thousands and
17:22 millions you know God's purpose is to
17:26 have us to go heal the sick baptize them
17:30 in water baptized them in the Holy
17:31 Spirit save them from the fires of hell
17:33 do the works of Jesus and greater works
17:36 John 14:12 says in fact it says truly
17:42 truly I say to you that those who
17:45 believe in me will do what I am doing
17:47 and you will do even greater things
17:50 because I am going to my father now the
17:56 devil thought he got rid of his problem
17:59 when he had Jesus killed you know he
18:02 thought oh yeah it's over you know but
18:06 his troubles were just beginning you
18:08 know what he didn't count on and what he
18:12 could not foresee was the Holy Spirit
18:16 was coming to empower millions of other
18:18 little Jesus's you're a little Jesus
18:22 you're a little Jesus you know he came
18:25 to empower these little Jesus's just as
18:28 powerful just as effective just just as
18:33 as as able to to do the work but in
18:37 multiple places and at multiple times
18:40 now Jesus as powerful and effective as
18:45 he was truly was and had become a man
18:51 you know he had to become a man so that
18:54 he could sacrifice himself when he
18:56 became a man he could only be in one
18:59 place at a time so like for instance
19:04 Jesus was limited by his flesh so so
19:08 when when he when they when gyruss asked
19:12 him to to heal his daughter the
19:16 needed to wait until he got to the place
19:18 and and did that all the people in Syria
19:21 had to come to him and get healed you
19:26 know I'm sure he could have spoken and
19:28 everybody in the world would have gotten
19:30 heal all at the same time but he was he
19:33 was limited in scope by by his his
19:37 physical being being where he was you
19:41 know I mean he had all this power but
19:44 but he chose to inhabit a body but we
19:52 being many having that same power the
19:56 Holy Spirit can do the work efficiently
20:01 because we can be in many places at many
20:04 times and this was God's plan this is
20:07 what God wanted to do this is why Jesus
20:09 said it's expedient for me to go you
20:13 know and so I can send the Holy Spirit
20:16 the devil had no idea how complicated
20:19 his task would become so many Jesuses
20:22 in so many places doing what Jesus did
20:25 you know it's hilarious when you think
20:27 about it remember what Jesus said all
20:31 authority is given unto me in heaven and
20:34 on earth
20:35 so go teach heal the sick cast out
20:39 Devils speak with new tongues all of
20:41 these things he wants us to just go and
20:44 and do the things that that he did now
20:48 let's talk about speaking in tongues for
20:51 a second this is a very unique gift
20:56 because with it we can speak directly to
20:59 God without our intellect getting in the
21:03 way according to 1st 1st Corinthians
21:07 14:14 it says for if I pray in a tongue
21:11 my spirit prays but my understanding is
21:16 unfruitful verse 15 says I will pray
21:19 with a spirit I will pray with my
21:22 understanding also I will sing with the
21:24 spirit and I will sing with the
21:26 understanding also
21:28 Jude 20 says but you beloved building up
21:33 yourselves on your most holy faith
21:34 praying in the Holy Spirit and then
21:38 Romans says likewise the spirit also
21:41 helps in our weakness for we we do not
21:44 know what we should pray for as we ought
21:46 to but the Spirit Himself makes
21:49 intercession for us with groanings which
21:52 cannot be uttered now he who searches
21:55 the hearts knows what the mind of the
21:57 Spirit is because listen to this he
22:00 makes intercession for the Saints
22:02 according to the will of God you know
22:06 1st Corinthians 14:2 he speaks he who
22:11 speaks in a tongue does not speak to man
22:13 but he speaks to God and verse 4 hew
22:18 speaks in a tongue edifies himself so
22:20 what is speaking in tongues do it allows
22:24 me to speak directly to God it allows me
22:28 to bypass my understanding and my
22:31 intellect it allows me to build up my
22:34 faith it allows Holy Spirit to intercede
22:38 for me it allows me to pray according to
22:43 the will of God and it Elif ëismí I'm
22:46 sure there's other things in there that
22:48 it does too but these are just some of
22:51 the things that I found so for myself I
22:55 made a decision years ago to pray in the
23:00 spirit as much and as often as I can
23:04 so if I'm driving in my car by myself
23:08 I'm I'm praying in the spirit if I'm
23:12 waiting at the mall you know because
23:15 Lynn is shopping and I'm waiting I'm
23:19 praying in the spirit you know if I mean
23:22 if I'm walking if I'm walking down the
23:25 street here you know like a lot of times
23:27 when when Lynn and I will go for a walk
23:29 we're both just walking praying in the
23:32 spirit you know what in Thailand when
23:35 you know there were several times when
23:38 we were in the car and it in a taxi or
23:41 transport
23:41 for an hour or two just going from one
23:44 place to another and both Larry Larry
23:47 and I would both be sitting on the seat
23:50 staring out the windows and I could hear
23:53 him praying in the spirit and I was
23:54 praying in the spirit you know it's just
23:56 we're edifying ourselves we're talking
24:00 my spirits talking to God
24:02 you know I'm building up my faith that's
24:05 what would this that's what we're doing
24:07 so you know Bible says to pray without
24:10 ceasing in first Thessalonians 5:17
24:13 I think praying in the spirit is the
24:15 only way to accomplish that you know
24:18 with without when you pray with your
24:21 understanding either you're gonna ramble
24:25 repetitively or you're gonna for me
24:31 maybe 15 20 minutes I'll run out of
24:34 words you know and then am I done
24:38 you know when I pray in the spirit I can
24:40 pray for hours at a time hours at a time
24:43 and you know I'm driving them down the
24:49 road and I see an accident almost always
24:53 up I'll pray in the spirit you know I
24:56 don't know what's going on there I don't
24:58 know if anybody's injured but the Lord
25:00 knows you know so I can I can join my
25:04 faith to that by praying in the spirit
25:06 and because God knows the details of
25:09 every situation
25:10 I'll also discover that singing in the
25:14 spirit is a great way to begin writing
25:17 songs of Scripture what I do is I'll
25:22 choose a scripture promise that I want
25:27 to write a song from and then I'll start
25:29 singing singing in the spirit just just
25:33 make a melody in my heart singing in the
25:36 spirit and then I'll plug in the
25:38 scripture words you know to that same
25:41 melody and sometimes it works and
25:44 sometimes it doesn't but you know with a
25:48 little practice it you know it does work
25:50 so we we linear I we've been
25:55 learning to use the gifts of the Holy
25:57 Spirit
25:59 especially healing prophecy discerning
26:01 of spirits words of wisdom and knowledge
26:03 you know we've got a long way to go but
26:09 we're asking God to fill us with and
26:11 empower us with these gifts you know and
26:15 he is and he's doing that you know so we
26:18 just want to be more proficient at using
26:22 gifts
26:23 we should all be asking to be filled to
26:27 be refilled there's there's no point at
26:31 which the Heavenly Father is going to
26:32 say to you know no more holy spear a now
26:35 yeah he's he's never gonna run out you
26:39 know the we will never be lacking in
26:45 holy spirit power you know the fact is
26:48 that God can create new additions of
26:52 gifts for us you know like new toys you
26:55 know healing new improved healing
26:59 SuperDuper healing you know all kind I
27:03 can do anything he wants like my friend
27:06 Larry learn how to scan people when he
27:11 prays
27:13 he'll scan people was his hinge
27:16 oh well almost like a cat scanner or a
27:21 PET scan you know and and and the Lord
27:24 showed him how to do that or he'll blow
27:27 on them you know I learned how to do
27:30 that too in Thailand you know and and
27:32 and so God is creative you know when I
27:39 was in Thailand I was praying for a lady
27:41 that was dizzy and she she had I don't
27:45 know some kind of vertical thing and I
27:48 prayed you know and nothing happened
27:52 I prayed nothing happened so I said okay
27:56 turn around so you turned around I said
28:01 how do you feel this is I'm still dizzy
28:05 turn around again how do you feel I'm
28:07 still dizzy then and then the Lord said
28:10 okay I ever turn the other way
28:11 she had her turn this way all around and
28:13 the dizziness went away you know it's
28:16 like God has created if he can do
28:19 whatever he wants whenever he wants
28:22 however he wants you know and so all
28:25 these gifts are available for us to use
28:29 in many different fashions I'm gonna
28:33 tell you a little story there was a guy
28:38 who is taken up into heaven and he's
28:42 walking around and and and the angel is
28:46 showing him around and it comes across
28:49 the door and his name is on the door so
28:53 you asked the angel what what's that all
28:56 about is this where I'm supposed to be
28:59 here whatever this is my house and the
29:02 angel says he opens the door and and
29:06 there's a giant warehouse you know and
29:10 all these shelves are in there and
29:12 there's there's stacks of gifts in there
29:18 but then in between the gifts they're
29:20 they're empty spots here and there and
29:23 he says what is this place
29:26 and and he says these are all the gifts
29:29 that the father has prepared for you you
29:33 know and he says the empty places are
29:38 where the gifts were that you actually
29:41 opened and used you know but all the
29:45 rest of them some of them we delivered
29:48 to you and you know you didn't receive
29:53 them you didn't open them and so you
29:57 know return to sender so here they are
30:01 you know so he was blown away from that
30:03 so so God is a giver of all good gifts
30:07 and he gives him freely to us he wants
30:11 he's he's looking for occasions to give
30:14 us more gifts and the more gifts we owe
30:17 the more gifts we use the more he gives
30:20 us and it's a never-ending flow it's
30:24 like the stewards with the ten talents
30:28 the five talents the one talent you know
30:31 you don't want to be the person that
30:33 doesn't open the gift you don't want to
30:35 be the person that just berries the
30:37 berries of talent in the ground you want
30:40 to be the person that says hey well hey
30:42 look I got five five talents so I'm
30:44 gonna gonna go use them and well look I
30:47 have five more you know that's how God
30:50 is he will continue to pour up more and
30:54 more to us the more we used our gifts
30:58 and when we use the gifts the the Holy
31:05 Spirit gifts it glorifies God and it
31:10 advances his kingdom you know and that's
31:15 how we partner with God by advancing his
31:18 kingdom by using the gifts that he gives
31:21 us you know we can't we can't do
31:24 anything in the flesh we can't do
31:25 anything on our own we have to be
31:30 empowered by Holy Spirit but he is
31:33 available 24/7 with gifts for us to use
31:38 you know at any time for any purpose you
31:43 know to advance his kingdom no I I heard
31:47 I heard another testimony from a friend
31:50 of mine and she's a seer she's a
31:53 prophetess and she went to a local
31:56 church and she walked in and lining the
32:02 walls were all these angels ministering
32:07 angels it's thought the ones that are
32:10 about six feet tall and they they have
32:12 white robes and they have like a gold
32:13 band like this that's kind of how they
32:15 dress so that they're all waiting that
32:20 they were waiting to be used to be
32:23 assigned a task you know and and and
32:29 in Hebrews it talks about that that the
32:32 angels are are there to help us
32:36 especially in ministry there that you
32:38 know if you're in ministry you can call
32:40 on the Angelica hosts to help you I do
32:43 this all the time when I'm leading in
32:45 worship I always ask the Lord to send
32:50 angels to help me you know and and they
32:53 do you know I
32:54 occasion I can hear them you know
32:57 they're singing along and but what
33:01 happened at this church it's at the end
33:04 of the service all the angels were still
33:09 standing there no one had asked for
33:12 their help no one had given them an
33:14 assignment nothing they just stood there
33:18 they were the she said it was the
33:20 saddest thing she's ever seen you know
33:22 and I believe her you know so heaven
33:27 heaven is fully equipped heaven is fully
33:30 supplied you know the angels are fully
33:33 prepared the gifts have been wrapped
33:35 they're ready to hand out Holy Spirit
33:38 has received his assignment to come
33:41 alongside us to help you know the the
33:44 question is are we going to ask for help
33:46 you know are we going to ask for gifts
33:50 to use in ministry I think we need to
33:55 learn how to partner with Holy Spirit
33:58 more than we do you know to do the works
34:02 of Jesus we have to be moving in the
34:05 power of the Spirit and to be moving in
34:07 the power of the Spirit to do the works
34:09 of Jesus to be little Jesus's everywhere
34:13 that we go we have to be moving in the
34:18 power of the Spirit and the bet the only
34:21 way I know how to do that is to ask him
34:24 for help you know and every time we were
34:30 in a ministry situation Lord I need I
34:36 need wisdom here and he can give you
34:38 word wisdom I mean I need to know what's
34:42 what's going on
34:43 here you know he can give you a word of
34:45 knowledge you know when I was in
34:50 Thailand there was a there was a lady
34:53 that she couldn't walk very well and she
35:00 was like she had this scowl on her face
35:03 and so so me and AJ my interpreter we're
35:09 praying for her and and nothing was
35:12 happening she couldn't move her you know
35:15 and so so as we were praying that the
35:19 the pastor came up said this lady is
35:23 demon-possessed I said oh okay okay
35:28 she's demon-possessed
35:29 so AJ's talking to her and finds out she
35:37 she's never been baptized in water so we
35:42 immediately you know was like so
35:45 immediately we asked the pastor to come
35:49 back and says I think she needs to be
35:51 baptized in water I believe that that
35:53 was a word of wisdom you know so so they
35:59 whisked her away in about five minutes
36:00 they brought her back soaking wet they
36:05 had found a place to baptize it's there
36:07 so so she's sitting there on a chair
36:09 again but this time she's smiling you
36:14 know and so we pray cast out the demon
36:17 and prayed for her legs and so she's
36:19 walk now she's walking around the room
36:21 and smiling and I mean everything
36:23 changed just just like that everything
36:26 changed so the gift of healing was
36:28 manifest you know the discerning of
36:31 spirits the the all of that was was
36:35 manifest so various different gifts of
36:38 the Spirit so what we need to remember
36:44 like what Jesus what Peter said on the
36:47 day of Pentecost it says the promise of
36:50 Holy Spirit is for you for your children
36:53 and to all who are far off
36:56 many as the Lord our God shall call you
37:00 know we need to be filled with the
37:02 spirit we need to repent we need to have
37:07 our sins forgiven which I can do just
37:10 like that we need to be filled we need
37:12 to be refilled we need to be refilled
37:15 some of you that came in a little later
37:17 I was talking earlier about how how the
37:22 Jesus came and and after he was
37:26 resurrected from the dead but before he
37:28 was actually ascended into heaven he
37:32 breathed on his disciples and said
37:35 received the Holy Spirit
37:37 so this was before the day of Pentecost
37:40 then on the day of Pentecost
37:42 of course the Spirit was poured out and
37:45 everybody was was had tongues of fire on
37:48 them and they in the spoken tongues and
37:51 and and other people were interpreting
37:55 the tongues and then and then Peter was
37:58 prophesying to everybody and then a few
38:03 days later something else happened Peter
38:06 and John were in the temple and they
38:10 healed the lame man and soon after that
38:14 they were persecuted so after they were
38:18 persecuted they they got together with
38:22 other disciples and prayed and asked the
38:25 Lord to help them and it says and they
38:31 were filled with a spirit so this this
38:34 is a same group of people three times
38:37 the disciples Jesus breathing on them
38:41 they received the spirit the day of
38:44 Pentecost they were there filled with
38:48 the spirit and then they were persecuted
38:50 and prayed and they were filled with the
38:52 spirit again so it tells me something
38:54 tells me that we can ask and be filled
39:00 be refilled be refilled be refilled I
39:03 think we need to be refilled because we
39:05 leak you know Holy Spirit was out of us
39:09 you know and so
39:09 you need to be filled up again you know
39:11 so it's like this is if if I can leave
39:18 anything with you is to pursue pursue
39:24 pursue the holy spirit and and in first
39:31 Corinthians chapter 14 it says to pursue
39:34 the gifts you know but especially to
39:37 prophecy because when you prophesy you
39:39 can edify the church but but to pursue
39:42 speaking in tongues and all of that you
39:45 know when you feel with the spirit when
39:47 you know when you get close to Jesus he
39:53 will manifest the the fruits in your
39:57 life to you you you'll experience joy
40:01 love you know long-suffering and all of
40:04 these things so some of you may may not
40:11 have ever received the Holy Spirit if
40:14 you haven't ever been filled with the
40:17 Holy Spirit
40:18 nobody prayed with you if you don't
40:20 speak in tongues you need to you know
40:24 and so if you if you don't then come
40:28 forward and we'll pray for you but even
40:32 those who have come for prayer as well
40:36 as those who are here to minister all of
40:40 us need to be filled all listening to be
40:43 refilled you know I don't know how often
40:47 you need to be refilled I guess it's
40:50 often as you need to be refilled you
40:53 know and as often as you need it he will
40:55 fill you
40:57 let's pray Heavenly Father I just thank
41:02 you for your grace and your mercy and
41:04 your kindness to us look god I thank you
41:07 that that your mercies are new every
41:10 morning that we live Lord that every day
41:14 Lord goodness and mercy follows us and
41:17 Lord God that I thank you that that when
41:21 when you
41:22 sent it to heaven you sent Holy Spirit
41:25 to come and dwell with us to impart to
41:29 us gifts and fruit and to help us in our
41:35 lives Lord to convict us of sin and of
41:39 righteousness as well our God and so
41:42 though we submit ourselves to you and we
41:46 ask you Lord fill us again with your
41:50 Holy Spirit Lord that we would be
41:52 overflowing with the love of Jesus Lord
41:56 God so that we can make a dynamic
41:58 difference everywhere we go so we can do
42:02 the works of Jesus so that we can do
42:05 greater works then you did Lord we give
42:09 you praise in Jesus name Amen god bless
42:15 you


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