Sylvia shares her story of how she was healed of a kidney Infection, H. pylori, and multiple joint arthritis, zero energy, and tear producing pain

Sylvia’s Healing Journey 

Sylvia heard about her 2 neighbors being healed through Camarillo Healing Rooms. 

…. A month later a new neighbor moved in, who was a Christian, and we started to pray together. During one of our prayer times, I shared with her all of my health issues: kidney infection, H. pylori, (much like mono; can develop from something you ate; basically takes away all your energy), arthritis in my lower back and multiple other joints. Some of my symptoms included: having no strength, feeling completely exhausted with zero energy, and having such severe pain from the arthritis that I would cry getting in and out of my car.

When my neighbor heard how I was suffering physically, she shared how her daughter had been healed at the Camarillo Healing Rooms from drugs and how she had been healed from HIV. Her daughter’s healing had been so complete that she had been clean and sober for 5 plus years. Also, my neighbor had remained healed for the past 5 years free from all HIV symptoms.  In fact, she shared that she had just had a physical and tested negative for HIV. Medically, there is no cure for HIV; you can only keep it under control.  Both of these testimonies greatly encouraged me.

She then asked me if I had heard of the healing rooms? Unfortunately, I had not. I remember her telling me, “Every Tuesday they pray for people needing healing.  They are free or you can make a donation.”

Up to this point, I had been a Christian for over 20 plus years and was encountering some very challenging things in life in addition to my health issues. I was in a very stressful job, my family was falling apart, and a few years prior to all this, I had lost my home.  Even though I had known God and continued to pray for my healing, I was losing hope.

Sylvia received her healing from multiple physical issues.

Immediately, I began to come to Camarillo Healing Rooms to be prayed for.  In these prayer rooms, I encountered some of the most beautiful genuine servants of the Lord, a person could ever meet. For almost 8 months, I continued to come every single week to receive prayer for all my needs. Every time, I began to experience new hope building, then, faith building, and then healing of my body, from all the stress and anxiety I carried and from all of my medical diagnoses – the kidney infection, the H.pylori, multiple joint arthritis; and from all the accompanying symptoms….. Now, I am experiencing God’s best for my life and my health. I am full of peace and I am even experiencing joy!

One of the bible verses that greatly speaks to me about what I encountered is:

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

Click here to read Sylvia’s full testimony as her whole being spirit, soul, and body were healed.


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