Chronic Gerd, Gastric Ulcers, Barrett Cells – Medically Confirmed Healing

Video Transcript

00:01 right hello my name is Victoria rominger
00:04 and I've had severe good for many many
00:07 many years and have very severe gastric
00:10 problems but I've been on only prison
00:13 for a long time and what I started doing
00:16 was having communion and just standing
00:19 under the Wellsprings of those living
00:22 waters and then also just having the ely
00:25 back you look of the healing balm of
00:27 Gilead go down my throat and I went to
00:29 the doctor yesterday and he said to me I
00:32 no longer have any ulcers and also the
00:35 Barret cells that I had are in complete
00:39 remission so give glory to Jesus because
00:42 it's a completely evening and the
00:44 restoration I thought to tell him that
00:46 was a healing balm of Gilead they did it
00:48 very good how long had you have the
00:51 condition for I would you know I've had
00:53 the condition for maybe 12 years 12
00:56 years what do you mean you took the
00:57 healing balm of Gilead I would every
00:59 single day probably I have communion
01:02 four or five times a week and while I
01:04 had the communion I was asking for just
01:07 divine healing an intervention on my
01:10 throat and so then I would just stand
01:12 until it says that we have Wellsprings
01:15 of living waters that well up inside us
01:17 but i convened the Wellsprings of coming
01:20 down from the throne on heaven and just
01:22 pouring down over me and I would just
01:23 say Lord whatever souls are irregular
01:26 and whatever cells are normal we will
01:28 cast those away and completely take him
01:30 away and before he did do the doctor
01:34 think that Europe may ever be able to
01:36 overcome this tradition now he said
01:38 actually now that it had actually
01:39 changed about itself he actually said to
01:42 me now for the rest of your life you're
01:44 going to have to be on 40 milligrams of
01:46 only brizola daily and he says now that
01:48 it converted to Barrett's he says you
01:51 can never ever longer go back to 20
01:53 milligrams
01:54 it has to stay at 40 so Oh God toby
01:57 delivered me and i'm completely so you
01:58 have to take any medication there and
02:00 I'm still taking medicine for a little
02:02 bit longer but right now everything
02:05 looks perfect and I have to say many
02:07 years time okay stay oriented Jesus
02:10 Thank You Victoria for sharing their
02:12 terminology thank you


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