Healed from 12 Years of Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Pain

Video Transcript

00:00 and somebody came behind me I don't know
00:03 who it was and they put both their hands
00:05 on my shoulders hot like pokers and I
00:09 just closed my eyes and just focused on
00:11 the lord and said I take it I take it I
00:13 receive it and then as that happened I
00:17 started to feel this cool refreshing
00:19 water just start flowing down inside of
00:23 me and then somebody else came over and
00:26 place their hand on me and when that
00:28 happened the Lord said you're healed of
00:30 diabetes and I've had that for 12 years
00:35 and anyway this had diabetes will know
00:39 your joints will hurt your feet will
00:43 hurt and your constant pain and you
00:45 don't complain you don't sign up and you
00:47 just go with the flow and my joints
00:52 immediately stop hurting and I was
00:54 sharing with him and he started praying
00:56 with me and while he was praying with me
00:58 my feet began to tingle and I haven't
01:02 felt my feet in quite a while their
01:04 third as the rule they're numb they're
01:07 totally numb sometimes the toes will
01:10 burn and steam that's gone so you right
01:13 now you have total feeling in your feet
01:17 yes and how long have you not been able
01:20 to feel your feet for that's a hard
01:24 question because I've had diabetes for
01:25 12 years I can probably say maybe a good
01:28 10 years good 10 years you have not been
01:30 able to feel your feet about today for
01:32 the first time you felt your feet praise
01:35 God like and their joints are not right
01:38 now as you're not hurting at all no they
01:41 are not hurting not even my knees they
01:43 are not hurting and I mean that is a
01:45 24-7 let's say thank you Lord for praise
01:49 God thank you for sharing with this very
01:51 Francis and we're so glad that the Lord
01:54 touched you and healed you and major
01:56 holdest said amen


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What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you! When a testimony is shared, a biblical dynamic occurs. The lady with an issue of blood in Mark 5 gets healed when she touched Jesus’ garment. In the very next chapter, it says “As many as touched Him were made well.” Mark 6:56 In our healing rooms, we have seen this biblical dynamic occur through the power of the testimony.



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