For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:10

After my husband had his car checked out with the battery and everything else passing with flying colors, he found himself a week later sitting in a parking lot with his vehicle not starting. His friend took a look under the hood and quickly saw that the connector to the battery was loose, which prevented the battery from recharging. After tightening up the battery connection and placing jumper cables from his friend’s live battery to his dead battery, the car started up and my husband was on his way to his next destination.

Too often through the adversities you face – the discouraging medical reports, the apparent set-backs in your business or personal life, and the disparaging words spoken against you – the enemy gets you disconnected through his lies and deception from the “Power Source” living with your spirit.

As you heart begins to be recharged with confidence in God and His Words, your mouth will confess Who God is and what He has spoken all the more.

At moment like these, you must remember that you have everything you need in your born-again spirit to live a victorious life. Just like Jesus had the fulness of the Godhead dwelling in Him to not only overcome every form of evil but to do the works of God, you have the fullness of Jesus Christ dwelling in you. (Col. 2:9-10) This means that what is true of Jesus right now, as He is seated at God’s right hand, is true of your spirit. You have the fullness of Christ’s righteousness, authority, and power. (1 John 4:17; Matthew 10:1,7-8; 28:18) And, you have every good thing that belongs to Jesus Christ. But, you have to connect to the “Life-giving” battery within you for your heart to stay fully charged with the faith of God.

During these disheartening times, don’t allow your mouth to disconnect you through the enemy’s prodding from God’s Truth, the “Power-Source” living within you. But rather, speak to your own soul, commanding it to bless the Lord – to come into agreement with Him. Fix God’s Words upon your lips, “so that your trust may be in the Lord”, causing you to “know the certainty of the words of truth.” Proverbs 22:18-21

As your mouth confesses God’s Word, the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will flow into the battery of your heart, recharging it with the life and power of God Himself. (Rom. 10:10) Without realizing what has fully taken place, you will have found yourself connected to the resurrectional power of Jesus Christ, which has the power of bringing any dead battery – anything that has the sting of death on it – back to the fulness of the life that is in Jesus Christ.


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