Called to Heal and Resurrect the Dead

As we enter this new season, God’s promise to heal us of all our diseases is active and alive. Sue carries years of study, prayer, victories, and miracles in healing ministry. Sue leads the Camarillo Healing Rooms.


Video Transcript

00:00 it's my privilege to be with you this
00:03 morning and bring what God has shown me
00:06 this last week I always start with a
00:08 blank canvas saying what do you want God
00:11 and so let us pray as we begin father I
00:15 pray that as my words go out your words
00:20 go out of my mouth that they would not
00:22 return void but you would accomplish
00:26 what you please and that these words
00:31 Lord God would have an effect in the
00:34 lies and the hearts of people so that
00:37 they would be transformed by the very
00:40 power of your Holy Spirit and father I
00:44 ask for the range just like we've had
00:46 the natural rain I asked for the reign
00:48 of your Holy Spirit to come as is
00:50 prophesied over us years ago that your
00:55 rain would come in the way of healings
00:57 and miracles and signs and wonders in
01:00 our midst and I pray father that you
01:04 would grant us boldness to speak the
01:07 Word of God to say what you say and to
01:11 do what you have called us to do
01:13 especially in this area of healing amen
01:17 the title of my sermon this morning is
01:20 cold to heal and resurrect the dead it's
01:26 based on one primary scripture Matthew
01:29 10 8 heal the sick cleanse the lepers
01:33 raise the dead cast out demons freely
01:37 you have received freely give what would
01:42 it look like in your life and in the
01:45 life of our church if we began to
01:48 converse with God about Matthew 10 8
01:51 coming into communion with his heart so
01:56 that our hearts would be stirred to such
01:58 a point that we would want to walk out
02:01 Matthew 10 8 what would happen Diane she
02:08 wrote a song about what would happen
02:10 pastor Steve preached a sermon about
02:13 what would
02:13 happened from Jeremiah 33 last week and
02:17 we heard that a new voice would be heard
02:19 didn't we Jeremiah 33 11 says that we
02:24 would hear the voice of joy we would
02:27 hear the voice of gladness we would hear
02:30 the voice of the bridegroom and the
02:32 broth and the bride and we would hear
02:34 the voice of those who will say what
02:37 praise the Lord for he is good at his
02:42 mercy endures forever and then we would
02:46 begin to hear the voice of those who
02:48 will bring the sacrifice of praise into
02:51 the house of God because they had yet to
02:53 experience his power in that way and in
02:57 their praise they would see the very
03:00 power of God and most importantly what
03:02 would happen in our mist is that god's
03:05 name would be honored and glorified and
03:09 praised and people would be able to
03:11 encounter the real Jesus in our families
03:16 in our neighborhoods in our cities in
03:19 our nation one church I read about just
03:23 recently they wanted to see their church
03:26 Sunday School class go from 2500 people
03:30 to 5,000 so they made a commitment to
03:33 pray about it encouraged to pray on that
03:35 three times a day in fact they received
03:39 buttons that said I love 5,000 now if
03:44 they actually wore those buttons I love
03:46 5,000 I think that would keep the vision
03:49 before them and I think would make some
03:52 people little curious what do you mean
03:53 you love 5,000 right and that as they
03:58 pray the Isle of 5,000 became their
04:03 reality it became the very answer to
04:09 their prayers what would happen in our
04:13 midst if we took Matthew 10 a cleanse
04:18 leper heal the sick cast out demons
04:21 raise the dead we wrote that out on
04:25 three by five cars
04:27 in that order we can bite in any order
04:30 but we would write it out on
04:31 three-by-five cards and place it in
04:33 strategic places like that mirror in our
04:37 bathroom the dashboard of our car on you
04:41 know the cubicle in our workplace and
04:43 then what would happen if we began to
04:45 reframe or thinking about this verse
04:48 saying i love to heal the sick i love to
04:54 cast out demons i love to resurrect the
04:58 dad i love to deliver those from demons
05:05 you know what as we began to say that a
05:08 little war might be going on a war
05:11 between our flesh and our spirit our
05:14 flesh would say i don't love that in
05:17 fact i don't know if i want to love that
05:19 and the Spirit of God says that's what I
05:22 love and don't we wanna begin to love
05:27 what God loves amen if we would let God
05:37 know that we are a yielded vessel he
05:40 would bring people into our lives and
05:43 across our path just what were like
05:46 we're going to see in a movie clip from
05:48 90 minutes in heaven I just watched it
05:51 for the first time right after Christmas
05:54 with my family and in this show there's
05:59 a man it's based on a true story a
06:02 pastor Don Piper and he's in a car
06:05 accident and it's a fatal car accident
06:08 and he dies and there's a man few cars
06:12 down that sees the car accident and he
06:16 hears the voice of the Lord say to him
06:19 go pray for that man in the red car I
06:23 want you and I to use our godly
06:27 imagination this morning and place our
06:30 self in the position of this man that
06:34 has been a witness to what has just
06:37 happened or just arrived on the scene
06:39 and you here
06:40 to the Lord tell you to go pray for that
06:42 person in that red car now I have to
06:47 reframe your thinking when I talk about
06:49 the Lord saying I'm not talking about
06:51 the Honorable voice of the Lord because
06:53 none of us would ever do what God has
06:55 called us to do for waiting for the
06:57 audible voice of God right I'm talking
06:59 about that subtle nudge that literally
07:02 impression that little inner voice that
07:05 little reminder maybe about Matthew 10 8
07:09 where God tells us to go do it amen so
07:13 Kim if you could actually put that up on
07:16 the screen and we'll watch it's just a
07:17 two and a half movie clip I was the
07:28 father of three children
07:31 husband of a wonderful wife
07:35 man with a great future
07:38 on January eighteen nineteen eighty-nine
07:41 I died when I woke up I was in heaven
07:53 the man in the red Ford is deceased I
07:57 like to pray for him
08:07 we've heard Don's car was wrecked by an
08:10 18
08:11 her husband is very badly injured we are
08:14 doing everything we can to save him I'm
08:16 so scared God please help us it's gonna
08:20 be tough but I need you now
08:23 I follow I can read in time
08:27 you got all these people who care so
08:29 much for you and you have no idea how
08:31 much they look we're gonna pray all
08:34 night for you we're taking over from
08:36 here
08:41 I have denied them the blessing of care
08:44 you around
08:51 amidst all the suffering I've learned
08:53 have
08:54 is real
09:02 you prayed I'm here
09:09 it takes ball nuff to do what God has
09:12 called us to do amen it takes a lot of
09:15 boldness to step out and to actually go
09:19 pray for somebody who is dead Peter and
09:23 John faced a similar situation and they
09:26 called their prayer group and they
09:28 prayed this prayer in acts 4 29 through
09:31 30 Lord look on their threats you know
09:35 the threats don't just come from
09:36 external threats a lot of threats come
09:38 from the inside from your flesh itself
09:40 and they pray Lord look on their threats
09:46 and grant to your servants that we would
09:48 speak your word with all boldness by you
09:53 stretching out your hand to heal and
09:55 that signs and wonders and miracles
09:58 would be done in our mist through the
10:00 name of your holy servant Jesus we need
10:04 to be praying for boldness pastor Steve
10:08 read this passage from Jeremiah 33 6
10:12 behold I will bring it health and
10:15 healing I won't heal them and reveal to
10:18 them the abundance of peace and truth
10:20 and we all go yes I want that I want
10:22 that but did you know that God is
10:26 calling you and I to partner to bring
10:29 health and healing to those in need he
10:34 has called us to partner with him to
10:37 release the resurrection power of Jesus
10:41 Christ through what through our simple
10:44 little prayers are simple little words
10:46 and our simple little actions that seem
10:49 so in adequate but they're in accordance
10:53 to his word and his will for our lives
10:56 we have to do this in the midst of our
11:01 own defeats in our failures and in the
11:04 midst of what looks like impossible
11:07 situations just like you just saw and if
11:10 we don't do it you know what people will
11:13 not be saved in the full of sense so so
11:16 the Greek word means healing hold us
11:20 deliverance
11:22 if you could come up and prepare to
11:24 share your testimony when I began the
11:31 healing rooms ministry I shared a
11:34 testimony about dr. chancy Crandall who
11:37 had raised somebody from the dead he was
11:39 a cardiologist he had just pronounced
11:42 somebody that did after this man had
11:45 been dead for 40 minutes and they could
11:47 not do anything this takes place in the
11:49 United States in Florida when I shared
11:52 this testimony about him raising the
11:56 person from the dead and you know what
11:57 he did he did like that guy in the film
12:00 that we just watched he had just a
12:03 strong impression as he walked out of
12:06 that emergency room for that he had this
12:09 impression that God wanted him to turn
12:11 around and to go pray for that dead man
12:14 well he's dead he prays a simple prayer
12:18 and the man is raised from the dead
12:20 somebody in the audience when I shared
12:22 this around 2006 they didn't believe the
12:26 story or wanted it confirmed so they
12:28 called his office and they found out
12:30 that it was a medically documented
12:33 miracle and as I was preparing for this
12:36 he has written a book and I highly
12:38 encourage you if you want to start
12:39 walking in Matthew 1080 to read his book
12:42 called raise the dead because he shares
12:45 how he goes from basically unbelief to
12:49 doing what he is doing today since I
12:52 have begun the healing rooms I've
12:54 encountered two people that have been
12:55 raised from the dead one when we were
12:57 doing the street fair he was actually in
13:00 a morgue in a local hospital here with
13:03 the toe tag on I heard this from his
13:06 mouth he was unsafe people prayed for
13:09 him and he actually came back to life in
13:13 the more no one praying for him there
13:15 and the more and started to move and
13:18 someone notices they came into the more
13:20 the other person was just this past
13:22 summer and I feel God is highlighting to
13:25 me that we need to take Matthew 10-8 of
13:28 raising the dead seriously Valerie if
13:30 you could share a minute or two just on
13:33 your testimony when I was
13:35 being to prepare for this on Friday this
13:38 talk I was wanting to click on past
13:40 receive the notes that I took last week
13:42 and as I clicked on it what i thought
13:45 was last week's sermon i clicked on
13:47 februari 15 2015 and at the top is this
13:52 testimony and belarus going my brother
13:56 was raised from the dead and i'm typing
13:58 it doubly hat this is a god thing hey
14:02 Scott it's not okay so um when sue asked
14:07 me to go over this when you relive
14:09 something like that I mean it just pours
14:11 out and I might I'm gonna try and get
14:13 through i'm just gonna hit bullet points
14:14 of what happened to my brother my one
14:17 and only brother last year and he was
14:21 conducting a meeting in front of his
14:23 employs a staff meeting and he had what
14:27 the doctors called a drop dead heart
14:30 attack and he just dropped it in front
14:34 of the employees hit his head and they
14:38 tried to revive him couldn't do it the
14:40 paramedics came they called my
14:42 sister-in-law she called me on the phone
14:44 and she said valor and she's crying she
14:46 said they said that he died right and
14:50 during the staff meeting and she's
14:51 trying to get in her car to get to where
14:54 he's at and I said you know when she
14:56 first said it I said no that can't be
14:58 you know that's not right and so I said
15:01 we're going to pray we don't accept that
15:03 we don't accept what they're saying and
15:05 so I told her get in the car call me
15:07 when you get there she got to the
15:09 hospital and there was no brain activity
15:12 and they didn't know how long he had
15:15 been like that without oxygen to his
15:17 brain and so the they had different
15:20 doctors coming in they transported him
15:22 to another hospital and the he was in
15:26 with no brain activity for about two
15:29 days and what they did got favors like
15:33 this the the chief of the hospital where
15:35 they took him said well we're going to
15:37 try this chiral therapy so what they did
15:40 this they dropped my brother's body
15:42 temperature really really low
15:45 and he was kept in this comatose state
15:48 so he wouldn't his body wouldn't go into
15:50 shock and they said we're going to see
15:51 what happens in 24 hours when I bring
15:53 the temperature back up and they did
15:57 that so on the third day they're
16:00 bringing his body temperature back up
16:02 there was no brain activity my
16:05 sister-in-law she hasn't on their phone
16:06 and she says you know the neural
16:08 neurologist didn't think it's good
16:10 there's nothing going on there's no
16:12 activity so she put the phone near his
16:15 ear so he could hear me and we just
16:17 prayed and I said no this is not
16:19 happening you know I won't go into all
16:21 of that we prayed but after she removed
16:24 the phone from his ear he opened his
16:26 eyes and she's screaming and calling the
16:30 doctors come back and her come back in
16:32 here he opened his eyes he opened his
16:36 eyes and they had all these tubes in
16:38 here because they were keeping him
16:40 breathing and functioning by machine and
16:42 she said he'd squeeze her hand and just
16:45 praise went up that was on the third day
16:47 and then long story short they they did
16:51 an surgery to put a pacemaker
16:53 defibrillator in his heart they didn't
16:56 know if he's going to make it through
16:57 the surgery he made it through the
16:58 surgery fine he got up he was on in a
17:02 wheelchair and she was sending me
17:04 pictures of what's happening to him and
17:06 each picture I would pray over it on my
17:08 phone we pray together they took said he
17:11 was going to go to this rehab center
17:13 just fast forwarding and they said he's
17:16 going to need to be in there two weeks
17:18 three weeks in order to rehabilitate
17:20 because there was no speech his
17:22 cognitive ability was not there and his
17:25 physical ability was not there and so
17:27 they say is going to be at least three
17:28 weeks here and my brother when they
17:31 heard that he held up three fingers and
17:34 my sister-in-law said he keeps you know
17:37 he doesn't win except it's gonna be
17:38 three weeks for him to bounce back and I
17:40 said well we're just going to claim with
17:41 him three days he's gonna be back in
17:43 three days he gets to that rehab center
17:47 and I flew out there on the second day
17:51 he's already speaking he's already
17:54 walking around with the physical
17:56 therapist he's already being able to
17:58 write
17:59 down the third day they released him he
18:05 has had full recovery he's back in his
18:08 position at his job cognitive ability is
18:12 all there his speech his physical
18:14 ability is out there and we give God the
18:15 praise that was just like we saw with
18:27 Don Piper right in our church right what
18:33 would have happened if there was
18:35 hesitation or procrastination to do what
18:38 God has called us to do in Matthew 10 8
18:41 I tell you the dawn Piper's bellary
18:45 brothers they would not be alive I was
18:53 struck by this message in Luke 957
18:56 through 62 some friends and I were
18:59 watching a live broadcast this past New
19:02 Year's Eve three men come up to Jesus
19:08 and Jesus says follow me do you know
19:13 Jesus wants us to follow him every day
19:15 of our life and these guys came up with
19:21 excuses and they did not follow him I
19:25 said to the Lord after watching that I
19:30 know those excuses of hesitation and
19:33 procrastination negotiation all these
19:36 things and you know them too in your
19:38 life and they seem very valid but I said
19:40 to the Lord that night I want to be a
19:42 yielded vessel this year I want to say
19:45 what you say and do what you've called
19:48 me to do how about you to cullman
19:53 excuses that I here in the body of
19:55 crisis when it comes to doing Matthew 10
19:59 a it's not my calling in our church you
20:03 would think it's Suze calling Shirley
20:07 and Steve Kwan's calling Larry big man's
20:09 calling outside the church Oh
20:11 to Randy Clark's calling Reinhardt
20:13 Bonnke is calling but it's not my
20:16 calling I've used that excuse when it
20:19 came to prophecy and then a profit in
20:25 2010 comes to me didn't know the secrets
20:28 of my heart that was telling god it's
20:30 not my calling and he's the Prophet says
20:34 to be regarding prophecy he says you're
20:36 telling God that this is not your
20:38 calling but God says to you that is who
20:43 I am in you it's the tempter that's
20:47 trying to make you believe that that's
20:50 not what he's called you to do so i did
20:53 it with knees trembling did it in front
20:58 of a church in san francisco after lord
21:01 that morning on the Sunday morning I
21:03 says what would you say to that church i
21:05 had my sermon prepared Lord gave me a
21:08 Bible verse i said lord that's my
21:12 favorite one or one of my favorites i
21:15 have lots of favorites i argue with the
21:18 Lord he told me what he wanted to say to
21:20 the church through that bible verse i
21:22 gave it pastor came right up before i
21:24 even got to say anything else and he
21:26 says church what are we standing on and
21:29 it was that Bible verse so as you do
21:32 these things and you're unsure of
21:36 yourself give it a try the other thing
21:40 is that I here's an excuse is it doesn't
21:44 work Matthew 10 8 doesn't work I've
21:47 tried it it doesn't work I understand
21:50 that one too but in the healing ministry
21:53 now nine years I've seen more people die
21:57 than i ever have before in my life and
22:01 that's because I've chosen to pray for
22:04 more sick and dying people than I ever
22:07 have in my entire life and the
22:11 temperature wants to tempt me to quit
22:14 but I have to strengthen myself in the
22:17 Lord strengthen myself and what God has
22:21 said to me
22:23 strengthen myself through prayer
22:26 strengthen myself by saying what he
22:28 tells me to say another way I strengthen
22:32 myself history testimonies and this last
22:34 year's I was looking over them want to
22:36 share with you two testimonies this lady
22:39 comes in and she's been in back pain for
22:42 15 years had surgery and it did not help
22:46 she drives from Baker field she's a
22:48 grandmother her family brings her over
22:51 here she gets pray all her pain goes
22:53 away they you should have seen their
22:57 faces I just remember it was just like
22:59 Valerie's faces when she said my
23:01 brothers alive on that you know februari
23:03 15th and if you can see that joy the
23:07 voice of joy the voice of gladness it's
23:10 all worth it you guys and the other
23:13 testimony is this lady bringing her baby
23:15 into her healing rooms and I wanting to
23:17 go pray before our healing room started
23:19 she goes can I tell you something and
23:20 they're going oh yeah and she says I
23:22 came in here a few years ago I couldn't
23:25 get pregnant you guys prayed and you
23:29 told me when I get pregnant to bring
23:33 back my child and here's my child amen
23:41 the drought in California and the recent
23:46 rain is a prophetic picture of what God
23:49 is doing in this hour in relationship to
23:53 Matthew 10 8 just like people in our
24:00 neighborhoods I know here in Southern
24:03 California they're doing all kinds of
24:06 things to keep their landscape looking
24:09 green some people are doing what i call
24:13 the spray paint green where they just
24:16 you know put some junk on it that looks
24:17 makes it look greener and other people
24:21 are taking and they're ripping out their
24:25 grass and they're laying down the cement
24:28 and they're putting that fake grass over
24:30 the top of it
24:35 very similar to what happened and has
24:38 been happening in the body of Christ as
24:41 it relates to expressing what the
24:45 kingdom of God really looks like you
24:49 know that it's easier to take care of
24:52 fake grass then trying to help grass
24:59 grow some people don't even want to
25:04 bother with making their landscape even
25:06 a peer greed have you seen those signs
25:13 Brown is the new green thumb some people
25:19 have just accepted the fact that brown
25:21 is their new green in their area of
25:23 health because they haven't seen the
25:26 real thing where have you accepted Brown
25:31 is the new green in your life and the
25:35 air of your health the area of your
25:37 finances in the area of your
25:40 relationship the God is telling us he
25:44 wants to awaken us out of this drought
25:47 mindset he says in Colossians through
25:50 three to set your mind on the things
25:53 above did you know that the things above
25:57 and the kingdom of God are green it's
26:02 never changed color because God never
26:05 changes he is the same yesterday and
26:08 today and forever John when he set his
26:13 mind on the kingdom above I'm talking
26:16 about the Apostle John revelations 20 21
26:19 he saw the answer to all of man's
26:22 drought he saw the answer to your
26:25 drought in your life he saw that pure
26:29 river of water of life coming down from
26:34 the throne of God and from the lamb
26:38 Ezekiel saw the same river and describes
26:42 it in more fullness and God says to him
26:46 every living thing wherever the river
26:49 goes we'll watch it will live the source
26:57 the very source of our drought is God
27:02 himself he is the river of life and he
27:08 wants to flow in your heart and in your
27:12 life to end the drought that you have
27:17 been experiencing and he wants you to
27:21 lao from his sanctuary that river to
27:25 flow into your life and through your
27:32 life so that you will do what John 838
27:37 says he who believes in me as the
27:41 Scriptures has said out of his heart
27:45 will flow rivers of living water there
27:52 is no drought in the kingdom of God
27:55 there is they river of life and in order
27:59 for to see that river flow into our life
28:03 we to heed the instructions that God
28:07 gave to Jeremiah and Jeremiah 33 3 he
28:12 says call to me and I will answer you
28:16 and I will show you the great and mighty
28:18 things he will show us what the very
28:21 source of the River of Life Jesus who is
28:25 the real thing there's two parts
28:32 Jeremiah 33 3 is the essence of what
28:35 prayer looks like cold to me that's our
28:39 part and I will answer you and show you
28:43 great and mighty things that is God's
28:46 part so often we want to talk to God and
28:51 not spend the time to listen allow him
28:56 to show us what He desires
28:59 to show us he has shown us things
29:05 through the Word of God that we need to
29:07 meditate on that we need to think on I
29:13 love God's answers to Jeremiah when he
29:16 showed him the great and mighty things
29:18 God knew that Jeremiah and he needed it
29:21 answer far beyond what Jeremih could
29:24 ever think or imagine so God opened up
29:29 Jeremiah's eyes of understanding just
29:33 like he needs to open up your eyes and
29:35 my eyes to the things that are above you
29:39 know what God showed him he showed him
29:43 Jesus the real thing why do I say that
29:49 because when Jesus answers him and does
29:53 those statements I will bring it health
29:56 and healing I will bring them the
30:02 abundance of peace and truth I will set
30:05 the captives free I will pardon their
30:08 iniquity when he says all those I will
30:11 statements it's based on the foundations
30:14 of the cross of what Jesus Christ would
30:17 make available to all of us through the
30:20 cross amen these are the same things
30:24 that Isaiah saw as and we see this in
30:26 Isaiah 53 where he prophetic he declares
30:30 what Jesus would do on the cross these
30:33 are the things that King David saw and
30:35 we see this in Psalm 103 as king david
30:39 prophetically declares what Jesus would
30:42 do for us on the cross and these are the
30:44 things that we need to see if we are
30:48 going to do the work of Jesus Christ if
30:53 we're going to do Matthew 10 8 we need
30:56 to see the real Jesus we need to see the
31:03 very love of our Father that he has
31:08 provided for us through the work
31:10 of the cross we need to see the great
31:15 and wonderful thing that God has done
31:18 for us and we need to have our hearts
31:20 rooted and grounded in this love the
31:24 love of what he has done for us because
31:27 it's only from this place that we're
31:29 going to be able to do James 515 to pray
31:33 that prayer of faith Jesus instructs us
31:39 in Mark 11 22 through 24 he instructs us
31:45 how to pray the prayer of faith he says
31:53 to us assuredly I say to you whoever
31:57 says to this mountain be removed and
32:01 cast into the sea and does not doubt in
32:04 his heart but believes in the things
32:07 that he says he shall have whatever he
32:13 says therefore I say to you whatever
32:19 whatever whatever you ask in prayer
32:25 believe that you received them and you
32:32 will have you know what the hardest part
32:36 about moving a mountain is speaking to
32:41 it speaking of to it in the first place
32:45 saying what God says and not what the
32:50 circumstances are saying to you and then
32:55 when you don't see with your natural
32:57 eyes that mountain budgie you need
33:01 boldness to continue to say what God has
33:07 said to that mountain and tell you see
33:11 that impossible situation move out of
33:14 the way and become a plane in your life
33:18 that's what Valerie did she not only
33:21 pray for her brother once
33:22 her family and her loved ones they
33:25 prayed him all the way to the fullness
33:28 of health so he could experience the
33:32 abundance of peace and truth that is in
33:35 Jesus Christ there's two testimonies
33:38 that I'm going to end with that
33:41 demonstrate speaking and saying to the
33:45 mountain gainer if you could come up I
33:56 have a testimony that happened to our
33:59 family three years ago on December 24th
34:05 Christmas Eve our youngest daughter
34:07 Christina called and said mom I'm
34:10 pregnant now you say to me what is that
34:13 so great about while Christina was told
34:16 that she would never have children and
34:18 now she's pregnant so we're really
34:21 excited a month later January 18th I
34:27 received a phone call mom I'm in the
34:30 hospital I'm losing the baby christina
34:36 was four and a half months pregnant and
34:41 she was scared and I gotta tell you I am
34:44 my face was like this big I couldn't get
34:49 in touch with anybody that I needed to
34:51 you know share with Kim was working a
34:53 job that I could not contact him and
34:55 tell him you know this is going on so I
34:58 did the next best thing I call pastor
35:00 Steve and I said our daughters in
35:04 trouble we need help and he prayed with
35:08 me on the phone and he said something to
35:10 me that snapped my spirit back into
35:12 place don't let your faith waiver and I
35:18 didn't I called all the intercessors I
35:22 call the prayer chain I call people that
35:24 I trusted to pray for our daughter that
35:28 this baby would live and not die so
35:35 Christina try
35:36 for eight days to hold this baby inside
35:38 of her she was born on january twenty
35:43 fourth one pound ten ounces 12 inches
35:47 long Christina said mom the doctor said
35:51 grace isn't going to live I said wait a
35:54 minute no my god says he breathes life
35:58 and told to those that need it that need
36:02 the life flowing blood of the Lord Jesus
36:05 Christ Kim this is Grace when she was
36:10 born at one pound ten ounces and that's
36:15 hurt Christina holding her see how
36:17 little she is tiny tiny not even the
36:20 size of the palm of your hand the
36:24 doctors kept giving reports they kept
36:26 saying Grace's heart will never grow
36:29 it'll never beat strongly like every
36:31 child Grace's lungs will never develop
36:34 Grace's eyes will never see she'll be
36:37 blind because of the oxygen that we're
36:39 giving her Grace's kidneys will continue
36:43 to fail and through this whole time I'm
36:46 saying no God says he breathes life God
36:51 says he makes the bones strong God says
36:56 it's his job and I step back and I said
37:00 God you said and so I'm expecting
37:05 finally we had to turn around after
37:08 months of praying and continuing to
37:10 bright bright lights are two contending
37:14 to bring the bright light shining into
37:15 the darkness baby grace is starting to
37:18 thrive her lungs are starting to develop
37:20 her heart starts getting stronger than
37:23 another report her kidneys are failing
37:26 no back to our kidneys healed another
37:30 report at a month she's to be four she's
37:33 to be released they say she's blind man
37:37 about this time I'm getting I'm getting
37:39 excited to see what galore is going to
37:41 do next I knew he was just about another
37:44 mountain to take I knew that God was
37:46 going to do something marvelous grace
37:49 was taken to the
37:50 hospital in ann arbor michigan which was
37:53 939 miles from where Christina lived and
37:56 they wouldn't allow Christina to go with
37:58 him so we prayed together three or four
38:01 times a day then report oops we made a
38:07 mistake grace is not blind she's perfect
38:10 back to Marquette where Christina lived
38:14 lives still grace stayed until May 6
38:18 which was her birth date as she was and
38:22 then she was released to Christina a
38:24 perfect happy beautiful baby girl the
38:28 doctors can understand why she's
38:30 thriving and not having so many eight
38:33 major issues as as other premature
38:36 babies do Christina tells them the Lord
38:39 healed my baby just before Thanksgiving
38:42 this year christina was given another
38:44 bad report grace was having some mental
38:47 difficulties so back to war I crafted a
38:52 sozo prayer from some other prayers that
38:56 were available and I told Christina
38:58 we're going to pray this together and
39:00 when you're done you're going to go in
39:02 and you're going to lay hands on Grace's
39:04 head the next day grace had an amazing
39:08 deliverance and was completely healed
39:10 the doctors were are baffled when
39:13 Christina told them my mom and I prayed
39:16 and God healed grace what's so hard
39:19 about that to understand it may seem to
39:23 you working at those it may seem hard to
39:28 you to work at those mountains at times
39:31 with a chisel and a hammer but don't
39:34 give up stand firm and remove those
39:36 mountains this is grace today
39:47 come on you guys can do better than now
39:51 praise You Lord
39:55 he is good his mercy endures forever
40:00 her pastor Steve would you allow me just
40:04 to tell one more testimony I want to end
40:08 with this testimony my husband and I
40:11 were in Germany on a business trip and
40:14 we're on our first organized excursion
40:18 and i'm outside the city of hamburg and
40:20 we're supposed to see these lovely
40:22 sights on the river this lady and I on
40:24 the boat have eye contact with one
40:27 another and I go over to her and I
40:29 introduce myself her name's Linda found
40:34 out she raised her husband from the dead
40:42 for the next I don't know if was our I
40:45 get to hear the testimony know that God
40:48 had done in her life as she spoke to the
40:51 mountain just like Gaynor where the
40:53 mountain starts speaking back this is
40:55 going to be wrong that's going to be
40:56 wrong and she kept speaking speaking and
41:00 then my husband I were able to go out to
41:04 dinner with both of them Leon and Linda
41:09 and then we got to hear his perspective
41:11 of going to heaven during that time so i
41:15 went ahead an email them and you have
41:17 the privilege of hearing their testimony
41:20 i tried to condense it so here it goes
41:23 you guys leon and linda his wife were
41:29 participate in a church fast for an
41:31 upcoming conference in their church when
41:34 he died and went to heaven it was
41:36 Saturday in August 14 2010 when it
41:39 happened they were moving their son
41:40 Tyler into an apartment Leon and his son
41:43 had just finished carrying a washer and
41:45 dryer up several flights of stairs when
41:48 he experienced sudden in digestion Leon
41:51 States my wife Linda who is a cardiac
41:54 intensive-care trained nurse immediately
41:57 tells me you are having a heart attack
41:59 to which I responded and I want you to
42:02 take now let's take note of how many
42:04 times he says what God says over his
42:07 life he says this I am not having a
42:10 heart attack and I breathe
42:12 look fat in the name of Jesus you see at
42:16 my church we had been taught to watch
42:18 our confession so it's just a point
42:20 about what my wife was saying about me
42:23 but in fact I was having a heart attack
42:27 but now it was obvious he was showing
42:29 the signs of a heart attack and Leon
42:32 said I had been ministering at my sister
42:34 church and in my community about the
42:36 power of the loved ones prayer language
42:38 so when my wife told me I was having a
42:41 heart attack for the second time I
42:42 became really upset and I said to her I
42:45 am not having a heart attack I am going
42:48 to live and not die lien walked down the
42:52 two flights of stairs and open the door
42:54 the driver side of his truck when he
42:57 dropped to the pavement and became
43:00 unresponsive his wife you remember I
43:03 just told you she's a cardiac care nurse
43:06 she saw his face turned blue she found
43:09 no pulse and no breathing she shouted
43:12 call 91 911 oh my God my daddy is dead
43:19 despite all of her training she felt she
43:23 had a decision to make at that point in
43:24 time either let God be in control or for
43:30 her to take control and for what that
43:32 meant for her at that point in time she
43:34 made a decision and I'm not telling you
43:36 this is what you make this is how God
43:38 impressed her that she was not to do CPR
43:41 in him she says god this is your problem
43:44 you fix it a crowd begins to form around
43:49 them Linda said to their son Tyler if
43:51 you remember your prayer language get
43:54 into it otherwise you need a move away
43:56 because we are in a spiritual warfare at
44:00 that time an intoxicated man came over
44:03 to offer his sympathy Linda his wife
44:05 responded that he could help by coming
44:07 in and greement with her in her son the
44:10 man replied I remember my grandmother
44:13 praying that strange language that you
44:16 are speaking and I remember all I needed
44:18 to do was come in an agreement with her
44:20 by saying amen so Leon states picture
44:24 this my wife and my son in there
44:25 prayer language in an intoxicated man
44:27 standing in agreement God will use those
44:32 who are willing while his wife and his
44:34 son arted spiritual warfare working to
44:37 bring his life back to LeAnn's body
44:39 through prayer leann his hat leon is
44:42 having an encounter with the Lord in
44:44 heaven God is about a foot away from him
44:46 Kevin and listen to what God says it's
44:48 kind of like this Jeremiah 33 the hell
44:50 pastor she brought it out last week he
44:52 says God says to him you are not having
44:54 a heart attack you're going to live and
44:57 not die Wow when the ambulance dark
45:04 driver arrives he can't figure out
45:06 widely on which report is dead on the
45:07 ground and not breathing as Leon is put
45:10 in the back of the andis his wife has
45:12 put in the front of the ambulance with a
45:14 sliding window dividing them lien was
45:16 speaking in his prayer language it and I
45:18 in recounted her story it's not in his
45:20 testimony when she told me she was in
45:22 her prayer language in the front of the
45:23 car every time he stopped his prayer
45:27 language this is what happened that the
45:30 EKG line would go flat so she had he
45:34 encouraged him to continue in his prayer
45:36 language he says this the more I spoke
45:39 in my prayer language the stronger my
45:40 heart rhythm became on the heart monitor
45:42 his wife had to constantly encourage him
45:45 to keep speaking in his prayer language
45:47 when they got to the hospital the doctor
45:49 just happened to arrive in time and says
45:52 to Leon's wife Linda mrs. troutman I've
45:55 heard a lot about you to which he
45:58 responded let's see if you've done
46:00 everything right what does he meaning
46:02 according to you know doing CPR right
46:04 she did everything right in the eyes of
46:06 God and he said um we need to get your
46:13 husband to the procedure room staff and
46:15 by the way do you want a job as lien
46:17 goes into the procedure room his wife
46:19 and a son continuing their prayer line
46:20 let Leon continues as they paid a short
46:23 time passage you can see the doctor
46:24 walking a very fast pace to to her with
46:27 excitement on his face he was so excited
46:29 that he confused he already the x-rays
46:31 that he wanted to show them he showed
46:35 her the after pictures first and then
46:37 they'd be four pitchers then he
46:39 mrs. Chapman this is a miracle he's
46:42 looking at the x-rays before and after
46:44 your husband was a walking dead man
46:47 there was no blood circulating in his
46:51 body and we do not know how he was
46:54 walking around like this in fact he said
46:57 with this much blockage to the left
47:00 circumflex main artery he should have
47:03 had heart damage he also said that your
47:06 husband heart is the healthiest heart
47:08 I've ever seen I checked out his heart
47:15 and there's no damage to his heart in
47:17 fact I am not sure how I'm going to
47:19 write this one up he said he just had to
47:24 put a stent in and he's fine and it's a
47:26 miracle God has called you and I to
47:32 speak to our mountains if we put God's
47:35 Word in our mouth and say what are you
47:37 saying the Holy Spirit will release the
47:39 resurrection miracle-working power of
47:42 Jesus Christ to perform the very words
47:45 we speak causing Matthew 10-8 to become
47:49 a reality amen let's pray Lord break the
47:56 drought light mindset that we have
47:58 carried all these years cause your word
48:01 to break the cement like ground in our
48:04 hearts help us to cry out to you in our
48:09 time of need and to listen to what you
48:12 say and give us courage and boldness to
48:15 say what you say to the impossible
48:18 looking mountains we praise you Lord and
48:21 thank you for sending your rain the rain
48:24 of the Holy Spirit send a mighty
48:26 outpouring of rain this year in our
48:30 church and in our lives in the way of
48:32 healings and miracles and signs and
48:35 wonder in the drought Lord send the
48:38 natural rain and the spiritual rain we
48:41 pray we love you lord we love the River
48:45 of Life let life be change the brain
48:49 areas to green in our lives let us not
48:54 accept the color that brown is green
48:57 because that is not the truth in your
49:00 kingdom Lord your word will always be
49:02 your word and help us lure God to come
49:06 in agreement with your word and your
49:08 will for our lives and the lives of
49:10 those around us amen and amen if you
49:19 would like to end a drought like
49:21 situation in your life and want to
49:23 change some brown areas to green in your
49:25 life our prayer team will be off to the
49:28 side of the altar between the services
49:30 amen thank you thank you soo encourage
49:37 you to come and get received prayer
49:39 we're going to take about a two minute
49:41 break to change the next season we're
49:43 going into nation's prayer we're going
49:45 to just keep hearing the sound of
49:47 healing until every one of us are fully
49:50 believing receiving and giving it away
49:52 amen so one other thing we have still
49:56 some silver coins of Brian will be over
49:58 on this side if you'd like to the $25
50:00 silver coin de Weber we were given right
50:03 before Christmas we have about 80 left
50:05 and if you'd like to purchase one for
50:07 twenty-five dollars or a sleeve for five
50:09 hundred dollars go for it nations prayer
50:11 we're going to humble ourselves for the
50:13 first five minutes so if you can kind of
50:15 position yourself while we bring
50:16 everything two minutes we start and then
50:19 we'll get have a great great day


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