Called to Be Like The Tree of Life

What does it mean that you are called to be like “The Tree of Life” – to be “like a tree planted by rivers of water…”? (Ps. 1:3) God gives us this beautiful imagery to describe the unique calling each one of us have in Christ. This imagery of “The Tree of Life” appears in Genesis and in Revelation, the first and last books of the bible. Adam and Eve, the first human beings, were originally created in the image and likeness of God,  and were called to be like “The Tree of Life,” like Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ’s work of the cross, God’s original intentions and calling has been restored for mankind.  The choice is yours. Will you choose to follow the calling of God for your life? Or, will you choose to live like the ungodly – those who do not know God. This session will help you to choose God’s will and way for your life – to be like “The  Tree of Life.”


Video Transcript

00:00 Sue Burdullis and I'm the director of the
00:01 Camarillo Healing Rooms and this is our
00:04 sixth session on choices determine
00:06 destiny tonight's session is entitled
00:10 cold to be like The Tree of Life
00:14 so let us pray father we thank you that
00:18 you have called us to be like your son
00:21 Jesus Christ like The Tree of Life in
00:24 Psalm 1 3 we thank you for releasing
00:29 your life-giving spirit to us tonight as
00:32 the word of God goes forth water the
00:36 root systems of our heart
00:38 bring your transformational love into
00:41 every dry and barren area of our lives
00:44 in Jesus's name Amen
00:47 so Roman numeral one called to be like
00:51 Jesus like the psalm one three tree
00:55 God's passionate desire for you is to be
00:59 like Jesus Christ to be like the psalm
01:02 one three tree psalm 1:3 says he shall
01:07 be planted like a tree by the rivers of
01:10 water that brings forth fruit in its
01:14 season whose leaf shall not wither and
01:18 whatever he does he shall prosper the
01:24 psalm one three tree is a beautiful
01:27 picture of your life as a Christian as
01:30 one who abides in Jesus Christ dwelling
01:34 in his love first John 4:16 says and we
01:39 have known and believed the love that
01:43 God has for us god is love and he who
01:49 abides in love abides in God and God in
01:54 him then jesus said these words in John
01:58 15 9 abide in my love
02:02 now last week in Psalm 1 2 we took a
02:05 look at how God called us to meditate on
02:09 the Word of God
02:12 and as we meditated on the Word of God I
02:15 said that one of the most important
02:18 things that we need to do as we meditate
02:20 on the Word of God is to put on the lens
02:24 of God's love for us this is one of the
02:29 greatest callings he has in our life is
02:32 to abide in his love it is the first
02:35 commandment to love him with our whole
02:38 heart soul and mind so we need to look
02:41 at the Scriptures through this lens of
02:44 love you've been planted like a tree by
02:49 the rivers of water Psalm 1 3 it's a
02:54 very beautiful River it's a never-ending
02:58 supply of water not like sometimes here
03:01 in Southern California and you have the
03:04 great privilege and honor of drinking
03:08 from the river of his pleasure the
03:13 rivers of his love psalm 36 8 says this
03:18 and you gave them drink from the river
03:23 of your pleasures now I was so delighted
03:27 when I looked up this word pleasures in
03:30 Hebrew it actually is Eden Eden was a
03:34 place of great pleasure and when that
03:38 tree was planted by the rivers of water
03:42 it was a river that delivered great
03:46 pleasure to all that drank from it and
03:49 you've been invited to drink from the
03:52 river of his pleasure psalm 46 for it
03:57 doesn't use Eden in the their
03:59 translation of the word pleasure in that
04:01 but it has a very similar meaning to
04:03 what we just read it says this in the
04:08 the passion translation God has a
04:11 constantly flowing river whose sparkling
04:15 streams bring joy and delight to his
04:19 people so can you imagine this God went
04:21 ahead and put her River in the Garden of
04:24 Eden and he has
04:26 giving you access to this river because
04:28 he wants you to have joy and he wants
04:31 you to have delight in him
04:34 Genesis 2:10 it says this now a river
04:40 went out of Eden to water the garden and
04:43 from there it parted and became four
04:47 river heads now if you think about
04:52 Palestine in the Old Testament time it
04:54 was desert land and there wasn't like
04:58 rivers just running everywhere they had
05:02 to go ahead and take water from wells
05:05 and it was laborious to do that and here
05:09 in Eden though it was such a different
05:11 picture and that is what God truly
05:14 wanted throughout all the earth is for
05:16 people to drink from the rivers of water
05:20 no scarcity that they would always have
05:23 an abundant supply of him the River of
05:26 Life this river which appears in Genesis
05:32 this river of life also appears at the
05:35 end of the book of Revelation where it
05:38 is seen once again along with the Tree
05:41 of Life because you have access to God's
05:46 throne of grace Hebrews 4:16 you have
05:50 access to this heavenly River while you
05:54 live here on earth
05:56 revelations 21 through 2 says this and
06:00 he showed me a pure river of water of
06:07 life clear as crystal proceeding from
06:12 the throne of God and from the lamb in
06:16 the middle of its street and on either
06:20 side of the river was the Tree of Life
06:25 think about this the very source of the
06:29 river that was in Eden and the source of
06:34 the river that we get to drink from
06:36 comes from the throne of God
06:39 and of the lamb it possesses the very
06:43 life of God the very love of God the
06:47 very Authority and power of God the
06:51 water it's pure it's pure as a crystal
06:57 this is just like the Lamb of God who is
07:02 without spot and without blemish and
07:05 when you drink from this river of life
07:08 you are purified the spirit of life of
07:13 God is in the river so wherever the
07:18 river goes there is life
07:20 I love the passage in Ezekiel 47 Ezekiel
07:25 47 9 says this for they will be healed
07:29 and everything will live wherever the
07:33 river goes you're a carry of that River
07:38 and wherever you go you can bring life
07:42 when the women at the whale asked Jesus
07:44 for a drink he answered her and said
07:47 this John 4:10 if you knew the gift of
07:52 God and who it is who says to you give
07:56 me a drink you would have asked him and
08:00 he would have given you living water
08:06 John 7:37 through 38 jesus stood and
08:13 cried out saying if anyone thirst let
08:19 him come to me and drink he who believes
08:23 in me as the scripture has said out of
08:26 his heart will flow rivers of living
08:29 water Jesus was speaking about the
08:34 Spirit who would come and live within
08:37 you and flow out of you abiding in God's
08:43 love means that you're going to be
08:46 drinking continuously from the river of
08:52 living water
08:53 from the river of his love one river
08:58 went out from Eden from God's kingdom
09:00 and it watered the garden that was Eden
09:05 but in the Garden of Eden four rivers
09:08 came out so get this we have a river
09:12 coming from the throne of God and in us
09:15 it becomes rivers of God because we are
09:20 the Garden of God isaiah 58:11
09:26 prophesied this you shall be like a
09:30 watered garden and like a spring of
09:32 water whose waters do not fail you all
09:37 know that song
09:38 I've got a river of life flowing out of
09:41 me makes a lame to walk and the blind to
09:46 see where's that river it's here and it
09:51 really is to come out bringing life
09:55 resurrection life the life that Jesus
09:58 offered people when he walked on this
10:00 earth wherever Jesus went the river
10:03 flowed out from him and Jesus is within
10:06 you and the river of life is to flow out
10:08 of you bringing healings miracles and
10:11 supply to God's people who are in need a
10:16 healthy strong vibrance fruit-bearing
10:20 tree mirrors what is happening below the
10:23 surface as your roots grow deeper in
10:28 God's River of Life the river of his
10:32 loved you your branches with its leaves
10:37 and fruits will be filled with the
10:40 fullness of God with the fullness of his
10:43 love
10:44 Ephesians 3:16 through 20 be
10:48 strengthened with might through a spirit
10:50 in the inner man why so that you would
10:55 be rooted and grounded in his love why
11:00 so that you would know the love of
11:02 Christ that she would be filled up with
11:06 the very full
11:07 illness of God your inner root system
11:11 needs to daily be nourished and
11:14 strengthened in the love of God
11:18 therefore it is crucial that you put on
11:22 the lens of God's great love for you as
11:26 you read his holy word and has she
11:29 meditate on it your duty and privilege
11:33 as a believer in life is to drink from
11:38 the river of his life the river of his
11:41 love and as he drink deeply of his love
11:46 you will be able to feel fulfilled God's
11:49 greatest commandment in that he has
11:52 given you an eye right that she shall
11:54 love the Lord your God with your whole
11:57 heart your whole soul and your whole
12:01 mind and then what the river comes out
12:04 the river glob and you shall love your
12:07 neighbor as yourself all on these two
12:12 Commandments hang all the law and
12:14 prophets your greatest calling in life
12:20 is to abide in God's love to be like the
12:26 psalm one tree to be like Jesus Christ
12:30 and as you look into the mirror of God's
12:33 Word God's love you will be transformed
12:37 into that same image from glory to glory
12:41 like a tree you will grow more and more
12:48 into the image of Jesus Christ into love
12:54 itself God's plan for mankind has not
12:59 changed Roman numeral 2 Psalm 1 3 has so
13:05 many hidden treasures for us to discover
13:09 let us reflect on some of the hidden men
13:12 and we were given in session 4 in that
13:16 session we saw that the name of Jesus
13:19 Christ was
13:21 revealed in the very first letter of the
13:24 Hebrew alphabet and in the last letter
13:29 of the Hebrew alphabet so the very first
13:32 letter of Psalm 1 was olive and the very
13:36 last letter in Psalm 1 was tall so Jesus
13:42 is the olive and tall the first and last
13:47 letters of the Hebrew alphabet so that
13:51 it reminds us of Jesus being in the
13:53 Greek alphabet what the Alpha and the
13:56 Omega the beginning and the end so in
14:01 Genesis very first book of the Bible we
14:04 see the tree of life and then in the
14:10 last book of the Bible last chapters
14:12 also we see the tree of life both having
14:17 the same river the river of life flowing
14:22 right next to it so as we look at this
14:30 God is informing us that his plans from
14:35 Genesis all the way through revelation
14:38 for you and I to grow in the likeness of
14:41 his son Jesus Christ to be that Psalm 1
14:45 3 tree has not changed
14:50 revelations 2:7 says this to him who
14:53 overcomes I will give to eat from the
14:56 tree of life which is in the mist of the
15:00 paradise of God that's something to look
15:04 forward to and then God is showing us in
15:11 Psalm 1 3 this tree of life that
15:14 appeared in the center of the Garden of
15:16 Eden and then in Revelations he is
15:19 showing us that at these two bookends
15:23 that Jesus is in the beginning and he
15:27 will be in the end of all things he is
15:30 the Tree of Life Genesis 2:9 the Tree of
15:33 Life was in the midst of
15:34 garden revelations 22 - and the mist or
15:39 in the middle of its Street and on
15:41 either side of the river was the Tree of
15:44 Life I like what Martin Luther said he
15:50 said that the Psalter the Psalms is a
15:54 little Bible and from you journeying
15:57 with me throughout these sessions I can
15:59 I hope that you have seen that psalm 1
16:03 the introduction to all the Psalms is
16:05 really like looking at a very miniature
16:08 scope of the Bible as even we talked
16:11 about this lesson about the tree it's
16:13 just amazing how when you start looking
16:15 at what how God put words together and
16:18 there's just all these multi layers word
16:22 upon word verse upon verse and they all
16:24 fit together like this nice beautiful
16:27 woven picture and your eyes go oh I've
16:30 never seen that before that's what's
16:32 been happening to me in this study so
16:39 Roman numeral 3 created to be like The
16:42 Tree of Life in a very real sense Adam
16:46 and Eve in the Garden of Eden were
16:47 already like the tree planted by the
16:50 rivers of water like Psalm 1 3 describes
16:53 they were planted in the Garden of Eden
16:56 which was a real place that was like
16:59 heaven on earth it was like the kingdom
17:02 of God on earth Genesis 2 8 the Lord God
17:06 planted a garden eastward in Eden and
17:09 there he put the man whom he had formed
17:14 when you receive Jesus Christ into your
17:17 heart you are taken out of the kingdom
17:19 of darkness and you're planted into
17:22 God's kingdom of love so what's the
17:28 nature of God's kingdom love what does
17:35 that mean it means that the King King
17:39 Jesus he wants to be in a loving
17:43 relationship with you in his kingdom
17:47 of love Adam and Eve were made in the
17:52 very image and likeness of God having
17:54 the very life of God the very breath of
17:58 God within them Genesis 1:27 so God
18:03 created man is in his own image in the
18:07 image of God he created him male and
18:10 female Genesis 2:7 says that the Lord
18:16 breathed into Adam and Eve Adam's
18:19 nostrils and the breath of life came
18:23 into him and he became a living being
18:25 when you invite Jesus Christ into your
18:28 heart to dwell you become a new creation
18:32 in Jesus Christ like we've shared in
18:34 other lessons about certain Corinthians
18:36 5:17 if anyone is in Christ is a new
18:39 creation the old things have passed away
18:41 behold all things have become new
18:45 and we understood that when you become
18:49 new that your spirit man becomes 100%
18:52 righteous and holy which is shown to us
18:55 in 2nd Corinthians 5:21 four verses
18:59 after this new creation reality of 2nd
19:02 Corinthians 5:17 did you know that
19:06 Isaiah prophesied about this Isaiah 60:1
19:11 3 they may be called the trees of
19:16 righteousness the planting of the Lord
19:20 you see how the tree is a tree of
19:24 righteousness and who is the righteous
19:26 one Jesus Christ and you have made in
19:29 the image and likeness of Jesus Christ
19:32 in His righteousness at the same time
19:37 that she became one spirit with the Lord
19:40 you became one flesh in real
19:43 relationship with the Lord by Matthew
19:46 5:30 through 31 for we are members of
19:50 his body a flash of his flesh and of his
19:54 bones the to man and wife shall become
19:57 one flesh
20:00 this is a great mystery but I speak
20:03 concerning Christ and the church
20:07 just like the life-giving spirit was
20:10 breathed into Adam the life-giving
20:13 spirit has been breathed into you when
20:16 you receive Jesus Christ did you know
20:19 that when Jesus Christ was resurrected
20:21 from the dead he became a life-giving
20:24 spirit in John 20:22
20:28 this is before Pentecost it says when he
20:32 meaning Jesus said this he breathed on
20:35 them the disciples and said to them
20:38 receive the Holy Spirit and then on the
20:44 day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was
20:47 released and his breath came over them
20:50 like a mighty roaring wind and they were
20:57 all filled with the Holy Spirit and the
21:00 world started to be turned upside down
21:02 as thousands of people started becoming
21:08 made in the very image and likeness of
21:12 Jesus Christ like trees planted by the
21:15 river of water having that river of
21:18 water living in them and flowing out of
21:21 them
21:23 the Holy Spirit releases the breath of
21:27 God the very life force of God the life
21:29 of Jesus Christ into our spirits this
21:33 life-giving spirit can be felt and it
21:39 can be experienced but usually we don't
21:41 see the Holy Spirit it's just like wind
21:44 that's invisible acts - - and suddenly
21:50 there came from heaven as of a rushing
21:55 mighty wind and it filled the whole
21:58 house where they are sitting then there
22:01 appeared to them divided tongues as a
22:04 fire and one sat upon each of them and
22:07 they are all filled with the Holy Spirit
22:11 when the Holy Spirit releases the very
22:15 breath of God into us he imparts grace
22:20 to receive one of the greatest of all
22:23 gifts the gift of the love of God Romans
22:30 5:5 says this because the love of God
22:34 has been poured out into our hearts by
22:38 the Holy Spirit who has been given to us
22:42 this is one of the greatest realities
22:46 that the Holy Spirit releases into our
22:48 lives is the very love of God into our
22:52 hearts so that we then can go ahead and
22:55 have his love flow out of our hearts
22:58 first John 2:27 says this but the
23:03 anointing which you have received from
23:04 him abides in you teaching you
23:09 concerning all things the Holy Spirit
23:15 wants to teach us how to abide in this
23:18 love of God he is zealous for this when
23:23 God spoke the blessing over Adam and
23:25 Eve's life to be fruitful multiply
23:27 subdue and have dominion over every
23:30 living thing he was calling out their
23:33 destiny to be like the tree of life that
23:36 stood in the midst of the garden
23:39 mankind's destiny has never changed your
23:43 destiny has never changed to be like The
23:46 Tree of Life to be fruitful to multiply
23:49 to subdue and have dominion Roman
23:54 numeral four created in the likeness of
23:56 love just like Adam and Eve you were
23:59 created in the image of God the one who
24:04 is loved first John 4:16 because of this
24:08 you were created with a great capacity
24:11 to love and be loved which is very
24:14 unique to the human spirit
24:16 love is God's nature it's his
24:20 personality and guess what love is your
24:24 nature and it's
24:26 your personality love is not something
24:30 that God does but love is something that
24:35 he is love is something that you just
24:38 don't that you just do it's something of
24:42 who you are in Christ you are created in
24:48 God's likeness to relate to God in the
24:52 same way that the God had relates to one
24:55 another and guess what God dwells in a
24:59 deeply satisfying relationship of love
25:02 within the Trinity Jesus loves the
25:07 father and the father loves Jesus with
25:11 the same intensity they delight in using
25:16 their authority to honor one another and
25:19 I've given you scripture there that show
25:21 that John 5:23 John 8 49 through 51 they
25:28 delight in serving one another John 12
25:31 26 and they delight in glorifying one
25:35 another there's lots of Scripture I've
25:37 listed on that here's just some of them
25:39 John 13 31 through 32 John 14 12 to 14
25:46 the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit
25:50 are fully committed to one another God
25:56 loves you in the same way and the same
25:59 degree that God loves God Jesus invites
26:04 you to remain and dwell in this family
26:08 of love divided in God's love requires
26:12 that you talk to God
26:15 most often about how much he loves you
26:19 not about your problems and your
26:22 opportunities the number one
26:24 conversation that you should have going
26:26 on with God at least every day is about
26:30 how much he loves you one way you can
26:35 begin John 15 9 says this as a father
26:38 [Music]
26:39 love me I also have loved you so one way
26:44 you can enter in to meditating and
26:47 praying about this is saying thank you
26:49 Father
26:51 that you love me just like you love
26:54 Jesus would you guide and direct my
26:58 heart into this great love that you have
27:01 for me would you settle my heart would
27:06 you help me to know this love I Love You
27:10 Father
27:11 but I want to know your love so I can
27:15 even love you that much more second
27:20 Thessalonians 3:5 says this now may the
27:23 Lord direct your hearts into the love of
27:25 God and into the patience of Christ Lord
27:30 direct my heart into the love of God
27:33 that can be a prayer upon your lips
27:36 every day
27:38 Philippians 1:9 that your love may
27:42 abound still more and more oh God
27:45 I want that your love in me would abound
27:50 more and more Roman numeral five The
27:58 Tree of Life is the life of God The Tree
28:04 of Life was a real tree by which the
28:07 zowie life the life of God was imparted
28:11 to Adam and Eve as they ate from the
28:14 tree
28:15 do you realize they actually had to eat
28:17 from the tree of life to have that
28:19 impartation of life God often uses
28:24 physical realities to impart or to
28:28 explain spiritual truths Jesus when he
28:33 came he said I am the bread of life did
28:36 he look like a loaf of bread or a slice
28:39 of bread he says if anyone eats of this
28:43 bread he'll live forever and the bread
28:45 that I shall give him is my flesh which
28:48 I shall give for the life of this world
28:51 John 6 51
28:53 what does it mean to eat Jesus to eat
28:59 the bread of life there's two ways that
29:02 it explains very clearly in scriptures
29:05 and these two ways of eating the Word of
29:08 God are identical to what he calls us to
29:11 do when we are to abide in the love of
29:14 God so when we abide in God's Word it
29:18 says this in John 8:32 if you abide in
29:21 my word you are my disciples indeed how
29:25 do we abide in God's Word Jeremiah 15:16
29:28 tells us your words were found and I ate
29:33 them what do I do I eat the word yes yes
29:39 we do we take it in to our spiritual
29:43 beans and your word was to me what joy
29:46 and the rejoicing of my heart it's my
29:50 great delight like Psalm 1 2 says
29:52 Matthew 4:4 but jesus answered and said
29:55 it is written man shall not live by
29:57 bread alone but by every word that
30:01 proceeds from the mouth of God every
30:05 word he wants you to eat he wants you to
30:08 that digestion is simulated and gains
30:10 strength he wants you to be strengthened
30:14 in his love to be strengthened in the
30:16 life that he has for you the other way
30:20 that we eat Jesus that we abide in Jesus
30:26 if something is a real mystery but it's
30:31 very real in john 6:53
30:34 through 54 jesus said unless you eat the
30:39 flesh of the Son of Man and drink his
30:42 blood you have no life in you whoever
30:45 eats my flesh and drinks my blood has
30:48 eternal life and you know what happened
30:52 most everyone left him they couldn't get
30:53 it and in John 6 56 he who eats my flesh
30:59 and drinks my blood abides in me and I
31:05 in him
31:06 for those that want to we have communion
31:09 Tuesday nights its back there and you
31:12 can partake of communion two ways of
31:15 eating Jesus apart aching in him of
31:18 abiding in him the Word of God and then
31:21 in the communion elements just like Adam
31:25 and Eve they could eat from the tree of
31:27 life these are two ways that you can eat
31:30 from the tree of life and be given life
31:35 the Tree of Life was placed in the
31:37 center of the Garden of Eden for a
31:39 purpose much like everything God says or
31:42 does it has a purpose Adam is an Adam
31:46 and Eve's lives were to be centered and
31:48 depended upon God as their source of
31:52 life just like your life is to be
31:55 centered and depended upon God as your
31:58 source of life the tree Genesis 2:9 was
32:04 in the midst of the garden the tree in
32:08 the midst of the garden is the tree that
32:12 is in the New Jerusalem the Tree of Life
32:18 John the Apostle John highlights the
32:21 importance of receiving the life of God
32:26 forty seven times in his gospel he
32:30 mentions this word life which in the
32:33 Greek is Zoe which means the life of God
32:37 himself
32:38 do you think John wanted it to actually
32:40 get something understood about this tree
32:43 of life believing in Jesus Christ so
32:47 that you can have the Zoe life of God so
32:51 that you can be like the tree of life is
32:54 the purpose for John writing the gospel
32:59 John 20:31 says this but these are
33:03 written that you may believe that Jesus
33:06 is the Christ the Son of God and that
33:09 believing you may have life life
33:15 resurrection life in his name
33:20 believing you shall have life the way
33:28 you receive the life of God is the same
33:31 way you live the life of God through
33:35 believing in Jesus Christ if you don't
33:38 want to perish like the ungodly like
33:40 Psalm one six says if you don't want to
33:43 be like the lifeless shaft of someone
33:46 five you need to believe in Jesus Christ
33:50 and you need to keep on believing in him
33:53 for every aspect of your life John 3:16
33:58 says this that whoever believes in Him
34:03 should not perish but have everlasting
34:07 life
34:08 do you know that you can live on this
34:10 earth and still perish in different ways
34:15 we need to continue to drink from the
34:18 river of life so that there is no decay
34:22 in our life at all the river of life
34:25 just washes away Oh old and rotting
34:30 things II by faith you the justified one
34:37 the righteous one shall live Romans 1:16
34:41 through 17 says this the gospel of
34:45 Christ it is the power of God to
34:47 salvation for everyone who believes for
34:52 in it the righteousness of God is
34:55 revealed from what from faith to faith
34:58 as it is written the just that's you
35:02 that's me the just shall live how by
35:08 faith this is a continual abiding in the
35:13 love of God just like John summed up the
35:17 purpose for writing his gospel in John
35:19 20:31 Jesus summed up his purpose for
35:23 coming into the world John 10:10 I have
35:29 come that
35:30 might have life and have it how more
35:37 abundant Lee is that a picture of a tree
35:42 that is prospering and growing and being
35:46 fruitful and multiplying and providing
35:48 shade for those in need the abundant
35:53 life of God the zowie life of God gives
35:58 you the ability to think like God talked
36:01 like God create like God enjoy like God
36:06 loved like God and live like God now and
36:12 throughout all eternity this is not only
36:18 possible but it is your god-given
36:22 destiny in life and it comes as you
36:28 abide in Jesus Christ God does not want
36:33 you to be a tree that's barely surviving
36:36 because you don't have a sufficient
36:39 supply of water God desires that you
36:43 thrive because of the abundance of his
36:47 life flowing through you because you're
36:49 drinking from the river of living water
36:54 from his life-giving water eating from
36:59 the tree of life this is just for those
37:09 that have a financial need Malachi 3:10
37:13 if I will not open up the windows of
37:15 heaven and pour out for you a blessing
37:18 that there will not be room enough to
37:20 receive it
37:21 that's the abundant supply of God 2nd
37:26 corinthians 9:8
37:27 oh was having all sufficiency in all
37:32 things may have an abundance for every
37:36 good work
37:38 that's who you're called to be you
37:42 called to be like the
37:43 three of life God has made you alive in
37:50 his son Jesus Christ he can read these
37:54 verses Ephesians 2:4 through five first
37:57 Corinthians 15:22 Romans 6:11 through 13
38:02 he feeds 2:5 he's made us alive together
38:06 with Christ if you're not experiencing
38:10 the life of God the life of the Blessed
38:12 man Jesus Christ pray for God to revive
38:17 you according to his word revive means
38:23 making alive keep it alive and giving
38:26 more life it's so interesting that when
38:30 I was reading psalm 119 that the very
38:33 first verse appears just like the very
38:36 first verse in Psalm 1 verse 1 this is
38:41 how it reads blessed are the undefiled
38:44 in the way who walk in the law of the
38:48 Lord so your prayer
38:51 psalm 119 25 revive me according to your
38:57 word one of my favorite books Christ the
39:03 healer FF Bosworth wrote it he died of
39:07 an old age and one of his favorite
39:10 verses was this one revived me according
39:15 to your word what are you calling God to
39:18 do your drinking in from the River of
39:22 Life revive me revive me revive me
39:26 revive me moment by moment by moment you
39:30 know when I was really sick I had a pray
39:32 moment by moment believing in what the
39:35 Word of God said over every contrary
39:38 thought this is what it means to live in
39:42 Christ fully alive abiding in him Roman
39:47 numeral six the choice of love the
39:49 choice between two trees as I begin this
39:54 next section I want
39:57 to think about the implications for your
39:58 own life because God has made you a new
40:01 creation in Christ into his image and
40:04 has translated you into the kingdom of
40:07 the son of his love so now can you
40:10 imagine in Adam and Eve's position being
40:16 able to partake of this wonderful tree
40:19 of life to partake of the Zoe life of
40:26 God can you imagine knowing God
40:29 face-to-face walking in the garden with
40:32 him and experiencing the supreme
40:35 pleasure of unhindered love from God can
40:40 you imagine a spouse that's sinless can
40:45 you imagine how it must have been
40:46 relating to all the animals before the
40:48 curse came on the earth can you imagine
40:51 the inherent beauty of the Garden of
40:54 Eden can you imagine that God created
40:58 all of this for Adam and Eve because of
41:02 love he's created it for Adam and Eve
41:08 and his descendants and for you and I if
41:12 you've ever been a parent you know that
41:14 from time to time you hear that you're
41:16 gonna you might hear you know you're
41:18 gonna have a child like my son had his
41:20 first grandchild so we have a grandchild
41:22 that's about a year old right now and
41:25 what you do is you start preparing the
41:27 environment you give him all the best
41:30 things you can think of you start
41:32 planning you know so they there aren't
41:34 gonna have to live in you know a squalor
41:37 kind of condition you give them
41:39 everything the best you can think about
41:41 you're starting to prepare and that's
41:43 how God prepared for his children for
41:46 you and I and if you think about you
41:54 being a parent and wanting to give your
41:56 very best you give your life to your
41:59 child I know I do to mine you give of
42:02 your time your resources your energy and
42:05 then God says this to us Matthew 7:11 if
42:08 you being evil know
42:10 how to give good gifts to your children
42:11 how much more will your father who is in
42:16 heaven give good things to those who ask
42:19 him
42:19 Jesus was talking about this river of
42:22 life he knew about the much more the
42:24 abundant supply of heaven God gave Adam
42:27 and Eve everything they needed to live
42:31 in the fullness of his eternal love the
42:34 fullness of his peace enjoy he did not
42:38 withhold one good thing from them and he
42:42 is not withholding one good thing from
42:44 you
42:45 Romans 8:32 this is something you can
42:48 meditate on long and often he who did
42:50 not spare his own son but gave him up to
42:53 us all freely how shall he not with him
42:56 freely give us all things God he didn't
43:02 want robots to run the planet he didn't
43:05 want people to that are programmed to
43:07 love him back he wanted mankind to know
43:10 and experience the joyous love that was
43:13 between him and his son and that was in
43:15 the Godhead therefore God gave Adam and
43:19 Eve a choice they had a choice to eat
43:22 from the tree of life as well as all the
43:25 other trees in the garden that were
43:26 shouting out yes or they had a choice to
43:31 reject God's command and to eat from the
43:34 one tree god forbid them to eat from the
43:38 tree of the knowledge of good and evil
43:40 God warned them that if they from that
43:43 tree what would happen they would surely
43:45 die God knew what was best for them
43:49 because God was their Creator he had all
43:52 the wisdom he had all the knowledge of
43:55 knowing what would happen if they ate
43:58 from that tree you can read about that
44:01 in Genesis 2:9 justice 2:16 through 17
44:07 says this and the LORD commanded the man
44:09 saying of every tree of the garden you
44:12 may freely eat but of the tree of the
44:14 knowledge of good and evil you shall not
44:17 eat for in that day you eat of it you
44:22 will surely
44:23 dieeee the implications for Adam and Eve
44:28 its choice is similar to the
44:30 implications for your choice like
44:33 someone presents the choice is not a
44:37 simple test to see if you're just going
44:39 to obey God or not to go the way of the
44:43 godly or the ungodly like psalm once it
44:46 says the choice is about love the choice
44:53 is about living in a loving relationship
44:56 with God would Adam and Eve finds the
45:01 supreme satisfaction and the love of God
45:03 and trust God's love for them believing
45:06 he knows what is best for them as
45:08 revealed by the word he spoke to them or
45:12 would they turn their backs to God's
45:15 instructions of love his word to not eat
45:19 from the tree of the knowledge of good
45:21 and evil whose word would Adam and Eve
45:25 believe would they believe the lies of
45:29 Satan or would they believe the truth of
45:33 God God was not calling mankind his
45:40 children he's not calling you to do
45:42 anything different then his only son
45:45 Jesus Christ was called to do John 14:31
45:50 but the world may know that I love the
45:54 father and as the father gave me
45:56 commandment so I do John 14:15 if you
46:03 love me keep my Commandments but the
46:09 niche the nature of love calls for a
46:11 choice to be given God clearly gave Adam
46:15 and Eve a command not to eat from the
46:18 tree of the knowledge of good and evil
46:23 God insaneness with inviting Adam and
46:28 Eve to submit to his love to his
46:32 lordship but we know what happened Satan
46:36 who
46:37 very cunning appealed to Eve's reasoning
46:40 just like he tries to appeal to your
46:43 fleshly reasoning especially when you
46:49 leave God out of the equation just like
46:51 Psalm 1:1 says and it refers to leaving
46:56 God out of the equation as ungodly
46:59 living Satan his first question he takes
47:03 the prohibition of this one tree and
47:05 extends it to every tree causing Eve to
47:09 entertain that perhaps something was
47:11 being withheld from her by God Genesis
47:15 3:1 and Satan said to the woman has God
47:19 indeed said you shall not eat of every
47:22 tree of the garden then Satan moves on
47:26 like a deceptive snake oil salesman he
47:32 says you will surely not die for God
47:34 knows that in the day you eat of it your
47:37 eyes will be open and you'll be like God
47:40 knowing good and evil Eve paid attention
47:46 to Satan's words she began to think
47:49 thing why would God give Adam and Eve
47:52 all these trees and just withhold this
47:55 one that doesn't make any sense
47:58 surely there must be something wonderful
48:01 in that tree God told us not to eat from
48:04 perhaps God is really being selfish
48:07 withholding best tree for himself of
48:10 course that must be it
48:12 I really want my eyes to be open I don't
48:15 believe I'm going to die and you can
48:19 find some of this reasoning you can't
48:21 usually see it in yourself but you can
48:23 see it in others right to this day
48:27 Lucifer Lucifer has not changed his
48:29 operational mode after trying to get you
48:31 and I to question who God really is and
48:34 what God has really said then he tries
48:36 to get us to question our god-given
48:39 identity identity satan's proposition to
48:42 Adam and Eve was similar to what he
48:44 proposed to Jesus in the wilderness
48:46 temptation and it's exactly what he's
48:50 doing
48:51 right now to you and I lucifer nuit was
48:55 created in the image and likeness of God
48:57 but he's deceived them into thinking God
48:59 was withholding this from them so he
49:02 said so we said what did he say he said
49:07 your eyes will be open and you will be
49:09 like God but they were already created
49:11 in the image of likeness of God Matthew
49:16 4:3 in the wilderness he said the Satan
49:19 said to Jesus if you are the son of God
49:23 God had already told him he was the son
49:26 of God
49:27 and blessed him is that but do we
49:30 believe what Satan's saying or what God
49:32 is saying about who we are
49:33 Deuteronomy 30:19 highlights the
49:37 spiritual implications connected to
49:39 man's choice the tree of life imparted
49:42 the blessing of the life of God and the
49:47 tree of the knowledge of good and evil
49:48 imparted the curse of death Deuteronomy
49:53 30:19 I call heaven and earth as
49:56 witnesses today against you I set before
49:59 you life and death blessing and cursing
50:02 therefore choose life that both you and
50:05 your descendants may live that you may
50:08 love the Lord your God isn't that
50:11 interesting right after the choice he
50:13 says what that you may love the Lord
50:16 your God and that goes on number seven
50:20 the fall of mankind although Adam indeed
50:22 had dominion over all the animals they
50:26 listened to an animal they listened to
50:32 Satan who was in the form of a snake
50:35 they listened to Satan who slithered
50:39 into the Garden of Eden in the form of a
50:41 serpent instead of crushing the
50:44 Serpent's head and fulfilling their
50:47 god-given assignment to extend the
50:51 blessing of God's love throughout all
50:52 the earth they ate from the tree of the
50:56 knowledge of good and evil
50:58 this caused the curse to enter the world
51:01 rather than the blessing of God
51:05 because of their sin they were kicked
51:07 out of the garden no longer having
51:11 access to the Tree of Life or the River
51:14 of Life God's redemptive plan was
51:18 already in place knowing that the first
51:21 Adam would fail in the work God gave him
51:23 to do we're the first Adam failed to
51:28 obey God's love regarding the tree of
51:30 the knowledge of good and evil the
51:32 second Adam Jesus Christ obeyed God's
51:36 love by dying on the tree of Calvary the
51:44 tree of life became the life-giving tree
51:50 for you and I redeeming us from the
51:53 curse and allowing us to enter the
51:55 blessed state of the Lord Jesus Christ
51:59 you got to remember in first Peter 2:24
52:02 here's what it says about the tree who
52:07 himself bore our sins in his own body on
52:12 the tree that we having died to sin
52:15 might live for righteousness by whose
52:18 stripes you were healed here's the tree
52:21 again in Galatians 3:13 Christ has
52:24 redeemed us from the curse of the law
52:26 having become a curse for us why for it
52:31 is written cursed is everyone who hangs
52:34 on the tree that the blessing of Abraham
52:38 would come upon the Gentiles in Christ
52:42 Jesus
52:44 in conclusion Jesus gave his life so you
52:49 and I would once again have access to
52:52 the tree of life as a believer you are
52:55 made in the image of the Tree of Life
52:59 Jesus Christ don't let Satan deceive you
53:03 god exhort you in psalm 1:3 to grow into
53:07 the fullness of the life of Jesus father
53:11 we just thank you and we praise you Lord
53:14 we thank you for your word in 1st
53:16 Corinthians 15:20
53:17 - you said for as in Adam all die so
53:20 also in Christ all shall be made alive I
53:22 pray father that you would revive each
53:25 and every person here and father each
53:27 and every person that will be listening
53:29 to this revive them according to your
53:32 word in Jesus's name Amen


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