Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him from them all.  He protects all his bones; not one of them will be broken. Psalm 34:19-20

Have you been contending for a healing that has not happened? Michael, an intern in the Camarillo Healing Rooms, wants to encourage you to not give up. This past Tuesday he shared his story about how he received his miraculous healing from three incurable back conditions. As you hear Michael’s testimony, allow your hope in God to be restored and your faith strengthened to believe and receive God’s gift of healing.

Michael: I brought this back brace up with me; it was a prison for me for about one year. I got it when I was just about to start 5th grade. The doctor explained I would have to be refitted for a full-body back brace every year for the rest of my life since the vertebra in my back was no longer growing and that there was really no surgery that would take away the pain. What happened? I was taking a karate class and I slipped a disc in the lower back. What I did not know at that time was that the slipped disc already had a birth defect called spina bifida, a condition which exposes spinal nerves due to incomplete bone growth. All at once, I was diagnosed with spondylosis (degeneration of the spine) spondylolisthesis (a disease that causes one vertebra to slip forward unto the bone beneath it ) and spina bifida. In short, what that meant was that I was in terrible pain all day long.

Reflection: Can you imagine the devastation that Michael and his parents felt? Perhaps, you personally have encountered a devastating report or know someone who has. What can you do when you hear bad news like this or when the pain is so intense that it seems to be taking over your life and as well as those around you?

Michael: I spent the next year of my life doing two things: remaining on the floor most of the time and finding out who God was. Because I had grown up in a Christian family, I was encouraged to seek the Lord for my healing. I began to attend countless church services and healing conferences with my parents alongside of many other hopeful believers. Repeatedly, I saw others healed, while I continued in my sickness and pain. So, the next time someone else was in town, I would have to make the decision, “Am I going to go?  Am I going to continue to have faith to believe that God loves me and that He will do the thing He says He will do?

Reflection from Michael: Some of you have been prayed for before, but after that prayer was ended you felt about the same. I know that feeling. It takes a lot of faith to keep knocking – to keep pressing in.

I encourage you to not give-up, but keep pressing in faith, believing God’s Word for your healing.

Michael: The first part of 5th grade I watched television. The second part of that year I had my bible opened and learned about God and His Word. I started to pray for other people and I started to see it happen. I started to see people get healed, even though I was not healed. My mother and I continued to believe the Lord repeating Psalms 34:19 regularly – “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all. He protects all his bones; not one of them will be broken.”

Reflection: Whether you are sick or well, consider praying for those around you. And, don’t quit coming into agreement with God’s Word, the highest and greatest reality, for healing. Declare it regularly over your health and your circumstances.

Michael: After a year of prayer and no hope except for my Lord, I attended another healing service. The night ended with another disappointment, as I did not get healed then and there. Because my heart was still opened for God to heal me, however, I was determined to continue to have faith in God. This is when I heard clearly from the Holy Spirit. Without words being spoken, I suddenly knew that I had to fast meat for thirty days. At the end of thirty days the Passover occurred. I dedicated myself to the Lord that night and celebrated the Passover with communion.

Reflection: Follow the promptings and directives of the Holy Spirit.

Michael: Although the Lord had healed me sometime during the fast and the celebration of Passover with communion, I did not realize it because the pain was still prevalent in my body from all the inflammation.  When I went for my scheduled X-rays which I had every 8 weeks, the X-ray, unlike all the others, showed that the bone in my low back where there was a hole because of the spina bifida was now miraculously filled in and the nerves were no longer exposed. Also, there was no longer any spondylosis and spondylolisthesis; the bones were miraculously healed and in place. The pain, however, did not go away for another month or so.

Reflection: The symptoms do not determine whether you are healed or not. It may take some time before you actually feel healed.

Michael: My doctor, clearly perplexed, explained that the problem had self-corrected. My mother, who prayed with me almost daily, was quick to explain that we had received a miracle from Jesus. The doctor left the room continuing to use the word “self-correct” for three conditions which are incurable. After about a month the inflammation subsided and I was able to return to school for the 6th grade.

Reflection: Some people, even doctors, have a hard time using the word miracle for the divine intervention of God.

Michael: As a ten year old boy I was told that I could not lift more than 20 pounds for the rest of my life. Today, at age 33, I am the person that everyone finds when they need something heavy moved at work. I mean heavy, like machines in excess of 400 lbs. I am so happy to be the strong person that I always wanted to be as a child.

Reflection from Michael: God is so amazing and so good!  Looking back, I can say that I am happy that God did not respond to my very first request to be healed, because I have come to know God and His Word and seen many more miracles throughout the years. We think of miraculous healings as rare supernatural occurrences, but they are simply God’s goodness and wisdom received.  I am healed by the grace of Jesus Christ. I encourage you not to give-up, but keep pressing in faith, believing God’s Word for your healing.

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