Psalm 91 Protection Experienced

Laurel shared the following in the Psalm 91 Class: One day while I was driving, the thought came to me that I need to go get my car washed. So, I proceeded to the dealership. When I arrived, I had just begun hearing a noise in the back of my car. The repairman and I looked around and saw a nail sticking out of my tire. I thought, “Wow! This happened just at the right time and the right place.” While I was in the waiting room, the car repairman said that he did not find one nail, but rather he found three nails. I asked him, if he could save the nails for me. He said, “Sure!” So, when he was done, he brought the nails to me and said, “None of them penetrated your tire. But, I really don’t know how this one (about a 2 inch nail) did not penetrate your tire.” I felt so happy about this great news that I blurted out, “I am in this class called, ‘The Prayer of Protection’. And it is God’s Psalm 91 protection that I have just experienced!” He said, “Well, it works!” I said, “It sure does! And, if it can work for me, it can work for anyone – Psalm 91. God’s protection is so great!”


Written Testimonies

The word “testimony” actually comes from a Hebrew root word, which means to “repeat” or “do again.”  Revelation 19:10 says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” These shared testimonies of what Jesus has done prophesy your breakthrough, the healing or miracle you need. What God did for these people, God is willing to do for you!



Share Your Testimony

Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. Psalm 105:1