Personally and Professionally God Changed My Life

Jacqueline, Why Not? Incubator, writes: “The prayers I have been receiving from CHR has been amazing! My personal business has grown and continues to grow. With the CHR prayer team last night, I prayed specifically for a speaking agent to increase opportunities for me to speak nationally, particularly in the entertainment industry. Today, I received an email from that specific agency asking me for a meeting next week! I know God heard our prayers!

The CHR teams are not only sweet and nice, but I can feel the Holy Spirit, as they pray in one accord. They provide scriptures for further reading, study, and prayer, which have been instrumental in strengthening my faith in God and what He is able and willing to do. One of the CHR prayer warriors shared with me some daily confessions of faith, which have truly been life changing. I say them almost every day and include my name or others I am praying for in it. The prayer teams also smile, which is nice!

Outside of the prayer sessions, I have begun to listen to their workshops and teachings on YouTube. I have learned “How to Hear God’s Voice” with Kingdom Partners, one of CHR guest speakers. Also, I love Sue’s teachings on You tube as well, which are very deep and insightful. In my opinion, she ranks among the top teachers.

I really needed this kind of prayer support and spiritual input in my life! It has highly encouraged me to spend more time with God, keeping me on a focused path of prayer, deep study of God’s Word and balance in my new entrepreneur work with family and rest. Through all of this, I am getting the much needed daily heavenly downloads from the Lord on the content I am building for my business.

I also want to thank God for my mother being healed from the pace-maker procedure she recently had. She is 80 years old and this was scary for all of us. My mother came out of it with flying colors. She says she can’t even tell she had it done. Thank-you for praying with her and for her!

I feel like I am part of the CHR family!  It has changed me personally and professionally! My faith has definitely grown in these past few months. My mom loves it too! It has changed our lives!”


Written Testimonies

The word “testimony” actually comes from a Hebrew root word, which means to “repeat” or “do again.”  Revelation 19:10 says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” These shared testimonies of what Jesus has done prophesy your breakthrough, the healing or miracle you need. What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you!



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