You are Made in God’s Image

Behind the scenes, in the invisible realm, a vicious war is being waged over your real identity, your God-given identity. Discover how you can break free from any false identities that have imprisoned you and begin your journey of walking according to your true identity, the one God gave to you before you were born.



  • Understand the real battle over your God-given identity
  • Discover common ways you are tricked into embracing a false identity
  • Know the truth about what really happened the moment God made you and the moment you were born again
  • Learn how you can think, speak, and act according to who God created you to be.



Because the intensity of the battle over your God-given identity has been escalating, the ramifications of it are now being felt and seen in the visible realm worldwide at an unprecedented rate and in numerous ways. In the wake of this identity battle, the hearts of many people are being filled with confusion, fear, depression, oppression, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts … you name it. 

As a result: 

  • Many people’s minds and bodies are being ravaged.  
  • Chronic and unusual sicknesses, diseases, and premature death are increasing exponentially. 
  • Hatred cruelty are overtly being displayed in an increasing measure.
  • And, the earth itself is groaning under the weight of mankind’s lost identity.

If  you are experiencing the effects of this identity war or know someone who is, it is time for you to discover and recover your true identity, your God-given identity.


SPEAKER – Sue Burdullis, Director of Camarillo Healing Rooms 

Before Sue began the Camarillo Healing Rooms in 2006, her health was being adversely affected because she did not know that her salvation in Christ included healing. Like most believers, this Truth was concealed from her. As she studied the Scriptures, she discovered that Jesus Christ through the work of the cross provided salvation for not only her spirit, but for every aspect of her life including her physical body. By appropriating what she learned through the Word of God, she received healing in her physical body, as well as her mind and emotions. As Sue discovers more of God’s extravagant love and grace towards her, her journey of healing continues. She passionately desires for you to experience all that God has provided, especially healing for your whole being. 





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