If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. 2 Timothy 2:13

When you don’t have the faith to believe God for the miracle you need, for the promise in His Word to come to pass, remember Who God is. God is faithful, even when you are faithless.

Sarah’s story is a good example of this. Sarah was 99 years old and Abraham was about 100 years old, when she heard that she was going to have a son. Her thoughts instantly seemed to counter God’s Word. “How could that be after a lifetime of barrenness and years of trying to bear a child? How could life come forth from the deadness of her womb? How could the Promise come to pass?” The summation of her heart’s response is seen in her faithless laughter recorded in Genesis 18:11-13

God’s Promise, His Word, to you may now seem so far-fetched, so unbelievable, that in the depth of your heart you too find yourself laughing bitterly, just like Sarah did, at even the thought of God’s promise coming to pass. God’s response to Sarah’s disbelief, her bitter laughter, is God’s response to you, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen. 18:14) God’s question beckoned Sarah to take her eyes off of herself and her ability to produce the promise and to put her eyes on “Who He is” – the One Who is The Ultimate Promise Keeper.

As you begin to do this, giving glory to God for “Who He is,” you will not only become “fully convinced that what He had promised He is able to perform,”  but you will know “He is watching over His word to perform it.”  (See Romans 4:20-21; Jeremiah 1:12)

This week I encourage you to stop looking at your level of faith and the negative circumstantial evidence, which is causing you to become discouraged, and to begin to declare Who He is. Declare 2 Timothy 2:13 out loud. Sing “You are Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. My God, that is Who You are.” (Click here for: “Way Maker” song)


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