You shall not be afraid of the terror by night… a thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. Psalm 91:5-7

“Your mom’s prayers have literally saved your life,” declared Johnny Foote, as he began prophesying over my son one night in 2010. These words resounded in my heart this past Friday. God was reminding me once again of His faithfulness this past week in hearing and answering my prayers for him.

As many of you know, a massive destructive tornado swept through Nashville this past Monday night, where my son and his family live. Within a half mile of his home, the tornado destroyed homes and businesses. As their family huddled in the bathroom with their two children, God kept them and their home safe. Only one window broke and a couple of chimney tops. Although flying debris, including bricks from their own backyard fire pit, flew into, around, and out of their backyard, their much-loved hand-built glass enclosed greenhouse remained untouched.

On Wednesday, I learned that their power was still not on. They were told that the earliest it would come back on would be Monday this week, because their power was connected to one of the worst streets hit, which was only 1 1/2 blocks away. Immediately, my husband and I came into agreement in prayer for a miracle – for their power to be turned on that day. The next morning, we received a text that just before midnight their power turned on. Praise God!

Coincidence? Happenstance? Luck? No! I can no longer believe that! Why? Because I have seen firsthand the power of God’s Psalm 91 protection in my son’s life. Shortly after receiving Johnny’s prophetic word, my son began working as a volunteer for an international non-profit agency called Kiva.

Coincidence? Happenstance? Luck? No! I can no longer believe that! Why? Because I have seen firsthand the power of God’s Psalm 91 protection in my son’s life.

HIs first assignment involved serving in a country known for being one of the most dangerous countries outside of a war-zone. Within the first week of arriving in that country, my son contacted us quoting his host as saying, “If you would have waited in the car, they probably would have killed you.”  Fortunately, my son had momentarily entered the ATM building with his host, so only his backpack and the briefcase of his host were stolen when the car window was smashed and broken into.

With news like this, I had a choice to succumb to fear or to stand in faith. Of course, giving into fear would be of no help to my son. But, would could I do?  Although I had heard about the power of praying Psalm 91, a psalm of God’s protection, I had never really utilized or relied upon it, especially for living in a country like this. That day, however, instead of just praying for my son, I made the decision to get on my knees daily and prayer-read Psalm 91 out loud, as long as my son was in Kiva.

Shortly after entering the second assigned country, the power of God’s Psalm 91 protection was once again seen. When I was coming out of church one Sunday morning, I received a text from my son, stating he had blood on his hands from scrambling over rocks to get away from three guys who had surrounded him with a machete to his neck. When I called him, he stated that he did not know what happened or how he got away, but he knew that it was a miracle. And what did I know? I knew it was God’s Psalm 91 protection.

My prayers for my son at that time were quite simple. I chose to take the Word of God from Psalm 91 and declare what He said out loud. Much of what I was praying I did not fully understand; nevertheless, God was faithful to perform His Word that was sent forth from my mouth. (Is. 55:11)  God protected my son throughout his Kiva assignments, and throughout these past 10 years of traveling the world, and God has protected my son and his family this past week! I know that their safety was God’s Psalm 91 protection.

What God has done for me and my family, He desires to do for you and those you are praying for! Instead of allowing fear to govern your life, choose to declare Psalm 91 out loud. AS you do so, realize that every provision listed in this psalm is based on the power of the Jesus’ blood through the finished work of the cross.


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