For she kept saying, “If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health…”  Immediately … she was healed of her ailment.  Mark 5:28-29

“I see you touching Jesus’ garment,” stated Cammie, as she saw me leaving the prayer center twenty years ago.  Her words pierced my heart.  How did she know that I spent part of my personal prayer sessions with God, holding unto Jesus’ garment as I prayed, believing that what Jesus did for this woman He could do for me.

During that season of my life, I felt like I had exhausted the resources of the world for my healing. Therefore, I began turning to God for help like never before, reading and praying through my Bible. One of the healing stories that captured my attention for weeks and months was found in Mark 5 about a lady who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and immediately was healed from a blood issue that she had for 12 years.

I related to this woman, not because I had the same condition or had suffered just as long as she had, but because she had seen many physicians, wasted money in doing so, and was no better but was in fact worse. (Mark 5:26)

Perhaps, you don’t have a physical issue that is causing you terrible suffering, but rather have some other “issue” in your life where everything seems to be getting worse instead of better – despite all your own personal efforts, all the help you have sought, and all the finances you have poured into solving it.  If so, it is time for you to reach out and touch Jesus just as this woman with the issue of blood did!

It doesn’t matter how bad or how long your issue has gone on, reach out and touch Jesus.

Listen to the 3 main keys given to us through her story:

1. HEARING“When she heard about Jesus…” Mark 5:27.  

What did she hear?  She heard the “Good News of the Gospel” rather than the bad reports she was constantly given, igniting her faith in Jesus. (Rom. 10:16-17)  She heard how Jesus loved everyone, healing and saving to the uttermost those who came to Him.  (Acts 10:38; Heb.7:25)  

2. SAYING  – “For she kept saying, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health.” Mark 5:28  

She spoke words of faith, persisting in saying the same thing over and over again until “what she said” became her reality.  (Heb. 10:23)

3. DOING –  “… (she) touched His garment.” (Mk. 5:27)  

The moment she demonstrated her faith by touching Jesus’ garment, power left Jesus’ body and entered into her body, causing her to instantly be healed.  (Luke 8:45-46)

After this woman gave her testimony, then many others begged Jesus wherever he went to touch the hem of His garment.  “And as many as touched Him were made well.”  Mark 6:56  See yourself as one of the many touching the hem of Jesus’ garment and being made well.  It does not matter how bad or how long your issue has gone on. Reach out and touch Jesus! As you activate your faith in Jesus by hearing, saying, and doing, choose to “believe the unbelievable and receive the inconceivable”*  from the One Who loves you!

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