I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken. Acts 2:25

Fear has a face and fear has a voice, even though it disguises itself as many different faces and many different voices. When you understand, however, that there is only one face and one voice behind every fear that is attempting to have dominion over your life and those around you, you will ardently desire like never before to apply God’s antidote to fear, as revealed by Psalm 27.

What is the face and voice behind every fear? It is satan’s. He spews his venomous lies accompanied by his conniving heightened fear tactics to undermine your faith in God and to gain an entrance into the door of your heart.  HIs end goal is for you to bow your knee to his fear-filled lies and ways, worshipping him rather than worshipping God.

Why is fear one of satan’s greatest weapons? Because it takes your attention away from himself, the real “terrorist” behind all fears, and causes you to focus on the fear-provoking circumstance. By doing this, he underhandedly steals your time, energy, and resources, as you try to put stop-gap measures against “these fearful things” rather than applying God’s antidote.

What is God’s antidote to fear?  God succinctly says, “Seek my face.” Ps. 27:8 

What is God’s antidote to fear?  God succinctly says, “Seek my face.” Ps. 27:8  Ever since Adam and Eve sinned and gave into satan’s fear-filled lies, God’s quest has been to have “face-to-face” encounters with mankind. What does seeking God’s face and having face-to-face encounters mean? It means that you are living your life in and from a close abiding relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Dwelling in God’s presence was David’s first and highest priority in life. (Ps. 27:4) As he beheld God’s beauty, God’s face, and inquired in His temple, receiving divine instruction, he realized that he could live fearlessly, even though an army encamped against him, war rose against him, or false witnesses breathed out violence against him.

Although the dangers were real, David realized he had a choice.  He could behold the face of God always before his face, or he could behold the face of fear – the masked face of the devil himself. He resolutely chose God, and therefore, he was not shaken and his flesh rested in hope. (Acts 2:25-26) Hope is crucial in the time of trouble, because it keeps you believing that you will actually see God’s goodness in the land of the living.  Ps. 27:13

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