All Lupus Symptoms Disappear After Prayer

Video Transcript

00:00 yes I have a severe case of lupus since
00:05 september I lost 50 pounds in two
00:10 months and this type of lupus attacked
00:15 my muscles so there were all muscles
00:18 gone and fat in two months I was barely
00:24 able to walk in him with medicine I I
00:31 had a lot of pressure inside my body to
00:36 the point that I have a swollen leg the
00:42 pressure was affecting my lung capacity
00:45 my hopes my blood cells is that what
00:53 what things were you able to do for the
00:55 first time yeah it's in September in a
00:59 couple of minutes after her praying she
01:03 asked me to run and I was able to run
01:07 she asked me to bend over forward
01:11 something that I couldn't do she asked
01:15 me to bend over backwards something that
01:18 I couldn't do she asked me to twist my
01:21 body something that I couldn't lose
01:24 inceptive and how's your breathing now i
01:28 should say normal so you're feeling
01:32 pretty happy tonight at how god oh yeah
01:35 he'll too yes Lord Jesus kill me


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