Pain free after 2-3 Years of Foot Pain Following Multiple Foot Surgeries

Video Transcript

00:00 my name is Maureen and I'm here to tell
00:03 you of a testimony that happened to me
00:04 this morning while we were listening to
00:08 the workshop the healing word the basic
00:13 word was you can either be in the world
00:15 or you can be in the kingdom and the
00:18 world is telling me that I have pain in
00:21 my feet for two to three years now I've
00:24 been having pain and I decided this
00:28 morning that I was going to just be in
00:30 the kingdom with the Lord and I declared
00:32 the pain was over and all day the pain
00:35 has been gone amen praise the pain has
00:39 been gone after two or three years you
00:41 have no idea how happy I came here
00:45 barely able to stand this morning and
00:47 now I feel like I can dance after being
00:49 on my feet all afternoon so praise the
00:52 Lord and believe and can you just talk a
00:56 little bit about what why you had pain
00:59 in your foot while going on in the past
01:01 two or three years I've had tumors
01:02 removed from my feet I've had bones cut
01:05 and we put back together with PN's then
01:08 the pins slipped and they had recut the
01:10 feet again and each and every one of my
01:13 toes has had surgery on though and
01:16 there's been ligaments cut tendons and
01:19 all kinds of things and that left me
01:22 with pretty severe capsulitis which is
01:24 an inflammation of the boat the joints
01:27 at the balls of my feet and that's what
01:29 was causing all of the pain and now they
01:32 are apparently not inflamed because i'm
01:34 standing here feeling fabulous and i
01:38 will show you how fabulous her feet look
01:40 in her beautiful shoes look at that all
01:45 right see she doesn't even have to wear
01:46 sinning she can wear cute shoes and no
01:49 pain in her feet and all the ladies will
01:52 understand yes okay when I get back into
01:55 my son I suppose i'll let you know the
01:58 phrase yeah thank you


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