But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us … Ephesians 2:4 

Twenty years ago, I will never forget rewinding over and over again a cassette tape, so that I could transcribe word for word a teaching on how much God loved me. I desperately needed to hear these truths, because my circumstances seemed to be telling me quite a different story.

Perhaps, you are facing something right now, that is making you wonder “Does God really love me?” Because God’s love is often misrepresented and misunderstood, you may have concluded that “He must not really love you.”  This can leave you feeling quite helpless and hopeless, just as I once felt.

If this describes you or if you want to grow deeper in God’s love, especially in this area of healing, I encourage you to listen and download the PDF notes from  “The Love of God Heals.”   In this series I share what I have come to know and believe about God’s love that has literally transformed my life, especially my thoughts and beliefs.  As you learn these biblical truths, meditating and applying them to your heart, watch how God’s love begins to reshape your life both inwardly and outwardly.

The Love of God Heals (6 Session Teaching Series)

Session 1 God’s SUPER-natural Love

Viewing God, yourself, and others through the lens of God’s unconditional supernatural love is crucial for you to receive and to minister healing effectively and consistently.  In this session you will discover the Truth about what Jesus’ blood has done for you, allowing you to abide in the superior reality of His love and the fulness of its expressions – a love that not only forgives all your sins, but heals all your diseases. (Ps. 103:3-5)

Session 2 All Qualified to Receive God’s SUPER-Natural Love

When it comes to believing God’s promise, His Word, most people feel they or the person they are praying for are too disqualified for God answering their prayer, demonstrating His saving grace to them.  To help you abide in God’s perspective when He hears your prayers, this session will examine three key bible verses followed by powerful declarations, which will help re-shape how you think and feel about God’s SUPER-Natural love for you.

Session 3 God’s SUPER-Natural Love and Goodness is for All

Repeatedly, Jesus in His earthly ministering is seen healing “ALL” that came to Him. In fact, Jesus is seen feeding and healing “ALL” in extremely large crowds.  Why did Jesus do this?  If you were there, do you believe you would be fed or healed, just as everyone else around you? This lesson will help you understand God’s love and goodness towards you, giving you hope beyond all natural hope and igniting your faith to believe God’s Word for your healing.

Session 4  Jesus’ Love Far Outweighs Your Mistakes and Misfortunes 

Every day God wants you to wake up and remember the richness of His compassion, mercy and grace that flows from His great love for you. But, what does this look like, especially in this area of healing?  In this lesson you will be given practical tools to help you experience God’s unconditional healing love as we look through the lens of Jesus’ healing ministry.

Session 5   God’s Compassion Exceeds Your Expectations  

When we drift from our Father’s love in any area of our life and return to Him, God’s response is much different than we expect. He is not looking to condemn us, but rather to save us.  When we turn to Him to be forgiven, healed, or delivered from destruction, He welcomes us with His smile and with arms opened wide to embrace us and lavish His love upon us, forgiving, healing, and delivering us.  He restores our life in ways far beyond what we can expect or imagine, causing others to be perplexed at the greatness of His unconditional love for us.

Session 6   Touching the Power of Jesus’ Love – Mark 5

 The atmosphere of doubt and unbelief surrounding us has darkened our understanding of God’s SUPER-Natural love. As you press past what the crowd seems to think and believe and touch Jesus, just like the lady with the issue of blood in Mark 5,  your life will become radically transformed by the POWER of His love.  Soon, your testimony about the greatness of God’s love to heal and restore you will cause the dam of doubt and unbelief to be broken, causing many people to be touched by the power of Jesus’ love.


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