Baby Grace’s Victory Over Pre-Mature Complications

Gayner Bemisdarfer writes: On 12/24/2013 we received a phone call from our daughter Christina. She said, “Mom I’m pregnant.” This was great news, because a year before she had been told she could never have a baby.

One month later, however, on January 18, 2014, I received another phone call from my daughter. She said, “Mom I’m in the hospital the doctors say I’m losing my baby”. Christina was only 4 and half months into the pregnancy. I would like to be able to tell you my faith kicked in but that wasn’t the case. I called our pastor; he was on his way to San Diego. He prayed with me and said, “Don’t let your faith waver”. Something snapped in my spirit and I thought, “That is right!”

Time for battle! I called the Camarillo Healing Rooms, of which I have been a member of for seven years. And, I called the church prayer chain and all the seasoned intercessors I knew and trusted. For months they joined our family in the prayer of faith.

Our daughter was in the hospital trying to keep her baby and for eight days we battled. Then the baby was born, Grace Ivy, 1 pound 10 ounces and 12 inches long at Marquette Neonatal Intensive Care. Our daughter called and said, “Mom, the doctors say Grace will not live.” “No, I said! The Lord says, ‘He breathes life and gives strength to the bones’.” Then, the doctors spoke many things over Grace: “Her lungs are not developing; she would be blind from oxygen; her heart would not be able to sustain her…” On and on it went. But, GOD! The Lord is the giver of life and He is our sustainer.

Finally a turn around! After months of praying and contending, a bright light shines in the darkness. Baby Grace is starting to thrive. Her lungs were starting to develop and heart was getting stronger.

But, then another negative report from the doctors came saying that Grace’s kidneys were failing. Back to war we went in prayer. As a result, the kidneys were healed.

Another doctor’s report came at a month before her release date: “She is blind.” Man, about this time I was so excited about what the Lord was doing that I knew it was just another mountain to be taken. Because of this last report, Grace was taken to a special hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan, hundreds of miles from our daughter’s home. And, our daughter was not allowed to go with Grace. So, my daughter and I prayed together 3 or 4 times a day, every day.

Then, the doctor’s report comes: “Oops! We made a mistake. Grace is not blind. She sees perfectly.” Back to Marquette where Grace stayed until May 6, 2014, which was not only her original due date but the date she was released from the hospital to her parents. Now, she is a perfect and happy baby girl! The doctors can’t understand why she is thriving and not having some major issues. Our daughter tells them, “The Lord healed my baby”.

However, just before Thanksgiving 2015 this past year, Christina was given another bad report. Grace was having some mental difficulties. So back to war we go in prayer. I crafted a “Sozo” prayer. My daughter and I prayed it together over the phone, than my daughter laid her hands on Grace’s head. The next day Grace had an amazing deliverance and she was completely healed. The doctors are baffled and our daughter told them, “My mom and I prayed, and God healed Grace. What’s so hard to understand about that?”

It may seem you are working at those mountains with a pick and ax, but eventually the mountains must come down. Just keep at it until you see the result.


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