Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain Gone, Trigger-Finger Healed

Video Transcript

00:00 my name is Romeo find Nina well they
00:03 just invited me to pray for my back and
00:07 for my trigger finger well after they
00:10 prayed for me with the Holy Spirit I
00:14 feel something like happening in my back
00:19 and my shoulder and I felt like the pain
00:23 in my back is God has got it and right
00:28 now on my finger finger I feel like
00:33 there's something the circulation
00:37 something going on so they put this to
00:40 hold of strength to hold it is that so
00:43 that it won't bend aha but right now I
00:46 could still you know is that I could not
00:49 bear without any pain it's already a big
00:53 difference for me before so you can bend
00:55 your finger more yeah is there any pain
00:58 in that no not anymore and dab it in
01:02 your neck area is a pain going in the
01:04 neck and stuff that is it did the net
01:06 and my shoulder okay when you came in
01:08 what was the level of pain on a scale of
01:10 1 to 10 well I right at eight uh-huh I'm
01:16 wearing it came here but now his name is
01:20 Jehovah Rapha and when we come to see
01:22 him guess what he does he does


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