Heaviness, Depression, and Exhaustion Lifted Off

Nanette shared the following:

Can you share what you appreciate about Camarillo Healing Rooms?

  • The love and kindness you showed in your readiness to help me. 
  • The giving of your time to minister. 
  • The heart of willingness and honor you gave to listen, when I was traumatized and hurting and in need of that love, respect and dignity which you so freely gave
  • How you released the much needed grace of God and His goodness and power through Jesus Christ, while speaking life into my broken heart and circumstances.
  • Thank you for your caring, understanding and time. It made a huge difference! 

How have you been encouraged, helped, strengthened, or transformed through the ministry you have received?

Absolutely yes! I went in one way – very weighed down, beaten down, scattered and exhausted. As they ministered, I felt the heaviness, oppression, grief, depression, confusion, and feeling disoriented and lost, lift off of me. I came out with noticeable joy, peace, hope and strength which was very healing. It felt like everything that was tormenting me on the inside is now on the outside of me. 

Even though I was pressing through everything by myself in prayer and worship and some warfare, experiencing some breakthrough – some peace, faith, and hope to keep going, it was very hard and I felt like I was just trudging through. I was up and then down again. 

But after coming to Camarillo Healing Rooms, I feel like myself once again. I feel “light” and I noticed I want to dream again and believe once again that things can really change and happen for me again and it’s not too late. That hope differed is gone! I have a new sense of freedom and hope. 

I am ready to continue on in faith, as I learn more about Him – His ways, His love, His word –  and who I am in Him as well as my divine inheritance in Him. I am believing in His restoration – His beautiful changes of restoration for me in every area of my life again with this touch of freedom! All Glory to God! 


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