Psalm 100:1 Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands!  

What will you shout out when the troubles of life seem overwhelming? What will you shout out when the pain is so great that the pain-filled response wants to pour forth from your lips?  What will shout out when the “perfect day” you envisioned seems to be messed up with problems and delays?  Will your mouth dance to the words and the rhythm of the circumstances?  Or, will you choose to “make a joyful shout to the Lord”?

Last weekend, Ken and I were at a conference in Sacramento where Kenneth Copeland, who is now 82 years old, was sharing his personal healing testimony.  This powerful testimony clearly demonstrates the importance of “making a joyful shout to the Lord” just like Psalm 100:1 directs us to do, especially in the times of great adversity. Around 70 years old Kenneth wanted to quit the ministry, figuring he had already served the Lord 40 years.  At that time in his life, he had a number of physical ailments, including a ruptured disc and degenerative joint disease in his spine, which caused excruciating back pain. He said that he put a heating pad on his back and turned it up as high as it could go, hoping the heat would distract him from the pain. But, he found no relief in doing this.

 You name the “it” and then saturate “it” with thanksgiving and praise to God!  Your joyful shout to the Lord will take “it” out!

He went outside in his backyard and began to shout out every praise he could think of regarding our Lord.  He even praised God for the sky, the trees, and the grass.  He noticed that as he praised God loudly, the pain would go away.  So, day after day he did this.  In Kenneth Copeland’s written testimony, shared in his blog two years ago he wrote, “Somewhere along the way, my physical body started changing.  I don’t know exactly when.  But, I can tell you this: Sixteen months later, all signs of degenerative joint disease had vanished. I’ll be 80 years old this month and instead of slowing down, I’m gearing up.  Instead of getting weaker, i’m getting stronger.  My physical body has been quickened by the resurrection power of God!”  I wished you could have witnessed the strength and zeal of Kenneth preaching the infallible good news of Jesus Christ this past weekend, demonstrating the power of God that has renewed his strength.  But, what would have happened if he did not “make a joyful shout to the Lord” day after day amidst the painful opposition?

Do you remember the stain remover called “Shout”?  When my husband Ken came home this past Thursday from his breakfast, his plain light blue shirt was marked by a large blotch of “gunk”.  I asked him, “What happened?”  He said, the “Pepper Plant Hot Sauce exploded like fireworks as he twisted off the lid.”  The sauce he loves to have on his eggs ended up on his shirt.  His first question to me was “What should I do?”  I replied, “‘Shout’ it out!”   With a little “Shout” like solution saturating the mess, his shirt came out completely clean.

It is time to saturate the messes in your life and those around you with a joyful shout to the Lord.  Shout out “Who God is and what He has victoriously done for you through His Son Jesus Christ” in the midst of whatever mess you or your loved ones are facing.  And don’t give up your victorious shout to the Lord, until you see your shout take “IT” out. You name the “it” and then saturate “it” with thanksgiving and praise to God!  Your joyful shout to the Lord will take “it” out!


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