Brain Tumor – Speedy and Excellent Recovery from Surgery, Peripheral Vision Restored

Video Transcript

00:00 hi could you tell me your name sure my
00:03 name is fadi bananas and can you tell me
00:05 what God did for you you mentioned that
00:07 you came in at the beginning part of
00:10 September for prayer here can you just
00:12 tell me a little bit about your story
00:14 and what God did for you yes I came in
00:16 for prayer I was the first surgery
00:18 September the 7th to really remove a
00:21 tumor on the back of my brain I had
00:26 surgery September the 7th I ended up in
00:29 ICU for a couple of days and more than a
00:34 couple of days in the hospital and I was
00:36 expected to I'm back to give God the
00:40 glory through the whole surgery he has
00:44 been working in myself and my husband
00:47 and he he put us through everything
00:51 we've been through we have grown to be
00:55 more as a couple now we know that the
01:00 glory of God is abundant and when you
01:02 feel that there's no one there he is
01:05 always there for you before you came in
01:08 for prayer you were mentioning that you
01:10 felt a little fearful and then after
01:13 prayer what happened to that fear um
01:15 before I come in for prayer I felt fear
01:18 for I work in the medical field so
01:21 usually when someone tells you it's a
01:24 tumor and that they don't know what type
01:27 of tumor it is the first thing that
01:29 comes into your mind is cancer the
01:32 second part is I have three small
01:34 children seven six and three so of
01:38 course you don't want to think other
01:41 than that and the 13 was the third thing
01:45 that worried me was my husband because I
01:48 mean you're young but you just never
01:51 know how they would feel having another
01:55 half of them being less than what they
01:57 were when they married you so now that
02:02 you receive prayer and you're on the
02:04 other side of it what happened to that
02:07 god do as far as the reports you just
02:11 received I went to my doctor because
02:15 during the whole process we discovered
02:19 that I have this tumor because I was
02:21 having seizures and they did a CT scan
02:25 of the head which showed the Torah and
02:29 when they I went to the specialist for
02:33 the tumor they realized that I had no
02:35 peripheral peripheral vision on both
02:38 eyes so so you have no peripheral vision
02:50 and also the reports that you receive
02:55 afterwards about your peripheral vision
02:56 as well as the tumor itself whether it
03:00 was a report on that so after surgery um
03:03 you know the doctors kept on checking my
03:05 vision and I mean I had gotten some
03:08 vision back peripherally but not what
03:10 they expected after surgery
03:13 yes sir yesterday I went to the
03:15 optometrist to have my eyes checked
03:18 because I've noticed that there are some
03:20 changes on my vision and they told me
03:22 that on both eyes I've got him 95
03:25 percent of my peripheral vision back and
03:28 my eyes have had some changes and that's
03:31 why I have different prescriptions for
03:34 my eyes I am now nearsighted which I
03:37 guess is good news for me today I went
03:41 for a third EEG of my brain which is
03:45 kind of like a brain scan to see if
03:47 there's any you know waves for seizures
03:51 or any anything like that and the tech
03:54 told me I shouldn't be telling you this
03:55 but everything looks normal so that just
03:59 shows me how much God loves me in this
04:02 working in my family and it was a tumor
04:10 found cancerous or that turu was a
04:13 I got a phone call and the Torah was
04:15 found to be non cancerous and non
04:18 reproductive so I'm not expected to get
04:21 that tumor back
04:22 isn't that wonderful what God did for
04:24 you yes and you talked about some Bible
04:27 verses that somebody gave to you in The
04:29 Healing Rooms how did that help you
04:30 through your surgery time it helped me a
04:34 lot because I was raised in a Christian
04:38 home as I got older I you know you hate
04:42 those teenage years or you just want to
04:45 do your own thing and you kind of you
04:48 know put Church in the back burner and
04:50 really not concentrate on it and when I
04:53 came for prayers someone gave me the
04:56 Bible verses returned sleeping
04:59 slipping my mind right now of course but
05:01 there were all of it when I was in the
05:04 hospital when I came in for prayer
05:07 I saw someone with a basket of sunflower
05:14 flowers and when I was in the hospital
05:17 one of the CMAs approached me and told
05:20 me don't don't be scared goddess with
05:24 you this is something that's gonna pass
05:26 and it's funny because she had this
05:28 little cute little thing of sunflowers
05:31 and put it next to my bed and I was
05:33 stunned like I was a knight I remember
05:37 telling my husband and he was like he's
05:39 like I remember seeing those sunflowers
05:41 when we went to do really church for
05:45 prayer with you so yeah it was very for
05:48 both of us we just kind of had that
05:50 moment like wow so yeah
05:53 it's then very I mean it's I'm not gonna
05:55 tell you it's been an easy road it's
05:58 been hard but I know that we were not
06:00 alone we could have not made it without
06:02 God and from everything you have told me
06:06 even before this video it just sounds
06:08 like God did work behind the scenes yeah
06:11 if you were able to have a speedy
06:13 recovery yes
06:14 and an excellent recovery and even the
06:17 full almost full restoration of your
06:19 peripheral vision which they didn't
06:21 think possible yeah no II Jean normal we
06:24 just get big just giving it to God for
06:27 he is so good yes he is yes well thank
06:33 you so much for sharing your testimony
06:35 with us this day thank you thank you


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