Gripping Back Pain Gone and Overall Back Pain Markedly Reduced

Yvonne says: Tonight, I came in bent over in terrible pain I have had from the surgery and a staph infection in my spine. I had gripping terrible pain and disfigurement in my back. My pain was up there at a level of 7 to 8 and being 10 is childbirth – you know that is a lot of pain. The problems with my back began one year and eight months ago from a back injury. Then, eight months ago I had back surgery.

I came in tonight, thinking I could not go through another day because of the pain. Two prayer ministers prayed for me and we were in there quite a while battling in prayer. Now, for the first time in 8 months I can actually walk on my own strength; it is the fastest I have been able to walk and the freest I felt in my body. Marie, the CHR receptionist states, “I know Stewart helped you walk in and I helped you walk to the room, but now you can walk holding all your stuff.” Yvonne replied, “That is exactly right.”

I can bend over partially (can’t touch my toes yet), but I can do a little bit more than I was doing. I can still feel that more needs to be healed, but that the gripping pain that had me almost completely paralyzed today is gone. The overall pain is reduced to a level of probably a 1 to 2, and I feel like a healing started tonight. I could actually feel something happen inside of me. I have hope.

I thank the Lord that this will continue. And I give Him all the glory for He is the Healer.


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