My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. Psalm 62:5

Two weeks ago on Ono Island, beautiful harmonized singing in the Fijian language filled the air in the middle of the afternoon.  Where was it coming from?  What was it all about? After inquiring, Ken and I found out that Gabby, the head of a construction crew who led his workers in daily prayer before and after work, was so filled with thanksgiving and praise to God that this day he along with his workmen lifted up their voices to God in worship.

During lunch the following day, we had the opportunity to meet Gabby and listen as he shared with us how God miraculously healed his comatose daughter, who was at death’s door years ago.  At that time, he had told God that if his daughter was healed he would serve Him the rest of his life.  Shortly after that prayer, his daughter, who was bedridden and unable to talk or move for a prolonged period of time, was fully restored to 100% health.  Gabby’s testimony of his daughter being miraculously healed along with his subsequent radical commitment to God encouraged us greatly.

Through our conversation we discovered that he had a church service every Sunday with his workers.  We asked the manager of the resort if we could attend.  Although the resort provided a way to a nearby church 30 to 40 minutes away, they had never been asked by any of their guests to attend the one in their midst. After the manager talked with Gabby and made special arrangements for a place conducive to have guests participate in this local Sunday church service, we worshipped, prayed, and listened to the Gospel together.

Now expect a miracle and a miracle is yours today.

The resort manager afterwards asked us how it went.  I replied, “You have a hidden treasure in your midst.” Ken replied, “Gabby made the service so welcoming to us, his guests, by translating and singing parts of the service into English.”  Unknowingly, we were the beginning to God answering Gabby’s prayers.

After the church service Gabby shared with us another miracle.  Several years ago, he had heard that his step-father had a severe stroke and was unable to feed or do any type of daily activities by himself because of the paralysis.  Gabby’s wife and him fasted and prayed for 3 days.  Not only did God supply the necessary finances for travel, but God miraculously healed his step-father from all the symptoms that the stroke caused.  As a result both his estranged mother and step-dad received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior followed by his grandfather and grandmother.

My prayer is that the simple lyrics of a song entitled “The God of Miracles” by Ralph Carmichael that have helped shape my life and the 13 years of the Camarillo Healing Rooms ministry would impact your life today.   “The God of miracles is reaching out His hand.  The God of miracles is moving thru the land.  So touch Him, believe Him this moment as you pray. Now expect a miracle and a miracle is yours today.”

Allow your expectation to be from God – the God of miracles! (Ps. 62:5)  What God did for Gabby and his family He desires to do for you today!



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