Choosing the Blessing Of God

In Session 4 of “Choices Determine Destiny,” Sue Burdullis declares that the greatest blessing you will ever receive in your life is the blessing of the indwelling triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although this blessing was given to Adam and Eve, who represented all of mankind, they forfeited it along with the spoken blessing of Genesis 1:28.  Their sin caused the curse and not the blessing – the knowledge of God, the love of God, to spread throughout the world.  Through this session you will discover not only how you can be restored back to the blessing of God through your faith in Jesus Christ – restored back to the blessing that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden, but how you can walk expectantly in God’s Psalm 1 blessing through the “Blessed Man”, Jesus Christ.


Video Transcript

00:00 thank you and we praise you that Jesus
00:03 is the blessing that Jesus is the favor
00:07 of God and father we thank you for
00:10 granting us wisdom and revelation and
00:13 the knowledge of Jesus tonight
00:15 opening up the eyes of our understanding
00:18 so that we can go ahead and walk in the
00:23 blessing of God and walk in your
00:26 blessing so we just thank you we praise
00:28 you we bless you for what you're going
00:30 to reveal in your word father to us this
00:35 night in Jesus's name Amen so the title
00:39 for tonight's talk is choosing the
00:42 blessing of God from Psalm one in Christ
00:46 the fullness of God dwells it is time
00:51 for you and I to courageously stand in
00:54 the fullness of the blessing of God
00:57 which is in Christ Jesus in whom the
01:03 fullness of the Godhead dwells the
01:05 Father the Son and the Holy Spirit this
01:09 is the greatest blessing we will ever
01:13 receive in our lives is the triune God
01:16 and by receiving Jesus Christ the good
01:21 news of the gospel as a living reality
01:24 for your life you will be able to enter
01:27 in to the blessing of God Romans 15 29
01:32 Paul said this I shall come in the
01:34 fullness of the blessing of the gospel
01:38 of Christ Colossians 2:9 through 10 for
01:43 in Christ dwells all the fullness of the
01:46 Godhead in bodily form and you are
01:50 complete in him who is the head of all
01:53 principality and power through Christ's
01:56 redemptive work of the Cross Jesus was
02:00 made a curse for you he was made sin for
02:04 you so that you could receive the
02:06 promise of the Holy Spirit Galatians
02:11 3:14 and the new
02:13 Living Translation says it this way so
02:16 that we who are believers might receive
02:18 the promised Holy Spirit through faith
02:22 Galatians 3:13 through 14 says Christ
02:26 has redeemed us from the curse of the
02:29 law having become a curse for us for it
02:33 is written cursed is everyone who hangs
02:36 upon a tree that the blessing of Abraham
02:38 would come upon the Gentiles through
02:41 Christ Jesus that we might receive the
02:46 promise of the Spirit through faith you
02:51 receive the promise of the Spirit the
02:55 Holy Spirit Ezekiel prophesied this in
02:58 ezekiel 36:26 he says I will put a new
03:03 spirit in you then Jesus comes along and
03:07 he prophesized this John
03:10 14:17 the Spirit of Truth will be in you
03:15 then John he looks back at what Jesus
03:20 did for us through the new birth and he
03:23 declares in first John 2:27
03:25 but the anointing which you have
03:27 received from him abides or dwells in
03:31 you through faith in the righteousness
03:35 of Jesus Christ which was purchased by
03:38 Jesus's blood you have been redeemed
03:41 back to God
03:42 back to the blessing of God this is a
03:47 blessing of God that Adam and Eve enjoy
03:50 before the fall of mankind through sin
03:55 the blessing of God was the Spirit of
03:57 God that dwelt in them and through them
04:01 so that they would be able to enjoy the
04:04 fellowship with God walking with him and
04:08 talking with him in that Garden of Eden
04:10 and enjoying all the blessings that
04:12 there were in the Garden of Eden and
04:15 being able to fulfill the promise that
04:17 God had spoken over their lives in
04:19 Genesis 1:28 to be fruitful and multiply
04:22 to fill the earth and subdue it and have
04:25 the
04:26 over the fish of the sea over the birds
04:27 of the air and over everything that
04:29 moves on the earth so let us go back to
04:33 the beginning where the blessing of God
04:36 originated in Genesis chapter 1 verse 1
04:42 Genesis 1:1 says in the beginning God
04:45 created the heavens and the earth
04:49 the Apostle John he reflects on what
04:52 happened in the beginning he begins
04:55 writing the book of John using the same
04:58 phrase that appears in Genesis 1:1 in
05:02 the beginning and John expands on what
05:05 happened in creation giving us divine
05:08 insight of how Jesus was implicitly
05:12 mentioned in the creation of the world
05:14 as described in genesis john states in
05:18 john 1 1 through 5 in the beginning was
05:22 the word and the Word was with God and
05:26 the Word was God he was in the beginning
05:29 with God all things were made through
05:32 him and without him nothing was made
05:34 that was made
05:36 in him was life and the life was the
05:40 light of man and the light it shines in
05:45 the darkness and the darkness did not
05:48 comprehend it in the beginning of psalm
05:52 1 just like in genesis 1 jesus is
05:55 implicitly mentioned where is Jesus
05:58 mentioned in Psalm 1 well it's in the
06:02 very first letter the first word of
06:04 Psalm 1 in the very last letter of the
06:06 last word of Psalm 1 and you'll discover
06:09 one of Jesus's descriptive names in the
06:13 very first letter of the first Hebrew
06:16 word which is 4 blessed is the Hebrew
06:21 word ashrae and the first letter of it
06:25 is all s at the end of Psalm 1 in the
06:29 very last letter of the last Hebrew word
06:32 for Parrish is tall seen in the Hebrew
06:36 word toe bed which is 4 perished
06:39 so olive and tall are the first and last
06:43 letters of the Hebrew alphabet therefore
06:46 in all of and tall the first and last
06:50 letters of the Hebrew alphabet there
06:53 appear in Psalm 1 at the very beginning
06:55 the very end we are reminded of Jesus
06:57 Christ the one who is the Alpha and
07:01 Omega the Alpha and Omega is what's
07:04 equivalent to the first word letter and
07:08 the last letter of the Greek alphabet
07:12 Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the taw
07:15 the olive in the taw in Hebrew and the
07:20 Alpha and the Omega
07:21 in Greek Jesus Christ is God's
07:25 representative for mankind and Jesus
07:29 Christ is the one who is the absolute
07:33 beginning of all things and the absolute
07:37 end of all things
07:39 isaiah 44:6 puts it like this Jesus is
07:44 prophetically speaking in he says I am
07:48 the first and I am the last besides me
07:53 there is no God
07:57 and in the last book the Bible the Omega
08:00 book of the Bible in Revelations 22 13
08:05 Jesus says I am the Alpha and the Omega
08:10 the beginning and the end the first and
08:13 the last everything that exists
08:18 originates from God every good thing
08:23 every blessing emanates from God when my
08:28 opposes ask to see God's glory God
08:30 responded to his request by saying
08:33 exodus 33:19 I will make all my goodness
08:38 pass before you and I will proclaim the
08:42 name of the Lord before you one thing
08:47 that we know about God is that God is
08:50 good Psalm 107
08:53 Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is
08:58 good the blessing is good the blessing
09:03 is from God the curse is bad the curse
09:09 is from sin
09:12 let us not call what is a curse a
09:15 blessing sickness poverty broken
09:18 relationships they are a curse last week
09:22 I mentioned an extensive listing of the
09:26 curses and blessings which are mentioned
09:28 in Deuteronomy 27 and 28 and if you want
09:33 to take some time this is a great way to
09:35 familiarize yourself what is what is
09:39 actually a curse and what is actually a
09:42 blessing so that you don't confuse the
09:45 two and therefore then you realize that
09:47 Jesus redeemed you from all the curses
09:49 that are listed hallelujah and that you
09:53 now receive all the blessings through
09:55 Jesus Christ not by your merit but
09:58 because of Jesus Christ merit James 1 15
10:03 through 17 contrasts the curse that
10:05 comes through sin and the blessing that
10:07 comes from God it says this then when
10:10 desire has conceived it gives birth to
10:14 sin and sin when it is fullest grown
10:19 brings forth death every good and every
10:23 perfect gift is from above and comes
10:28 down from the Father of lights with whom
10:31 there is no variation or shadow of
10:34 turning so if it's good it's god and if
10:37 it's not it's not roman numeral 3
10:42 choosing your destiny Jesus the Alpha
10:47 and Omega in Psalm 1 is the beginning
10:50 and end of all things
10:52 Psalm 1:6 ends with this word perish for
10:58 the Lord knows the way of the righteous
11:01 but the way of the ungodly Shall Perish
11:06 perishing eater
11:08 in the lake of fire is the destiny of
11:11 all those who have chosen to reject
11:13 Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
11:17 every choice you make in life it's not
11:21 merely a choice in one way over the
11:24 other way but rather it is really a
11:27 choice of who you will worship and who
11:31 you will serve will it be God or will it
11:35 be Satan every choice is a choice
11:38 between God or a choice between Satan
11:42 and Jesus's temptation in the wilderness
11:44 Jesus Jesus's response to his first
11:48 temptation by Satan it should be the
11:50 response that you should make in your
11:52 heart when tempted Jesus said this get
11:56 behind me Satan
11:59 for it is written you shall worship the
12:02 Lord your God and him only will you
12:07 serve for believers in Jesus Christ your
12:12 destiny is not to perish but to have
12:15 everlasting life just like John 3:16
12:18 says the Greek word for for life it
12:23 includes everything God is and all that
12:27 God has it's the blessing the Zoe life
12:32 is the blessing of God I described it as
12:36 the greatest blessing of God possessing
12:39 the life of the triune God the Father
12:42 the Son and the Holy Spirit and from
12:45 them originates all other blessings the
12:51 destiny of the righteous is described in
12:53 Psalm 1:6 the Lord knows the way of the
12:56 righteous it looks prophetically forward
12:59 to Christ becoming our righteousness
13:02 through the great exchange of the Cross
13:05 only those who have received Jesus
13:08 Christ as their righteousness will be
13:12 able to survive the endtime judgment
13:14 because their sins will not be counted
13:17 against them
13:19 Psalm 33 verse 2 reflects on this as it
13:23 uses the same Hebrew word ASHRAE that
13:26 appears in the first word of film one
13:29 for blessed let's look at the NIV
13:33 version blessed is the one whose sin the
13:36 Lord does not count against them and
13:40 whose Spirit is no deceit Roman numeral
13:44 for choosing the blessed man Jesus
13:47 Christ Psalm 1:1 the introduction to all
13:50 the other Psalms begins with this phrase
13:53 blessed is the man the man is Jesus
13:58 Christ and all those who take their
14:01 place in Jesus Christ the man Jesus is
14:05 like no other man he's not like the
14:09 first Adam as reflected in the Hebrew
14:12 word Adam which means a human being or
14:15 mankind in general the Hebrew word for
14:18 man used in Psalm 1:1 is ish which is
14:23 descriptive of the man Jesus Christ the
14:26 last Adam so Psalm 1:1 says this blessed
14:29 is the man 1st Corinthians 15:45 through
14:35 47 says this and so it is written the
14:40 first Adam became a living being
14:43 the last Adam became a life-giving
14:48 spirit the first man was of the earth
14:53 made of dust the second man is from the
14:58 Lord from heaven Jesus Christ is the
15:04 only one who has ever and will ever
15:09 completely fulfill the character
15:11 description of the blessed man as
15:14 presented in Psalm 1 Jesus Christ was
15:19 and always will be the only one that is
15:23 perfectly demonstrated the righteous way
15:26 Jesus Christ is the only one who is able
15:31 to live completely
15:33 in the Blessed state as described in
15:36 Psalm 1 here on this earth why because
15:40 all have sinned and fallen short of the
15:42 glory of God the glory spoken of heat up
15:46 here in Romans 3:23 is a glory of God
15:51 the glory that far outweighs man's
15:55 ability to be holy as God is holy when I
16:00 put on I told you last week the
16:05 rose-colored glasses the new covenant
16:08 lens when I read Psalm 1 I saw Jesus
16:15 implicitly mentioned in the very first
16:18 phrase of Psalm 1 and when I did my
16:21 heart it really did it started it to
16:23 leap for joy and I started praising god
16:26 I'm going god this is so good I go on my
16:28 walks I'm going god this is so good I
16:29 can hardly believe what I found out
16:31 about she was full 1 why is it so good
16:38 to know that he's the blessed man and
16:40 that in him we can take our place it's
16:44 because none of us can walk perfectly as
16:47 Jesus Christ walked and he didn't want
16:50 us to live under any condemnation from
16:54 being thinking that we have to carry it
16:57 out perfectly God so loved you and I
17:01 that he sent His Son Jesus Christ to be
17:04 made sin for us to bear the curse for
17:07 our imperfect obedience well we are
17:12 going up into the fullness of his
17:14 character he did this so that we could
17:16 live in the blessing of God despite our
17:20 failure along the way by our faith in
17:24 Jesus Christ the blessed God the blessed
17:28 man you and I are empowered to deny
17:31 ungodliness the counsel of the ungodly
17:36 the path of sinners the seat of scoffers
17:40 as described by Psalm 1 the blessing of
17:44 God contains the
17:46 or of God the ability and the resources
17:50 of God to walk in the way of Jesus
17:53 Christ the righteous one in his
17:56 righteousness Romans 6:14 says this for
18:02 sin shall not have dominion over you for
18:05 you are not under the law but under
18:07 grace through the indwelling of the
18:11 promised Holy Spirit has spoken in of in
18:14 Galatians 3:14 your state of
18:17 powerlessness in your spirit man is
18:21 completely gone because the power source
18:25 the Holy Spirit the Anointed One is now
18:29 within you first John 2:27 but the
18:35 anointing which you have received from
18:37 him abides in you through Jesus Christ
18:41 and the anointing dwelling in you you
18:45 are empowered to prosper in whatever you
18:49 do because you are choosing to live your
18:52 life by faith in Jesus Christ who loves
18:55 you and gave himself for you
18:59 Psalm 1:3 says and in whatever you do
19:04 you shall prosper and it's through
19:08 Christ that you will be made prosperous
19:12 very prosperous and always continue in
19:15 prosperity in Psalm 1:1 God empowers you
19:20 not to pursue the thirst of the world
19:23 the thirst of sin but rather to have
19:27 your thirst satisfied in Christ rivers
19:31 of love grace and goodness Psalm 1 3
19:36 Jesus the Alpha and the Omega says to
19:40 you tonight I am the Alpha and the Omega
19:45 the beginning and the end I will give
19:48 the fountains of the water of life
19:50 freely to him who thirst revelations 21
19:55 6 God calls you to taste
20:00 and to see that he is good in Psalm 34:8
20:05 it says that o taste and see that the
20:09 Lord is good bless it is a man who puts
20:12 their trust in him that word blessed is
20:16 that same word blessed that occurs in
20:18 Psalm 1:1 blessed is the man how can we
20:26 taste and see that the Lord is good the
20:28 answer is in Psalm 1 verse 2 but his
20:34 delight is in the law of the Lord and in
20:36 his law he meditates day and night
20:40 because Jesus Christ is the Alpha and
20:45 the Omega the olive and taw God is
20:48 calling you to meditate day and night
20:53 from the very beginning of time to the
20:56 very end of time from the beginning of
20:58 someone to the end of Psalm 150 from the
21:02 beginning of Genesis to the end of
21:04 Revelation on Jesus Christ the one who
21:07 is the word of God the one who is the
21:10 blessed man number five
21:15 praying in Jesus's name the Alpha and
21:18 Omega God desires that every prayer you
21:22 pray and every song you sing to him from
21:26 the Psalms as well as any other prayer
21:29 or song and the entire Bible or anything
21:32 you come up with are to be prayed and
21:35 fun in the name of his son Jesus Christ
21:37 I believe this is one reason that God
21:43 introduces Jesus to us in Psalm 1 as the
21:47 olive and tall the Alpha and Omega and
21:53 it's within that very first song of the
21:56 Psalter which is to be our book of
21:58 prayer and song one of the first
22:04 principles of prayer is that we pray in
22:08 Jesus's name
22:10 what does this mean
22:13 it means we come before God not on our
22:17 own merit but rather on the merit of
22:21 Jesus Christ his righteousness
22:23 John 14:13 and whatever you ask in my
22:28 name that I will do that the father may
22:32 be glorified in the son if you ask
22:37 anything in my name I will do it our own
22:43 righteousness the Lord says this in the
22:46 Bible is this filthy rags isaiah 64:6
22:51 but we are all like an unclean thing and
22:55 all our righteousnesses are like filthy
22:59 rags we can't come to God with
23:03 self-confidence attached to our prayers
23:06 thinking that we have prayed long enough
23:09 fasted hard enough or done everything
23:12 right to deserve an answer and when we
23:16 come to and we can't come to God with
23:18 lack of confidence in jesus's blood
23:21 because of our own failure a falling
23:24 short of god's righteousness his holy
23:27 standard falling short of his glory we
23:31 are called to come to God in the name of
23:35 Jesus Christ and in his name only if you
23:40 and I look at her own life apart from
23:44 the blood of Jesus Christ apart from the
23:50 rose-colored glasses he calls us to wear
23:52 which is to remind us of his blood that
23:55 he's purchased for you know that he has
23:58 purchased our righteousness for us we'll
24:00 always find something some form of sin
24:05 or weakness some way in which we find
24:08 ourselves not pleasing to God as
24:12 believers we will be going through a
24:14 sanctification process throughout the
24:16 entirety of our lives therefore it is
24:21 our privilege and honor to come to God
24:24 in the name of Jesus Christ
24:26 who was totally pleasing to father God
24:30 John 829 jesus said and he who sent me
24:35 is with me the father has not left me
24:40 alone did you know the father has not
24:42 left you alone for I always do the
24:46 things that please him jesus said that
24:50 and in Jesus
24:52 we are able to say I always do the
24:55 things that please my father
24:58 Matthew 3:17 God spoke and said this is
25:04 my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased
25:09 in Christ we can confidently stand and
25:13 say I am God's beloved child he is well
25:19 pleased with me why don't you just say
25:21 that after me right now I am God's
25:24 beloved child he is well pleased with me
25:30 and now you when you say it you might
25:33 need to say that over and over and over
25:36 again and look yourself in the mirror
25:37 until you really believe it deep down in
25:40 your heart and that will transform the
25:43 way you live it will transform your
25:45 heart 0.6 meditating on God's love the
25:51 scripture declares the intrinsic nature
25:54 of God God is love
25:57 first on 4:16 one of the highest
26:00 characteristics of love is that is
26:04 always looking for ways to express
26:06 itself or give away what it has I'm
26:11 going to declare John 1:1 right now
26:14 substituting Jesus Christ for the word
26:17 and love for God in the beginning
26:22 was Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ was
26:29 with love and Jesus Christ was love
26:37 through the new covenant lands God calls
26:40 you to meditate day and night upon the
26:45 Word of God upon Jesus Christ who is the
26:49 love of God made flesh meditation
26:53 involves not only the pondering or
26:57 thinking about God and His Word through
27:00 the lens of his great love for you but
27:03 it also involves talking with God and
27:07 about God has revealed in his word not
27:11 letting his words depart from your mouth
27:15 and it involves walking in his words
27:20 Joshua 1:8 gives all these dynamics of
27:25 meditating on God's Word this book of
27:28 the law shall not depart from your mouth
27:31 but you shall meditate on it day and
27:35 night that you may observe to do
27:38 according to all that is written in it
27:41 the closest word to meditation in the
27:44 New Testament is abiding abiding carries
27:49 the concept of being fully united in
27:53 thought word and deed with God and His
27:59 Son Jesus Christ the one who is the word
28:02 of God the call to abide in God's love
28:07 is a call to full hearted obedience
28:11 continually living your life deeply
28:14 engaged in this eternal reality of his
28:18 immeasurable love for you John 3:16 for
28:23 God so loved that he gave His only
28:26 begotten Son
28:27 John 15:13 greater love has no one than
28:32 this than to lay down one's life for his
28:35 friends John 15 9 through 10 I love this
28:40 one it's been my meditation many many
28:43 days as a father loved in for many years
28:47 as the father loved me I also love you
28:50 you abide in my love if you keep my
28:54 Commandments you abide in my love just
28:57 as I've kept my father's Commandments
29:00 and abide in his love God loves you with
29:06 the same intensity that he loves his own
29:10 son Jesus Christ first John 4:16 god is
29:16 love and he who abides in love abides in
29:21 God and God in him from the very
29:26 beginning of time God had a plan to
29:29 share his love to share himself with the
29:33 world so the Spirit of God hovered over
29:39 God's plan of love and Jesus spoke love
29:45 into existence the very first day of
29:50 creation the very life of God the light
29:56 of Jesus Christ love itself was spoken
30:00 into existence Genesis 1:2 through 3 the
30:06 earth was without form and void and
30:09 darkness was on the face of the deep and
30:12 the Spirit of God was hovering over the
30:17 face of the waters then God said let
30:22 there be light and there was light
30:26 this light is the light of love this
30:30 light is Jesus Christ this light is God
30:35 Himself John 1:4 in him Jesus was life
30:40 and the life was the light of man and
30:43 the light shines in the darkness and the
30:46 darkness did not comprehend it
30:50 thoughtfully designed and planned by God
30:54 the world was enveloped in an atmosphere
30:58 of love an atmosphere that was filled
31:01 with his own very
31:04 sure he created the world for his family
31:08 for you and I so we could experience his
31:13 love so we could share in his eternal
31:18 state of happiness this love he shared
31:22 with us included the sharing of his own
31:25 nature as well as everything that
31:29 belonged to him the angelic house were
31:33 created to worship and serve mankind
31:37 those that God set his love upon Hebrews
31:41 1:13 through 14 but to which of the
31:44 Angels has he ever said sit at my right
31:46 hand until I make your enemies your
31:48 footstool are they not all ministering
31:53 spirits sent forth to minister for those
31:57 who inherit salvation but Satan who is
32:03 one of the Angels he rebelled against
32:05 God because of his pride
32:07 remember choices determine destiny and
32:11 we're talking about eternal destiny he
32:15 did not want to worship and serve God or
32:17 mankind but he wanted to be worshipped
32:21 and served this is revealed when Jesus
32:24 spoke to Satan during this time of
32:27 temptation away with you Satan for it is
32:29 written you shall worship the Lord your
32:31 God in him only you shall serve because
32:35 a Satan's rebellion he was kicked out of
32:38 heaven and thrown to the earth Ezekiel
32:40 28 18 by all your iniquity and
32:44 unrighteous businesses you defiled your
32:48 sanctuaries so I am going to bring out
32:51 fire from within you and burn you to
32:53 ashes on the earth before the whole
32:55 watching world at that time of his sin
33:00 Satan's name was it was Lucifer
33:03 Morningstar and it was changed to Satan
33:06 adversary he your adversary you battle
33:14 not against flesh and blood but against
33:16 the principalities and the power
33:18 the spiritual forces of darkness and
33:20 wickedness in the heavenly places and it
33:22 began here with Satan and one-third of
33:25 his angels of God's angels that he
33:28 carried along with him to bring the
33:30 curse on the earth point Roman numeral
33:36 seven the blessing given to Adam and Eve
33:38 when God created man he used himself as
33:41 a blueprint this is like you guys got to
33:45 meditate on this one God used himself as
33:52 the blueprint to create you when you
33:55 when you I knew I knew and you I mean
33:58 this is he did it for me
33:59 I'm the blueprint of God before the
34:02 foundation of the world he has decided
34:05 to make an exact copy of himself as
34:08 believers in Christ our spirit man has
34:11 been recreated into the exact image and
34:16 likeness Oh God and Satan your adversary
34:21 hates seen all these little Jesus's all
34:26 over the world cuz you're made in this
34:28 exact image and likeness you might not
34:31 see it but the spirit world world sees
34:34 it okay Genesis 1:27 so God created man
34:43 in his own image in the image of God he
34:46 created him male and female he created
34:49 them and this he did according to
34:52 Ephesians 1:4 he put this in his plans
34:56 before the foundation of the world he
34:59 saw your image like Psalm 139 says
35:03 before it was yet formed point be
35:07 immediately following the creation of
35:09 man the first words Adam and Eve heard
35:13 was the blessing God spoke over them
35:17 because Adam and Eve stood as
35:20 representatives of all of mankind this
35:24 blessing was for the entire human race
35:27 throughout all ages when these words
35:31 were
35:32 spoken it was the first time that the
35:34 blessing of God was released into the
35:38 earth this is the blessing that was
35:40 spoken over them from Genesis 1:28
35:43 and it is the blessing of God for your
35:46 life God blessed them and God said to
35:49 them be fruitful and multiply fill the
35:53 earth and subdue it have dominion over
35:57 the fish of the sea over the birds of
35:59 the air and over every living thing that
36:02 moves on the earth
36:04 this means you have dominion over every
36:08 virus every bacteria every cancerous
36:11 self God has given you dominion over all
36:15 things point number eight in the
36:22 beginning men lived in the blessing of
36:24 God blessed is the man appeared in Psalm
36:28 1:1 the first to the beginning of
36:31 creation in Genesis 1 where it says God
36:36 blessed them so can you imagine this in
36:40 Genesis 1
36:41 I mean Psalm 1:1 that we're studying
36:42 blessed it is a man this blessing refers
36:45 back to Genesis 1:28 where God blessed
36:50 them when you start actually looking at
36:53 the depth of someone it's like contained
37:02 in the words of the blessing given to
37:04 Adam and Eve contained in the blessing
37:06 that's been given to you is the
37:08 empowerment to be fruitful to multiply
37:14 to feel subdue and have dominion over
37:17 the earth the blessing allowed them not
37:22 only to have access to God and all his
37:25 resources both spiritual and natural in
37:28 heaven but the blessing gave them the
37:31 privilege as it gives to you to release
37:36 the resources of heaven throughout all
37:38 the earth fruitful and multiply what's
37:42 that all about it's talking about
37:45 productivity abundance increase feel the
37:49 earth what are we need to fill the earth
37:50 with God's love his goodness and
37:55 everything everything that's good from
37:57 God you know every good and perfect gift
37:59 that comes from him subdue and have
38:01 dominion why didn't a demand need me to
38:03 subdue and have dominion
38:06 because unlike the Garden of Eden they
38:09 needed to bring the perfect will of God
38:11 into all the earth and Adam and Eve's
38:18 the divine job assignment allowed them
38:20 to use God's authority and his power to
38:24 subdue and have dominion over every
38:26 living thing through God spoken blessing
38:29 over Adam and Eve he empowered them to
38:32 prosper he empowers you to prosper and
38:36 to succeed in the destiny he created
38:39 them for the destiny for them is God's
38:43 destiny for you what is your destiny in
38:47 Christ Jesus
38:48 it's the zowie life of God it's the
38:52 ability to think like God the ability to
38:57 speak like God the ability to do what
39:03 God does and the ability to get the
39:07 results that God gets this is the Zoe
39:12 life of God this is the blessing of God
39:16 through the new birth in Jesus Christ
39:19 our spirit man is not only recreated in
39:23 God's likeness and image but the
39:26 blessing of God has been restored to us
39:29 through Jesus Christ galatians 3:13
39:32 through 14 Christ has redeemed us from
39:36 the curse of the law having become a
39:39 curse for us for it is written cursed is
39:43 everyone who hangs upon a tree that the
39:45 blessing of Abraham will come upon the
39:49 Gentiles would come upon you and I
39:50 through Christ Jesus why so that we
39:55 would receive the promise
39:58 of the Spirit through faith the Holy
40:02 Spirit is key to you walking in the
40:07 blessing of God point number nine
40:13 understanding the fullness of the
40:15 blessing of God so let's go back to the
40:18 word bless it in Psalm 1:1 ASHRAE is the
40:22 Hebrew word for the four blessed or
40:24 happy seen in Psalm 1:1 the more
40:29 accurate translation for ASHRAE would be
40:32 blessedness or happinesses because
40:36 that's the plural form there's no such
40:39 thing as blessedness or happinesses in
40:42 the English dictionary even though the
40:46 session has covered different aspects of
40:49 the blessing that is ours in Christ
40:51 Jesus
40:51 this word is so multi-dimensional that
40:54 we will be discovering yet for all
40:57 eternity
40:58 ASHRAE occurs and what is called the
41:01 indicative form and would read something
41:03 like this Oh like wes's song oh oh happy
41:08 you know so oh the blessedness is oh the
41:11 happiness's many times over so the gist
41:14 of this word would carry the flavor of
41:16 wisdom literature
41:17 oh how envied is that blessed man and
41:22 when I thought of that drew me back to
41:26 Genesis 26 13 something I say to my
41:30 husband as we give our offering every
41:32 Sunday Isaac he sowed in a time that
41:35 there was a drought and he prospered so
41:40 much that everyone around him
41:43 became envious to the point that the
41:46 water that was coming up from the well
41:48 said he would dig they would stop him
41:51 think me we're gonna stop the blessing
41:54 but they could not justice 26:13 says
41:58 this the man this is what the blessing
42:01 does for you the man began to prosper
42:04 and continue to prosper until he became
42:08 very prosperous for he had the
42:11 sessions of flocks and possessions of
42:14 herds and a great number of servants so
42:18 the Philistines am beat him the last
42:22 meeting I want to present regarding a
42:24 Shreyas idea that it's a word that
42:26 reflects a state of being and that is a
42:29 masculine noun and gender which directly
42:32 links us to the blessed man that I've
42:35 described earlier Jesus Christ and whom
42:38 the multiplicity of blessings reside I
42:42 believe this is crucial for you and I to
42:46 realize because the moment you beat
42:49 Steve Jesus Christ into your heart as
42:52 our Lord and Savior your state of being
42:56 immediately changed from being in Adam
42:59 to being in Christ the blessed man is a
43:04 state of being you are no longer one who
43:11 is in Adam but your state of being is in
43:15 Christ and it's only in Christ through
43:17 his righteousness that you can expect
43:20 and receive by faith the fullness of the
43:25 blessings of God in Christ you can enter
43:32 into the State of the great I am the one
43:35 who is fully blessed and from whom all
43:39 blessings flow through the blessing God
43:43 has given to you to mankind has been
43:47 restored through His Son Jesus Christ
43:50 through the indwelling of the Holy
43:52 Spirit God says to you and I tonight all
43:57 I am and all I have is yours he blushes
44:05 you with himself because of God's great
44:09 love he had this plan of giving you his
44:11 all before he created you before the
44:16 foundation of the world God has blessed
44:20 you not out of but according to his
44:24 riches and glory
44:25 according to Ephesians 3:16 let us all
44:29 stand and declare Ephesians 1:3 through
44:32 five out loud together does it be the
44:37 God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ
44:39 who has blessed us in Christ with every
44:43 spiritual blessing in the heavenly
44:45 places even as he chose us in him before
44:49 the foundation of the world that we
44:52 should be holy and blameless before him
44:55 in love he predestined us for adoption
44:58 to himself and sons through Jesus Christ
45:02 according to the purpose of this will so
45:06 father we thank you for this message
45:08 that has gone forth we choose tonight
45:12 the blessing of God that is in your son
45:15 Jesus Christ and I pray that you would
45:17 strengthen each person here in each
45:19 person that will be listening by the
45:21 power of your Holy Spirit in the inner
45:23 man to father be able to walk in the
45:26 blessing that you have already given to
45:29 us and not to be deceived father and
45:31 giving it away
45:32 through sin and through unrighteous
45:34 living so father we just thank you we
45:37 praise you we bless you you are the
45:40 Blessed God and we are your blessed
45:43 people in Jesus name Amen and amen


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