Keys to Meditating on the Word of God – Psalm 1, Session 5

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Date: 3/06/2019


In Session 5 of “Choices Determine Destiny,” Sue Burdullis declares that in Psalm 1:2 God gives us one of the most important keys to living a successful prosperous life, which is meditating and delighting in God’s Word 24-7. She shares how meditating on the Word of God transformed her life from a state of hopelessness to great hope.  Through her testimony you will understand not only practical steps to meditating on the Word of God but essential keys to remember as you meditate.  The most crucial step advocated for meditating on the Word of God is wearing the lens of God’s love, always remembering what Jesus did for you through His broken body and His shed blood to redeem you back to God.  Through her testimony, you will understand why this is vitally important.


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