But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. Luke 15:20

Don’t miss opening up your Valentine’s card from God found in Luke 15. In it you will see a beautiful picture of how much your heavenly Father loves you. God signs His Valentine note to you, with XOXO – kisses and hugs from Your loving heavenly Father.

Perhaps you have distanced yourself from God’s love in an area of your life through sin, unbelief, or a hard-heartedness. Or, maybe you have travelled so far away  from His love that you have found yourself in a place similar to the prodigal son in Luke 15. No matter where you are at, Jesus wants you to know that your heavenly Father’s arms are opened wide, waiting to embrace you and to give you the fulness of His love – the fulness of His mercy, compassion, and grace.

The moment God sees the little “yes” upon your heart to come home, just as He did for the prodigal son, He responds with “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

Yes, I have been waiting to lavish upon you My compassion.”  You respond, “Compassion? You mean you are not going to condemn me? You know I have really blown it.” God says, “No!”  Instead of His arms crossed and a look of disgust on His face, you see your heavenly Father running towards you with a smile on His face. And before you know it, He has wrapped His arms around you, hugging and kissing you. He is overflowing with such joy and delight that He makes you feel as if you have done something outstanding – something heroic – by coming home.

God signs His Valentine’s card to you, found within Luke 15 in the parable of the loving Father, with XOXO – Kisses and Hugs!

Yes, I have been patiently waiting for you to come to Me, so I could show you the richness of My mercy.  I heard the cry of your heart to be forgiven. And, I have not only forgiven you, but I have invited you to come to My banqueting table every day and as often as you would like to partake of My love.”

Yes, I have been eagerly anticipating the day when you would receive the fulness of My grace.”  His grace includes His royal wardrobe – the best robe, the ring, and the sandals. (Luke 15:20) He wants you to know that the “best robe”  He has given to you qualifies you to receive your full inheritance – everything that you thought you had lost – everything that belongs to His Son Jesus Christ. The ring restores you to your God-given authority.  And, the sandals declare you are His beloved child.

Whether you are a Believer or not, open up God’s Valentine’s card found in Luke 15 and receive the greatness of God’s compassion, mercy, and grace – His unfailing, unconditional love for you.  It’s time for you to come home to Your heavenly Father and abide in His extravagant love for you!

To hear more about God’s love for you from Luke 15, I invite you to listen to Session #5 in “The Love of God Heals” series!


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