Time to Sing

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land… Let Me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet…  Song of Songs 2:12, 14

What time is it? Look! The flowers appear on the earth! Listen! The voice of the turtledove is heard in our land! Springtime has arrived and the earth is being revived after the long cold winter months.

Last Sunday we took time to look and listen to the reawakening of God’s creation. Along the top of the Carpinteria Bluffs, we hiked wide eyed at the wildflower paradise unfolding before us. (See above photo.) Continuing along the Coastal Vista Trail we stopped and watched the harbor seals, their pups, and hundreds of pelicans basking in the sun. And guess what we heard as we walked back? A male turtledove cooing for a mate.

Yes! Springtime is here – physically and spiritually! The flowers appearing and the turtledoves singing are prophetic signs of the soon-coming harvest. Flowers always emerge before the fruit. Yearly, I witness this happening with my fruit trees, in my garden, and throughout the land. And, the turtledove, along with many other birds, sing right before the harvest. Additionally, before the harvest music groups organize and begin singing as they prepare for the harvesttime celebration.

The Holy Spirit, often seen as a dove, is singing God’s love song – the Song of Songs – over our hearts. Like the cooing of the turtledove, He is awakening our hearts to Jesus’ love for us, beckoning us to rise up and come away with our Beloved. He is calling us to look and to listen to the prophetic signs – to the new season breaking forth – to the the great end-time harvest.  

How will you respond to HIs request: “Let Me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely”? Will you stand confidently in Jesus’ finished work of the cross and in His resurrection power – in the cleft of the rock? (Song of Songs 2:14b) Will you pray and worship from your position in Christ, despite what you are going through, letting Him hear your voice? 

Beloved, the voice of singing is in the land for the great harvest, the end-time harvest, is about to begin. Look at Who Jesus Christ is! Listen to what He has already done for you! Receive His bridal affections! Step into your position as His dove, His beloved! Begin to sing a new song, His song of love for you – His song of love for the world! For it is time to sing! It is time for the world to be awakened to His love!

In Christ’s love,
Sue Burdullis

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